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a lil preview of my piece for “Outcast, But Never Alone" - a The Adventure Zone zine ! 

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its a popular opinion rn that homura acted the way she did in the episode because ‘it must be set in an au where jyushi and she never met’ or ‘shes was just acting out of character because thats how the anime is sometimes’ but i absolutely love the idea that she acts like that. like thats who she is as a character. it makes her so much more interesting than some 1d character

like imagine a bad-ass homura who brings jyushi back to reality. a homura who wants to support but knows when its not going to work out. a fleshed out character over the one in episode 9 where we saw her through jyushi’s loving eyes. imagine an optimistic but realistic girlfriend character. i know i love her more than ever now bc of it <3

I understand not shipping a ship, I understand not liking a ship, I understand preferring one ship over another, I even understand posting about not liking a ship. But what I don’t understand is tagging the post with the ship u don’t like, just seems a bit tacky and tasteless to me ya feel


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Wanna say that the reason it took me so long was because I was waiting for a perfect Ong selfie (but that’s obvs a lie, cuz all his selfies are perf). But guess which idiot cracked her phone screen at the platforms because she was running late for her train? 

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 …yeah it’s gay…. 

it’s robbie’s tsundere face and sport’s “0h, Robbie! you did that one thing!” face, usually accompanied by an eye roll…

i love drawing Robbie being tsundere, hahah… I feel like his face is just so open to expression, and that’s pretty gr8, found some new places to put lines that wasn’t on the mouth or eyes.. i didn’t know I could put lines on eyebrows??

Inspired by looking through @gayzytown ’s blog again and @lazy–stars, who’s blog I’ve been looking for for a while

Hm. Maybe I can’t fathom why policing stupid shit like fandom ships and fictional characters sexualities (that really AREN’T canon unless stated in a series itself, so it’s still HEADCANON regardless of what you say, dude) because outside of tumblr and my hobbies with fan art and writing, I have a life. And I also don’t feel a need to tell people what they can and can’t do or like when it’s not my business.

Maybe if you actually got off of tumblr and went outside and made some friends (which might be impossible for someone who has a personality like yours), you’d find that letting people have m/f ships is pretty okay, and that a canon male character being shipped with a female oc character got popular and it’s not a big fucking deal because it’s not actually hurting anyone.

You getting pissed off over fictional characters isn’t gay rights activism you fucking joke. You’re honestly really funny.

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List 10 biases, all must be from different groups!

1. Daesung - BIGBANG

2. Sungjin - Day6

3. Jaebum/Youngjae - GOT7

4. Shownu - Monsta X

5. Solar - Mamamoo

6. Bom - 2NE1

Those were all official biases… now for some ones I’m unsure on lol.

7. Jinwoo - Winner (????? maybe ?????)

8. Jinhwan/Bobby - iKON (idk yet alsgkdjsl)

9. Yuju - Gfriend (not suuuuuuuureeeee)

10. Taehyung/Jin - BTS (???????)

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What do you think about Rip this season, you seemed pretty worried about his character rightly so. According to Phil Klemmer Rip thought he was doing the Legends a favour by letting them go but he clearly was trying to get them to steal the waverider by acting like a asshole. Klemmer also said Rip misses the Legends way of doing things since it's more fun. Arthur's project finished during crossover filming so more Rip 3x09 onwards. Still hoping for timecanary and for Rip to rejoin the team

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I feel like… the Legends’ creative team (producers, writers) are really terrible with consistent characterization cross-seasonally (they’re pretty good within season though?).

So Rip at the start of season 3 felt a bit like whiplash to me. Here’s the man who left the Time Masters and rebelled, who recruited a team of misfits and eventually came to be inspired by each of them, who took down the Time Masters in a “let’s burn this motherfucker to the ground” style move (nice), and eventually handed over the reigns because he truly had faith in them, especially in Sara.

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And then we’re just supposed to accept that the next time we see him, he’s a bureaucrat who basically reassembled and recreated the very thing he rebelled against and destroyed? And it seems like he made it even more strict and stuffy than it was before (and honestly, by how it seems, less competent except for the much better technology).

I just find that to be a very bizarre 180.

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And him being an asshole to goad them into action makes some sense, and truly believing in them. I wonder again about that whole concept of Time Drift and how maybe Rip has been outside of Time for too long, and that’s why he’s drifted into this bureaucrat, and reconnecting with the Legends helped recharge his batteries, so to speak?

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As for how he’s been since then… well he basically hasn’t been around except one episode and I honestly haven’t seen it yet (or any of last week’s except the first 5 minutes). I’ve been too exhausted to stay up and catch Legends after Flash recently (it’s on lateish in my time zone and I’ve been crashing early) and I’m finding it hard to be invested? 

I mean, I’m curious what’s going on with Amaya, and I love Zari a lot, and I’m worried about the Firestorm plot (and love the freaky friday situation even if I only caught 5 minutes of that ep) but I just don’t have any investment yet in the seasonal overarching plot. So staying up and pumped to watch it has been super difficult. Everything they’re doing feels isolated and aimless except for Amaya’s (and by extension, Kuasa’s) plot so far, and maybe that’s changed in the episodes I’ve missed (or maybe I just feel that way because I’m so tired I’m falling asleep in those episodes) but I’ve really gotta catch up. 

(And not only for the time canary scenes!)

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What I can say about that with respect to Rip though, is that it seems to me he needs to be brought in more. I know Arthur’s been busy, but it seems clear that Rip needs to help drive the main plot of this season, that he’s holding on to some of the information, and without him and the tension his new role creates with the team, something currently (or at least where I left of) feels lacking plotwise. Not that they needed Rip to play that role, but since they gave it to him this season, he needs to be back in the plot, I think?

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(Because this feels like it’s pretty-significant, plotwise? Not that I’ve seen it yet, but yeah.)

I do hope and think we’ll see him more after the midseason, though I’m not sure if we’re gonna see him rejoin the team ever? The Waverider is really firmly under Sara’s captain-ship now, y’know? 

(I also wonder about how Gideon feels about Rip not being on the ship anymore tbh but that’s a completely separate thing).

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Hi hello, so South Korea just had a bad earthquake in Pohang and thankfully, there hasn’t been any casualties reported so far. But I wanna take a moment to remind everyone that while it’s completely okay to worry about your favorite idols, you guys need to remember there are other people who live in that country too. South Korea isn’t just Kpop idols. It’s not just BTS or EXO or Twice. There is an entire nation of strong people who will suffer during any disaster. So if you only worry whether your faves are okay, you’re completely disrespecting the Korean people and culture.

I saw a similar thing happen with the news of the civil agreement (I can’t remember the actual name) between China and South Korea. When I heard the news, I was absolutely overjoyed for several reasons, but mainly bc if a war were to break out between North Korea and everyone else, China would have South Korea’s back. But my friend was super excited because “this means Lay can come back to EXO!!!!!” And while yeah, that’s really great and exciting, they completely ignored what this meant for the people of Korea and the people of China as well.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, if you guys are going to call yourself stans of so and so group, you need remember to be conscious of the place they live in and the people who surround them. If you’re going to be a Kpop stan, you need be aware and have sympathy for not just your faves, but the great people of South Korea too.