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I actually really like 2009 Dan

i lied i actually really like him too i just remembered his videos and he tried so hard and he’s so nice and lovely about it all even tho he tried to act like an edgelord. 5 hour skype calls are fun so i guess they talked about a lot of stuff and :(

happy birthday tumblr

i’ve been on this hell site since 2010, and even though this site can be exhausting 90% of the time, and even though the staff is pretty bad (and they don’t know what they’re doing 99% of the time) i don’t regret joining, when i did, bc i’ve met a lot of lovely people (aka all my mutuals) and i think, if i didn’t join this site i would still be ignorant on a lot of things….

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I feel you! I nearly got sick when I saw what they posted wtf ED....I would be even more annoyed if I didn't know that she's not in the cast list next week (thank you @ God)! I really hope the 2 best friends scenes are limited (none pls lol..I'm so petty) from now on cause I won't be able to cope especially with Aaron in prison! I'm so envious of ppl who can get behind the friendship cause it would make my life so much easier but unfortunately I'm extremely petty and bitter

Oh my God, you’re me. Come here…

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I see people say stuff like "Alex VILLAINIZES Ford!", but watching the finale again it's made pretty clear that both Stan and Ford are at fault with each other. I think this perception comes from the Journal 3 book, which features a lot of Ford talking about his mistakes... but the book's (largely) written from his perspective, so of course Ford's gonna focus on his personal mistakes.

Some people don’t like how Alex talks about Ford when he calls him prideful and selfish and such. The journal really shows off a lot of his flaws too.

I get why people are upset but at the same time… he’s a complex character. He has flaws, he makes mistakes, and this makes him interesting. He IS prideful and it DID cause his downfall but of course it was a lot more complicated than that (his father made it seem like his intelligence was the only thing about him that made him worthwhile, Bill did nothing but compliment him on how smart he is and how that made him special, etc etc…) but like… Alex doesn’t have to say that EVERY time he mentions Ford’s pride. Some people seem to think he does and don’t think critically for themselves.

Flaws make a character interesting. Ford would be boring if he wasn’t imperfect. 

Some people see only his flaws. Some people defend him so passionately they ignore his flaws. Both are frustrating to deal with.

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i see a lot of posts about boys talking about how ‘boys are so rude’ and stuff like that and it just gets me down??? i know it’s normally about actual shitty guys who act like douchebags but,, as a trans boy??? makes me feel a bit invalid and sad like ‘if i identify as a boy are people going to find me rude?? am i automatically going to be a douche??’ idk i’m basically just talking out of my ass at this point but just,,, yikes,,,

I 100% get what you mean. As a trans guy it can be a bit disheartening seeing posts like that. I’m not sure if it will help you, but what i do is whenever I see posts like that read them as toxic masculinity posts. So instead of reading “boy are so rude” I’ll read “toxic men are so rude” 

Being male is not inherently a bad thing, cis or trans. It’s the toxic masculinity that is bad, and unfortunately a lot of men/boys/masculine aligned people tend to fall into that (all because of the stereotypical “masculine” expectations for men in society). It’s problematic. 

Just remember that you had no choice in being male. it’s who you are. What you do have a choice in is not falling into toxic masculinity. As a transguy you have some lived experiences of being perceived as female. Remember those experiences, and use your (eventual?? idk if you are being read as male yet???) male privilege to stand up for women and nb/women-aligned folks. 

Your gender is not a problem. 

- mod zac


omg I loved it so much! thank you very much for the request @tropicalwinchesters 


When he entered the room and saw that you’re taking a shower, Jaebum would immediately run to the bathroom in a an innocent way, offering a massage to you, being cute and clingy and all this stuffs, but with totally another intention! You obviously wouldn’t say no, and I have 100% sure that like, 2 minutes after he goes there with you, YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN. He could really do the massage that he talked about, but with a lot of hands here and hands there, teasing you ‘till you ask him exactly what he was expecting, being all proud and happy as if he won the world, and telling you how much he liked it until you two do it again.

“Y/N let me get there with you to have fun together”

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such a shy mess no matter what If Mark get back home and for any motive decide that he want a shower with you (because he listen the noise of the shower), he could die before ask. Even if he looks like a fuckboy, inside he’s lost when it comes to this kind of things. He would enter the bathroom and just look at you, go back and after 2 minutes do the same, and in a shy voice ask if it’s okay to come in. When he gets there with you, he would get more confidence to touch you and kiss you under the water, ‘till you know what happens and it would be really hot. After that I think Mark could be really surprised with him and with you for do this kink stuff in the shower, but it really doens’t mean that he don’t like it, actually he liked it a lot but woulnd’t say it, just smiling and being happy for a while.

“Hm… Y/N… Can I take a shower with you?…”

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Jackson could enter the bathroom while you’re in the shower and just stay there looking, until you say something  or ask wtf is he doing there and then he would smile and make a stupid joke about save th world and enter with you, without ask or anything but not like he need. In the begining Jackson would really just take the shower, playing with the water throwing in your face and this things, but after he realize “omg I’m here naked with her in the shower and it’s so sexy and OMG freaking out” he could get a bit shy, but just a little bit, and would be really impossible to him hide the fact that the situation excites him. To me, you would have to take the first step, because he wouldn’t know if you’re okay with this dirty things. After you take the step, hungry Jackson would appear and no one control this boy. He could even talk about this with the members bragging a lot about what you’ve done.


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Another guy without pure thoughts but acting like a pure angel. Jinyoung would get back home and notice that you’re in the shower, and he wouldn’t lose this opportunity. Acting like wants nothing, and being very less obvious than JB, he would just enter there smiling at you saying he just want a shower together, but that would definitely change in llike, 2 seconds, when he start with a lot of complains about your body and sexy comments about the situation ‘till you get excited and then he would attack you without hesitation, getting exactly what he wnats.

“hey baby, I’m a really luck guy, aren’t I?”

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This would be totally an acident. Like, you two are tired because of a stressful day or anything like that and you decide to take a long and hot shower. When Youngjae comes back home he have the same idea, and smiling kindly he would enter in the shower with you, and then the accident happens. This baby doens’t have any second intentions, he just want to take a shower with his jagiya, but little innocent kisses could start to get more and more and more hot, in a way that even he don’t understand how. If you guys really end up having sex there, he could apologize himself so much after this, thinking that you thought he was panning this since the beginig and know ou see him as a perv I don’t think this as something bad but Youngjae is too pure for this world

“I-I’m sorry… I d-d-don’t know what happened…”

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laughing with shame


How do you know he’s not big? I have to say something more?

okay so BamBam would really plan this, like enter in the bathroom while you’re taking your shower during all the week, but never really take a step. After one week you could start to think that he’s acting really strange, but exactly that time is when he would do something. With a very ambiguous smile he would enter in the bathroom without do anything else. BamBam could tease you and let you do whatever you want ‘cause he love when you take the command on this things, and he would let you do almost evrything, just folllowing you, to in the end, pass the next weeks teasing you about that and calling you a kink girl.

“Y/N Look at me and say you don’t love what we’ve done?” 

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Looks like a baby but have an absolutely dirty mind Yugyeom would act 100% without think, letting all his young hormones make the decisons. When he listen the shower the first thing that could cross his mind is “shower sex” and he would run to the bathroom and just enter there maybe forgetting to take out his clothes? I think it’s really sexy and immediately kissing and touching without let you think. He could love this more than he can explain, making this became he new habit with you and talking with you very clearly about that.

“I can’t think when I see you like that…”

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thank you very much for the request it was really fun and cool! Your request was amazing ;D ~Annie

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Thoughts on JHH's post about "that story"?

I’ve been thinking about a way to answer this (and all the other anons I have) without causing more drama or having anymore anons come to me telling me I’m wrong or I need to die…

JHH and I have talked, she knows how I feel about everything. She has proven to me time and again how amazing and honest she is. I trust her implicitly. There have been things that have happened directly to me since October that have caused me to have my own opinions and reasons as to why I don’t believe or trust anything that a certain blog says. These things have little to do with JHH, but with all of this stuff lately, it just proves to me even more that I’ve made the right decision.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about this whole discourse and feminism. Calling someone out on their bullshit has nothing to do with feminism. I’m sick of seeing that thrown around. I love women. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I think we are amazing, strong, beautiful creatures. I love to empower, encourage and cheerlead my friends. But, I will always call them on their bullshit and they know that. I will defend my friends when I feel it’s necessary and I will call out all the hypocrisy I see - because there is so much of it going around. It doesn’t make me any less of a feminist. Attacking someone’s character with no proof and trying to cause drama between them & their friends, that’s not feminism.

I have to say that David and Gillian basically have spies every where and if you think that there aren’t people on this site who have ways of contacting them, you’re dead wrong. So, if you’re going to talk about them on a public platform, in any capacity, be ready to reap the repercussions.

That being said, I really try to stay out of the drama on tumblr. I’m over it. I just want to be able to come here and talk about the X-Files, Mulder/Scully and David/Gillian. Or argue with JHH about why I CAN wear cowboy boots with my wedding dress.

drxgony replied to your post “i’m watching a fallout 3 playthrough and the guy playing it has never…”

What’s his name??

ChristopherOdd!! he’s very, just, like, earnest? he doesn’t overreact or make annoying jokes or tell long-winded stories. he just gets very into the game and talks about his thought process and what he thinks about the game and stuff? i find him really refreshing. it’s such a straightforward, wholehearted approach to let’s plays. i’ve watched 2 of his LPs now and he’s never made any offensive jokes.

like if you want a funny LP he’s not that, but if you want a chill LP to experience the game alongside someone or just as some chill background noise he’s super good!! i like him a lot

this is his fallout 3 let’s play! it’s good so far.

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So I had lots of different kinds of friends growing up, mainly because I was kind of a loner so I ended up just sticking with people that were nice enough to me lol, but I've never really had one friend I can talk about anything under the sun with. But now this friend I've had for less than a year and I talk about so many different things and I love it. Like we go from talking about videos games to super deep stuff and it's so nice to finally have that kind of person in my life.

That sounds so lovely <3 It’s so nice to make a connection like that!

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I'm friggin freaking out run WHATRE U TALKING ABOUT (in relation to slow burn relationships and etc etc etc did I miss something new???????)

What did Jeremy Shada say was gonna happen in S2 that didn’t happen this season but might eventually happen in S3?

the “i’m just a boy from cuba” line and overall he talked a lot about lance maturing and stuff like that… and given his not many moments in s2 makes you think he was probably talking about s3 since it seems ready to be released in september soooo yeah.

on abtv jeremy said that they’re playing all slow burn in terms of relationships basically            

Honestly I enjoyed this episode a lot more than I expected (not that I thought it would be bad, but it seems that Gongenzaka episodes always surpass my expectations) honestly the train stuff was totally unexpected but it worked out really well and I didn’t know a duel could be that exciting when based off burn damage, plus the Yoko moments were really great (and it was sweet how she and Yusho are acting like the married couple they are)

As for this direction about having to finish the championship, I’m liking it and think it could have a lot of potential, my only criticism so far is that SERENA IS A LANCER TOO SO YOU OWN ME A SERENA VS YUYA DUEL EVEN IF SHE IS CURRENTLY WRITTEN OUT OF EXISTENCE, GET HER BACK

I’d say even a Yuya vs Yuzu duel is needed as well bc she was in the tournament too but sadly idk how likely that is

Considering the preview, I really hope they don’t ignore the little thing about Dennis you know carding himself, I’m not sure what direction that episode seems to be going, but I really hope they end his arc in a satisfying way and do it justice

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hiya, cutie! i was wondering if you could either post more or recommend stores that sell some business casual clothing. I need to dress business casual for school/my internship but it's hard to find affordable cute clothes :( i would appreciate any help! thanks 💖

hey anon!!! here are some of my favorite places for stuff like this:

  • tj maxx/ross/similar stores - this isn’t really a great online shopping option, but if you’re looking for affordable clothing that is nice and fits into the business casual category you can pick up a HUGE amount of clothing for really cheap at places like this. i know a lot of folks (at least in my experience) can get real snobby about tj maxx BUT they’re the ones that are missing out. you could sincerely get an entirely new work wardrobe for like under $200, and i’m talking like. enough outfits for two weeks, just some really wild deals–and with outlet versions of brand name clothing like michael kors, as well as more “upscale” mall stores like american eagle for under half the original prices of things. it’s just really worth checking out if you never have. 
  • target - this might be another weird/boring suggestion, but if you’re needing really affordable basics for work then target is an excellent place to go to for staples. you can get really cute, long wearing pants for well under $30. same goes for old navy. both of these places don’t have exceptionally unique clothing, but if you just need a pair of slacks or some basics to string together other things in your wardrobe they’re both really good options. this shirt dress, this skirt, and this cardigan are all some really good business casual options that they have right now! 
  • modcloth - great for really cute, unique, work-appropriate clothing. can run more expensive, BUT if you keep an eye out for sales and are diligent about checking back on the same pieces you can get some real deals on some really nice clothing. also is hella plus size friendly with a lot of their stuff! just a few real cheap options in their clearance section currently: this cute knit top, this mockneck top, and this cactus blouse!
  • torrid - another more expensive, plus size friendly option that you can trawl their clearance section for sweet deals–i just got some stuff from here for work last night with their AWESOME buy one get one free clearance deal. i ended up leaving with a dress for work, a maxi cardigan, and a corduroy skirt for like $40. here’s some good ones right now from their clearance section: this peplum top, this flutter sleeved blouse,  and this midi skirt.
  • H&M - also really good for super cheap basics. there are lots of really good choices here for business casual looks, including this super cheap turtleneck that would be awesome for layering, this simple sweater dress, and this simple dress that would be perfect for any job or internship. 
  • asos - can run more expensive as well, but has really nice quality items and REALLY gorgeous unique pieces, which i think is worth it! here are some good examples from their clearance/outlet section as well: this super cute drop waist dress, this super sweet floral shirt dress, and this incredibly cute pencil dress with a ruffled bib detail!

but yeah…those are some of my favorites for things like this, i’m probably forgetting some but those are the places i’d go to first if i needed some new clothes for work. hopefully that was helpful! <3

Highlights from my trip to NYC
• going to the Met with iris and Dara and eating iconic ramen later that day with Devan.
• seeing David Armstrong prints all over Ethan’s apartment.
• spending a lot of time with iris and accidentally walking like 100 blocks that one day.
• cruz taking me to my first fashion show lol.
• meeting Stevie and Peter and then proceeding to tell Stevie that she needs to get a blow out lol.
• Sharing a cab with Dara and Ethan and talking about the Avedon documentary followed by karaoke later that evening.
• Eating at Champs
• Cruz eating a Big Mac lol
• Chilling at Barnards apartment and waiting for Dara to tell us about the Marc fitting.
• Photographing Iris on the roof
• Photographing Dara.

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The drama stuff is all over my dash and practically on every social media outlet I have. Thank you for offering a place where those of us who don't want to hear about it anymore can take refuge. It's making a lot of us feel like crap and my anxiety has risen a lot since it started. I appreciate you v much ❤

pal!! i got you let’s talk about nice things okay? let’s all be happy and positive because life is too short to worry about anything!! i’m here to hug u until ur anxiety goes away ok i love u all so much x

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Hello emma! Im happy that mafumafu is comfortable enough to talk about suzumu incident, cause you know he is such a sensitive precious cinnamon roll, it feels like he feels better about it and let it go. So here is my question. This question comes from your pinned tweet. Do you think suzumu is the one behind those people who kicked mafumafu's door and dragged him out in his pajamas? Just curious can suzumu be that much cruel?

Hi anon! :) My response accidentally got really long so I’m going to put it under a “read more” cut ww

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--Hi Everyone--

My name is Lisa(18/19) and i want to meet people on tumblr. I love posting and re-blogging stuff on tumblr but I also want to get to know the people behind the posts. A lot of you don’t know me so I’ll start.( If no one see this then that’s alright. I just want to talk to people who I follow or just browse their pages.)

I’m Lisa:

I write poetry about things I love.(Lately my favorite youtubers) I am in so many fandoms bit I’ll list a few(Not in any order) iiSuperwomanii, Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, Jacksepticeye, Wiishu, Connor Franta, Troye Sivan, TylerOakley, Kickthepj, Thomas Sanders, Markiplier, Doddleoddle, Shane Dawson, Smosh (just to name a few)

I have depression and I find that the internet/youtube is helpful because they’re people around my age going through similar situations as me and I want to get to know them. That’s all I wanted to say and I hope I can talk to some of you(if anyone actually read this)Welcome to my tumblr page :)

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I'm not a vet but I've been a professional dog trainer for years and thank you SO MUCH for the info you post!!! I help with my training dogs at the vet (I have enough training to help by placing IVs, intubation, giving shots etc.) and I am so grateful when a vet or tech talks about the procedures or lets me scrub in to watch. That extra patience on their part means a lot and helps me work with dogs even better. You're an amazing person for taking the time to do this

Thank you. I do like to talk about stuff, though I often waffle on too long.

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can you believe that more people would rather direct doctor strange or ant-man movie than batman? sad times

i think part of that is there’s a lot of pressure

pretty much every decade since the 60s has had it’s own batman and the marvel films just started putting in some effort with blade

everyone has their favorite bat-director, their favorite bat-actor, their favorite joker, their favorite alfred, and there’s always gonna be batlash (bat-backlash) whenever someone new is brought in 

like my mom gets defensive when i talk about how i love heath ledger as the joker because she prefers cesar romero

and i feel like no one gives a fuck what you do with the fucking mcu because there’s no real predecessors to the ant-mans and doctor stranges and guardians of the galaxies. i mean, prior to the first avenger, what did we really have in terms of live-action cap?? captain america (1990)??? 

but now marvel’s really cranking ‘em out and they’re not all good, but they’re all “new” so everyone’s like “this is how superhero movies are supposed to be, this is like *name any batman film*” without realizing the irony in that 

idk where i went with this, i completely forgot what i was trying to say halfway down this rant but yeah… batlash