lots of south park


did anyone ever talk about how ‘Here Comes A Thought’ totally reminded them of tweek n craig? ESPECIALLY tweek since he does seem to try and find his inner peace sometimes!

I also love how everyone just knows that Craig calms Tweek down, it has to be 100% canon

i hope dis hasn’t been done before ANNND i might color this later…


@tweekxcraigusername suggested: “wedding”!

Of course, I would love to draw their wedding!! But uhm… in my head they were constantly on a road trip when they wanted to get married so Craig decided to do something special…

if you want a real wedding tho, hit me up hun!

I haven’t done any Creek art in a while and have been craving for it lately lol-

Anyway, this is from my dreamcatcher au in which the kids are basically spirits or embodiments of dreamcatchers themselves… if that makes sense. Anyway, there’s like a tribe that the kids follow but like when the new chief takes over some are cast out and some leave on their own.

Craig’s still in the tribe but he mostly follows Tweek around who left the tribe willingly due to the new leader- they later end up making a bond or something which binds them all for eternity but ah- I’m still in the works with this au I just really wanted to do art for it to get out of my art block-

Tweek x Craig 


// @p-aurisan with another good headcanon!!

(It did fit perfectly, she just rolled up the shirt to show off her SICK BARBARIAN BODY PAINT)
I changed the eyes a bit but idk if that’s a good choice or nah, I am just experimenting in my doodles so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk

I am currently busy, so this in my queue, don’t be surprised if this post is suddenly poppin up and I am just dead lmao

tweek: He’s just staring at us! You don’t think he’s going to kill us, do you? Those shears could chop one of our heads off clean! I DON’T WANT MY HEAD TO GET CHOPPED OFF–

craig: Tweek, chill. Anyone can beat the shit out of Donald Trump. You, especially. You spar with Mike Tyson every Friday, for Christ’s sake.
craig: No one’s gonna chop your head off.
tweek: Nnrgh–you’re right… 

clyde: Our beloved homosexuals, Craig and Tweek, obviously!
jimmy: R-round of applause for the haa…
jimmy: the huaahah…
jimmy: …the happy couple, fellas!

tweek: Um. Thanks, Craig.
craig: …yeah, yeah.
clyde: I think I still have some yaoi fanart of you two at my house.
jimmy: You th-think? I saw one in a little picture frame in your living room.

tweek: No–well–sort of? It’s been four years, nn, everyone that we hadn’t told eventually found out that we were acting…
tweek: We still have to pretend, though.
craig: Facebook official for the adults. Because they’re dumb enough to have another breakdown if they figure otherwise.
craig: Some of them want us to be really facebook official.

tweek: You know what, I change my mind, fuck you.
craig: What.

tweek: What the hell, man! Just, just press ignore already, no wonder dad keeps asking me about how much you use facebook! He won’t stop!
craig: I don’t use it. Well, I look at it, but I can’t post or like anything…
craig: Dude, I don’t want to make your dad cry again. It’s just sad.


Happy New Year everyone!

I know this post is a bit late, but when it was New Year for me, most of you either were asleep because it already was New Year for ya or it wasn’t and you still had 5 to whatever hours to go lol I passed out o k it’s noon here

the little comic was inspired by @p-aurisan‘s headcanon:

headcanon accepted. I also wish you a Happy New Year, hun! you sent so many great headcanons but i did this one earlier because it’s fitting for new year!!