lots of snow here

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Day 8 - Making Out

That evening when Zen entered Jumin’s hotel room using the extra key card the executive had given him, he saw the heir on the phone facing the window. Quietly he shut the door, trying not to disturb. He considered leaving when the conversation went on for a few more minutes but then he could hear Jumin ending it abruptly.

“Thank you. Goodbye.”

Oh oh. Even though his tone of voice seemed neutral enough, Zen knew by now that something was said that clearly made him upset. Jumin turned and gave him a smile when he saw Zen, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. The heir sat down on the bed loosening his tie and beckoned the actor to him, who obliged.

“Want to talk about it?” Zen asked while Jumin pulled him on his lap.

“No.” Without hesitation, Jumin kissed Zen, moved his hands to bury them in his hair, putting a bit of pressure on his head to feel his lips more. Zen hummed happily, sparks shooting through his body every time Jumin adjusted himself.

Soon he got pushed down on the bed and Jumin followed right after, mouth chasing his. He felt those hands grab his hair a little too hard, teeth clashing against his own painfully, tongue pushing into his mouth with too much force and it was overwhelming. Each time he pushed back a little, clawing at his shirt, Jumin drove himself further like a frenzied animal.

It was becoming a battle and normally Zen welcomed it, desired to fight for domination, but this was a duel that arised from the wrong reasons.

“Jumin, stop. Hey!” He held Jumin’s shoulders, forcing him to hover over Zen. He didn’t like using his strength against Jumin, but it was the only way to get him to get his attention. Jumin looked at him, bewildered, annoyed at the interruption, tried to move away. The actor gave him zero room to escape and Jumin sighed deeply, plopped his head on Zen’s chest as he admitted defeat. Mumbling, he let out his frustrations about a bad deal his workers couldn’t handle.

“Sometimes I wish people would stop lying. It’s tiring.”  

Zen ran his hand through Jumin’s hair, petting him as the man rambled on a bit. Jumin always acted like nothing was a big deal but inside he was a big ball of complex emotions and Zen was embarrassed to admit it took him a while to see that. Sometimes the big corporate executive needed a bit of coddling to open up. Zen kissed the top of his head, feeling black hair tickle his noise and tried not to sneeze.

“Whether you like it or not Jumin Han, I’m going to tell you exactly what I think.” 

Grateful dark eyes looked back at him and the smile was genuine now. Jumin initiated the kiss again with just as much force as before, but his caresses were softer, his lips now moving perfectly in sync with Zen’s. He felt a tongue brush against his lower lip and he let out a soft sigh, allowed Jumin back into his mouth, feeling fire pulse through his veins whenever their tongues wrestled.

His own hands were stroking Jumin’s face, his neck, his head and he felt skillful fingers run over his clothes, slowly loosening them. Something familiar pressed against this thigh and Jumin smirked at him, back to being that cocky, confident businessman.

“I can’t help it. You’re beautiful. Handsome. Dashing.” Zen blushed something fierce. That smooth little shit.

He flipped them over, letting Jumin know exactly how he felt as well and gave him another deep, passionate kiss while tossing his tie on the floor.

nct127: The winter in Chicago is really really cold, it’s very pretty when it snows a lot. As soon as it gets cold (here), I think of Chicago summers. Although you can’t do this in the winter, if you have the opportunity in the summer, you must visit Chicago. haha 🌨⛄️
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Translation: Selin & Sher | Source: NCT 127 Official Instagram

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Imagine going on a stroll with Woozi during cold winter mornings, holding each other’s hands with a tight grip as you two walk down the snow-covered street.

🌱 hello! 🌱

this is my sort-of introduction post! my name is juno, i’m 15, i live in switzerland and i’m new to witchcraft.

i decided to take it up because i’ve been interested in it ever since i was little - when i was four, i bought a little book of spells from a wiccan shop and was enthralled. i still have that excitement whenever i come across a new recipe or spell; i’m also hoping to find some inner peace in doing cleanses and rituals!

i’ll mainly post:

  • gathering tips / hauls
  • spells
  • uses for alpine materials! (spoiler - we have a lot of snow here)

some witchblrs that inspired me include:

@orriculum@citrinecoven and @bricklebee !

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Which one is your favorite color?


it would have been better if we’d never met.

Here’s the Crane drawing I mentioned, @little-noko! I hope you like it ^^

I figure that Chill would love to show Crane various universes that he deems “cool”, and ones with lots of flowers would definitely count. So here’s a place that “snows” flowers and has fun glow-y creatures hanging around xD

I got some Adidas Neo today T_T they’re so cute! 

They’re white with navy strips and a light blue undertone (weird to describe)

♡ ♡ ♡

Through The Looking Glass

Description: It’s fifth year. Glasses!Baz. Lots of angst. A lovely prompt from the even more lovely @flirtybaz.

Warnings: Glasses!Baz. Little bit of swearing.

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Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 600
Note ~ For context Shawn is about 14 in this and Alex is about 13.

“Shawn!” Alex yelled my name as she ran down the hall towards me. Closing my locker door, I just had enough time to catch her before she crashed into me.

“What?” I laughed at the giant smile plastered on her face, her eyes were big. As if she could look more adorable than she already was.

“It’s snowing.” She told me like it was something special.

“Yes, it snows a lot here in Canada.” I ruffled her hair in a teasing manor. Rolling her eyes, she smoked my hand away, reaching up to fix it, “Don’t you get snow in England?”

“We do, but it’s never like this!” Alex moved her arms about to emphasise her point. I caught her bag before it fell to the floor.

“Yeah, I can see that.” Wrapping my free arm around her shoulder, we made our way outside.

The snow wasn’t coming down fast, and there was barely five inches on the ground. But the way Alex got all giddy at the sight of it made my heart stop in a good way, if that’s even possible.

The whole walk home I could tell she wanted to run off and play in the snow, but held back, not wanting to look stupid in front of a group of people from school. But as soon as the group disappeared and we were standing in my front yard, all hell broke loose.

Ducking under my arm, Alex fell over multiple times as she raced across the icy ground. I was too busy laughing my ass off that I didn’t notice the ball she was forming until it was fitting me in the face.

Wiping away the icy water, I slowly turned to her. No words were needed between us, she already knew what was going to happen.

She took off running across the road towards her house, looking like Bambi on ice. Dropping both of our bags on the ground, I easily caught up to her in seconds, grabbing her around the waist and drawing her body closer.

Alex slipped again and ended up bringing me down with her. A small yelp left her parted lips as I landed on top of her, just managing to catch myself before squishing her much smaller body.

This was such a movie moment. Our faces were so close together that our noses brushed. I became very self-conscious of my panting breaths beating down against her cheek. She either didn’t notice or care which I was grateful for. Instead, she was busy staring up at the sky, watching as the little flakes fell to the ground.

I became hyper aware of her under me; every movement, every breath, everything suddenly seemed to send a warm feeling pulsating throughout my body. I stared down at her mouth, and fuck, I wanted to kiss her so bad. All I had to do was move my head an inch and I would finally know what her lips felt like against mine…

I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Alex turned to look at me, that same giant smile still plastered on her face. The cold had started to turn her cheeks and nose a rosy color. And the snow stuck in her hair somehow made her look even more beautiful.

“Can you let me up?” She giggled and a new wave of feelings raced through my veins, “I think I’m starting to loose feeling in my hands.”

“Yeah, sorry.” Pulling Alex up with me, I rubbed her frozen hands between my warm gloved ones and brought them to my lips, blowing on them. The sky was rapidly fading into darkness as snow started falling faster making it harder to see, “Come on, I think we should head inside.”

Alex pouted, but didn’t put up a fight as we collected our bags and headed to my house for hot chocolate and a movie.