lots of snakes

Anonymous requested: Master Miller in 11 please?

Here you are nonny! I hope I did the poor man some justice

Send me a number and character!

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Why do snakes squeeze things? is that how they tell what it is?

a lot of snakes kill their prey by constriction, squeezing it until they’ve cut off bloodflow to the prey’s organs.

other than that, if you’re holding a snake, and it’s squeezing you a bit, that’s just how they hold on to things; they haven’t got arms, you see. 

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For your gem collection, I believe you still need to get the cluster's gem. Though not mentioned in the show many speculate it to be an angel aura geode.

Ah, I’m not going to get any other gems that haven’t been named + presented visually. So like, we know about someone named Snowflake, but we haven’t seen them on screen so I’m not gonna get one, and we’ve seen Centipeedle (more or less) but we don’t know her name/gem so I’m not gonna get one ;u; I’ll get each gem as they are presented properly!

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I read your tags on my post! Here's Uzu's VA singing a song from Initial D. It's a youtube link. /watch?v=Ee8ohwHYZoE (I also have one of Houka singing, but it's a tumblr/vimeo link so I can't send it over ask) Enjoy!! <3

WTF OMG THANK YOU????????????????

thats so cool aaaa

i once saw a track of senketsus va singing but it didnt sound much like him so it doesnt stick out much in my memory

thank uuuu omg

Okay story time.

My friend Water @waterlovescake once opened her binder in math and a cockroach jumped out.

No one know how. Just. Cockroach.

And so there’s this kid in my school who transferred from Finland and he doesn’t talk much and stuff.

But like. He just. Picked it up. With his fingers. And took it outside. Just.

And everyone is just staring at him like “how the f dude?”

And so later, I asked him and he just goes like oh, I do that all the time.

And his friend looks at him like “wtf?”

And he’s like “I lived in the country. I also had to kill a lot of snakes with the shovel.”

Now all of us looked at him like “wtf dude”.

And he got embarrassed and stopped talking about it.

Never saw him the same way again.

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i have to warn people with long hair about handling my corn snake because she thinks long hair is a great habitat and will tangle herself up in it and refuse to leave if given the slightest opportunity

As someone who has handled a LOT of corn snakes back when I had long hair;