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I thought I’d post a proper photoset of Iwa’s selfies from my IwaOi headcanon.


It’s rare of me to make to think of a scenario that’s only two panels long, even more when it’s about my ocs, so… 

anyways let me introduce you, these are bella and melody, they’re twins and i love them. I’ll try to make more things with them this year, and if i manage to finally design them all, i’d like to show you the main seven characters for my story :3 

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My thoughts on SPN episode 12x03:

  • Woman, do not go in that house. You’re making it too easy for the bad guys.
  • LOL to the crazy zoom on the creepy doll. Classic spn. 
  • Cas being the sweetest angel in the garrison makes my heart melt.
  • “Good morning sunshine” = the death of me
  • Sam of course notices the haircut - after all, his mom’s hair is now shorter than his!
  • Aww Sam getting demoted to the backseat so Mary can ride shotgun.
  • Agent Beyonce and Agent Jay Z OMGGGGGG
  • I am so happy to have classic Crowley in this ep YAASSSSS
  • The internet = Mary’s biggest foe, which is hilarious considering her youngest son is a walking wifi tower. 
  • I am loving this awkward, somewhat subdued, sarcastic, bristling Castiel. I love it a lot a lot. 
  • Rowena is such a BAMF - rock on, girl. 
  • Mary’s def gonna have a tattoo parlor session in her future.
  • So glad that one girl got to take her creepy ass doll with her to heaven. Because that’s def what you want in your eternal afterlife. 
  • Dean is like, “Are you KIDDING me?!?! Why will NONE OF MY PARENTS just fucking STAY WITH ME AND BE HAPPY!?!?!” 
  • Welp. That episode sure took a turn. 

In conclusion: The tradition of Winchester parents giving their children abandonment issues continues. 

dankpunks  asked:

Hey lovely! i’m ravenclaw as well! mm can i have marauders era! My names Marla i have brown hair that comes to about my shoulders and it’s extremely wavy, i have brown eyes, braces, i have a nose ring, and a bit of a button nose.(i also have pics on my account) i’m quite carefree, loud, an adrenaline junkie, always up for adventures, i can be shy in some situations but i get comfortable pretty easily, i’m sarcastic af, i tell a lot of cheesy jokes, love photography, & learning new languages!!

I ship you with Sirius Black!

Who asks who out? You | Him

Who kisses who first? You | Him

Who says “I love you” first? You | Him

Who kills the bugs? You | Him

Who’s more stubborn? You | Him

Who plays with who’s hair? You | Him

Who is more protective? You | Him

things i love a lot
  • caramel coffee
  • piano
  • converse sneakers 
  • sarcastic banters
  • listening to music during late night car rides
  • going out for breakfast
  • eyes. they’re all equally beautiful, some just hide it better
  • hogwarts. its magic never grows old
  • finally nailing a fast rap
  • writing
  • those perfect, creepy october nights that are breezy and chilly
  • dancing around to my favorite music
Spriggan 12: Canon vs. Fanon
  • Canon Brandish: Seems fairly calm most of the time, holds grudges, misses her mother, loves mango gelato and gets emotional over it
  • Fanon Brandish: Blushy, cutesy tsundere madly in love with Dimaria.
  • Canon Ajeel: Brags about killing people, brags a lot in general, loves fighting, complete asshole
  • Fanon Ajeel: Sarcastic little shit. But aside from that, basically the same as canon, actually.
  • Canon Invel: Shows almost no emotion, strict, respectful to Zeref but disapproves of his leniency about the rules
  • Fanon Invel: Obsessive Zeref fanboy, gets angry easily, shouts a lot, stalking creep
  • Canon Dimaria: Sadistic, loves to humiliate her opponents, literal god complex, and yeah, basically in love with Brandish
  • Fanon Dimaria: Lesbian. That's it. Literally no personality outside of that.
  • Canon Serena: Flamboyant, show-off, fabulous, wants to kill Acnologia
  • Fanon Serena: ...Actually, pretty much spot-on.
  • Canon August: Very old, very depressing (oh my god this sounds like a doge meme)
  • Canon Wahl: Literally a robot, cackling psychopath, likes to destroy things
  • Fanon Wahl: Innocent child who just ~doesn't understand human nature~ please protect him at all costs
  • Canon Jacob: Likes trolling people about their insecurities, is an assassin
  • Fanon Jacob: Virgin. That's all.
  • Canon Bloodman: From what little we've seen: stabby-murdery.
  • Fanon Bloodman: Bakes cookies, cries a lot. Either that or is female
  • Canon Eileen: From what little we've seen: Calm, sometimes makes jokes
  • Fanon Eileen: Smug troll, likes cake
  • Canon Neinhart: Kind of a bitch, seems pretty calm most of the time but can still kick your ass
  • Fanon Neinhart: FABULOUS, likes tea, poetry, and flowers. Literally just because he has roses on his armor.
Me as an A.R.M.Y, Me as Me

Everyone asked me

Have you ever been in love in real people?

Why are you so obsessed with them? 

Do you want some reality check? 

Do you know that they’re celebrities and you’re just a fan?

It is funny for I do have answers on such questions and you could say it is very complicated. But watching them on a 13 inch computer screen always make my day. Seeing them on music shows, Twitter, YouTube and other social media always made me put a smile. I cry when they cry. They are sarcastic, I am too. I love BTS lots and it scares me to want to know them as them.

June 13, 2013. It was BTS’ debut and I was not fond of them yet. Kpop was not yet part of me and still am today but for some reason I was always being pulled by seven artists that are very honest to everyone.

I always thought, “Wow. They really care!” These words have lots of meaning and I will tell one. I never saw such celebrities care for their fans this much. Maybe this is the reason why I love them. BTS and ARMYs have lots of connection. Sometimes I do wonder, if BTS were a person, he will be a hopeless romantic and would do nothing more to care to its significant other, ARMY. Like I could see them such an awesome couple.

I know much (I could even create a list) about Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, Jhope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. I love them because I had seen their personality and their abilities that makes BTS.

However, I’m scared.

I’m scared to know them.

Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook

It scares me as a fan. It hurts too. However as an individual, it is nothing. I do not know whose names that were bold.

I love BTS.

I do not know them.

But if any chance I might then that will be a different story for two people can not exist except for _