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I need more about keith and the ferret


  • The ferret does not have a name, and never will. This is essential to the au.
    • Shiro: So then… What do I call it? Them. It-em.
    • Keith: I usually call them ‘ferret’, ‘long boy’, ‘demon’, etc.
    • Shiro: Yeah but does the… long boy… actually respond?
    • Keith: Why would the demon respond, Shiro? They’re not my ferret.
  • Hunk and Pidge try to like, track down the ferret to see where it goes when it leaves Keith’s house but the ferret always loses them.
  • Keith just assumes this is a ferret but he like… doesn’t really know… it might be a weasel. It’s probably a ferret. It’s definitely an omen.
  • There’s an unspoken rule that you’re not allowed in Keith’s home alone with the ferret. Like, everyone has a key to Keith’s apartment, and they can drop in whenever, but if you let yourself in and see The Ferret standing in the kitchen under the flickering lights, you shut the door and wait in the hallway for Keith to come home. Allura once waited for two hours because Keith got caught in traffic. She claimed she’d been only waiting for fifteen minutes though when Keith asked.
    • Coran is the only exception to this. One time Keith walked through the door and found Coran and the ferret watching Jeopardy together. The ferret had on a bonnet. Coran refuses to explain what happened.
  • The ferret doesn’t drop by that often, which is why Lance swears it’s an ominous omen. It’ll probably show up maybe once or twice a month… Sometimes more, during the winter. Keith accepts these visits without question. Everyone else has a lot of questions.
  • There’s a framed picture of Keith and the ferret in the walk-in hallway

Someone just asked if Ebo is doing all right because I guess I haven’t been posting much about him lately.  All three birds are doing well!  Earlier this month, Poke bird turned 13 and Orzo turned 6.  In a few weeks, Ebo will be 14.  I got a cute video of him singing along to the radio that I wanted to post, but he was so loud he drowned out the radio…  I don’t take many pictures or videos of Poke bird because she HATES my cell phone, which is my primary camera.  Also I’m mad at her because she’s been calling me Shober (Shobana + goober) for three weeks nonstop. >:(

Bird playtime has to be separate because of the ferrets.  The birds are out longer since ferrets sleep a lot, but I take way too many pictures and videos of the ferrets because they’re still super young and that won’t last long, and they’re the first young ones I’ve had in like a decade.  I went through the excessive photographing stage with each of the birds a long time ago too.

Here’s gentleman Ebo after his last bath.