lots of people around but still so lonely

So like… FFXV AU where there’s no magic, or at least no war with Niflheim, and the lives of the chocobros and Luna pretty much goes as it should have without all this destiny bullshit fucking people up. 

So like, Noctis is still raised with Gladio and Ignis by his side, and still betrothed to Luna, but Prompto never came to Lucis. He grew up in the empire. So Noct is a little different, a little more lonely and closed off. Gladio and Ignis are still his friends, and care for him a lot, but none of them are very good at… expressing that. And they don’t really do friend-things which leads to a lot of doubting the actual value of their relationship.

So because of this, Noctis is really… not good with people. And around late high school/early college years, Prompto moves to the Crown City from Niflheim to become a photography major. So cue first project of the year, he has to take a portrait of someone. Since he doesn’t know anyone, he pretty much scours the campus until he sees Noctis and goes perfect.

So he swallows his anxiety down and trots up to Noct, having absolutely no idea who he is. AKA the crown prince of Lucis. And he just holds up his camera and goes, “So, uh, this may sound kiiiiinda weird, but, like, could I get your picture?” 

And Noctis has been hounded by reporters his whole life. He sees himself in headlines, in magazines, on the news. It’s gotten old. And now, apparently, they’ve followed him to school. 

He does not handle things calmly. It pretty much ends with Prompto’s camera broken and Noctis storming off, and Prompto is understandably devastated. Also might hate Noctis with a passion. 

That is, until Noctis realizes that he keeps seeing this guy around campus. And he’s clearly there for a reason unrelated to the prince. In fact, he can very clearly hear Prompto begging his professor for an extension on the project because some asshole broke my camera and I don’t have money for a new one and Noctis has about the biggest OH SHIT moment of his life.

It’s okay to feel alone sometimes even if there are a lot of people around you. It’s okay to wonder why you still fee lonely even if you’re surrounded with people who always smile and laugh. Sometimes, you feel like you don’t exist even if there are people who tried to reach out their hand just to save you. It’s okay to wonder why you’re in a dark place even if the sun is just right there. It’s okay to feel empty even if there are people who fills you with so much love. But always remember that, you’re not alone. Maybe, sometimes you feel like you don’t belong to anywhere but don’t ever forget that we are always here for you. I hope that this will help you feel a littles less lonely. You are not alone, you matter and you are importante. I am here and you can always count on me.
—  To anyone who needs this

Sad headcanons time! It’s actually relatively easy to take advantage of Oikawa Tooru in a relationship. He’s always looking for that one person who’s going to be real with him, take the time to get to know him instead of the image other people create, who will love him for all of his imperfections and all his greatness. And he wants that so desperately. Relationships never last long for him because most people don’t stick around long enough for any of it to happen, or they get so disillusioned by how he really is, so he dates a lot. It’s actually a source of a good amount of depression on his part. Not that it wouldn’t have anyway, but volleyball just naturally ended up taking precedent over everything else when his relationships kept failing so he stopped trying so hard in that department and focused on his constant. He still gets unbearably lonely some nights though.

(Pearl's) Cry For Help

Okay I just have to get this out there. I feel like after tonight’s episode people are going to be bashing upon Pearl, saying how awful and selfish she is, but… 

Pearl may have done some selfish acts, but she’s hurting. She so desperately wanted to fuse and was so grateful when offered that she started crying. Pearl just wants to feel loved. And I dunno ‘bout you but when I’m hurting and feeling so lonely I often do stupid and selfish acts just to get people to notice me positively. 

 Pearl is still going through losing Rose, which was only around 10-12 years at most. In gem years (I mean Pearl considered herself young at a few thousand years) that’s at most a month, just a few weeks if it were to be put in “human perspective.” She’s facing a lot of pain, self doubt, and change in such a short period of time. Tbh I don’t blame her for just trying to feel closer to someone, trying to feel loved.

Old Friends (@shadowgodling)

Bakura had been lonely since his life had changed. Nothing had changed, and yet everything had changed. He had moved, gotten married and divorced, changed his looks. And yet…

He was still lonely. Even more so since the only person he had was, well…himself.

And most people frowned upon talking to one’s self.

He had lost touch with a lot of people as well during his long stint out of town. It had been nice to get away, but in doing so he lost even more people.

The thought saddened him, but he shook his head. It was his own damn fault. And moping around the flat was going to do him no good. Bakura had decided to track some people down and make something of his life other than the constant sorrow filled existence he had decided to live.

But even with determination, his options we small and already dwindling. Not many people wanted to talk with him anymore and there were others who had vanished completely.

It was how he found himself outside of the last known place he had for where Godling lived. Godling had been one of the closer people Bakura had had in his life before things changed. He only hoped that the friendship would still stand.

He knocked on the door, hands subconsciously running through his short locks as he bit his lip.

If there are still and gods out there who give a damn about my life, please just let me have one good thing left. Please, you bloody wankers.