lots of people around but still so lonely

So like… FFXV AU where there’s no magic, or at least no war with Niflheim, and the lives of the chocobros and Luna pretty much goes as it should have without all this destiny bullshit fucking people up. 

So like, Noctis is still raised with Gladio and Ignis by his side, and still betrothed to Luna, but Prompto never came to Lucis. He grew up in the empire. So Noct is a little different, a little more lonely and closed off. Gladio and Ignis are still his friends, and care for him a lot, but none of them are very good at… expressing that. And they don’t really do friend-things which leads to a lot of doubting the actual value of their relationship.

So because of this, Noctis is really… not good with people. And around late high school/early college years, Prompto moves to the Crown City from Niflheim to become a photography major. So cue first project of the year, he has to take a portrait of someone. Since he doesn’t know anyone, he pretty much scours the campus until he sees Noctis and goes perfect.

So he swallows his anxiety down and trots up to Noct, having absolutely no idea who he is. AKA the crown prince of Lucis. And he just holds up his camera and goes, “So, uh, this may sound kiiiiinda weird, but, like, could I get your picture?” 

And Noctis has been hounded by reporters his whole life. He sees himself in headlines, in magazines, on the news. It’s gotten old. And now, apparently, they’ve followed him to school. 

He does not handle things calmly. It pretty much ends with Prompto’s camera broken and Noctis storming off, and Prompto is understandably devastated. Also might hate Noctis with a passion. 

That is, until Noctis realizes that he keeps seeing this guy around campus. And he’s clearly there for a reason unrelated to the prince. In fact, he can very clearly hear Prompto begging his professor for an extension on the project because some asshole broke my camera and I don’t have money for a new one and Noctis has about the biggest OH SHIT moment of his life.

Introverted Albert HCs
  • Poor boy is tired so much, the Newsies are all so loud
  • But they all understand not to push him and that sometimes he needs some time alone to recharge
  • He usually disappears after selling but shows up just in time for dinner
  • A lot of the Newsies don’t fully understand social exhaustion but they’re still supportive
  • Race is one of the only people he can be around for an excessive amount of time without getting drained 
  • Mainly because they grew up together so Albert doesn’t feel like Race is expecting so much from him
  • He can just listen without actually socializing
  • On days where Albert wants to be alone without being lonely, Race will just sit on the floor by his bed and play solitaire or free-cell
  • When he feels like being touched Race will cuddle him and either run his fingers through his hair or rub his back to help him relax

Digital painting of Chester Bennington, frontman of Linkin Park, the man with the voice of an angel, one of the greatest singers of all time, a bandmate, an incredible husband and father. 

I couldn’t be older than four or five when I first listened to Linkin Park. I still remember it because the music video I saw freaked me out. It was “One Step Closer”, Chester and Mike had super weird hair and I remember wondering how Chester could be upside down. And should I even mention the weird people flying around? Yeah, freaky. 

If there’s one thing my father passed onto me despite no really being around unless it was to cause trouble, it’s his love for music. Especially rock music, actually. So it wasn’t a surprise that I liked that weird ass band. Still do. Always has, really. I grew up being really lonely, I didn’t have many friends because I was different, a lot of people made fun of me because of that too. At home, it’s always been a mess. You know, there are times, when you are depressed, you think you have no one. That no one cares about you, that no one loves you. Well, at least, I had Chester. At least, I had one person talking to me every day as I grew up, through his songs. Someone who had been through such bad shit, someone who finally could understand me. 

I feel like I’ve lost more than an idol, more than an inspiration, I feel like I’ve lost my best friend, a brother, even. It’s been three weeks and I still can’t get over his death. I’ve only been listening to Linkin Park since I heard the news. I was on holidays when it happened, with my friends, watching TV, and suddenly one of them said “Hey, the singer of Linkin Park is dead, he killed himself, it’s all over Facebook.” I had to excuse myself, told them I was gonna take my shower, I just cried. I didn’t want them to think I was weird, crying over someone I had never met. I didn’t sleep that night, I didn’t smile the following days, and I still feel empty, I can’t stop thinking about it and I still cry sometimes at night. 

Just thinking about the way he did it… It haunts me, I know he suffered and I wonder if he regretted it as he did it. If it was just too late for him at that point, if there wasn’t any way to save him that day. I hate thinking about it but I can’t help it. I hate thinking that I will never be able to meet him, to thank him for everything, to tell him how important he is. 

Anyway, I just felt like I needed to do something too, so here’s a digital painting I spent the last two days making. It’s great seeing so much love being spread for Mike, Brad, Rob, Dave and Joe as well as for Talinda and his kids. I can’t even imagine the pain they are going through if some people like me are missing him so bad without having ever met him. 

I know my blog’s a Marvel blog and that some of my followers might be annoyed that I post a lot of stuff about Chester and Linkin Park lately, but you’re gonna have to get used to it. Chester didn’t need a suit of armor or some indestructible shield to be a hero. So he deserves his place on my blog too. I won’t let his memory ever die, even if that’s all I’ve got left of him. 

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I once read that loneliness isn't from a lack of people around you; it's from a lack of people that fully understand you. So while Viktor may have been surrounded by fans and relationships, no one really understood him. They saw the gold winning skater. So I think it's sweet that Yuuri was the first person to *really* see him and fall in love with the real Viktor.

I think that quote is very accurate and I definitely agree that while Viktor might have had a lot of people around him, he probably felt quite isolated from them due to his fame and status as a winner and how people perceived him because of that. I still think he had good friends and people he cared about like Chris or Yakov but I think in the anime he definitely came off as a very lonely person who had put everything into his career and now felt quite emotionally isolated because of a lack of deep personal connections. And with Yuuri he definitely found someone he could really connect with and who understood and wanted him for who he was 

Keith and Lance

I just watched Voltron and I’ve got some things to say about Keith’s and Lance’s relationship (holy guacamole the sexual tension is unbelievable but other things too)

I 100% believe that Lance has an inferiority complex and Keith just being Keith makes it 2000x worse.

Think about it: Lance grew up in a big family, which means that more likely than not, it’s hard to be seen beyond your siblings. Yes, you will be loved, but very rarely does someone who is raised in a big family not have a sort of discomfort about their worth.

It explains why Lance tries so. Fucking. Hard. Have you seen this guy? He flirts with everything he’s got. He pilots alien technology amazingly well when everyone else thinks he’ll be terrible. He follows a plan to the letter, even when it would be more difficult for him not too (look shooting those guys would’ve been way easier to do in the sentient planet and put them in way less physical danger, fite me) He feels like he has to go above and beyond to get noticed. He has literally no chill. There is no halfway for Lance.

And then Keith is there, with his “I am just naturally a great pilot” and “I was the top of my class (right above you boyo) and I dropped out for no real reason” and then the worst of all “I don’t remember you”

So you have Lance, a guy that tries his best and wants some recognition, and then Keith, the guy that does his own shit and doesn’t remember him, and BOOM I can understand the rival shtick. Who wouldn’t be pissed when they try so hard and still get second place in everyone’s eyes?

And Keith still doesn’t hate him! I think that bothers Lance the most. He can’t get the guy to even “hate” him back equally

And Keith, poor sweet baby Keith.

He envisions an empty home instead of a family. He has never had the luxury of human reaction and now he’s stuck mind melding with four other people, one of which has shown open hostility towards him. But even then he doesn’t really hate the guy back. He humors him, and yeah, they bicker, but it’s obvious Keith has no clue what he’s doing.

He’s the lone wolf. He’s doesn’t listen to direction again and again. He goes off and does his own thing, even at great risk to everyone around him. He’s selfish in that regard, but honestly, I just don’t think Keith is used to having people rely on him.

He’s lived alone, he’s spent his free time doing what he wants, and he has no problem risking a lot by going against the government

Keith is not used to people caring

Lance is upset that this guy that tries so little still manages to be better than him in every way that matters. Lance feels like Keith is his rival, and he’ll only be good enough if he manages to 1up him.

But for the relationship aspect:

So you have this unsociable person who is goal oriented and thinks more about the project than the people behind it but is also very quiet unless enrage trapped in space with this other very flirty, social, and altogether annoying person who just wants to go home and mow ass like grass because he can’t keep any of his emotions hidden and is probably pan have you seen this guy- and they are both trapped in space. Together. For the foreseeable future. Or until one of them dies or goes through yet ANOTHER scene phase *cough* Keith *cough*

I’m just saying that two polar opposites is totally going to lead to the gays. That’s all I’m saying


This is my little brother. He is not so little now as he used to be, but he is still mine, mine, mine.

If anyone hurts my little brother, I will make them  a f r a i d.

I’ve had a lot of comments on YUTS from people telling me how much they love Rei and that makes me SO HAPPY because I LOVE REI TOO AND I’M SO GLAD I MADE HER.

The reason why Rei calls Izuku “little brother” is that he was only about five or six when she first came across him, and physically Rei’s maybe around nine at most. They were both lonely little kids at the time, Izuku because he was “quirkless” and Rei because her nature makes her unsettling even to other ghosts, and it didn’t help that she’s apparently incapable of speech. Izuku, being inexperienced with ghosts at the time, didn’t realize there was anything wrong with her, and not only did he not run away screaming from her, he even gave her a name. So, of course, she latched on to this tiny little peanut and never ended up letting go. Even when he caught up and then passed her in age, she stayed by him, because little brothers need looking after no matter how big and strong they get.

So… needless to say, she’s been with Izuku every step of the way, and she’s probably going to stick around for a very, very long time.

  • Jaehyun would still be the cool guy let’s get real
  • Despite that he’d still be really nice and accepting to everyone
  • He’d stay in on the first day surprisingly enough instead of going out
  • That’s how you guys met anyways
  • He found you and some other girls watching anime in a common room and asked to join you
  • Somehow you convinced him to let you paint his nails a sparkly blue color
  • He’d insist that it’s only because there weren’t any guys around to see it
  • And then he begged you to take it off when you threatened to leave it there for the whole week
  • After that, he’d make a point to stop by your room and come study with you or talk about life
  • He was a decent student but he sucked at literature so you’d walk him through the author’s intent before big tests
  • He also struggled a lot with Spanish and he couldn’t roll his R’s to save his life
  • You spoke to him in Spanish sometimes just to annoy him as he tried to figure out what you were saying
  • “Puedes hablar dos idiomas pero no me entiendes ahora.”
  • “What????”
  • I get the feeling he would drag your sorry ass to the gym late at night
  • “Gains, man.”
  • You only became willing to lift when Jaehyun promised he’d attend a fitness class with you
  • What the little bitch didn’t know is that he would end up going to a Zumba class
  • He’d surprise you with his mad dance skillz and enthusiasm during the class
  • Even the instructor was like damn boi when everyone saw his moves
  • Jaehyun had no idea how to twerk though so he kinda shook his ass a little bit
  • You’d walk everywhere together and get meals together a few times a week
  • Sometimes you’d complain about how everyone probably thought you two were dating
  • But Jaehyun would shrug it off
  • I mean it was true; everyone on your floor gossiped about you two sleeping together but you both pretended not to know
  • Eventually you agreed to go to a house party with him and good lord he’s so much fun to party with
  • He wasn’t the type of person to be seeking a cheap bang at parties at all
  • You kicked his ass at beer pong and you still won’t live it down
  • That night you got really, really drunk good lord
  • Somehow you ended up kissing a random guy but you didn’t even feel your lips ??
  • Jaehyun wasn’t having that shit and ushered you away from him
  • He got rather worried about you, claiming to know what those sort of guys want
  • You probably said some shit like “Fine, you can kiss me instead if you won’t let me kiss someone else.”
  • Yeah he got pretty quiet after that but stuck by your side
  • He’d take excellent care of you and basically force food down your throat
  • Like seriously he wouldn’t leave you afterwards until you drank two bottles of water
  • He’d be hesitant to leave you so he would end up sleeping on your rug overnight to make sure you made it through
  • You’d wake up in the morning and nearly step on him, causing him to wake up too
  • Yeah he’d tease you for a while about how nice you get when you’re drunk
  • Apparently you couldn’t stop complimenting everyone
  • “You told me I have a pretty face six times.”
  • The next time you went out Jaehyun got absolutely plastered for the first time
  • He’d start complaining about how you made out with that other guy and how inconsiderate it was for him
  • You’d be dancing later and he’d complain AGAIN about how you were dancing too sexy and would attract the wrong sort of attention
  • So you’d get drunk later on and both of y’all are clusterfucks for real
  • And you’d get back to the dorms and be an absolute messes together in his dorm
  • The two of you guys would fall asleep on his bed together, still wearing the same clothes
  • Like neither of y’all took off your damn shoes like
  • You’d wake up first with the literal worst hangover ever and find yourself wrapped in Jaehyun’s arms
  • You’d both panic like flailing
  • Somehow you’d get really comfortable with light cuddling after that
  • And find yourself talking about Jaehyun’s drunken protectiveness some time later
  • The bitch finally confesses that he got jealous of that random boy
  • And fucking kisses you randomly and murmur something about how you told him to do that when you were drunk
  • You’d punch him bc he should’ve done something weeks ago
  • Then kiss him again despite it bc let’s get real you’ve been in love with him
  • You wouldn’t be officially dating for a couple more days
  • But man he’d make a point to treat you to dinner though you were both broke as fuck
  • He said he hated skinship but he always either had his arm around your shoulders or held you hand
  • Not a lot would change though
  • Bc you’re still two best friends who mean the world to each other
While You Were Sleeping (Pt. 1)

[Summary]: After saving the man you have a secret crush on, your life gets turned upside down when the nurse at the hospital mistakenly assumes you’re his fiancee. His family believes it and accepts you into the family immediately, yet you can’t bring yourself to tell the truth because of now having a big, loving family that you’ve never had. Things get even more complicated when you start to have feelings for his younger brother. Will you be able to finally say the truth and admit your feelings to the younger brother? 

[Pairing]: Scott x reader (Tony is one of the other characters in the film but all the family and the man you’re secretly crushing on is THE EXACT SAME FROM THE FILM! Except Scott who is the younger brother)

[Word Count]: 4,728

Tagging:  @marvel-ash @dividedwecantfall @buckysmetallicstump @rotisserierogers @avengerofyourheart @nataliarxmanxva @metalarmproblems @marvelingatthewonder @mcuimxgine @capsbuchanan @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @that-sokovian-bastard @hellomissmabel @abovethesmokestacks @maybe-mikala @bellameys @hymnofthevalkyrie @after-avenging-hours @buckys-shield @callamint @redgillan @tragicalchemist @marvelous-fvcks @professionally-crazed @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @fanfic-shiz @i-dont-know-how-to-write @iwillbeinmynest @theassetseyeliner @lilasiannerd @aubzylynn @viollettes @sgtbxckybxrnes @marvelatthepeople @raegan-darling @iamwarrenspeace @marvelrevival @pufflethehuff @alwayshave-faith @magnitude101999 @barnesvogue

A/N: This is for @sgtbxckybxrnes “Movie AU Writing Challenge”. I picked the movie: While You Were Sleeping. I love this movie a lot and was so happy when I saw it on the list. I changed a few things around but still kept most of it as close to the movie as possible. (including movie dialogue as well!) Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Being a lonely fare token collector for ‘L’ train in Chicago, life just seemed to pass by for you without any excitement. It was always the same thing day after day; collecting the tokens to let people on the train. Your father would’ve never approved of this sort of life for you. He always wanted you to have a life of adventure.

You were very close with your father, since he was all the you had. Your mother had passed away when you were very young so you pretty much had no memory of her. But you would ask your father to tell you the stories of how him and your mother met and what their wedding was like. And one question you would always ask him was when did he know that he truly loved your mom. And he always said to you that she gave him a special gift; she gave him the world. And you hoped someday that would happen to you.

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Seeing the Sights [Lin-Manuel & Reader]

Summary: You never thought helping a tourist out would make such an impact on your life.

Word count: 3214

Warnings: a swearword or two, mentions of dragon slaying

Author’s notes: This is a completely platonic piece. No romance. None at all. I wrote it because, as someone eloquently put it, “I just want to be friends with Lin, is that so much to ask?”. This is exactly how my meeting with Lin would go down in a perfect universe. Self-indulgent? You bet.
At first I wanted to include a scene where reader tries to teach Lin a bit of their language, but it just didn’t want to fit anywhere. Maybe I’ll post it separately later, since it was pretty hysterical. Polish is a hard language to learn, guys.
Also, the reader’s gender neutral!
(Just a warning - I’m not a native English speaker, so this might be a little awkward in some places. If you notice any mistakes, please point them out to me!)

“Co podać?” (“How can I serve you?”)

“Miętowe z czekoladą, poproszę” (“Mint and chocolate, please”), you said to the vendor, already excited to taste the sweet treat. It was the nineteenth of May, and that was your first ice cream this year. You always had to be careful about eating frozen food, since you were prone to catching colds, but the air was perfectly warm. An ideal day to enjoy some minty goodness.

You’ve been lucky this semester: no classes on Fridays. At first, you’ve been planning to get some work done, but seeing the pleasant weather outside you decided to get some “you” time. It’s been a while since you’ve taken a break, and your skin was yearning for sunlight.

You strolled down Basztowa Street, observing both people rushing towards the shopping mall and crows hanging around the park on your left. You liked this place; it was right in the heart of Cracow, but it never felt truly crowded, probably thanks to the greenbelt surrounding the Old Town. It was a perfect spot to people watch; something about here made you feel less lonely. Well, at least less than usual.

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Prompt: I saw those sibling headcanons for Todoroki and ,, I’m honestly in love ?? could I get Izuku with a really shy little brother who’s scared of other people but loves superhero anime (like power rangers) ?? but he never talks around other people or his classmates, he’ll only ever really speak around Deku ??

Requester: Ranger Anon

Notes: Thank you I am glad the headcanons are in love with you too >////<

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○ Midoriya loves to listen to his sibling ramble about the newest episodes of their favourite shows! He thinks it’s adorable honestly

○ When he has free time Midoriya likes to actually watch the shows with his sibling too. He’s secretly pretty into them as well

○ Gets a little flustered when his sibling asks if he’s going to be just like the cool superheroes on tv - it motivates Midoriya to work even harder though

○ The best at playing superheros, be it in person or with action figures. Like, the best

Midoriya always rambles about his sibling to his friends. He never runs out of stories or things to brag about

○ Still Midoriya worries about his sibling not having any other friends. He can only be around so much and he hates the idea of his sibling getting lonely

○ Midoriya tries to encourage his sibling to socialize more but it just doesn’t seem to work, so he has to come up with a plan to help them

○ Midoriya invites some of his easier to get along with classmates over to help ease his sibling into talking to new people.

○ It takes a few visits and a lot of encouragement but Midoriya tells his classmate about his sibling’s favourite shows to make it easier for the two to chat

○ He’s right behind them when they finally try to talk to their classmates, ready for whatever happens. The most supportive older brother ever

     thank you so much for so many people still sticking around and dealing with that lame ass aka me. i don’t really have much to say, but thank you to every single one of you. i must be doing SOMETHING right.

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Last Concert with Kudo. | Takagi Sayuki (2017-09-02) Blog Update

Good evening.
This is Juice=Juice’s Takagi Sayuki ♩

Today was the last Hello! Con.
This was also the last Hello! Con for Morning Musume’17’s Kudo Haruka-chan.

Kudo, for me, is a precious and loveable person.

I see Kudo as someone who firmly holds her own beliefs while also properly thinking about the feelings of those around her; [she’s someone that] I’ll always respect.

Although it feels like she’s both my senior and someone whose the same age as well, she really is someone who’s like a sister to me. (If this is hard to understand, I’m sorry😅haha.)
[t/n: I’m not sure if she’s referring to herself or Duu, since the language is a bit vague, but I’m guessing she’s talking about Duu? Since Duu debuted first but they both joined Hello Egg at the same time.]

In any case, I receive strength every time we meet; she’s someone with that kind of existence [to me].

Although she’s younger than me, she’s truly someone I can respect.

I’ve known that since the time we joined Hello! Egg and I was always nearby, watching Kudo who was doing her best and as she grew up*

and I thought that we’d continue to stand on stage together, and until today, it didn’t feel like reality.

But, at the beginning of the last song, I was watching from the wing [t/n: stage area?] and the feelings of loneliness couldn’t stop.

But Kudo is still a Morning Musume, and a Hello! Project friend!!!

Also, in the future as well, surely she’ll definitely continue to shine and I believe I’ll [be able to] see her cool self/a cool image of her.

They’ll be difficult times, but even so, with the good qualities of Kudo’s personality, surely there will be lots of people supporting her that will gather around her, right.

It’s lonely but Kudo seems happy, and watching her cry and laughing refreshingly, I thought that I, too, want to do my best and sent her off with [that kind of] feeling.

Because there’s still a little bit of time left until her graduation, from here on out, I, too, am looking forward to the Kudo who will shine even more; while receiving power that’s still to come from that image of Kudo*, I’ll do my best with all my energy!
[t/n: She’ll get motivated from seeing Duu’s future success…is what I think she’s trying to say.]

I’m lonely but!!!
I’m happy for you, Kudo!!!!!!

Good night😭🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊♡♡

Original Post: here

*Not sure about this line..

A Message to the signs as I know them:

Aries:  I can’t be around you for more than 5 minutes because you drain the hell out of my energy. I love making you happy and making you smile because your laugh is amazing. Entertaining you is fun too and I like giving you things. I wish you realized how wonderful you are.

Taurus: You really hurt my feelings sometimes, even though you don’t mean too. I feel protective over scorpio when you are with us because I’m afraid you will hurt scorpio too. I love going out with you and I love that you’re always there for me. Thank you.

Gemini: You’re one of my favorite people to be around because of how up lifting you are. I love listening to you and hearing your ideas. I feel comfortable around you. I always learn something when I’m with you.

Cancer: You really annoy me sometimes, but I still love you. I appreciate you taking care of me when I’m sad or holding me when I’m lonely. I want to wrap you in a blanket a lot because you’re so adorable.

Leo: I look up to you a lot Leo. I admire your bravery and confidence. I wish you knew how beautiful you were. It makes me sad that you don’t. Thank you for pushing me to do things when I’m scared. I have a lot of fun when I’m with you.

Virgo: You’re my sister sign and maybe thats why I feel so close to you. I am fascinated by how your brain works and what you think of things. We truly are totally opposite. Thank you for helping me with everything I do. You don’t go under appreciated.

Libra: I’ve met a lot of you, but I haven’t seem to come across one that I actually liked. You’re soft and understanding and flexible with me, but when I talk to you I feel like I’m talking to a cold hard piece of plastic. Sorry.

Scorpio: You make me feel really safe and you are my astro-parent. Thank you for looking out for me and telling me everything was okay. I’m the most intuitive with you. I can communicate with you without words. You’re my favorite to hug.


I feel like when I’m with you I can talk about myself. (Maybe thats why Leo’s like you so much). Even though you aren’t very comforting I find it so easy to vent to you. Thank you for listening.

Capricorn: Unfortunately I don’t know a lot of you. The ones I do know are very strange and have a weird sense of humor. But I like it. You are my moon sign and so I feel you on a different level sometimes. You and I are the two most misunderstood signs. But, out of all of them you’re the one that I have the hardest time understanding.

Aquarius: You’re one of my favorite people to talk to. I love hearing your visions on the world of how it is or how you think it should be. Sometimes how I feel towards Libra is the way I feel towards you. I try to get some sort of strong emotion out of you, but I can’t seem to get anything. I’m mostly made up of Aquarius so I understand you more than you think I do. And I feel safe when you’re here. Like nothing can hurt me and you’ll make everything okay.

Pisces: I am you and you are me. I understand you so well. I feel you on a different level and I think you are absolutely wonderful. I wish you wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. I see how sensitive you are to your surroundings and I want to take you with me somewhere quiet. I wish I could talk to you more, but you’re very shy. It’s okay because I am too.

Fan Signing >> Mark

Hi guys

it has been a long time , hasn’t it ?! 

This is based on request by mrskimdo “ Hi there! ❤️ can I request a scenario when you’re a foreign student in Korea and somehow you met the super famous GOT7 and it leads to you and Mark falling in love~ teehee thanks ❤️ " 
I am really sorry it took me too long to post it , i hope that you aren’t mad at me >///< please Enjoy 


You had the chance to go and study in korea for 3 years , it was your dream , so you didn’t leave this chance and went there .  You enjoyed staying in Korea. You found how peaceful a person could live there . At first You knew some korean words which allowed you to talk to people there but it was hard . Then you learned korean for 3 months since you arrived . It helped you a lot but still there was a missing part . It was normal for a foreign.

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“Under The Influence” - Scene 6

Scene 6:  Inside Granny’s Diner

Summary:  Regina and Emma have breakfast inside Granny’s Diner.

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Scene 6: Inside Granny’s Diner

(Regina & Emma are sitting in a booth at Granny’s.  The restaurant is buzzing with patrons coming in for breakfast.)

EMMA:  (opening her menu)  You know… when you said you had other things planned for me… I definitely was not thinking it would be breakfast at Granny’s.

REGINA:  (looks up and smiles)  Well, you’re no good to me on an empty stomach.  Besides, we needed to get out of there.  I honestly don’t know how the three of you do it.  You’re packed into that tiny loft like a can of sardines! (scans her menu)  I am the mayor.  I know how much the sheriff makes.  There’s nothing keeping you at Charming Head Quarters.

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Sad headcanons time! It’s actually relatively easy to take advantage of Oikawa Tooru in a relationship. He’s always looking for that one person who’s going to be real with him, take the time to get to know him instead of the image other people create, who will love him for all of his imperfections and all his greatness. And he wants that so desperately. Relationships never last long for him because most people don’t stick around long enough for any of it to happen, or they get so disillusioned by how he really is, so he dates a lot. It’s actually a source of a good amount of depression on his part. Not that it wouldn’t have anyway, but volleyball just naturally ended up taking precedent over everything else when his relationships kept failing so he stopped trying so hard in that department and focused on his constant. He still gets unbearably lonely some nights though.

anonymous asked:

can you tell me about baekhyun's personality? i'm a new fan

I think we already know about Baekhyun’s outgoing personality so I’m going to skip this out since it’s pretty obvious, so I’ll talk about other things. I think when we talk about Baekhyun’s personality there are allot to talk about, and allot of times it is difficult to answer people regarding the same question. I don’t know him personally but as his fan I believe Baekhyun is a good person in heart.

According to the people who worked with Baekhyun, the one who met him or know him like his members, staffs and fans who have met him before have all mentioned how good and humble he is. I have never once heard anything bad coming from people who worked with him or know him. All the bad ones are usually coming from people who never know him or met him and most of them are from haters. You can say that the things his member say on broadcast are scripted but seeing how other people responded about Baekhyun behaviour like his co-workers just shows how much he is loved by the people around him. Some of them could be fake or mistranslated but the amount of them I’ve seen I believe some of them is real and even without being told I find it pretty obvious enough due to the gestures, and the way he behave towards different people.

Allot of people only see him as a mood maker, rather than seeing him as a humble, caring idol. It seems that the idol persona that he shows have had allot of influence on the way people see him. Well of course he is the mood maker but I think he is more than that.

Baekhyun seems allot more playful and talkative when he is with his member or people he is close with, but much quiet when he is with his senior or with other artists, for example the variety show he appeared as a mc “The Competent” as you can see he allot different there compared to the varieties he been with his member. He is always humble and respect people such as the photo below where he sincerely bows 90° in front of his senior.

Another example is during Hunan TV New Year Countdown in December 31st 2014, Baekhyun was waiting for his turn to perform Growl, but as soon as he met the hosts of Happy Camp, he immediately bent down to greet them happily (Look at the meipai video here).

On February 14th 2014, during Hunan TV Lantern Festival, after EXO finished their performance, when everybody was preparing to leave the stage, Baekhyun bent down to the hosts.

Baekhyun have shown his caring side many times most of the time was not obvious but you will see it if you look at him carefully. I remember I read a fanacc where there was a fan who didn’t get to finish her talk because she was being pushed down by a staff, but Baekhyun immediately told the staff “Please don’t grab her like that, it’s okay

On June 16th 2015, Baekhyun did an opening throw for baseball match, after he was done, he watched the whole game diligently.  He reminded his fans to not focus on him but to focus on the game using his hand gesture, he led the fans to respect the baseball players.

In the 2015 M! Countdown small fanmeeting event, Baekhyun didn’t forget to pull Lay to the front. (gif)  

And lets not forget how he’s been caring or looked after Tao when he still in the group. This was from an interview that Tao had a long time ago.

Q: I think it’s amazing that you got into the debut team after just one year. Who helped you out the most during the trainee years?

Tao: Baekhyun hyung did. Although he couldn’t speak Chinese and I couldn’t speak Korean, we could still converse, using hands and feet. I was so thankfulI bought him dinner few times. (Interviewer: Why?) Because I wanted to(laughs)

[via: awesomeliverpool]

During EXO Showtime ep10 he bought his member favourite things but he didn’t buy him anything.

He treats his co-worker/dancers/staffs really well. 

“One of the dancers update her IG related to Baekhyun. At TLP in Guangzhou concert rehearsal, one of the dancer hurt her leg, and after she got hurt she didnt put any medication. Baekhyun saw about that and asked the staff talk to her and told her to put medication and trat her injured legs. Other member didnt know about this. Baekhyun’s so kind and caring. He’s such a good boy.”  [etrans/cre cap: byntang04]

On 150605 SM Dancer Updated his Instagram mentioned that Baekhyun gave him Nike Tainers

For giving this present to a Nike avid fan like me, Thank you @baekhyunee_exo

And here are some other people like his members/staffs/composer.

For singers who were born in the year of Monkey, Baekhyun of EXO – most popular idols of Hallyu Wave nowadays is chosen as the one who was born in the year of Monkey has the best fortune . Professor Nokyu complimented Baekhyun that “He has a greatly good fortune. Even if he had careers in soldier or politics, he would be a high-class one. That fortune leads a lot of people. His strength is that he listens to people well. So even if he is a leader, he’s still a tolerant and considerate one” - [From Professor Nokyu]

“Baekhyun is a really interesting kid. He makes everyone feel better. I’ve never been upset by any of his jokes. If anything, it’s almost a bit lonely how he’s been sitting around quietly lately.” [From Xiumin]

Recently it was his (Baekhyun) birthday, I wanted to wish him a happy birthday at 12am. But because I just came back to Korea, I hadn’t adapted to the time difference. I was waiting, but before it was 12am our group chatroom was already full of “Happy Birthday” and I thought “Aiyo I’m late.” So I told him “Sorry didi (dongsaeng) Happy Birthday” and he told me this. “Gege, you’re very tired recently right? Even if you’re tired it’s alright, you must work hard! This is what gege chose, so we’ll support you. Actually I know gege is very tired, but don’t give up, because gege is the best!” That day was actually Baekhyun’s birthday, but he sent me this message and I felt very touched. I’m very grateful that he could think of me like this, because that time I didn’t rest, I went straight to film something. The fact that he sent me a message like that made me very touched” - [From Lay].

Baekhyun prepared a short variation piece of “My Turn To Cry” as his solo stage. I was honestly surprised. Because I remembered that when we first recorded “My Turn To Cry”, Baekhyun had spent a lot of time worrying over it, because the style of the guide song differed from his own. It was an unexpected choice, but unlikely the first time we recorded, Baekhyun showed very comfortable and skilful vocals, and it was a fresh surprise for me.  - [From Composer Kim Jin-hwan]

The Baekhyun that I had seen in the recording studio was a good singer and someone quieter/more reserved than the other members, but the Baekhyun I saw on stage was different. I was awed by his leisurely talk and chatty wit. It is great to see a musician on stage who has both the traits of reliability and of friendliness. - [From Composer Lee Ju-hyung]

And these are some fanacc from fansigns.

- Kwanghwamun fansign
At first, it was a private fansign, but it was changed into a public one. So there were fans at the outside watching ones inside getting signatures.
However, fans were taking pictures and were too noisy outside. Someone pulled the blinds down. Baekhyun saw it and said “Excuse me…Please lift the blinds up, sorry but please lift the blinds up”
Fan: Ah~~ why…”
Baekhyun: Ah fans at this zone are also precious!!! I love you. I love fans are here and ones are over there as well. Love needs to be fair…”
Fans outside didn’t get in order and it was their faults, but he said this for them… it was so touching

When a fan wanted to shake his hand
Fan: My hand sweats a lot
Baekhyun: Please wipe it on me

Anyway it’s almost time to go now so I have to stop here, anyway welcome to the fandom. :)

Part of a response to an ask from @bookwyrmling that got a lil wordy!

P: Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas): Ohhhhhhh gosh. Okay so one of my biggest questions/thoughts about CP is: why don’t we have more coffee shop AU’s? W/out further ado, here’s a pb&j coffee shop au bullet-ficlet that has slightly less actual coffee shop shenanigans than originally expected (under a cut for length!) 

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On non-binaries in SU

I’ve seen some comments on my and other’s posts on Steven Universe. They are along the vein of SU as a show where it’s the traditional gender roles flipped backwards (females are stereotypically stronger, while males are stereotypically weaker) or that we need to see male villains or male gems come out.

These are just my thoughts on the matter, as someone who feels like they never fit in with all the neat categories we have in society. I don’t think they can fully represent what the movements have been talking about, but I do think representation is important so I would at least want to have this said, and I want people to know that when I write posts and analyses and theories, these are the values that underlie my thought processes.

The first thing I want to point out, is that by wanting to have diametrically opposed categories for gender, we’re still falling into the trap of viewing the world in binaries. I mentioned in this post that for the longest time, people have been taught to understand the world in terms of these opposites. Binaries refer to splitting everything we understand neatly into two. Male and Female. Right and Wrong. Light and Dark. Day and Night.

What I mean by understand is that we tend to explain one of those things in terms of the other. For instance, what is doing the wrong thing? It is not doing the right thing. What is day? It is the time when the sun is up. What is night? IT is the time when the sun is down. Binaries cause us not to notice that we can actually have grey areas, that not everything can fit so neatly into two categories and by extension, not everything just fits neatly into categories themselves.

In fact, the fact that the world non-binary as in “not binary” has to be used so that people can get their message across that there’s more than just two sides to the story, shows how entrenched this thinking is. But the good news is, we’re starting to move away from a world that relies on this kind of thinking. We’re starting to understand that there are more than two genders, and more importantly, we’re realising that there’s more to people than just their gender,  race, religion, socioeconomic standing, or political views. 


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