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Do you reblog stuff other people have created or recoloured using your palettes? If so, do you have a particular tag for them? I'm super sorry if you've answered this before!

It depends on what it is. I don’t reblog stuff here on my main blog but if I’m going to download and use it I’ll reblog it to my CC finds blog, no particular tag though. If you’re looking for things that other people have done in my colours though, you can use the Tumblr search and just look for ‘wildlyminiautresandwich’ and a lot of them show up there =)

So as anybody who’s been watching my Voltron reblogs would know, I really like the Galra Keith theory. A lot. Though I do find it interesting that once I was sufficiently along and got fearless enough to venture into the tags, I realized that a lot of people’s take on the subject looked really different from mine.

See, my big takeaway on the theory is probably the biggest things that seem to be pointing to Keith with alien heritage is his vague druid-ness: in the first episode, two different people sense the lions. One is Keith, and the other one is Haggar, Zarkon’s druid accomplice.

So this kind of led me to assume that druid aptitude is probably genetic, and so my concept of Galra!Keith has always been modeled a little more on Haggar (as the only druid we’ve seen) than the average Galra foot soldier. (Which would make sense, because by Galra standards, he’d be way short, but comparing Haggar to Zarkon, Haggar isn’t particularly tall, she’s only about Zarkon’s eye level while he’s sitting down)

It’s of course tricky to figure out what elements of Haggar’s appearance are just Haggar, and which parts are a Druid Thing, but the main takeaways are white hair and those facial stripes both Haggar and Zarkon seem to have- though since I’m not purporting Keith is directly related to either of them, I gave him red stripes to go with his general red ranger motifs and they’re a lot shorter, rather than going all the way to his jawline. 

(irrelevant to everything but I also tossed in his bandanna from the first episode because he should’ve kept that, danget)

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