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Ok so I’ve noticed something particularly in the DID and trauma tags on this website that I think needs to be addressed. I want everyone to repeat after me:

-Not all trauma is from abuse.

-You can be traumatized without experiencing abuse.

-You can have a traumagenic disorder without having been abused.

-Not all trauma is from abuse.

I see a lot of people on here equating trauma to abuse and, though I have dealt with various forms of abuse from various people, a good portion of my trauma is from something that couldn’t have been prevented and wasn't​ anyone’s fault (I’m a pediatric cancer survivor and that’s where about half of my worst triggers come from).
Anyway. Just a friendly reminder that equating trauma to abuse is very isolating and invalidating to those of us who have trauma from things other than abuse (and isolation and invalidation are really hard to deal with, especially in relation to traumatic experiences).

30K Celebration Finale: Confessions!

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As promised, here are my confessions. But I’d like to preface this with a huge THANK YOU to everyone following this blog. I love each and every one of you.

Anyway, confessions.

1. One of my biggest fears is being tracked down, especially from long distances. This is why I do not release pictures of myself, am hesitant to get a nearby P.O box, and overall don’t share a lot of information.

2. There’s something pretty…major I haven’t clarified. I haven’t lied, but I’ve left certain details unspecified. This is why I cannot release my personal blog to everyone. I’ve been yelled at before because of this, so I hope you can understand.

3. The only reason I’d ever get a P.O Box is because I could have someone buy me a dakimakura cover of my favorite character. No, not a lewd one. That would make me uncomfortable, and I want a cute one.

4. I love to show people my personal blog. That way, people can reblog my totally lame content. Just kidding, I just like being more open with my followers. Yes, this confession is just my nice way of prodding you to ask me.

5. I’m really shy about the things I like, though perhaps embarrassed is a better word for it. This is the reason I never specify who my favorite character is. 

6. I actually haven’t seen a lot of the classic ‘must watch’ anime. Popular anime typically get spammed here very, very frequently. In other words, there are spoilers everywhere. Seeing the same anime everywhere does not make me dislike it, but it makes me feel that I do not need to see the anime itself. This is why I usually wait until the hypes are down so I can forget the spoilers I found.

7. I’m not as prim and proper as you think. I’m NO angel; I’m just an ordinary girl. 

8. No, I haven’t been through any sort of trauma. A few concerned followers have asked me about this before. Nothing has happened to me. I’m just not neurotypical. 

9. There are numerous very popular blogs following me, and it literally makes me squeal. I feel like senpai has noticed me. 

10. I’ll be doing more Q/A throughout the night, so feel free to ask more questions or confess something of your own.

I hope you enjoyed this 30K week of celebration, because I probably won’t do it again. It has been a tremendous amount of effort, and I have been both sick and very stressed out. However, it was fun for me, too.

Dear friends and anyone who give at least a single fuck about me

I want to say this because I know a few people will care that I’m going under the radar (besides reblog).

So something happened the other night that has brung a lot of problems to my immediate family. I seem to be at the center of it which has brought a lot of stress to me. I have also been experiencing a lot of things and emotions that I am confused on and conceded about.

Because of all of this I (over the last day) having been hating human contact and unless I am ready to talk it puts me in a worse mood in before. Though this very much has been less so for talking to my online friends it still can mess with me. This is not saying that you can’t text me. This is saying that I have a reason to not respond and it has nothing to do with you.

This situation has never made me want to escape more than ever. And talking online and being online helps that. But I also know that talking to other could hurt me more than help.

I also wanted to say I am perfectly find with talking about this. But I will not talk to people I don’t know about what happened. If any of the few that read this want to do anything just send best wishes or something like that cause I can only talk about what happened to this to select people since.

I love y'all and I’m tying to work on myself a little and find out the root of all this. I’m finding out what works for me and what doesn’t but this may last from a week to a couple months so sorry.

( @youarethewxrstburr and @dirty-pebble because I trust y'all most and I think you two should know this)

Hello followers! You may have noticed that my blog content has shifted to include a lot of the vampire diaries. I am watching it for the first time and loving it beyond reason so I thought a url change was in order!

This is still a multifandom blog, though! I will continue to blog about the royals, period dramas, and all manner of other things as well!

Signal boosts are appreciated, and if anyone wants to talk about TVD, my inbox is always open; I’m about to finish season three!

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wanted to drop by and say that the translations you posted on twitter for that video in chinese were super accurate! even though they got translated into korean first! anyway that video was cute as heck and you're my favourite translator!! do ur thing and I hope you feel better and stay safe! you're not irrelevant or there wouldn't be people reblogging your trans, sending you asks and following you online. love you very much.

i mean i guess… but comparing myself to a lot of other ppl jst makes me feel that way so ya kno ? but thanks alot ily 2 :-)

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can you recommend fake chop fics for me

oh gosh im sorry friend, but ive only actually read one or two actual fics for fake chop ;u; i try not to read other people’s stuff when i have a current thing going in a particular au because I don’t want to accidentally bleed some of their ideas into my own work but the one i have currently read is Abate (http://archiveofourown.org/works/9467033/chapters/21417365) and i like it a lot!! for some Good Content i would suggest going through the tags, though! you can also follow my fake!roosterteeth/gta!au blog @the-cockbite-syndicate, where I reblog fake chop/fake ah crew/fake!roosterteeth stuff!

sorry i didn’t have more for you ;u; you may have better luck with @allrighthello !!

Reblog/like if you post any of the following:

- Marvel Cinematic Universe
- Captain America
- Antman
- Stucky
- Agent Carter
- Peggysous
- Agents of SHIELD
- Once Upon A Time
- Arrow
- The Flash
- Olicity
- Percy Jackson and the Olympians
- Heroes of Olympus
- Percabeth, Solangelo, etc
- Avatar: The Last Airbender
- Chris Evans
- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I feel like I need more people to follow because I don’t see a lot of fandom these day even though I follow like 500 people. So please like or reblog (or both) this post and I might follow you. It mostly depends on what you ship, because I don’t like seeing some things on my dash, but I’m fine with others.


  • you ship incest pairings!
  • you ship characters with age differences!
  • you ship heterosexual pairings!
  • you ship homosexual pairings!
  • you ship anything else!
  • you like characters that dress in drag sometimes!

as long as they are fictional characters YOU! ARE! NOT! DISGUSTING!


  • you make fun of people for what they ship!
  • you use victims as your go to excuse when making fun of ships!
  • you make fun of people for what they like in general!

by doing these things, you make the victims feel worse, and you look like (and probably are) an asshole.

sorry you guys, but i have see a lot of stuff in the stridercest tag about people being mean, and lots of fighting the spammers.

why is there nothing to reassure the shipper though? i was beginning to doubt my tag and was feeling guilty. then i was like “no. i will be proud. this is my ship.” but some others may not be able to do this under the pressure of spammers and asshats.

Why I’ve (basically) Left the Fandom

I’m sure that a lot of you have noticed that I’ve been pulling away from the fandom for a long time. I haven’t made gifs since Daniel’s passing, and even before that I hadn’t made gifs regularly for a few months.

I haven’t been in the mark*iplier tag for a LONG time because of the utter chaos it contains.

First it started with the stealing of gifs and fanart. I’m very aware that it’s a widespread problem across tumblr and the internet, but the constant thievery and then resulting refusal to either take down the piece of work/gif or the rudeness over even being asked to take it down just finally got to me and I stopped. Making gifs takes a lot of work. I have gifsets that took me days, even more than a week at some points, to make. I got tired of having my stuff and other’s stuff stolen, so I stopped making things.

The tag is a whoooooooole ‘nother ball-game. When I joined the fandom in March of 2014, you could go into the tag and see tons of beautiful fanart and gifs and things people had created for Mark or about Mark, and it was awesome.
And then it turned into a shitfest.
Posts that have nothing to do with Mark or anything related to it would show up, like “i just had breakfast lol”, or just random selfies. It would be bursting with comments like “fist me daddy” and other grotesque things. There is so much stolen artwork in the tag at this point. There’s so much vitriol in the tag as well. It’s damn near impossible to have Mark even come close to seeing what people have made, or for anyone else to see it either because it’s turned into an absolute clusterfuck. Not to mention when something bad happens people fucking flood it with pictures of cats and whatnot. If the tag is negative, people should stay out of it. Spam is spam, dude, and it’s intensely annoying when someone is looking for fanart and other things to reblog and all there is is 300 pages of cats.

The biggest thing that has me leaving, though, is the utter fucking disrespect some of you have for each other and Mark. People have been chased out of the fandom by people sending death threats and telling them to kill themselves, and that they’re useless to the fandom. Someone speaks up about something that they don’t agree with (in a respectful manner a lot of the time, too) and people jump on them with such ferocity that it makes my head spin. I’ve had it happen to me, even, and it’s not cool. 

Another thing that happens a lot is that when something controversial happens (which is gonna happen because this is fucking tumblr and if you fart the wrong direction someone is going to be offended ffs) people who are legitimately offended by something Mark has done, everyone crowds together to drown them out. Someone spoke up about how Mark’s recent sassiness went too far in some points and was kind of mean, and the offhanded anorexia comment in one of his ‘would you rather’ videos, and people told them to go kill themselves and that anyone who was offended needed to grow a backbone and fucking suck it up. I have a sense of humor very similar to Mark’s—sharp, teasing, and kind of insulting—and even I found some of it to be rude or over the line. 

Here’s the thing: When someone says you (or something) has hurt them, you don’t get to say that it didn’t. That’s not your place.

On the other topic, the blatant disregard of respect towards Mark is disgusting and appalling. Ya’ll preach it but you don’t practice it.

Yes, we know that Mark is an incredibly attractive man. I know it, you know it, he knows it, but that does NOT mean you get to talk about him like he’s a fucking piece of meat.

You talk about how treating women like they’re sex objects is wrong, but you turn around and do it to Mark. It needs to fucking STOP. He is a HUMAN BEING and he deserves respect. Catcalling him on the internet is just as fucked up as a man catcalling a woman on the street. 

I don’t care if you want to fuck him. I don’t care if you want to grab his ass, but KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. DON’T say it to him. Don’t TAG him in stuff like that. It’s fucking harassment and I don’t understand what part of that you people don’t get.

He’s also a human being who makes mistakes. There is no goddamn need to try and label him a pariah every time he slips up on something. He’s not perfect. The pedestal some of you have put him on is unhealthy. He’s just as flawed as you or I am. The only difference is that he has nearly 11,000,000 people scrutinizing his every move. 

There’s a reason he kept his past relationship a secret—the second you guys even thought he might have a girlfriend you tried to find her and attempted to fucking tear her apart. It’s sickening. He’s lived in LA for almost two years and he’s had to move three times because people kept finding his house. Respect his privacy. 

Don’t get me wrong—I still love Mark from the bottom of my heart, but I don’t love this fandom anymore.

TL;DR: the disrespect is out of control and all I do is get angry when I interact with this fandom at this point. I’m incredibly disappointed because this used to be my safe place, but now it’s just toxic as all hell.


Well, hello, there.

My name is Grace. I’m sure you know that by now, as I sign off nearly every non-fact post with my name. But I always feel like it’s cool to introduce myself, because who am I to assume everybody knows my name?

I’m here to write that really long post I promised you. I’ve just hit 30,000 followers, and I feel like right now is a good time to give you this. I said I’d cover how the blog started, and now I am going to expand on that; who I was, where my life was, and a million other little things that just tied into the beautiful thing that you have made for me here.

Keep reading

CN’s site schedule is the most accurate, so if there’s a discrepancy between the CN schedule and the completely unsourced schedule by a fan, the CN schedule is most likely the most accurate. Always go with the CN schedule. 

A lot of people seem to think the CN schedule is wrong for not having “Beta” airing on Friday because fan schedules have it listed then. But, most likely, CN decided to have it air back to back with “Earthlings” rather than having them split by the weekend. While it could be a mistake on CN’s part, since CN is actually the channel airing it and thus in the best position to actually know what’s going on, its far more likely that unsourced fan schedules made the error rather than CN.

The fan schedules you’ve been seeing around, which have episode listings for days past the CN.com’s schedule are approximated. We have the episode titles for all of season 3 and people have made the reasonable assumption of placing these episodes in order within the July 18th through August 12th span of the summer event. So most schedules aren’t confirmed airdates, but the episode titles we have placed, in order, on the dates. Its a reasonable guess, but its absolutely not confirmed until CN.com corroborates it

This is why I don’t post schedules (or reblog them) that aren’t on the CN’s site schedule yet. Because even a reasonable guess can be off a little because the episode order could be changed around or CN could decide to air certain episodes a different way. I feel its far better to wait for accurate information than to guess and be wrong and cause a whole lot of confusion. That’s just my way of doing things, though

Yeah so hi everyone! Since I just hit 2,000 followers (whaaaaat), and since a lot of other people are doing some fun milestone things, I’ve decided that I’m going to hold my first Tumblr Awards! Bear with me, I have like no idea what I’m doing. So hold on and here we go.

Rules and Info
  • Must be following me
  • Ends May 19 at 5pm EST
  • Reblogs only please, you can like to bookmark though
  • Needs to hit 25 notes or this shall quietly disappear
  • I’ll pick a winner and runner up from each category
  • But if I really like you I’ll do two runner-ups
  • Best URL
  • Best Theme
  • Best Icon
  • Best Hiddleston blog
  • Best Multifandom
  • Best Marvel
  • Best Other (ie Cumberbatch, SPN, etc)
  • Best Overall
  • My love and affection
  • A follow +
  • 3 promos for winners
  • One for runner-ups
  • Best Overall will have a link on my updates bar

Go forth and good luck! Love you all.

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Hey there. So I sort of abandoned SPN mid season 9 and therefore unfollowed a bunch of people (many of whom also abandoned the show around then). But S12 has sent me right back down the rabbit hole, and I'm wondering if you can recommend any good writers to follow - the beautiful peeps who post codas and ficlets and such regularly. I've got you and mittens and a couple others for meta and gifs and things, I'm just on the prowl now for good (regularly posting) writers. Any recs? Thanks so much!!!

Heh, you left right as I joined…

I’m kind of terrible at remembering who writes the ficlets but I reblog pretty much every single one I read, so I’ll just go through my ficlets tag and tag writers with season 12 codas >.> There’s a lot of other good writers in that tag though, these are just people who’ve definitely written codas for this season, some of whom I follow and love for many many reasons, but I’m guessing they’re all awesome :D


… and that’s everyone I was sure was writing coda fic before I hit “pre season 12″ descriptions on the fics :P

So as anybody who’s been watching my Voltron reblogs would know, I really like the Galra Keith theory. A lot. Though I do find it interesting that once I was sufficiently along and got fearless enough to venture into the tags, I realized that a lot of people’s take on the subject looked really different from mine.

See, my big takeaway on the theory is probably the biggest things that seem to be pointing to Keith with alien heritage is his vague druid-ness: in the first episode, two different people sense the lions. One is Keith, and the other one is Haggar, Zarkon’s druid accomplice.

So this kind of led me to assume that druid aptitude is probably genetic, and so my concept of Galra!Keith has always been modeled a little more on Haggar (as the only druid we’ve seen) than the average Galra foot soldier. (Which would make sense, because by Galra standards, he’d be way short, but comparing Haggar to Zarkon, Haggar isn’t particularly tall, she’s only about Zarkon’s eye level while he’s sitting down)

It’s of course tricky to figure out what elements of Haggar’s appearance are just Haggar, and which parts are a Druid Thing, but the main takeaways are white hair and those facial stripes both Haggar and Zarkon seem to have- though since I’m not purporting Keith is directly related to either of them, I gave him red stripes to go with his general red ranger motifs and they’re a lot shorter, rather than going all the way to his jawline. 

(irrelevant to everything but I also tossed in his bandanna from the first episode because he should’ve kept that, danget)

Since BlackOut is technically over in my corner of the universe (even though i have a lot of things queued/a lot on my dash that I’ll keep reblogging), I thought I’d share some thoughts.

I don’t think I have the words to articulate how I feel right now, and how important today was. I don’t know if I even fully understand how I’m feeling. It was so overwhelming and wonderful to have my dash flooded with such beauty, and also with so much self and community pride/love. It was so wonderful to see black people of every size, shape, gender, age and shade. It was so empowering to see other queer and/or trans/non-binary people. It was so great and rare to see chronically ill/disabled black people. It made me realize that sometimes even I forget how truly diverse and varied the black community/population is. There were so many types of bodies and people that I rarely–if ever–get to see in my day-to-day life. And they were all in one place, reminding the world that Black isn’t one-size-fits-all. Blackness is expansive. It is beautiful. It is transcendent. And fuck everyone who doesn’t think that’s true.

But it was also wonderful to keep going back through the tags on my own selfies. To see the comments that people who have never even met me made. I sometimes have a hard time believing other people find me attractive, and having both intra-community and inter-community validation felt so reassuring and emboldening. It was especially wonderfully to see people using my pronouns to refer to me in that context. It was great to see other nonbinary people in the tags excited to find community. It was also wonderful to see other gap-toothed cuties sharing in love and solidarity about our gaps!

I am just so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and pride all over my dash today. These are the faces of our community. All of our lives are precious and beautiful and matter.

Love my blog? Reblog this to share with your followers! I don’t normally do things to try and boost followers, but I feel as though I’ve been connecting with so many more people lately, and I only want that amazing network to grow further! It means a lot to me to inspire others, so if you feel your followers could benefit from my journey, I would love if you reblogged this! I also am looking for more personal journeys to follow, and I look forward to finding new blogs! You all are fantastic, beautiful people, and I’m so lucky to have found this amazing support system! <3