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Question: What do you think the secret is to your chemistry when you two plays these characters as actors?

Anderson: We’ve actually been having a fifteen year affair.

Duchovny: I don’t know why in the beginning, maybe just luck in the beginning. But after this long we actually do have a history and so when I look over at Gillian or I’m Mulder looking over at Scully, there’s a lot of shit that I can call on. We have a lot between us and so you don’t really have to make it up. I think that just as people, now fifteen years later, we have just shared so much regardless of how much we speak to one another. I expect to see Gillian even if I haven’t seen her for a year.

- Collider. com July 2008

Calling all shipmates to the Viewing Deck - we have received a beauty of an exclusive anonymous transmission via the quartermaster…. captioned only:

“When the Golden Globe aint the only thing glowing.”

It is unclear whether this picture is just more "Netflix Glow-motion” or simply a lovely picture of two people who like watch each other a lot while hanging out non-platonically…

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Hope this isn't too weird, but could I get some CM headcanons about how the BAU would feel about the "Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer" meme?

this is the most random and best ask i’ve gotten in forever omg

  • Reid, of course, starts by listing the times and dates of the Zodiac murders, then supplies Cruz’ date of birth, place of birth and what his age would have been when the murders took place. Turns out that Cruz was born during the killer’s active years, and was also, you know, born in Canada. Of course, somehow he manages to direct his spiel in the direction of time travel, involving different theorems from 5 different physicists and also somehow an explanation about the Tardis to work around how he could be guilty of the crimes. Reid concludes Ted Cruz is not the Zodiac Killer. But not before a long spiel on the cultural aspects of internet humour and the way the internet generation is effecting political transparency and optics. Tara is very interested and participatory in the optics conversation, not so much the one about the Tardis though, that’s Garcia. 
  • Emily laughs mirthlessly and lists off about ten different politicians she’d happily call serial killers and informs the room that Cruz ain’t that special. Though she admits she does get some vindictive glee from the whole thing… A lot of vindictive glee. She framed some of the more insulting posts. The only thing she hates more than a politician in general is one using religion as an excuse to treat others as she’d been in her youth. 
  • Garcia… Well, she actually made a bunch of the meme posts that had gone viral. 
  • Apparently one time Rossi ended up in a poker game with Cruz, and said he was too spineless to ever carry out crimes like that of the zodiac killer, theorizing that it Cruz were a serial killer, he’d only pick high risk victims, would never have the neck to taunt anybody about it, and that in the end, Cruz is probably happier trying to kill people through damning policy than anything proactive like shooting them. 
  • Hotch (who was chief when the meme was in it’s prime) occasionally had to field the odd question about it from an opportunistic young reporter who actually knew what the BAU did. The Hotch glare™ made a stunning appearance. 
  • Alex looks at the transcripts of the supposed Zodiac letters sent to the press back in the day and deadpan informs everybody that the poor grammar is far more consistent to Trump’s poor grasp of the English language than Cruz’. (she’s laughing at the meme on the inside).
  • Strauss wishes they wouldn’t give credence to calling a politician a serial killer and would like them to Stop Discussing It. They’re professionals in that area, people might get the wrong idea! (the budget is decided by politicians, they need that budget for important things like her assistant agent anderson and coffee. Lots of coffee). 
  • Morgan would rather be renovating houses or spending time with Savannah than looking up memes, but Savannah talks about them sometimes so he’s stuck with his total confusion as to how the hell that one even started. 
  • Kate, Emily, Garcia, Tara and JJ have a group chat where they share their favourite memes, if questioned about it, only the first three would admit to the chat’s existence. 
  • Luke pretends to be above things like memes but curiously knows everything about the zodiac killer meme when the conversation is bought up (He also has a great working knowledge of the doge meme that he hopes Garcia never notices). 
  • Gideon’s ghost seethes from the afterlife at the internet for making a joke of serial killers. He angrily sends the perpetrators of the memes stern messages on Ouija boards, seriously, he was murdered by a serial killer once! It’s not funny!

Imagine John and Sherlock at a crime scene, and it’s late. 

They’ve been here for quite some time, and John is tired. In fact, everyone is. Even Sherlock, who would like to pretend otherwise. 

And then, three times in a row, Sally Donovan interrupts what Sherlock is saying – and each time, John is getting more and more annoyed.

On the fourth time, John stands upright from where he was leaning and he points his finger at her. “If you call him a freak one more bloody time, we will leave.” He glares at her, then at Anderson and everyone else who is looking. 

“John-” Sherlock starts, but John’s gaze falls on him next and it quiets him up.

“Honestly,” John continues, his eyes still on Sherlock. “He comes here because he enjoys this. Sherlock will never admit it, but he actually likes to help people. Not just the victims in these crimes, but he likes helping you lot as well. He doesn’t have to be here.” He pauses. “You’re not even paying him.”

Sally opens her mouth to say something, but no words come out. 

“If you all cannot let this man work and show him some respect…we will leave.” John repeats. “Sherlock Holmes does not deserve ill treatment. And, I won’t allow it any further.” He nods in conclusion at Sherlock, prompting him to begin speaking again, this time, without interruption. 

Sherlock just looks awestruck for a few silent moments, eyelashes fluttering with his quick blinks. Then, he starts to speak.

Though Sherlock is talking to the NSY team again, he keeps his eyes on John. And, when it’s finally time to go home, they walk together shrouded in the barely risen sunlight. 

John clears his throat. “I’m sorry…about earlier.” He says. “I know Sally is probably going to continue calling you a freak – and Anderson is going to continue to be an awful mess but-”

“What would I do without you, John?” Is all Sherlock says, but it seems more like he’s just saying it to himself and not to John at all.

John doesn’t know what to say back, because he doesn’t know what he’d do without Sherlock either. And, he doesn’t want to ever find out.


Requested by ashleyjanett (btw you’re one of my fave followers so hi there!)
A/N: Flashbacks are in italics, I hope this doesn’t annoy people, just thought it fit the imagine… yeah… bye, have fun reading!

You walked onto the crime scene with John and Sherlock by your side. You weren’t a detective or anything, just a friend who’d been begging to see them in action for the past few months you’d known each other and finally Sherlock had given you permission to come along.

A few months ago Sherlock would never even think to invite you along, when you met him you were pretty sure that he wanted to kill you.

It started with you being an old friend of John’s, you walked into him one day in town and he’d invited you for tea. When you got there he answered the door in panic and went on to say that he thought his friend would have a case and not be in. You told him repeatedly that it was fine and went upstairs.

“Ah, great, another case. Well done John.” The stranger praised John before finally introducing the both of them to you. “I’m Sherlock Holmes and this is John Watson. Please take a seat and tell us about your case, I need you to be as descriptive as possible, leave nothing out.” He practically pushed you into a seat and sent you an obviously fake, supportiive smile.

“I’m just here for tea with John,” you said awkwardly, not enjoying being on the spot. 


You held out your hand for him to shake, “I’m y/n, John’s friend, it’s nice to meet you.”

“You’re not a case?” He looked at you as though you were the biggest disappointment alive.He didn’t even bother shaking your hand, as soon as you shook your head, confirming you weren’t a case he snorted and stood up, walking out of the room in a huff and muttering words such as ‘dull’ and 'boring’. 

That was only a few months ago and after finding out that he disliked you, you came back again and again to earn his trust. It was a complex of yours, you simply couldn’t stand people who hated you and you’d always worked your butt off to be a loved person. Sherlock made sure you’d have to try much harder with him though and you were beginning to think it was impossible.

You were stood by the yellow tape, Sherlock and John walked through it and you were about to walk through when a man with a large nose stopped you from walking along with them. “Who are you?” He asked, more rude than Sherlock ever had been to you.

Before you could even reply, Sherlock returned and grabbed a hold of your hand. “Go way Anderson, she’s my friend and she’s with me." 

"You don’t have friends,” he snapped just as Sherlock pulled you through the yellow tape.

In rebuttal Sherlock continued to walk to the building with you where the dead body was, “don’t you have a crime scene to mess up!” He yelled back in insult, making you giggle. Him calling you a friend may have seemed like such a small thing for normal people, but you knew that it meant you were nearly on John’s level of closeness to Sherlock, and that means a lot!


if you only genderswap sherlock and john there’s only one relationship i can see changing in any fundamental, significant way, and that’s sally and sherlock. 

like, these two women have fought tooth and nail to get where they are and you bet that even if they maybe don’t like each other a whole lot that they have a whole lot of goddamn respect for each other, way too much for sherlock to shame sally for having sex with anderson, and way too much for sally to call sherlock “freak”. they have such a strong, mutual bond, they help each other, they retort when people make sexist comments about the other. they rock.

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Bringing back the ages old trend except now Kurt and Blaine have a son who made the mistake of accepting their friend requests. 

Filling the prompts who asked for more Tracy :)

Tracy Anderson-Hummel feeling annoyed
When you walk through the front door with your friends and your parents are dancing to some song from the 2010. -.-

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Shawn Fuller LOL it was epic your parents are the best!
Anna Jackson
Yeah come on, they were adorable. I wish my marriage will be like that.
Kurt Anderson-Hummel
There, you see? Your friends can appreciate good entertainment.
Patricia Lopez-Pierce Hey at least that’s better than walking in on them having sex *personal experience*
Tracy Anderson-Hummel Well thanks for bringing back that memory…
Patricia Lopez-Pierce OMG really??
Tracy Anderson-Hummel There should be a law against being intimate in the family room.
Patricia Lopez-Pierce In the family room? ON THE COUCH?? WE’VE WATCHED MOVIES ON THAT COUCH!! WE have MADE OUT ON THAT COUCH!!
Blaine Anderson-Hummel You’ve done what on the couch?
Tracy Anderson-Hummel I’ll burn the couch.

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What do you think about the controversy regarding the origin of intraplate volcanism (i.e.: whether it is caused by deep mantle effects such as plumes or through shallow mantle effects such as the plate model, as proposed by Gillian Foulger, Don Anderson and others)

The person who runs this blog is an igneous petrologist with a particular interest in the mantle, so you’re going to get my perspective on how I think the mantle works.

First and foremost, I am a believer in plumes. It’s actually a common thing we see in any fluid heated from below - you can even do experiments in simple fluid containing tanks and they are readily generated. 

A mantle plume is a blob of low-density, usually hot material rising up from the bottom of the mantle to at least the transition zone, but most likely up until it reaches the crust. When it does that, it would carry heat and whatever the material of the lower mantle is up with it. 

The complexity comes from the fact that we’ve never sampled the mantle, nor have we ever sampled a mantle plume directly, so we can’t physically walk out in the field and find a mantle plume to map. Instead, we see possible results of these plumes at the surface; large igneous provinces like the Ontong-Java Plateau, the Columbia River Basalts, or the Siberian Traps could be the heat from these plumes arriving and melting the other rocks near the surface to generate magma.

These plumes also tend to have long tails, like you see in that image, which could allow additional hot material to flux up to the surface even after the plume head is gone. These tails could be the type of feature that feeds hotspots such as Hawaii, Iceland, and Yellowstone that continue activity for hundreds of millions of years after the plume head has moved away.

Overall I think the evidence that these things exist is strong. You can recognize distinct compositions in the rocks that do not fit well with originating in the same mantle tapped at mid-ocean ridges where the crust breaks randomly, you can recognize that huge amounts of additional heat are required to produce something like Ontong-Java, and today even seismic instruments are starting to detect hot zones beneath places like Iceland and Yellowstone which likely represent the plume conduits. 

Now that I’ve given my prejudice and logic, let’s say a few words about the late Don Anderson, who died earlier this year. 

I did my graduate work at the same institution as Don Anderson and so got to hear a good amount of discussion of his ideas. Dr. Don Anderson was a seismologist who was extremely skeptical of the Plume model for the origin of Hawaii/Large Igneous Provinces. He built the website mantleplumes.org which is a clearinghouse for discussion of the merits and demerits of the existence of plumes. 

The main alternative to explaining mantle plumes is that plates as we understand them aren’t rigid, they twist and break in funny ways that as a consequence can allow large amounts of molten rock to come up to the surface. They have presented these models in several formats, including arguments regarding how the chemistry of “plume” magmas could be generated in the upper mantle and what kinds of seismic evidence would be produced in those cases.

In general I have found those arguments unconvincing. I’m a geochemist so focusing on those - they rely on processes I believe are much better fit with the plume model. Our best temperature estimates suggest that magmas from Iceland and Hawaii are in fact generated by abnormally hot mantle and our chemical evidence argues that many of the signatures in these locations are produced by material that has been in the mantle for billions of years, which would not be very likely IMO if plumes were simply cracks in the crust that tapped the upper mantle. When we tap the upper mantle we get something like mid-ocean ridge basalts, when we tap the lower mantle we get a much greater diversity of magmatic compositions. 

On top of that, as the quality of seismic images have improved, we’ve gotten much better at distinguishing hot zones that could be plume conduits. Plumes would be small, <100 km wide, so they’re hard for seismic techniques to detect, but we’re getting there. Here’s a possible seismic image of the Yellowstone plume conduit:  

So, I think the evidence is good that there are mantle plumes that carry up hot, old material from deep in the mantle, and we’re getting better at understanding these with time.

However, although I disagreed with Dr. Anderson and colleagues, I want to take a minute to stress the important role they play. All scientists like fitting things into simple models, and so if we can come up with a plume model that explains Iceland and Hawaii, we might just call it a day. The importance of people like Dr. Anderson to me is reminding me that it’s never that simple.

We have a plume tail model that works for Iceland, Hawaii, and Yellowstone, with volcanoes that gradually get older farther away from the Hotspot, but if we go to the Western Pacific, that setup totally falls apart. The Western Pacific is filled with seamounts that have hotspot-like chemistries but where the order is lacking.

That means something fundamentally different is happening here. Our simple plume model doesn’t do a good job of explaining a lot of things that happen on Earth, even though the chemistry of these rocks fits with coming from the lower mantle. Why aren’t they organized like Hawaii? Does that mean there are multiple types of plumes?

Dr. Anderson would reply that once we start needing 4-5 different types of plumes to explain all the different features, our plume model is breaking down and in that he’s right. No simple plume model explains all the hotspot-like features we see on Earth. Even if plumes best fit the chemistry, there’s a lot of work to do to understand what really is happening. Is there some general feature that can explain both Hawaii and these features, something related to the LLSVP discovered in the lower mantle?  Why does one spot get one type of plume while another gets a different signature? These are great questions and its required of those who like the plume model that we need to explain them. That’s the reason I liked hearing Dr. Anderson speak sometimes; even though most petrologists don’t agree with his interpretations, it’s extremely important to challenge basic assumptions and models so that they really do find the best ways to explain the data we have.

People who work on the mantle are doing a tough job. We’re trying to take tiny bits that melted out of the mantle, criscrossed the entire crust, and got up to the surface, and use those dregs to figure out an entire planet. It’s very important to make sure we don’t get lost in our own assumptions and that as techniques and measurements evolve we keep stepping back and make sure that our assumptions still hold. That’s a lesson I personally picked up from Dr. Anderson and I hope it’s a good one to share. 

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According to what Steven and Mark said , what are your expectations for season 4?

This question is a greater paradox than “this sentence is false.” :)

Because what on earth could be “unexpected”? As lots of people have already said, we Tumblr folk kind of have the unexpected covered. (That said – I’ve seen tentaclelock fanart, but if the special starts out with Sherlock growing extra arms I would still call that highly unexpected.) I’ve got some predictions on season 4 at the bottom of my metas page, like that John will be responsible for Jim’s return and Anderson will turn into a Johnlock shipper. (Those are very much crack theories, but hey.) 

Season three was SO unexpected for me. I completely, wholeheartedly believed John would marry a sweet, innocent nurse just like the Watson in most retellings (like the RDJ/JL films). TSoT blew my mind (it still does, every time). Morstan/Moran? Nope, I did not predict that. 

Let’s take that last one. For a ton of fans, finding out Mary worked for Jim would be hugely unexpected. Viewers who watched the episodes once or twice and don’t participate in forum debates – which is most viewers – won’t see it coming unless they’re well versed in canon. But surely Mofftiss knew some fans would figure this out. So I’m not sure it counts as unexpected. 

We’ve covered everything as far as Jim goes. He faked his death. He actually died and his media return was engineered by Sebastian/Mary/John/Sherlock/Mycroft/Janine. He’s the “other one.” He’s the father of Mary’s baby. He’s Mycroft’s secret goldfish. We’re ready for anything with Jim.

I do think it’s at least possible (maybe probable?) that the unexpected involves Sherlock and John’s relationship. The romantic/sexual stuff has already moved from subtext to text. Subtly…well, subtle, isn’t the best word, but when you’re talking about introducing a homosexual relationship to an audience largely expecting the same old platonic friendship laced with never-actualized homoeroticism they’ve been given with these two characters in retelling after retelling, it’s got to be done softly, softly.

Yesterday, I blogged a Moffat quote about how all interpretations of the show are valid. I pulled it from a longer quote in this chat:

They love each other very much. The whole story is that, always has been - these two unshakeable friends who complete each other, and redeem each other. It’s a story over a century old, and we show no sign of getting tired of it, and why should we? Some people want that love to be, well, more romantic, and good luck to them. Everyone should enjoy the show the way they want to and all interpretations are equally valid - I’m only a writer.

That was after Reichenbach. While I’ve said many times that Mofftiss enjoys lying and I don’t take much of what they say as fact since they so often contradict themselves, I do think it’s interesting that we’ve progressed from THEY’RE NOT GAY (post s1) to YOU WANT GAY ROMANCE? GOOD LUCK (post s2) to SHERLOCK IS ATTRACTED TO NO WOMEN (post s3). 

It’s tricky, because Sherlock/John romance isn’t limited to TJLC. Time Out magazine probably said it best when they ranked Sherlock and John number one in their top ten list of couples:

There is a love that dare not speak its name, and few male duos dare not speak it as loudly as Holmes and Watson. We’ve all seen or read the clues – the lingering looks, the tense bickering, the interdependence. Holmes needs Watson; Watson needs Holmes. They are yin and yang, ebony and ivory. But for all his perceptive brilliance and analytical genius, Holmes appears unable to see what’s right in front of him: true love. Elementary.

Even so…plenty of folks took that as a joke. I bet every single person reading this knows at least one fan who easily acknowledges the attraction between Sherlock and John and would be thrilled to see it actualized but would swear on a stack of Strand magazines that it’ll never ever happen. A romantic relationship would be unexpected, only because the two parties in question happen to be of the same gender (and because many people stubbornly insist that “not gay” equals “straight” despite all the bisexual testimonials to the contrary and Gatiss quotes indicating his thorough understanding of the relationship people of his generation have with sexuality labels).

So on some level, I do think the “unexpected” has to do with Sherlock and John. The show is about their relationship, after all. As for those of us who truly believe the writers will finally, undeniably demonstrate that this is a romance and shock the majority of viewers, well…good luck to us. ;)