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so i’ve been thinking about that Jaune post i reblogged earlier and. i really wanna go in depth with how much better and MORE Pyrrha living but Jaune dying would have been. (under the cut bc holy shit this got long)

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Papyrus and Sans are adjusting to life outside of Gaster’s lab, but Alphys has an idea which prompts an unwelcome reunion.

I told you I was working on a follow-up to that Handplates story, and here we go! And this is only the first part! And LOOK IT’S SO MUCH LONGER OH MY GOODNESS. The good news is the second part is already written, it’s just a matter of getting to it in my video queue. As before, if you’d prefer to read the story it’s here on Ao3. In case you missed the first part of the story, here it is.

Again thank you to @hatori1181 for voicing Gaster and Asgore. Sounding good with that new mic! You’ve been wonderful dealing with my haphazard directing over Skype, haha.

I can’t find a good place to stick the tag, so I’ll just do it down here. Hey @zarla-s LOOK MORE FEELS! Considering this is so much longer I want to do some rambling on it, but I’ll put it under the fold because it’s best you listen/read it first.

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Do you ever watch a movie based on a heartbreaking true story, or just read something, and then just sit there completely overwhelmed by all the injustice in the world? Not because you didn’t know of it before, but because you’re suddenly reminded of it so intensively? And your own everyday problems feel so silly and insignificant, put in perspective?

This happens to me a lot, and part of me is glad that I don’t just brush it off, and is actually deeply disturbed by it, but the rest of me also hates it because when it happens I can’t let myself enjoy anything. Everything just feels so small and ridiculous. God.

I’ve been tagged by several people to post my 2017 wish list, and I’ve thought long and hard about it which is incredibly difficult to even come up with ideas…

I’ve currently been moving so I’ve been purging a lot of my spare parts and dolls so I’m not exactly in the mood to start acquiring more stuff that I might only need in the far future.

Plus the last two or so years I’ve actually GOTTEN most of my holy grail dolls so there’s barely any dolls I’ve actively been wanting for quite awhile now. This includes vintage dolls, and the fact most of my hybrid dolls got the right bodies and I bought every MTM I’d need

Coupled with my waning interest in modern dolls being offered because of poor quality control, poor design, bland choices and terrible distribution Australia has I can’t really find myself finding anything to feel excited for. Most of the current fashions being cheaply made and not properly fitting any body type has put me off current playline and the diversity for Ken is atrocious.

I thought I could turn my focus towards collector focused lines, but Barbie’s lines are either bland, poor quality control, or far too expensive for a stiff bodied doll.

Silkstones and Integrity Toys’ quality control issues that plagued all of 2016 has definitely made me hesitant about buying anything cuz if something goes wrong, being an Australian means there’s less of a safety net.

So my wishlist? It’s for the fashion doll industry to become interesting again, for it to be accessible and creative and diverse, and for less wonky, glue haired, damaged dolls being sold as new. For Mattel to stop saturating the market with the exact same blonde, smiling white dolls, to introduce more male characters and clothing options, for Integrity to bring back a mid price range collection like Dynamite girls, and for quality over quantity.

I feel creatively stunted with the doll hobby lately so I guess my collection will turn more inwards than buying anything too new or too vintage heh.

A lot of those “second parts” for that post about phrases have the effect of turning the saying into a message about non-conformity, individuality,  freedom of thought, birth-family not being the end-all, etc and im just gonna say that pre-20th century that those kinds of messages are not going to be very common in “folk wisdom” sayings

anonymous asked:

Hello! Iirc you read (present tense)/read (past tense) screenplays a lot as part of your job, and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to sell a screenplay? My brother is in the process of editing what he thinks is his best screenplay and looking to maybe see if he can get any takers. He has a few connections I think but he's a sophomore in college so he's pretty young and inexperienced and I want to help him any way I can! Thanks! :)

Both Past Sarah and Present Sarah do this, all day, every day.

Here’s the thing, anon: It doesn’t matter if he thinks it’s his best screenplay. I mean, spiritually, yes, sure, it matters–this is not me throwing down the blunt Hollywood cynic talk. If he feels good about it, if he feels it shows improvement from his other work, that always matters. We all need that. Yesterday Presentish Sarah curled up all aglow in bed because a scene that has existed in nothing but a dark corner of my head since I was in high school was finally mostly on paper, in a new shape Past Sarah would never have dreamed of doing. But current best is not necessarily the same thing as best, or even great. Has he sent it out to all of his writer friends? Do they tell him that it’s fantastic? What about the writer friends he really thinks are great? What do they say? That it’s absolutely 100% great? Has he gotten outside non-friend eyes on it (hint, that’s where those connections come in handy)? Professors? Mentors? What about them?

From there, if it’s yes to all of those: Does he know how to pitch it? Does he know where it might sit in the marketplace? Does he have a logline? And if that’s his best, does he have more than that in his arsenal? All solid, all also good? Just because he thinks that’s what’s going to land him his first deal, doesn’t mean someone else might not be more interested in the one line BTW he snuck in at the end. Is that fragment of a OH YEAH I DO THINGS LIKE THIS TOO also something he can send?

Selling in screenwriting land isn’t really something I can Hot Tip anyone for. We rep about 30-40 writers where I work (is he repped? can he get repped? has he tried to get rep? REP HELPS, I’M JUST SAYING). These are people at all levels, who have worked before, even people who have sold before, and it’s always a challenge to do the next sale, to get that next script out there. It’s a very small group of people that can wake up in the morning and count the deal memos that came in last night. 

What I can tell you is that even if the answer to all of the above questions is a resounding Yes, it might not happen. I can tell you that we get a lot of queries (a lot, a lot) from people who very clearly and very obviously cannot answer yes to all of those questions. I can tell you that if you can always be someone who has thought of all of those things before you ask someone for their time, you’ll already stand above the rest of their inbox (and seriously, I cannot express enough how deep the inbox hole goes).

In terms of hot tips though, the best advice I can offer is this: Don’t be someone who is currently polishing their best script. Be someone who is polishing the best script they have written so far.


 ML sweatpants crew part 2??

➭ ChLOehh, Rose, Juleka, and Tomato Child have been added to the party~ 

I also just wanna say a quick thank you for all the support and lovely comments! I usually don’t post with this art style so it really meant a lot to me ;,)

Part 1 (Adrien and Marinette)

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: we allowed 50 Cent to single-handedly ruin Ja Rule's music career. Sure their beef started long before the diss tracks came out because Ja Rule got robbed by 50 Cent's friend and he associated him with the act of theft, but would you be mad at people who associate with known thieves? and half the times the jabs at his musical style were so low-- people went on and on about how Ja Rule was weak because he sang, but now rappers like Drake as well as many local rap artists have careers predicated on half-hearted singing along with rapping. Ja Rule was ahead of his time, if you ask me.

Gay Aphobe: Headcanoning gay characters as ace is homophobic because it steals representation from the gay community



Some Swapfell style study I did before of Swapfell’s original creator Kkopphang and another artist Eli-sin-g.

It’s a shame the original creator is no longer with us :c

I was going to do something with them for some Outerswapfell designs but never got around to it and these boys have been sitting in my files doing nothing since sooooo… >w<”

Day 2064 -  24 December 2016

2016 aka the year I drew the same catgirl for months

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: did Zuko ever meet that little boy from "Zuko Alone" again? that little gap-toothed troublemaker who treated Zuko like a brother? i know they parted on such bad terms when Zuko revealed his identity, and i really don't blame him because at that time Zuko was still kind of an asshole, but did they ever see each other after the war? did the little boy hear about how Zuko disowned his father and joined the Avatar? did he learn that Zuko was the one to fight Azula in that fateful battle? did Zuko visit an earth kingdom town one one of his royal trips and recognize him years later? did the little boy apologize for rejecting him? or did maybe he go to the fire nation to see if Zuko remembered him? did Zuko beg forgiveness for the crimes of the fire nation? did they make up? did they hug it out? did the little boy's brother survive the war? did he introduce him to Zuko? did Zuko insist on giving him the pearl dagger he tried to give him before he left? did the little boy accept it this time? did