lots of parenthesis in this post

Every time I post about the American Health Care Act I get messages and responses because I also put in parenthesis that it’s also known as “Trumpcare” or “GOPcare.” Many tell me to just call it by it’s name (American Health Care Act) but I’m going to continue doing this and here’s why: 

There’s always been a lot of confusion surrounding the “Affordable Care Act” and “Obamacare.” Lots of people like to joke that there are those who don’t even know those two are the same thing, and like… that’s not really funny. People deserve to fully understand what is being discussed, especially when it involves something as serious as health care. I say that the American Health Care Act is commonly known as Trumpcare or GOPcare because that’s what a lot of people call it and know it as right now and everyone deserves to know about the news regarding it. 

Like have your own reasons for refusing to call it anything but it’s official name, but I’m going to continue referring with the parenthesis so nobody gets confused. It’s really not that big of a deal like… you can stop telling me what to do now. 

When your mom’s orchid starts dying, why not use the falling flowers as props?? Aesthetic af. Lol.

haha anyways, this is a back-to-school supplies post requested by an anon! Above is my checklist of the supplies I get at the beginning of every school year if I don’t already have them. In blue parenthesis are the brands I buy, and below I’ll explain my use/reason for purchasing each item. Before explaining any further, I’m just going to say that everything I buy aside from my bullet journal is from Target. Any supplies I don’t talk about on this post you can find my general supplies post here.

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Until Dawn Timeline

While doing character relationships and trying to get all collectibles i realized there’s a lot of shit that happened pre-prank up to the wait until dawn (mostly stuff regarding Josh’s health and the flamethrower man) so i wanted to make a timeline, plus sources, for reference. Also if anyone else has anything to add feel free to tell me! Posted under the cut for length

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Pía here!

((I think I am going to make a lot of changes here.

- I will do my best to try to write more, to expand my vocabulary, to find a new way to express how I want my muse to interact (and I already have seen a few blogs that I’ll probably ask for help ;__;).

- I will also try my best to change my dialogue indicator (» “) to only quotation marks or keep it like that. It will be decided soon. 

 - I am going to redraw my icons! I am kinda tired of the inconsistent styles, sooooo… yeah. 

 - There will be a lot less of OoC posts! I have been posting a lot of unnecessary shit and I apologize about that ;__;!!!! And they will be with two slashes (//) at the beginning instead of two parenthesis! 

 - And of course! I will continue a lot of threads that my head can’t remember that I have. I’ve been asking this for DAYS, but guys if you are interested in continue interacting with me, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!! I need to have a list of pending threads! 

 - Last thing is that I think I’ll stay away of any drama… it’s difficult because sometimes I just read some posts and I know more than I should but… ugh, yeah Dx.

- Besides that, updating my rules and info is a good idea jnckjsnd.


There’d probably be changes in Lorene’s bio/headcanons/portrayal sooooooooooooooo I apologize in advance.

If you can help me to improve any of those specific points, please talk to me! Probably I would return the favor with a small drawing uwu))

MGMT Musical Influence Master Post

These are all of the bands I’ve heard mgmt mention. If there are parenthesis around something then it’s a specific song or album andrew or Ben mentioned really liking from the band. Enjoy! There are some pretty awesome bands in hear, I’ve listened to most of them and lots of them are now my favorites :)

Tame impala
“Cambodian Cassette Archives”
C.A. Quintet
Television Personalities
The Savage Resurrection (Thing in “E”)
The Buzzcocks
Fela Cuti (Expensive shit)
Beach Boys (Surf’s Up)
“Morning of the earth” soundtrack
Telegraph Avenue
Cleaners from Venus
Gene Clark
The Monochrome Set
Deep Freeze Mice
R Stevie Moore
Neil Young
Spacemen 3
Velvet Underground
Brian Eno
Faine Jade
Dinosaur Jr
Mamas and papas
Royal Trux
King Crimson
Talking Heads
Childish gambino
Flaming Lips
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Syd Barrett
Greatful Dead
The Dead
Crazy horse
Gnarls Barkley
Great Speckled Bird (Calgary)
Howling Hex (Apache Energy Plan)
Alex Chilton (Like Flies On Sherbert)
Bob Dylan
Dan Carlson
Beach House
Vampire Weekend
Arctic Monkeys
The Kooks
The Specials
Animal Collective
Mazzy Star
The Shins
Arcade Fire
Television Personalities
Jagwar Ma
Skip Spence
Mayo Thompson (“Corky’s debt to his father” album)
Echo and the Bunnymen
Laid back (‘i wanna Go back’ and 'roger’ and 'the white horse’ and 'fly away walking in the sunshine’ and 'baker man’ and 'beautiful day’)
Strawberry Switchblade ('trees and flowers’)
The DB’s ('the fight’)
Jazz Butcher ('water’)
The Only ones
Sonic Youth
Apex Twin

Hana’s Updated RWBY fics list!

Fics finished until the end of November this year!

You guys may know how this works, but if you would like to donate to my Paypal to help me out financially, you can look through the list below and choose a bolded fic/chapter about a pairing/AU of your choice! In exchange for your donation, I will dedicate that particular story or chapter to you!

I call this the grab-bag method because it’s not commissions, you know enough about the fic, but not a lot, so when it’s posted, it’ll be a surprise!

Please message me if interested in this!

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anonymous asked:

Hey, Audrey! So I haven't watched Running Man in about a year, and I want to get back into it but I don't have time for everything. So, I was wondering if you could possibly give me some recommendations of this year's best? Thanks! And of course, feel free to ignore this completely! :)

I’ve been wanting to do a follow-up to the Running Man for Newbies post, so this is actually a lovely opportunity to do so! I will back up slightly into 2014, though, since my last rec post stopped at episode 200. You can skip ahead to 233, which is the first 2015 episode on the list.

As before, the first, bolded number is the actual episode number; the number in parenthesis is the DramaFever number.

  • 211 & 212 (122 & 123) The 1470 Number Race, in which there are lots of guests, rollercoasters, and math. It does not go well for everyone (which means it is hilarious).
  • 213 (124) It’s Okay, We’re Heirs, in which the actress who play all of your favorite evil ladies fight to discover which of the guys is the true chaebol heir.
  • 215 (126) with Shin Min-ah and Jo Jung-suk, in which the bride’s and groom’s families are pitted against each other in a newlywed-themed episode.
  • 217 (128) The Death Bingo Race, in which it all comes down to nametag elimination bingo and a desperate fight between cast and guests to stay alive.
  • 218 (129) in which our cast and guests have to figure out who the traitor is in order to perform on stage.
  • 223 (134) Super Workers’ Race, in which our cast battles it out in order to win a promotion and gold.
  • 225 (136) The Technician Race, in which Kim Woo-bin returns hoping to shed his clueless image and brings along Lee Hyun-woo so they and the cast can steal stuff.
  • 233 (144) Finding the Hidden Gemstones Race, in which a bunch of screentime-hungry idols get to play iconic Running Man games in order to win gold bars.
  • 237 (148) The Greatest Love Race, in which everyone pairs up and tries to figure out a science puzzle by winning clues.
  • 240 (151) Make Big-nose the Winner Race, in which three handsome young men show up to help make sure Suk-jin wins.
  • 261 (172) in which you can skip the first half (end of the previous episode’s mission) and get to the good stuff: the cast and their VJs going through a terrifying haunted house.
  • 266 (177) Rest Stop Specialty Food Tour, in which our cast and guests compete for tasty, tasty food and have a lot of fun betraying each other.
  • 267 (178) The Unanimity Race, in which our cast must complete three missions together in order to be allowed to leave the building they’re locked up in.
  • 276 (187) Lost in Seoul: Rescue Gary, in which Gary is trapped in a trailer and must give clues to his location to his castmates in order to be rescued.
  • 277 (188) The Zombie Virus Race, in which our cast must save civilians from a building overrun by zombies.