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Can I add a bit of info to your peter is trans post? In the first season of the cartoon Ultimate Spiderman, there is a flashback scene where Flash kicks him out of the masculine dresser saying "Sorry Parker, BOYS ONLY" which is honestly something I heard a lot growing up and I know a lot of other trans folks heard it too.

Yep!! You’re right! To be more specific for my followers, the scene you’re mentioning takes place S1E4, at around the 3:33 minute mark.

offscreen, Flash shouts, “Sorry Parker! This is the boys’ locker room!”

I wanna point out a few things here:

  • Flash outright states that Peter does not belong in the men’s room. 
  • Flash over-emphasizes the word boy, implying that Peter isn’t a boy.
  • Flash refuses to call him “Peter”. He calls him “Parker” instead. (Y’know… almost like…. he doesn’t wanna respect that his name is “Peter”…)
  • The students outside don’t immediately object to this.  
  • I dunno about you, but I don’t know many cis men that wear tank tops underneath their gym wear in communal locker rooms… seems like that tank top would be an unnecessary layer (for a cis guy)
  • Hey look at the… convenient… fabric shape of that tank top in the last pic

Anyways, yeah Peter Parker is trans in this universe too who would’ve known

I’m feeling a little salty today

Below is all just my opinion, so please take it as such.

I think it’s no secret that I am very angry and bitter about S4 of BBC Sherlock. I think that although I do not believe in a S5 that I have been accommodating to friends that do and supportive of those who still wish to write meta and look for clues in the show. Most of the posts I’ve seen from non believes have been of the same mindset, they don’t believe there’s more, but more power to those that do. So I’m really not sure why those of us that salt get so looked down upon, we keep our feelings to our own posts. I have never once gone on someone’s meta and written that I do not agree and think they’re crazy, BUT I’ve had tin hatters come on MY posts to tell me how wrong I am.

So, let me explain why I feel this way. And if anyone other than @lediona25 reads this, then I’ll be surprised ;-)

I’ll say right off the bat, who fucking knows what Moffitss plan. Do they want to do more Sherlock? Fuck if I know. If there really is some secret plan, their two main actors don’t seem that into it. Two men who used to love to talk about the show now either brush off questions, or in Martin’s case I’m not even sure I’ve heard him say a word about S4 after it aired. That all looks REALLY BAD for the future of the show.

Now Dracula flops and Mofftiss come running back to do S5 of Sherlock sometime in the next 5 years, I see one of two things happening:

1. We leave from where we left off or sometime in the near future. The boys don’t live together. John is raising Rosie but we never see her. They solve crimes. John still has that stupid wedding ring on. RIP in Mary you asshole. With or without more gay subtext, who knows?!

2. The whole thing (S4, since TAB, before that??) is a gosh darn dream or coma or whatever, SURPRISE Moffitss think they’re so clever. And actors who have aged (Martin quite like a fine wine, damn boy) try to play themselves 5 years ago, lots of heavy make up to cover laughter lines etc. We get stuck seeing Mary again as she comes back for The Past. Still no guarantee of Johnlock bliss. Probably more subtext and mirrors *heavy sigh*

NOW if the whole mind palace/dream/blog theory happen I’ll be super happy for folks rooting for it. BUT for me, and a lot of other folks, that’s just really bad writing/story telling. Like, that’s not a win to me. The time to end all this subtext bullshit was now not 5 years from now. To come back years later and all of S4 was a dream, god what a waste. Why not just write a good S4? Why the need for all the subtext and mirrors? Why not just write something GOOD for fucks sake???

And, for me, it’s important to actually enjoy what I’m watching. TAB was all MP and I loved it, it was entertaining, it was about John and Sherlock, no stupid fucking separation, minimal Mary, it felt like it had a point. S4 was awful to watch. It was not enjoyable. You can load up all the subtext and mirrors you want, but if your shit isn’t entertaining/interesting to watch, all that shit doesn’t matter. Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of S3 either, but I THOUGHT S4 would explain it all. Which we all know now, it didn’t. More questions no answers. That’s not entertaining television. That’s Mofftiss wanting to have All The Cliffhangers and give none of the resolution.

So, in conclusion: I again say meta away if you want. But don’t talk shit/down to those of us who are mad. We are more than allowed to be pissed and to say we’re pissed. I gave years and my heart to this mess only to have Mofftiss stomp on it with glee. They can kiss my pug’s ass.

I feel like one thing the “queer is a slur” crowd overlooks...

…is that the word gay has been used so overwhelmingly as a pejorative, as a slur, that most children in the U.S. in the past several decades likely grew up learning “gay” as a word for bad, strange, or wrong before they fully understand that there are “gay” people, and that it’s not just a word with negative connotations.

Kids grow up hearing “That’s so gay!” said with such vehemence relating to topics that those same kids aren’t remotely educated about, and they just internalize that it’s bad. This is how you get elementary schoolers saying, “Mr. Hopkins gave us homework, he’s so gay,” and the same elementary schoolers grow up to be high schoolers and adults who say, “What? I don’t mean gay like gay people, I mean gay like stupid or bad.”

And some of them aren’t overt homophobes in any other way… but dang, you teach little kids that a word that describes a class of people means “bad” and “wrong” before they know those people exist, and that’s bound to shape the way they think about things, isn’t it?

And in contrast you get queer kids who start to put 2+2 together about what “gay” really means a little bit faster than the kids around them because they’re desperate for some information, some hints of meaning… but they’re also hearing the same lessons as everybody else, that gay=bad, gay=wrong, gay=undesirable, gay=something no one ones and no one should be, gay is the worst thing you can be.

In the small town I lived in and the school I went to, nobody ever hit me and called me queer. No one ever shouted “queer” from a moving car while I was walking home. No one ever threatened or inflicted violence on me with the word “queer” on their lips.

Gay, though? Yes. And variations on the f-slur, but gay itself was enough of an invective, enough of a pejorative, to the people flinging it.

“Gay” was the slur that cishet people threw at me as a form of violence, often in corollary with physical violence. “Queer” is a word that I learned online, from members of my community. My experience of the former word is as an attack, while the other was as a sanctuary and respite from that attack.

Now, I’m not a gay man, but a bisexual trans woman. I was still sorting that out at the time, but I doubt it would have made a difference to many of my tormenters if I’d been able to explain it properly.

So when “gay” is used as the happy-go-lucky umbrella for what I would personally call the queer community, gay with even its positive connotations strongly coded as male, I’m not just being misgendered/swept under a default label of male along with a lot of other women and non-binary folks, I’m being forced to accept a label that I never sought, one that is definitely used as a pejorative and a slur, and a slur that was specifically used as a weapon against me.

Both “gay” and “queer” have the same problematic histories and problematic presents. They have both been subject to reclamation efforts. To me, the difference is how those efforts are organized. 

“Gay” is an attempt to normalize, to assimilate, to take the elements of our community that are most palatable to the heteronormative homogeneous hegemony and emphasize them, making those elements even more palatable and altering or hiding the other elements of the community. 

“Gay” is like trying to get into an exclusive school that you fear is likely to reject you for prejudiced reasons, so you keep your nose clean, make sure you take all the right extracurriculars, polish your cover letter and personal essay, and try to make the right contacts with influential people on the inside… and if you have to hide some of your past activities, break ties with friends who are less presentable, and de-emphasize your family to make sure the admissions office doesn’t get the wrong idea about what you’d bring to their institution, well, it’ll be worth it, because that’s what you have to do get a, you know, fair shake.

“Queer” rejects that. Queer rejects homogeny, it does not demand that we sand down our rough edges or smooth out our contours. It does not seek to reshape ourselves or our community to fit ever-evolving standards designed to keep us out, but it challenges those standards.

If “gay” is trying to appeal to a bigoted admissions board by being smooth and shiny enough to slip in, “queer” is challenging the admissions board to accept or reject you on your own merits as you exist, and challenging the bigoted assumptions that underline the power structure as revealed by this. It’s bypassing the admissions board by creating your own infrastructure for sharing resources and information. 

I have a suspicion that a certain percentage of the intra-community backlash against the word “queer” is not because the negative connotations of the word hurt us as listeners, but rather that the radical connotations of the word hurt the effort to make the community acceptable to a presumed default “general audience”, to assimilate gayness into heteronormativity. 

I.e., it is less, “Queer makes people think it’s okay to bash us.” and more “Queer makes people think we’re not like them.”

Most people end posts in defense of the label “queer” and the umbrella term “queer community” by saying “I won’t call queer if they’re not comfortable with it,” and most of them get told, “BUT THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE DOING WHEN YOU SAY ‘QUEER COMMUNITY!”

I’ve never yet seen anybody talking about the gay community have to disclaim that they’re not using the word to people who view it as unreclaimed slur or who just plain find it too hurtful to have even given that discourse any thought.

I won’t call someone queer if they don’t think of themselves a queer. I will use queer as an umbrella term. If that’s not you, you can cheerfully include yourself out of it. 

And heck, I’m doing you a solid. If you didn’t have a queer community to point to, you wouldn’t have anyone you could point to when you want to clarify that you’re not like those people.

no tea no shade but it makes me…………………..feel things to see the fandom focus so much on lance angst after s4, going so far as to invent angst that wasn’t actually there (bc, all in all, lance had a pretty angst-free season) when keith deadass tried to kill himself this season and is clearly suffering lol like, either y’all are literally physically unable to NOT write lance suffering, or y’all just don’t care about keith’s emotions. or both.

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So, Cas is dead and Dean is left grieving whilst raising the teenager Cas helped to bring into the world... sounds like some John Winchester parallels to me. Are we going to see Dean work through some of his Daddy issues this season do you think?

Ehhh, first off I think Jack is supposed to be older than “teenager.” At least I hope so, since the actor playing him is 26…

All through s12 they poked at John’s parenting via Mary’s experiences, reading the journal, learning about everything she’d missed out on in the last 33 years, but going all the way back to her own feeling of guilt that ANY of it happened in the first place because of her deal with Azazel in 1973.

This whole idea of Dean “raising” Jack fills me with all the squick… so I really hope this isn’t a direction they’re taking the show long-term. Plus, from everything I’ve been hearing, it’s Sam, and not Dean, who will be most focused on Jack. Honestly, though, this is the sort of speculation that I have very few thoughts on (due to the aforementioned squick factor). I’m personally much happier waiting to see how all of this unfolds in canon rather than wallowing in stuff that actively makes me want to nope out.

fox in the snow

summary: snow is colder than anything but it’s also soft, and gon doesn’t know how he feels about this.

notes: I didn’t mean to write two weird little character studies back to back, but my brain is a little squishy rn and they’re good writing exercises. also it’s gon’s birthday and it’s a high of 82F/27C today and I miss snow. gon freecss, gen, 500 words. song title’s a belle and sebastian song


The first time Gon sees snow, he’s surprised at how soft it is. Winter on Whale Island is wind and rain, weeks of torrential downpours broken by overcast skies and crashing waves. The panicked rush to clear downed trees when they crash into buildings in town, now that Gon’s old enough and strong enough to help the adults hoist the water-drenched wood and shatter it into pieces. Ships with sails locked down, their crews bunkering down or neck-deep in drink at the bar in port. Leaks in Aunt Mito’s roof, no matter how well sealed, droplets plunking into a metal bucket in the corner of Gon’s room in a steady beat lulling him to sleep.

Gon’s the child of jungles and sun-drenched heat, more familiar with peeling sunburnt cheeks and buzzing mosquitoes than frozen runny noses and ice crunching underfoot. Even in the strangest and most bizarre places he could have imagined, the impossible metal spires of Yorknew or the unending hypersaturated delights on Greed Island, places where winds blew hot and cold, places he traveled with Killua at his side and his dad forever on another horizon—even then, none of them had snow.

It’s not like Gon’s a kid anymore. He’s still growing, sure, his center of balance precariously tipping every morning and his legs growing faster than his hair. He’s growing stronger, growing smarter, growing in ways he doesn’t know how to measure. It’s just he’s never seen snow, doesn’t know what it feels like, how it tastes. It’s nothing like ice cream and only a little like syrup-drenched snowcones, balls of flavored ice Killua had convinced him to try at a fair only to smash it in his face when he’d grimaced at how his teeth ached from the sweet and cold. They were thirteen, maybe, and Gon was still sure what he was looking for. Now he’s sixteen and only just realizing he doesn’t know what snow tastes like.

Killua would tease him for it, for sticking his tongue out and trying to catch the fluffy-looking puffs of white wafting down from the sky. Killua, whose hair is white as snow and eyes clear and sharp as ice, with a smile that could melt all of it. There’s nothing more that Gon wants than to ball up the snow into his mittens and shove it down his best friend’s shirt, to laugh at how red Killua turns from the cold and the shock, how blue it makes his eyes.

A photo of a snowball, for all that he takes and sends it, grinning into the phone’s tiny camera and shivering at the feeling of cold on his bare hands, is not enough. Not even when Killua responds, him and Alluka beaming back in the summery warmth of a beach, palm trees scattered behind them and peeling red sunburn stretched across both their cheeks. Gon decides then and there he doesn’t mind winter, exactly, but he would much rather be in summer.

The first time Gon sees snow, his best friend is on the other side of the world, and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever find out if snow is softer than the white curls of Killua’s hair.

shout out to LGBTQA+ headmates, alters, facets, fictives, syskids and other system members. it’s a harsh reality that lots of folks don’t come out to the people around them that they even exist, so it’s impossible to come out about their sexual, romantic or gender identities. but we recognize you, we see you, we appreciate you. thank you for existing and for being LGBTQA+, even if nobody else knows. <3

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Re: Youtube being right-centric. Harassment and abuse is probably a large part of this. A lot of POC, women, neurodivergent folks, along with other marginalized identities are often targets of harassment even when what they are saying is mild and calm. So I think a lot of folks avoid YT because they don't want to be an easier target for those who would harass and doxx them. Which is just... scary and sad and arg....

I think that definitely has something to do with it. There definetly are social justice and feminist youtube channels, like I follow Kat Blaque, Franchesca Ramsey, and Pidgeon Pagonis on Youtube, but even watching those, half the recommended videos on the side are gross right wing shit. When I was using Youtube to watch a lot of those video I had a chrome extension that erased all of the comments on videos because I always ended up reading them and a lot of them were shitty. I think a lot of feminist channels have like, anti-fem stalker channels that exist just to fight with them, which is just nasty. Plus I mean when you think Youtubers most people think big ones like PewDiePie, who like, spew racist bs as “jokes” and have hundreds of impressionable fans who practically worship them, so it’s not that surprising that “that side” (for lack of a better way of saying it) iss louder :/ which sucks


can’t believe nobody made a playlist for this ship yet smh…lmao uh there’s two cause i felt some music didnt fit with the A side. Big shout out to @sam-sepiol, a lot of their content/headcanons inspired this playlist actually. Enjoy!!.“


Reasons why I shouldn’t be an English teacher

Because I would be tempted to make an assignment (probably just a bonus assignment for extra credit) based off the short visual novel game called We Know the Devil.

Reasons why I want to do it:

- The writing in this game doesn’t play around with you. There’s a lot of reading in between the lines that must be done in order to understand the complicated and troubled lives these teenage characters live in, and also the fact that the setting they live in is similar to ours, but also different. The characters are already used to their world, but when they get told to tune the radio, and they say “sure, hold on” and start pulling out a rope that has a crystal on it, that’s when you realize that this isn’t your normal, boring, Christian summer camp, even though the characters all act like it is.

- Lots of good discussion about how normal society tends to otherize/demonize folks who have a hard time fitting it in order to make themselves belong. Ever heard the phrase ‘put someone else down so you can put yourself up’? This game critiques that aspect of humanity.

- Similar to the above, the game also critiques how Christianity is used as a way to justify belittling people who don’t fit in, by calling them sinful or saying that they will go to hell. Even if the people who don’t fit in are just children.

Reasons why I wouldn’t do it:

- This game kinda assumes you’re familiar with shows such as Sailor Moon, or Power Rangers, because it makes use of the trope where people with emotional vulnerabilities can become monsters that the show’s heroes must defeat. However, everyone has emotional vulnerabilities at least once in their life, so this story runs with the idea and such shows demonization of vulnerable people. You could still understand what the story is saying even if you aren’t familiar with those sort of TV shows, but having a cultural background of it does help.

- I personally love the game, but know that the way to get the secret ending is a little obscure if you don’t have a gameFAQ on hand.

Overall, it’s a good game though, and I enjoy what raw experiences this game pulls out and shows the audience. It’s well worth reading, and seeing this insightful, almost autobiographical take on a dark part of growing up.

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Aladdin au, yuuri as aladdin and victor as jasmine.

For Headcanon Happy Hour!


–Yurio is the tiger. He is significantly less cuddly to Viktor than Raj is to Jasmine in the original. At least, when they’re around other people. Anytime someone is aggravating Viktor, Yurio the tiger is there, extremely ferocious, BUT IT’S NOT BECAUSE I LIKE HIM AND HE’S MY HUMAN OR ANYTHING.

Originally posted by onlydisney

–Yuuri spends a lot of time trying to hide what he thinks are his rough edges, because here he is, some kid raised in the slums pretending to be a prince and trying to woo VIKTOR NIKIFOROV, actual prince of the land. Viktor likes that he knows his way around markets and alleys. He likes that Yuuri’s not stuffy, and has no idea how much the golden bangles Viktor wears are. When Yuuri appears on his balcony, he’s already trying to take Yuuri’s hand to ELOPE TOGETHER before Yuuri even mentions the words “magic flying carpet.” Yuuri, meanwhile, was so drunk the first time they met and ran through the city market together that he doesn’t realize Viktor already knows he’s been a “street rat.” 

–”A Whole New World” definitely still happens, except after doing quadruple loops through the air on Yuuri’s magic carpet they touch down and Yuuri shows Viktor where to get delicious katsudon. In the process Viktor meets Yuuko, as well as a lot of other common folk. There’s so many people and so much love that later, when Viktor is dropped off at the palace and has to lay back down in his canopy bed, surrounded by cold gold and a lot of servants that refuse to look him in the eye… he cries. “Yuuri,” he whispers into his pillow, “Yuuri, don’t leave again.” 

–Yuuri shows up the next day with swordsmen, dancing girls, twenty golden camels, and a whole parade. “It’s too much,” he hisses to Genie from his throne on an elephant.

“IT’S AMAZING,” Viktor calls from his balcony. “YUURI! I love you!”  

–JJafar is their “evil nemesis,” but at some point it becomes clear that he doesn’t want to take over Agrabah and be its king. He just really, really wants Viktor to pay attention to him, and maybe let JJafar pet his tiger, Yurio, without nearly losing a hand.

–”Don’t you have any wishes of your own?” Yuuri asks his genie, who beams and pinches his cheek and firmly says:

“To be free, Yuuri– and then I’m going to be the best ice skater Agrabah has ever seen. So I can share my love with everyone!”

“What is ice,” says Yuuri, because they live in a desert. “What is skating?”

“Exactly,” says Phichit the tropical genie.

–”Please give me some of Viktor’s time,” is the first wish Yuuri makes.

At their wedding, Phichit waves happily at him from the front row and Yuuri thinks genies really can do anything. Then Viktor takes his hands and lovingly says, “when I first fell in love with you at that marketplace all those years ago…”