lots of onew

Jonghyun the type to finally convince Kibum to dye his hair blush so that he can work on photo-shopping a cotton candy family photo of SHINee, just in time for Valentine’s Day. (All that’s left is convincing Minho…)

“shinee isn’t popular anymore“

“shawols cant be bothered to vote they are not true fans“

“shinee are old, nobody listens to them anymore“


such a beautiful v i e w

so, boarding school au

We have wee little 12-year-old Taemin transferring into the tiny, snooty, tie-wearing boarding school that’s practically separated off from the rest of civilization so that the kids can’t like ditch or anything, and so there’s no Outside Influence over these young, prestigious children.

And it’s like February, okay. Middle of the school year. The kids only came back from winter break like a couple weeks ago. Not typically the time they get new students.

But then here comes Taemin, and when his roommate, Jongin, and the student council member who’s showing him around, Kibum, ask him why he’s suddenly decided to go to their school, he explains it’s because of his new step-dad.

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