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  • Me: *Slides $20 to Netflix* Make a Percy Jackson show please... *slides another $5* With an age-appropriate cast...
  • Me: *Slides another $1* Also make a Heroes of Olympus show if PJO does well... *slides another $10* And also cast the characters as the race they were in the books... like seriously just make a Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus show, this is all the money I have...
Supernatural Season 13

You may not be excited

but I sure am!

Maybe it should have ended seasons ago

but it still brings me joy

and makes my heart happy

and I’m looking forward to all the episodes, fan art, and fan fiction to come.


Just started to watch this series on Netflix (idk about other countries, but here in Mexico it was added yesterday). I’m only in episode 3 BUT I have to say that it is fun and interesting. There’s a disturbing lack of wigs and some of the costumes are… suspicious? very inaccurate? But there are some good things to see:

  • LOTS of furs. Of course, that’s practically the theme of the series, the fur trade. So we have a lot of fur garments and accessories. Maybe a little bit too much? (look for the girl with little fur hair accessories). You know, enough fur that if it were real, all of the members of PETA would have a collective heart attack.

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  • Jason Momoa. I don’t think I have to add anything else to this line.

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  • Many Native characters. Thank you. Really we need to see this in more not only historical series and films.
  • There’s a guy who looks as if he were Daniel Radcliffe’s cousin. His Irish cousin. (Who is also the guy from Hemlock Grove but looks SO much younger in this series. A.K.A. Landon Liboiron).

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  • The locations are breathtaking, as well as the interior scenes and the ones in little cities and forts. I’ve only been in 1 place which was a fur trade spot and the whole isolation and wilderness spirit of the place is very well seen in this series. I guess it’s some Discovery stuff. IDK. It’s supposed to be set in Ontario and so (you know, the whole Hudson’s Bay Company) but it was filmed in Newfoundland.

On the down side:

  • A lot of short hair, and a lack of wigs. Even in the London scenes. O.o
  • The setting is just “late 18th century” but there are a couple characters and outfits that look taken from (at least) the 1810s.
  • There’s a lot of blood. I mean, a LOT. Like, if you don’t have the stomach to see a guy having his throat open on screen, then maybe it’s not for you. This is neither a good nor a bad thing. It’s just a fact.

Well, this is it. For now. This series have only 6 episodes, so I’ll finish quick, I think. I’ll let you know any other thoughts and if you’ve already seen Frontier, let us all know what you think!


Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire were intelligent children, and they were charming, and resourceful, and had pleasant facial features, but they were extremely unlucky, and most everything that happened to them was rife with misfortune, misery, and despair. I’m sorry to tell you this, but that is how the story goes.

the inseparables!

(look, i know the actors are approx the same height, but wheres the fun in that?)


Okay life is good again.. Support musicians in the fandom! This was a beautiful masterpiece of the Stranger Things Soundtrack

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I absolutely loooooove your headcanons! I love them so much !!! Would you mind doing some more maybe?

  • emily is super pissed at netflix for it’s different libraries in different countries, when she moved back from London to the US, she had to abandon the shows she was watching because netflix US doesn’t carry them (she was watching shitty british reality TV). In the end, Garcia got fed up with the bitching and sent her links to streaming sites a lot less legal than netflix. 
  • Garcia also set up instagram accounts for the whole team. Reid has never touched his, Rossi had about the same reaction as Reid, except his publicist caught on that he’d supposedly made an account and runs it without Rossi’s help. Tara mostly uses her account to browse pictures of vintage cars. JJ’s has become a bit of a fashion/soccer/cheeto mashup. Luke’s is photos he took on his runs with Roxy, like, 30% nature and 70% Roxy herself. One time he posted a picture of his closet because Garcia was so horrified by his ‘boring’ wardrobe. Emily is full on cat lady, interspersed with pictures of the targets she’s shot on the range. Stephen has videos of him playing music. Garcia’s is as obnoxiously colourful and fluffy as you’d expect. 
  • When the force awakens came out, emily went to go see it at midnight in london just so she could call Reid, Garcia and Morgan after she walked out the theatre to make them squirm, who, while also booked in to go see it at midnight, were still 2 hours away from seeing it back in Virginia. She was pissed she was back on EST for Rogue one, it spoilt most of her fun. 
  • Rossi is so glad that there’s now another dog person on the team. 
  • Emily once almost drove Dave to tears with her music selection when they ended up driving hundreds of miles together. Turns out Siouxsie and the Banchees? Not his thing. 
  • Garcia has an entire wardrobe of outfits for Sergio. He’s the best dressed cat on the east coast.  He also probably plots her murders at night, but oh well. 
  • Henry Lamontagne is in love with Roxy the dog and JJ hasn’t had peace from the constant ‘can we get a dog’ requests for months. 
  • Henry also tried to teach Reid how to play soccer. JJ filmed the entire thing and is content to use it as blackmail material. Garcia feels betreayed she hasn’t handed it over.  
  • Sometimes if people are being nosy while they’re on cases, Tara and Emily will just choose to speak in French instead. 
  • It’s a BAU right of passage to randomly discover JJ’s cheeto hoard and be vaguely horrified. Luke straight up walked out of the building. 
  • Reid buys Hank Morgan monogrammed things, because he doesn’t want the baby ever to forget the ‘spencer’ namesake thing, like little baby pyjamas with HSM on a little fake pocket on the chest, and Reid is always really confused as to why Savanna yells WILDCATS every time she puts them on the baby and Morgan collapses laughing. Literally every time. 

what if there was a show like orange is the new black but in a mental hospital, and with accurate representations of mentally ill people and flashbacks to their struggles before and some relatable characters and just

i want gay mentally ill people bonding in a tv show