lots of mud

"Oh your father is so cool!"

Teddy, James, Albus, and Lily hearing this over time and just thinking of their father at home cause:

-Harry once tried to convince them that if he grew a beard he would be more modern (which resulted in his normal stubble but with god awful hair patches)

-Harry had a worn out shirt he would wear all the time and whenever it got into the wash he would do laundry, chore chart be damned

-Harry getting them the merchandise with his face and trying to convince them that he is ALWAYS WATCHING

-Harry trying to set up a date with Ginny but forgetting to call a babysitter so he brings the kids with them (and date night at a fancy restaurant turns into date night at the park with over-fried food and lots of mud in the house)

-Harry trying to convince his kids to make a secret hand shake with them

-Harry and Uncle Ron falling asleep in the living room 5 minutes into the television program

-Harry bringing up he died a few times when they complain about chores.

“When I was your age a murderer had escaped from Azkaban and trying to finish me off cause I did Voldemort in.”

“Arn’t I named after that murderer?”

-Harry wearing Ginny’s Quiditch shirt (despite it being to small)

“I love the support dear, I do, but can you not stretch my shirt?”

“…it won’t come off.”

-Harry trying to do yoga

-Harry coming down every morning with a big grin on his face because he loves his kids so much and would obnoxious kiss them all on the cheeks

-Harry making faces in the mirror as he brushes his teeth (convincing the closest child it’s more effective)

(Celebrating when Albus starts doing it with him)

-Harry once showed Lily how to shave by shaving his own leg and walking around with one leg shaved despite complaints by older children and wife.

“If dying has taught me anything it’s to be yourself.”

“Oh my god Dad just stop wearing shorts.”

-Harry using him ‘dying’ as a reason to do anything really

Feel free to add more, but I’m 10000% convinced that Harry Potter is not the cool dad

Just Don’t.

As an INTP, I am appalled by the amount of name-calling that I see going on nowadays. There’s so much hatred being flung around, and so little logic, that it just makes my dominant Ti have to turn to my Fe for comfort.

Seriously, though. Do you know what name-calling represents? It represents the lack of a decent argument. That is literally why people call other people names.

I try, and generally succeed at keeping an even keel, by which I mean that I’m not a very passionate and emotional person. I’m laid back. I listen and observe, and I think a good deal. And it seems to me that the trend nowadays is for people to not think, but to let their emotions carry them along. 

Usually I can ignore this. I don’t tend to get interested in current events. They aren’t cerebral enough to interest me. I’m not bragging about it. I’m simply stating the tragic fact that there’s a whole lot more mud-slinging going on than there is intelligent debate and legitimate discussion.

Calling someone a Xenophobe, a Baby Killer, a Homophobe, a Racist, a Misogynist, or a Whiner is not going to get that person to side with you. Ever. It’s probably going to anger them, or, if they’re mature, it’s going to give them a healthy contempt for someone who hasn’t got the guts to come up with a decent argument.

Honestly. Guys. Let’s pretend like we NOT eight-year-olds on the playground of life. There are legitimate positions and legitimate arguments held by people. Just because someone’s rioting doesn’t mean you get to call him a Whiner. Just because someone’s against illegal immigration doesn’t mean you get to call him a Xenophobe. If you have a logical argument, then use it. Tell me what you’ve done to solve the problem, and, no, shouting at someone to try and change their mind isn’t the right answer.

If you don’t have a working solution, then by all means be quiet, because you are only inflaming the problem. No one really wants to hear your voice, and adding more emotions to the boiling pot of drama isn’t going to help it simmer down.

Basically, we just need to follow that old adage, “Think before you speak.”

And if you can’t think because you are in such an emotional state, then you probably shouldn’t be speaking in the first place.

I got some Adidas Neo today T_T they’re so cute! 

They’re white with navy strips and a light blue undertone (weird to describe)

♡ ♡ ♡

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Imagine Steve living on a farm with lots of animals

Batter thick mud splashed, covering the dusty car in a wet spray. The sports car pulled to a stop, unrecognizable. Only minutes before, it zoomed down the highway, bright red paint gleaming in the afternoon sun.

Less than fifty miles from the heart of Manhattan, the landscape transformed. Endless farms divided by moss covered, stacked stone fences. Long meadows lie between rough mountains and dense forests.

Ticking as it cooled in the afternoon sun, the red car sat outside a neat white farmhouse with a long porch and green shutters. Nearby, there was a flurry of feathers as a chicken the color of rust lifted off. It hovered only feet off the ground, to thump onto the hood before hopping off, disappearing behind the car.

Two dark horses came over to investigate, standing by a tall wooden fence. Their big shaggy black heads, eyed the car, ears forward, listening. A larger pale horse continued to chomp grass, pulling up great clumps, and shaking it’s mane, gray tail flicking onto a dappled rear.

Beyond the house, a sky blue 1964 Ford pickup sat backed  to a faded barn’s open doors. Something moved inside the shadowy barn. Tony peered out of his dusty windshield, then popped the car door open. Stepping a leather shoe onto the dirt, he jumped back as two hound dogs came barreling from the barn. Jumping and shoving, they were a flurry of fur and slobber.

“Otis! Andy! Heel!” Steve barked, and the dogs ran back, still dancing. Steve stood outside the barn. His flannel and denim was a new look. The tight t-shirt underneath, still the same old Steve. “Hope they didn’t scratch anything.”

“Not them, but your chicken needs a manicure.” Tony joked.

Eyebrow raised, Steve walked towards the car near a tan speckled chicken pecking at a tuft of grass.

“Not that one. A big fat red one. But, it’s cool. Should buff right out. How much damage can a chicken do anyways?” The fluffy red chicken reappeared at Tony’s feet, tried to take his shoelaces. Jerking his foot away, Tony stepped back. The dogs barked at Tony’s retreat.

“Why are you here Tony?” Steve put a hand on one of the dogs to shush him. “I have work to do.” Whinnying, the gray horse joined the other two. He stomped and pawed at the ground, shaking his head.

“I just wanted to see the farm. I hadn’t thought you would be out here this long. I always took you for a city kid at heart.”

“I am a city kid. I just needed some down time.”

“Down time is going skiing in the Catskills. Going for a hike through the Adirondacks. This is starting a life.” Tony held out his arms to the farm around them. Two tiny goats came hopping from the barn, followed by an annoyed tabby.

“I’ll have you know, Barnes won the pool. Said you would be out here at least a few seasons. I put money that you would give up after three months, maybe four…”

“How is Bucky?” Steve cut in.

“Fine, fine. He loves the new shield. You can’t pry that thing out of his hands. He redesigned the uniform again. More black, and guns, but he left the white star. I keep trying to get him to ditch the red gloves, but whatever.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Yeah, I know… He’s fine. The ugly space giant just hurt his pride more than anything. He’s coming to visit once he’s off crutches. The way you two heal, that should be…” He checked his watch. “Ten minutes from now, maybe twenty.”

Turning, the gray horse trotted towards the paved road. Steve walked over to look up the drive. Off in the distance, a motorcycle gunned it’s engine.


Okay JSE fandom, just, wow.

This has been said before, but you guys are literally the nicest. Not just to me personally, but in general. I follow a lot of fandom blogs, and I see a lot of mud-slinging and insults and just general frustration and anger flying around. Which is fine. This year was a very frustrating year, and anger certainly isn’t warranted.

Then I come over to the JSE tag and it’s literally just hundreds of people squealing over Trico and Jack and snowmen and complimenting each other and Jack just kind of helping everything along by being a constant presence there. It’s fantastic. Jesus, it’s actually fantastic.

So congrats Jackaboy, and his (bros? No?), you’ve impressed a very, very jaded guy.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!! 🎅🏻

“Colonel, I’m like a son to you, aren’t I?“

"The Lebanese lad I never had”

It is possible of course to get stuck in the “mud” of life. It’s easy enough to notice mud all over you at times. The hardest thing to practice is not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by despair. When you’re overwhelmed by despair, all you can see is suffering everywhere you look. You feel as if the worst thing is happening to you. But we must remember that suffering is the kind of mud that we need in order to generate joy and happiness. Without suffering, there is no happiness. So we shouldn’t discriminate against The mud. We have to learn how to embrace and cradle our own suffering and suffering of the world, with a lot of tenderness.
—  No Mud, No Lotus by Thich Nhat Hanh
Don’t worry, I’ve always knew I didn’t stand a chance. His heart beats faster every time he looks at you, and yours skips a beat every time you see him…
—  Malia to Lydia, about Stiles

Had a good time at the Fat Bike Birkie. My first fat bike race. The course was probably 60% frozen dirt, 25% icy, 15% snow. There was one frozen uphill that had a lot of crashes. The stretch around the parking lot that was frozen chunky mud was the absolute worst because it beat the crap out of you.

After drinking at the finish area, we went to the Angry Minnow where we had a beer, then to the hot tub for more, then to Coops for pizza and beer, and then we stayed up late with old and new friends in the lobby drinking more. It is a good thing I’ve been training since the week leading up to the cancelled ski Birkie.

It was a fun time. Sitting in the hotel room we are slowly getting ready to go for another Cruise through the woods before heading home.

21st - 23rd August. 132km, 5400 m D+ .35 hours of running in the rain, cold, mud and sweat.

This is me 5 hours before the start. The day was rainy and cloudy. But I was SO ready to run.

The terrain was really tough and technical, since the marathon took place high in the mountains. There was a lot of mud, fog and rain. Oh the rain

This picture was taken on one of the checkpoints, on the 50th kilometer. People there were absolutely amazing :) I was wet and cold, but their reception totally warmed my heart ^_^

This is my 90th kilometer. 40k more to go :)

Final few meters before I finish. No words can describe the feeling of finally crossing the finishline after 35 hours of running nonstop

And here it is. The finisher’s medal. Absolutely unbeliavable. It still feels like a dream

I hope I didn’t bore you to death :) I had a huge Ed Sheeran playlist on my phone and it helped me trough some really diffucult moments. Ed really helped me stay positive and strong. I guess this win is half his :)