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he silently judges people

That oh so awkward moment when the guy who just popped your cherry and impregnated you on your first date ever because you were too busy caring for your grandfathers and fathers seven toddlers (no, they didn’t have them together, but sometimes with the same girlfriend) to date in your teen years, is actually dreaming about marrying your somewhat younger uncle and not you.

I’m sure we’ve all been there.

My founder sim, elder man in this photo, died. Andrew Roguerre lived to a ripe old age of 64 days, leaving behind three wives, only on of which hated his guts, 14 children, some of whom actually was talking to him at the time, and 21 grandchildren, of which he was close to about five and knew the names of another five. Tops. He did not reach his life long goal of becoming Mayor, but he saw the population of his city grow from 1 to 240. He did not live to see the birth of his first great grandchild, the baby that was the result of the date from the picture above.

And thus concludes everything I’m going to tell you about my BaCC until something pretty darn funny happens. I really want to take the pictures for my next story part, but I was too tired today. Maybe Monday.

i used to be better, i used to be better, i used to be better

i was lucky enough to see The Great Comet on broadway last week (Oak’s second performance as Pierre)!! and now i’m reading war & peace so,,, here’s a pierre

❄️ The Hero and the Fairy ❄️ this piece has been a long time coming~ i originally posted the initial sketch back in December, in fact! so, if anybody still remembers that, and helped choose this piece’s direction - thank you! and i hope it turned out to your liking! and i also hope that everyone who is seeing it for the first time enjoys it as well! (-^   v ^-) i feel like this is they Otayuri piece i’ve been waiting to draw since the first time i saw episode 10. i’ll be posting the WIP shots for this in the next few days, so for anybody who enjoys those types of things, keep an eye out! (^   w ^) <3


Comics Sonnet #1: On Rockford, Illinois & the nearby rural areas. (Drawn in Somerville, MA) 


its not even october yet but i just couldnt help myself lsdfjdklsj I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! 🎃✨


infodumping about the ocean