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happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨


Surprisingly, Yamapi does have a important part in Chinen’s life. Unsurprisingly, Yamada still is such a sugar daddy.

This psychic wound appears to be suffered largely by men. Women writers weren’t included in the Romantic roll-call, and never had a lot of Genius medals stuck onto them; in fact, the word ‘genius’ and the word 'woman’ just don’t fit together in our language, because the kind of eccentricity expected of male 'geniuses’ would simply result in the label 'crazy,’ should it be practiced by a woman.
—  Margaret Atwood, Negotiating with the Dead: a Writer on Writing

No national skating federation in their right mind would be ok with one of their athletes competing and coaching a skater from a rival country. And they shouldn’t be because, well, it’s insane. I can picture Victor having this conversation with the Figure Skating Federation of Russia (FFKKR):

- So, I know I’ve been absent from the competition for 8 months but I want to come back and I’m aiming for Nationals.

- You can’t go to Nationals. Even you could miraculously come up with two new programs in 2 weeks or use an old one, you’re too late for Nationals. In fact, you’re too late for Europeans too. But if you can get ready in a month, we’ll let you skip Nationals a go directly to the Europeans. After all, you’ve given our country a lot of medals. You have a few priviliges.

- Great! Thank you! Oh, and by the way, I’ll still be a coach. That Japanese guy who won the silver medal at the Grand Prix? I’ll still coach him.

- Sorry, what?

- That’s ok, right?

- Let me get this straight: you want to compete and coach a rival athlete at the same time? And you don’t see the problem with that?

- What do you mean, problem?

- I’ll repeat: you, a Russian athlete, want to compete for Russia and, at the same time, coach an athlete from Japan who you’re going to face in the World Championships, Grand Prix and Winter Olympics. And you really can’t see why that would be a gigantic confict of interests?

- I…

- And you honestly thought that we would be ok with that? You thought about this and at no point did it occur to you that we might have a problem with one of our athletes coaching a rival athlete? That honestly never crossed your mind?

- Oh, come on! We’re engaged and it’s the only way for us to connect!´

- So, even more conflict of interests. Look, you either compete or you coach. You cannot have both. Choose one and stick with it.

In a realistic scenario, this is what would happen. But this show is not even close to being realistic, so they’re probably going to pretend that the ridiculous idea of coaching and skating at the same time actually makes sense. 


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Also, there are new game modes in Ow. It's called arcade and people don't really take it seriously and are usually nicer than in quick play.

neat!! ill check em on youtube 

ironically people never complained when I picked zen, I got a lot of votes and medals! They complained when I picked an offensive hero, even though I played Zen offensively : p


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“[Tommy and Brent] Do you forget ever that Martin Jones is a rookie doing all this for the first time?”

*Jones Nods*

Burns: “I don’t think of him as a rookie really I guess. He’s won a cup; been through a lot. Won a gold medal last summer. I think he’s shown that he can play in high, stressful situations…I know everyone’s been talkin’ about how calm he is. He’s got experience. I don’t really think of him as a rookie.“

Wingels: "Anyone who’s followed his career knows that he’s won at every level. You know, he was successful in junior….playing against him in the American league, we certainly could never beat him. You can see the poise in his game and he seems like he never has an elevated heart rate. In practice and in games he’s always there positionally and making the big saves…”

(And if Martin Jones had a tail it would have been wagging.)

Okay but like….Eric Bittle. Only months ago he fell in love with a boy he didn’t even think had the capacity to like him back. He spends months carefully pining over him. He’s so afraid of losing him. Then comes graduation, and he’s about to lose this boy for good. They say goodbyes, and he goes for it. He goes to tell that boy how he really feels. But he can’t (and can you blame him?) So he gives up, he thinks that’s it, that any chance he had is dead. He’s alone crying over it. And then out of nowhere that boy appears and what does he do? He kisses him. Not just once, but three times. I need to know what’s going through Bitty’s mind. I need to see Bitty happy. I just want Eric Bittle to be happy because damn has he been through a lot. 

Signs as College Boys
  • Aries: Nice assholes that offer you drinks at parties
  • Taurus: Artsy hotties who offer to draw you like French girls
  • Gemini: Charming class clowns who make everyone giggle
  • Cancer: Literature majors who write cute plays
  • Leo: Are hot, know they're hot- appreciates compliments
  • Virgo: Sarcastic frat boy who also very awkward sometimes
  • Libra: Boy who gets all the attention from both boys and girls ;) if you catch my drift
  • Scorpio: Athlete who has a dorm with sports posters everywhere and lots of medals
  • Sagittarius: Party animal, who loves to make friends and does crazy shit
  • Capricorn: Cute but doesn't know it, is a really nice guy
  • Aquarius: Smart ass guy who kinda just chills with anyone and everyone
  • Pisces: Boy-next-door who is everyone's bestie and lets you borrow stuff.

Sending him (strenght) to Hobi trending 4. worldwide! ❤ Also shoutout to places 1, 3, 5 and 6, it’s about our girls (Serbian basketball team) winning bronze at the Olympics! Good job girls, Serbia is so proud! We may be a small country but we have a big heart (and a lot of medals hehe). Fighting for gold in voleyball for women and water polo for men tonight, as well as basketball for men tomorrow. Gooooo everyone, you can do it! 💜💜💜

why hercules mulligan deserves pants medals (what are pants medals you ask? i don't know. im not a tailor or a medal awarder. ask one of them)

so first of all ive finally had time to start reading my a. ham biography and it talks about how one of alex’s first friends in america was hercules but it’s so funny because alex was always doing crazy war shit and herc just seemed to trail behind him taking an account of the insane shit alex did to tell later and helping him clean up the messes he made.

im telling you. herc deserves a medal. or lots of medals. that he can sew onto something. maybe pants. pants medals if you will.