lots of locks

💣 Before, when Damian was new to the Manor, Bruce’s bedroom door was always locked. Damian told himself he did not care. He could get in other ways. 

He didn’t know why he checked the lock every day. 


Beautiful, angry Sammy  (¬‿¬ )


happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨

As they walked along the bridge Adrien glanced between Marinette and the locks shining gold in the afternoon sunlight. “My father would say this bridge is an eyesore…” Marinette looked at him in surprise. “well not the bridge so much as all the locks. ‘An immature, sentimental act committed by delinquents that ruins the bridge’s otherwise elegant appearance’ - or something like that.”
“Oh…” Marinette gazed at all the locks with a slight frown.
“I like the locks though,” Adrien continued nervously, “there’s a lot of negative… ideas associated with locks: having secrets, being locked out, being trapped…” he looked down at the wood planks as they passed under his feet, and then at Marinette walking thoughtfully beside him. “but someone decided to use them to symbolize something good: safety, commitment…love… it’s just… it's…” Adrien’s voice trailed off as he watched Marinette tuck a strand of hair behind her ear and wrap her arms around herself.
“Romantic?” She finished, looking up at him with a smile.
Adrien felt his face warm and he looked away, “Yeah.”  

(Artist note: I imagine Adrien has had a lot of bad dreams involving locks and has looked up the symbolism behind it. Marinette probably has had some such dreams herself, but not nearly as bad or as often.)

Persona 5 Names + Autocorrect

A Kira Khrushchev
Ann tabanaki
Ryuji Nakamoto
Yup Kira hawala
Furans/Football/Guyana Sakura
Gary okapi
Gorilla a ketchup
Sokoto Sakura
Saw Nikita

Isn’t it funny how the memories you cherish before a breakup can become your worst enemies afterwards? The thoughts you loved to think about, the memories you wanted to hold up to the light and view from every angle–it suddenly seems a lot safer to lock them in a box, far from the light of day and throw away the key. It’s not an act of bitterness. It’s an act if self-preservation. It’s not always a bad idea to stay behind the window and look out at life instead, is it?
—  Ally Condie

okay so i was having thoughts this morning about how i believe that obi-wan was probably t h e best master for anakin under the circumstances (and a few others) and how as much as i hate predestination, if you accept anakin as (one of?) the chosen one(s), then he is fated to bring about the fall of the Jedi - cos you can’t have balance when the lightside outnumbers the darkside by as much as it does. and i started thinking about how what if the universes where obi-wan is his master greatly delays him fucking off to the darkside and bringing about the end of the Order? well, he was all of 23 when that happened, which means in other universes, where obi-wan is not his master, he probably abandons the order much younger than that.

okay, so - an au where.

an au where qui-gon lives. despite reasons why it probably wouldn’t happen, he becomes anakin’s master, obi-wan fucks off to do Knight Things and Grow As His Own Person. anakin has his canonical crisis of faith and great realization that being a jedi is difficult and not actually all that he thought it was going to be. he fucks off from the order - say around the age of fifteen?

qui-gon, despite everything, goes off to hunt him. despite this “betrayal”. after all, anakin is the chosen one, right? so he even goes so far as to call in obi-wan to help him find anakin. meanwhile, anakin is employing every last trick in the book to remain out of reach. he won’t go back - he won’t. he can do more good out there in the galaxy, instead of tied down by the (hostile, tbh) jedi order.

it just so happens that obi-wan finds him. rather than try to arrest him or anything (leaving the order is not a ‘take into custody’ offense, as obi-wan well knows) and actually talks to anakin about the reasons why he’s fucked off. he finds the reasons understandable. besides, becoming a jedi is not being conscripted. anakin has the right to leave if he feels like it. obi-wan tells him that it’s fucking dangerous for a half-trained force sensitive out there in the wild galaxy, but when anakin doesn’t change his mind (because he’s hella stubborn tbh) obi-wan is just like “welp” and lets him go. he tells qui-gon he never found anakin, but that it’s really unreasonable to hunt the kid down for fucking off. it’s another thing that qui-gon and obi-wan don’t see eye-to-eye with.

so that’s that, right? they’ll never see the chosen one again.

but wait, there’s more. So of course the Sith find anakin. he must bring balance to the force. Dooku and Sidious play bad cop/good cop until anakin is firmly under Sidious’ thumb. (presumably, Qui-gon would have found nine hundred different ways to keep anakin away from palpatine, who might even have been the one to plant the idea of running off into anakin’s head on the few times when he was allowed to speak with the kid). anakin goes corrupt, as you do when siths are fucking with your head, and the story proceeds.

here it is, the fall of the jedi order, and order 66.

ymmv what happens to qui-gon. does he live through even this? or is he shot down protecting obi-wan? in either case, obi-wan survives as he tends to, trying to regroup with the rest of the surviving Jedi. of course, you have this wretched sith lord, Darth Vader, hunting them all down. his skill with a blade is unparalleled. no jedi who has faced him has survived.

when he finds them, obi-wan stays back, sacrificing himself to save the others. and yet, to his surprise, darth vader does not kill him. darth vader himself does not understand entirely why, only that once when he was very young, a jedi heard him out and let him go.

he does not let obi-wan go, but neither does his blade fall.

What if Grantaire never saw beauty in himself because he was too busy looking at all the beauty he could see around him?

He saw Jehan’s hair, waving in the air like a red ocean as they crossed the street, Ferre’s delicate and long hands as he kept fidgeting with a pencil during a meeting, Bahorel’s muscles hardening in happiness as he hugged a long lost friend, Feuilly’s tired eyes leaving all his worries behind as he opened the Musain’s door; and also R saw Cosette’s neck, proudly high as she walked through the meeting, Eponine’s hungry eyes while she saw other people’s affection, Musichetta’s eyebrows curving bittersweetly as she remembered her past;
Grantaire kept looking and saw Bossuet’s grin as a drop of blood fell from his nose after he hit again against the door, Joly’s focused glance, his eyes narrowing to a thin line, as his hands polished his beloved old cane, Marius’ freckles vanishing in his reddened cheeks as he drowned is his friend’s embrace.

Grantaire saw a lot, beside Enjolras’ blonde locks and fierce stance, he saw so many beautiful friends and forgot how sparkly his eyes were as he kept looking at those wonders

alright. Trans Bitty.

i should be working.

  • really loved figure skating, but competed in pants instead of dresses.
  • had to give up when he didn’t want to skate in pairs and be lifted
  • wore his hair short, large tees, flannels
  • got bullied a lot by the girls, got locked overnight in a locker by the cheerleading squad
  • never had trouble with his dad, because in this AU Coach never pushed him to play football.
  • His mom has trouble connecting to “her little girl” but they still bake a lot, they just avoid the touchy subjects of hair, clothes, boys, etc.
  • new school, he signed up for Co-Ed hockey, liked it, people called him Bittle. Also, no checking.
  • Found Samwell online, learned that he could have a scholarship for Hockey
  • After two weeks of gathering his courage, wrote to Samwell asking what would happen to his scholarship if he transitioned mid way
  • Was told he would be switched from the Women Hochey to the Men hockey team, now if he wanted, no trouble.
  • Got an email detailing what Samwell could do for him, like changing his name on his registration forms but still send his parents mail under his first name if he wasn’t out to them yet.
  • Learned that his scholarship could cover a part of his transition
  • So Bitty joins the SMH team
  • He still wears large t-shirts, never seen shirtless, but wears shorts because let’s admit it, his legs are AMAZING
  • And Jack is still a dick, because Bitty still is afraid of checking
  • Bitty was on the verge of quitting, when he heard Jack complaining to the coaches
  • “Coach, seriously. How’d this guy get recruited?”
  • Jack may be a dick, but he’s a dick who NEVER mixed his pronouns.
  • So Bitty stays. Befriends the other guys. Went to checking practice with Jack. Scored points.
  • He also hides the fact that he’s gay, because usually people ask “Well why didn’t you just stay a girl?” and fuck them.
  • Still comes out to Shitty, they talk about his transition.
  • Sometimes during second year he starts taking testosterone.
  • He warns Jack about the fact that he’s definitely transitioning.
  • Jack nods, and goes to brood in his bedroom.
  • “What’s up with you, Jackabelle?” asks Shitty.
  • “Bittle.”
  • “He tell you about the hormones? Neat, huh? I’m so proud of our Bits.”
  • Jack broods.
  • “What the hell, Jack.”
  • “I didn’t know he was trans. He’s going to have to change teams.”
  • “What?’ yells Jack. “He’s becoming a girl, right? He’s gonna have to leave for the women’s team! We’re gonna lose him!”
  • Shitty sits back down.
  • “Okay, first, we need to work on your phrasing. That “becoming a girl” shit is not good. Second, huh, Bitty’s a guy. He’s just taking the steps to be more comfortable with his body.”
  • “So he’s staying with the team? He’s not leaving us?”
  • Shitty hugs his dumb Canadian child.
  • Bitty learns about this conversation some years later and kisses his dumb Canadian boyfriend who never even considered Bitty as something else than a guy.

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Could you write a little blurb about how Y/N is shy about Harry going down there? Thank you Susie...

Running into the house after a hard day’s work had become much more enjoyable now that I had something to come home to.  I quickly deposited my coat and shoes on the front mat before bounding up the stairs to our newly minted bedroom.  I couldn’t wait to finish off our first full day living together as a real life couple.

He looked up from his spot on the edge of the bed where he had already changed into some sweats and a t-shirt before sitting down to tap away on his phone.  The moment he heard my footsteps though he looked up with a huge, welcoming, happy smile on his face.  He promptly set his phone down,

“Was wondering when you were going to make it home.”

I didn’t hesitate a bit as I walked towards him.  I slotted myself between his legs and set my hands on his shoulders,

“Traffic was a bitch.”

He gripped my sides, his head tipped up to look at me,

“LA traffic is always a bitch.”

I stared down into the face of my love for a bit before lifting my hand into his hair.  A content smile formed on my lips without my direction,

“I missed you.”

He nodded,

“And I missed you.”  He twisted me back and forth in his hands, “Want to me to make you some dinner?  Or we could get something delivered?  I could get take ou-”

“I have all I need…right here.”  I whispered softly.

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