lots of legos


General Hux has a few announcements for the incompetents surrounding him.

So don’t be alarmed if he takes you by the arm
I won’t let him win, but I’m a sucker for his charm
Trouble is a friend
Yeah trouble is a friend of mine, oh oh

This gay mega block is taking over my life


Things to think about for the movie

  • Is Cole’s father going to make an appearance at all
  • How does he feel about Cole being “uber rad”
  • Is Zane’s creator/father going to be shown at all or is Zane just living alone as a robot
  • Will Pixal show up at all as Zane’s “high school sweetheart” and is she a robot or is she an AI in Zane
  • If she is a student at the school will she be an example of Zane going from stoic to actually having emotions (“Looks like Mr. Roboto can feel emotions”)
  • Are Kai and Nya raising each other because they have no parents
  • If they are raising each other where do they get the time to balance jobs for money/food, work from school, and being ninja
  • Are Jay’s parents still living in a junkyard and are they still inventors
  • Does Jay still invent things and did he help Nya build their cool vehicles
  • Is there going to be Jaya at all
  • Are the parents of the ninja just… never concerned about how long the ninja are gone when they go to fight? I’d be worried if my child disappeared. 
  • Is Lloyd just older now or are we doing the advanced aging thing or??
  • If the four weapons don’t exist in the movie then why does Garmadon have four arms
  • Is Wu like a granddad to them all and will there be a scene where one of them goes “yes dad” in a sarcastic tone
  • Will we see any Serpentine/ Skeletons/ Ghosts/ Etc.
  • Will the ninja even have elemental powers or are they just “ninja warriors”
  • Are the ninja all in the same classes or will some be in AP/College courses
  • Are the ninja freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors and is Lloyd the same grade as them
  • Are any of them in any sports or activities like band
  • Will there be something like a school dance

you guys can fight all you want, but rejecting comic batjokes also means rejecting Gotham Adventures, the canon fanfic that was Europa, that one time someone insulted the joker by literally telling him Batman wouldn’t take him to prom over catwoman, that other time batjokes actually happened in an alternate universe, The Joker singing two love songs for batman in the arkham games, the never-ending list of pet names, and so much more


here’s a couple more

there’ll prob be more tomorrow/throughout the week/next weekend

“I still don’t see why I couldn’t drive.”

“Well, for one, you refuse to put your helmet on and the sand is going to blind you. For two, It’s MY POD.”

“I hate sand.”

“Don’t start.”