lots of legos

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Does Marius have a lego batman shirt? And Javert! He blep!!!



He’s got a Batman LEGO shirt!

Their outfits were superhero themed (Cosette as Supergirl and Éponine as Wonder Woman), but all Marius had was a homemade Lego Batman t-shirt.
But it’s alright, he tries his best and Cosette and Eponine are supportive of their blue-footed booby (plus they all agree, the Lego Batman movie is the best Batman movie)

And yes! They all blep :P

From this day forward, Javert is just going to bite ice cream :P :P

underrated lego batman movie moments

• “dc… the house that batman built… yeah what, superman?… i’m your kryptonite”

• “ this plane is carrying dynamite, guns, acid… and two best friends!”

• killer croc planting a bomb and shouting “i did something!”

• the guy driving down the road singing “nothing bad ever happens to me” before he gets caught by the riddler

• “what about the time (batman defeated you) with the parade and the prince music?”

• harley is joker’s “girl buddy” and there’s no evidence of them ever dating

• “who always pays their taxes? not batman ;)))”

• harley’s roller skates!!!

• batman finishing his lobster thermidor and then randomly pulling out an electric guitar and SHREDDING IT UP

• “my name’s richard, but all the kids at the orphanage call me dick” “kids can be cruel”

• barbara went to “harvard for police”

• alfred placing a parental lock on the batcomputer

• “what’s the password?” “IRON MAN SUCKS”

• martian manhunter’s sick dance moves at the justice league dance party

• krypto the superdog is the justice league party dj

• alfred dressing up in the old batman costume because he “misses the 60s”

• “getting criminals to fight other criminals? that’s ridiculous”


• dick going to the batcave and dressing up in the nightwing costume!!!

• “british robots. ask your nerd friends”

• “so… you mean to tell me… bruce wayne is BATMAN???…’S ROOMMATE???”

• at the end when everybody’s celebrating, ivy kisses some guy out of happiness and he just straight up dies

• mariah carey voices gotham’s mayor and channing tatum voices superman sdsdfgdf


• getting RICKROLLED by dick grayson… what a memer

• the shark repellent actually getting used against king shark

• bruce and barbara don’t ever get together

• the way gotham clicks back together is downright hilarious

• joker wearing those crazy costume aviators with the bars through them

• selina has three lines throughout the entire movie and every single one is just a variation of the word “meow” (even in the ‘blooper reel,’, which makes out that the characters are aware they’re acting, she’s still saying meow)

• the gotham city sirens jamming out together

• the dance party at the end??? so pure??? 

to summarise, i love the lego batman movie with all my heart god bless

1920′s Lego Batman AU
Reasons to like it:
  • Important businessman Bruce Wayne being an undercover detective, WOAH, known only as ‘Batman’, with Alfred as his fondly exasperated father figure/butler
  • Babs as an aspiring cop who longs to be as great as her father, and who seeks out Batman to stop the amount of crime going on in the city
  • Dick running a part time job as a newspaper boy, and who gets accidentally adopted and swept up into Bruce Wayne/Batman’s life
  • Joker being large and in charge, running an undercover speakeasy (featuring the C-List villains) with plans to soon take over Gotham City
  • The amount of gA Y as Batman flies under the radar into Joker’s establishment, and Joker doing a double take because W O A H he’s hot he could be trouble sexy trouble
  • And from then on Joker constantly trying to flirt get Batman/Bruce to notice him in increasingly cartoony/dangerous ways
  • And Batman totally not blushing because of it because Joker’s kind of adorable, totally NOT, because he’s BATMAN, you stOP THAT LOOK ALFRED
  • Batfamily feels as Batman and Barbara are constantly trying to keep Dick out of danger because they don’t want to lose him, but somehow the kid keeps coming right back into the thick of trouble
  • Everyone in 1920s fashion
  • Dick in a flat cap and suspenders. I repeat. Dick in a flatcap and suspenders
  • Heck everyone in suspenders bcUZ WHY NOT
  • Joker with a fedora on that wild hair of his
  • Harley with a tommy gun omggg
  • The slang. THE SLA N G
  • JAZZ MUSIC Imagine a jazzy version of Who’s the (Bat)man HOW COOL

So don’t be alarmed if he takes you by the arm
I won’t let him win, but I’m a sucker for his charm
Trouble is a friend
Yeah trouble is a friend of mine, oh oh

This gay mega block is taking over my life


you guys can fight all you want, but rejecting comic batjokes also means rejecting Gotham Adventures, the canon fanfic that was Europa, that one time someone insulted the joker by literally telling him Batman wouldn’t take him to prom over catwoman, that other time batjokes actually happened in an alternate universe, The Joker singing two love songs for batman in the arkham games, the never-ending list of pet names, and so much more

Things to think about for the movie

  • Is Cole’s father going to make an appearance at all
  • How does he feel about Cole being “uber rad”
  • Is Zane’s creator/father going to be shown at all or is Zane just living alone as a robot
  • Will Pixal show up at all as Zane’s “high school sweetheart” and is she a robot or is she an AI in Zane
  • If she is a student at the school will she be an example of Zane going from stoic to actually having emotions (“Looks like Mr. Roboto can feel emotions”)
  • Are Kai and Nya raising each other because they have no parents
  • If they are raising each other where do they get the time to balance jobs for money/food, work from school, and being ninja
  • Are Jay’s parents still living in a junkyard and are they still inventors
  • Does Jay still invent things and did he help Nya build their cool vehicles
  • Is there going to be Jaya at all
  • Are the parents of the ninja just… never concerned about how long the ninja are gone when they go to fight? I’d be worried if my child disappeared. 
  • Is Lloyd just older now or are we doing the advanced aging thing or??
  • If the four weapons don’t exist in the movie then why does Garmadon have four arms
  • Is Wu like a granddad to them all and will there be a scene where one of them goes “yes dad” in a sarcastic tone
  • Will we see any Serpentine/ Skeletons/ Ghosts/ Etc.
  • Will the ninja even have elemental powers or are they just “ninja warriors”
  • Are the ninja all in the same classes or will some be in AP/College courses
  • Are the ninja freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors and is Lloyd the same grade as them
  • Are any of them in any sports or activities like band
  • Will there be something like a school dance