lots of klaine this time

Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing well! Breaking my radio silence to post up some old (I’m talking months old) klaine art I never got to finishing.

Kurt’s a prince of some sort and Blaine’s a prince of..birds. This incites some sort of hectic adventure, they each have their own personal epiphanies, etc etc and they ride into the sunset as the screen fades out.

anonymous asked:

"we don’t know each other that well but we’re in the same circle of friends and they’re all abroad this semester so it looks like we’ll be spending a lot more time together while they’re gone" for Klaine?


“How can you do this to me.”

It’s not a question, and Kurt knows that his voice tilted into a whine around the end, but he really is desperate.

“How can you not be more happy for me,” Mercedes replies as she closes her suitcase. “An internship in London, Kurt!”

Kurt sighs, flopping onto her bed. “I know, Cedes, I know. I’m beside myself with proud.”

“You look like it.”

“I really am!”

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Klaine Week 2014
June 7th:

»Favorite Klaine Outfits in Season 5

Kurt’s Vivienne Westwood suit with purple tie and hippo brooch & Blaine’s Topman Berry suit and Brooks Brothers bowtie (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

fierce-redhead  asked:

Hi! Sorry, but as you seem to be a spoilers encyclopedia, I wanted to ask you if it's in 6x04 that Kurt goes on a date with the old and married guy and that Blaine realizes he still has feelings for Kurt? And does anything else happen, regarding klaine? The spoilers came out a lot of time ago and they're all mixing up in my head! Thank you!

Oh why thank you! (Curtsies). I am glad to be appreciated for my strange encyclopedic memory for useless information about my favorite TV show. I am a bit of an encyclopedia. 

Yes. It is in 6.04 that Kurt goes on the date with the older, formerly married guy and Blaine realizes he has feelings for Kurt. Lots happens in the next TWO episodes with respect to klaine. In 6.04:

1. Sue reveals a fangirl obsession with getting klaine back together. She has a klaine shrine. She plots to get them back together. Kurt is annoyed at her. She starts with trying to sabotage Blaine and Dave’s relationship by doing various things including:

a. Inviting all of Dave’s previous ex’s (all bears) to Breadstix while Blaine and Dave are out on a date. 

b. Unleashing an actual bear in Blaine and Dave’s apartment.

2. When the bear is in the apartment, Dave calls Blaine who is at McKinley preparing for invitationals, and Blaine, Kurt, and Rachel all go to deal with the bear-mergency.

3. Kurt and Blaine at some point have what looks to be an angsty conversation (we have a still) where Kurt tells Blaine he is about to go on a date with a guy he met online. Blaine has a pang during this (according to MJ) and he starts to acknowledge his feelings for Kurt.

4. Kurt goes on the date. Realizes the guy is very old. Is initially freaked out but turns out guy is really nice. They agree to go out again but to start as friends. (Some specc’ing he sort of becomes a mentor to Kurt)

This is part one of a two part ‘Hurt Locker’ episode and five is THE ELEVATOR.

Praise and bless.