lots of jodhpurs

So like, I’ve totally fallen in love with River Song on Dr. Who, and I just have to make a comment about the most perfect River moment ever.

So from day one, I’ve been rambling to my girlfriend about how amazing River’s bum looks in jodhpurs. I mean its like a 10/10 in those things. But just a few hours after I said that, I started watching S6E8 (”Let’s Kill Hitler”). There’s this brief moment after River regenerates (from Mels, into River) where River is checking out her new appearance and she literally checks out her own butt and says, “Oh, that’s magnificent! I’m going to wear lots of jodhpurs!!”

THAT MOMENT IS SO IMPORTANT. The jodhpurs were just so carefully picked!!

Can we just talk about how aware even the writer’s are of Alex Kingston’s magnificent bum?! They were so aware that they even made her character aware.

I completely love the fact that no one loves River Song’s bum more than River Song.