lots of izzys lol

Aaaaaaahhhh I was tagged by the lovely @sounders-zenny, tysm Zo <3

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Name: Isabel but lots of my close friends call me Izzy!

Birth month: October

Height: 5'5″? 5′6″?

Ethnicity: mixed! Caucasian and Hispanic (Mexican)

Orientation: aahh tbh I’m still figuring it out. Bi or Pan as far as I know now tho!

Fruit: Pineapple

Favorite season: Summer or Fall probably!

Books: The Lunar Chronicles, His Dark Materials, The Book Thief

Flower: Irises

Scent: idk Lemons maybe

Animal: Elephants!

Beverage: Brisk drinks and most iced teas

Hours of Sleep: hoooo boy does that fluctuate on a week to week basis . Anywhere from 5 to 10 hours depending on how tired I am and how much hw I don’t get done.

Favorite fictional characters: so so so many! Chromedome, Drift, Sideswipe, Knockout, Breakdown, Soundwave, and Windblade from TF comics, Hunk and Pidge from VLD, and power couple Scarlet and Wolf from TLC. Lots more but these ones come to mind first <3

Number of blankets: 1-2

Dream trip: Europe somewhere (France or Spain perhaps)

Blog created: August 2015

Number of followers: 199

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To Be Loved

In a world where your Soulmate’s name appears on your wrist on your 16th birthday, you’d think the world would realize that all sexualities and orientations are natural, but sadly bigots still exist…

Alec is a shy, kind, kid. Completely average in every way. Until he wasn’t. On the break of his 16th birthday, Alec gets, possibly the shock of his life. Not only is his soulmate a dude, he’s a world famous dude! How he’s going to explain this to his parents, is beyond him, really…

Magnus is one of the lucky ones, he’s doing what he loves, and he’s successful at it. He has the best support system in the form of his beautiful mother, and he’s really living his dream. When Alec’s 16th birthday comes around, he’s ecstatic, finally, his almost perfect life will be complete! but things don’t always go the way you plan, and Magnus finds himself fighting harder than he’s ever fought before, for the right to be loved and to be in love…

(title taken from 18 by One Direction)

Edit: First chapter is up! Look on my blog for the link 😋