lots of hugs lisa!


Leonard Snart + being uncomfortable/anxious about being touched (probably because the only person who ever touched him without hurting him was himself)

I’ve got amazing news for you!!
I have done my A-levels (they’re called “Matura” here in Austria…) in June and graduated from school… So a new chapter in my life has to start as soon as possible.
Today I received a very important letter from a great school here in my area where you can become a nurse. I have the permission to go to that specific school!!! And to make it even better:
There are only 50 students permitted to go to that school and I am one of them..: in addition to this, 6 people are allowed to become nurses AND go to a “university” to get a degree of “Science in Nursing”. AND I AM ONE OF THESE 6 PEOPLE!! I am so extremely happy to ger this amazing chance!!
So in the next 3,5 years I’ll go to school AND to university! 😍😍 I am so happy to get a job where I can help people and make them feel better. This is very important to me! And I am so extremely happy to tell you that I can tell you about this great step in my life!
Thanks for listening to me, Sweetheart!

Lots of love and hugs,
Lisa (the girl on the left) 😊😘🎉✨💙