lots of horns

what the instruments do when they're having a good day
  • tuba: play super loud notes for no reason while the band is warming up
  • trombone: hitting the section in front of them with their slides with impunity
  • baritone: mischievous smile. they have stolen something from someone's backpack, and they will not return it without a fight
  • french horn: join in with the brass's mischief instead of pretending they're actually a woodwind like usual
  • trumpet: less egotistical than usual
  • bassoon: more egotistical than usual
  • clarinet: not actively sharpening a reed into a shank
  • saxophone: awesome jazz
  • flute: actually try to play every note instead of giving up when it gets too low or too high
  • oboe: give reed-making tips
  • piano: not crying over Chopin
  • percussion: actually playing their part and going to where they're supposed to be at the beginning of pieces

- Why don’t you take this form more often Amatus?                                             - Dorian.                                                                                                               - You’re halla fine.

Dorianmance Week : Centaur!Au


undertale belongs to toby fox

when you find out about your friends weird egg hobbies

Steven Universe Marching Band AU

Pearl: Plays flute. Probably drum major.
Amethyst: Fucking trombone. Came for the slides, stayed for the cute girls. Low key super talented.
Garnet: Works synthesizer in the pit. Got them good beats.
Ruby: Probably plays clarinet. Always breaks the reeds. Random instrument incidents.
Sapphire: Also plays flute. All the solos. Helps fix the girlfriends instrument… a lot…
Rose: French horn. Hella talented but also low key shady. Drum major.
Greg: Percussion. Not very good…
Bismuth: Tuba. Everyone’s favorite friend. Brings snacks to share.
Lapis: Color guard. Low key wants to quit but eh… she’s come this far…
Peridot: Trumpet. So. Fucking. Loud. Thinks she’s the best. She isn’t.
Jasper: Trombone. Asshole. Pretty gay but bullies all the girls she likes.
Yellow Diamond: Brass band director
Blue Diamond: woodwind director
White Diamond: Head director
Pink Diamond: Used to be percussion director… retired.
Yellow Pearl: Flute. Section leader. Total bitch.
Blue Pearl: Color Guard. Amazing af but shy.
Ruby squad: All also clarinets. Doc is section leader.
Aquamarine: Piccolo. Ugh…
Topaz: Tuba. Secretly nice but Aqua controls her…

Steven: Clarinet, middle school
Connie: Clarinet, middle school

Friends with Kids

I see your friends with benefits fics and raise you friends with kids.

A/N: So this started out as a list fic and then turned into 5,000 words.

For your consideration. Picture Holster as a coach for peewee hockey and there’s this little girl, let’s call her Piper, and she’s super cute and her parents are literally always late to pick her up from practice. Once Holster had to call them and remind them to come pick her up cause practice had ended an hour ago - and just, this girl is so awesome and loves hockey even though she kind of sucks at it and she carries this little Dora the Explorer backpack with her everywhere. 

So whenever she’s waiting for her parents to pick her up she’ll grab a book or toy or coloring book out of her back pack and at first she’d just play quietly while waiting, but then Holster tells the other coaches they can go on ahead (cause they’re always anxious to leave once practice is done since it’s unpaid volunteer work) and he starts talking to her. Eventually one day after practice she just sort of climbs up into Holster’s lap while they’re waiting in the lobby and gives him her book to read to her and his heart just? melts a little honestly

And he legit always comes home to Ransom - they’re roommates, again because Holster tried the whole nine to five thing three states away from Ransom and he would rather be barely making ends meet by working at the local hockey rink than making six figures if it means he gets to spend every day with his best friend - but that’s a whole other story. But anyway he is always talking about how smart Piper is and what funny thing she did that day. Ransom even feels like he kind of knows her because Holster talks about her so much. 

One day when they have a game on a day that Ransom has off from the hospital he surprises Holster by showing up. He talks to the other parents in the stands and quickly figures out which kid is Piper, because when they come out onto the ice Holster is practically carrying her and it takes almost a full three minutes of coaxing before she lets go of him and skates over to her spot on the ice. 

Ransom thinks that’s like the cutest thing ever. He asks the parents who are sitting near him whose kid she is and all the parents are saying she isn’t theirs and Ransom is confused before one of the moms sitting nearby asks who he’s talking about again. He points to number three on the ice and the mom tells him that Piper is in foster care and the parents – “are a steaming pile of shit.”

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AU where Bakugou isn’t just a human bomb, he’s THE human bomb. He can’t control his explosions from his hands, his body is just one enormous bomb that is either “off” or “three city blocks of destruction”

He’s ostracized from the moment his quirk forms. He’s too dangerous for most people to want to be around, but there’s this one quirkless kid that doesn’t seem to mind.

In fact, he’s the only one that seems to believe in him at all.

japanese-yuri-fanfic-queen  asked:

How canon are the Touhou print works? I'm nearing the end of an LP of LOLK, and am debating whether or not to read them.

It varies! Most of the manga are completely canon, like Forbidden Scrollery, Silent Sinner in Blue and Wild and Horned Hermit. Curiosities of Lotus Asia is canon. Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and Symposium of Post-Mysticism are both canon, and are actual texts that exist in-universe (as part of the Gensokyo Chronicle) but written from the perspective of Hieda no Akyuu, so youkai might seem portrayed as more dangerous than they actually are (due to being written by a human). Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth is just a bunch of funny 4koma, so is probably dubiously canon and not a necessary read.

Other books, for example, the Grimoire of Marisa, are canon, but don’t contain much important information - in this case, it’s just Marisa’s descriptions of various characters’ spellcards.

If you want to know what the most important ones are, I would say:

And then also check out Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and Symposium of Post-Mysticism for more information on the characters and some interviews! The rest are probably okay to go without unless you’re curious, but they’re also good if you want to, and I would recommend them! The print works add so much to the Touhou lore, and it definitely wouldn’t be as big if it weren’t for them.

anonymous asked:

My dude,, , what's your headcanon for how trolls molt?

basically they hibernate in a cocoon for a few days/weeks depending on caste. in the Old Times they had a mucus gland and made the cocoon from scratch but it was exhausting so repuracoons have the dual purpose of being molt vessels! the sopor has to be changed after tho bc its full of broken down carapace and dead skin which is Really Frikken Gross. molting happens every 5 sweeps until the adult molt which is the most dramatic, then its only every 10 or so sweeps and it goes right up until they die. 

they dont turn into mush but they do shed their back plates and grow Really Fast all at once, then grow the plates back. the plates immediately post-molt are kinda soft still so they usually chill until the carapace hardens and their bones stop aching from speed growth. molting is typically followed by a couple days of semi-hibernation and a moirail is recommended for assistance. 

their first molt is the transition from grub to wiggler, and recovery takes a little longer while they wait for the vestigial leg joints to heal over and their skin to adjust. during the first molt they shed a lot of their orange horn fuzz, exposing the yellow tips, and their bottom jaw fuses for eating solids. the protective squishy layer of carapace and stuff gets dissolved to expose their grey skin underneath, and then u have a fully formed Toddler. they can walk within a few hours/days. 

Xostrine: Setting Guide

Some general setting notes for the fantasy realm of Xostrine, aka a name I chose out of a generator so I could stop calling it the dragondicks pornoverse, aka a universe designed entirely around writing monster porn that is not intended to withstand any amount of serious scrutiny whatsoever. Suitable for original fiction, AU fanfic, roleplays, or whatever else your heart desires. Probably not a tabletop game. Please don’t inflict this porn setting on your players. That’s awk.

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