lots of good traits

Extrovert, Introvert or Ambivert

1. Qualities and Traits of Extroverts

- Outgoing and sociable; may begin to feel down if they spend too time alone

- Active, energetic, enthusiastic and lively

- Expressive and affectionate

- Like adventure and new experiences

- Often seem courageous and confident

- Like to pursue a wide variety of interests

- Spontaneous and impulsive

- May have a low boredom threshold

2. Qualities and Traits of Introverts

- Prefer to think more and talk less

- Prefer solitary to group activities; find it exhausting being around people all the time

- Dislike being centre stage

- Makes carefully thought out decisions (Like to have all the facts available, and have time to weigh up all the pros and cons)

- More subdued and less excitable; may appear to be lacking in energy and enthusiasm

- May seem shy, detached and hard to get to know

Prefers to focus on a few key interests than to be involved in a lot of different things

- Are good at amusing themselves.

3. Qualities and Traits of Ambiverts

Although many individuals will tend to demonstrate either more extroverts or introverts personalities, many others will feel they are a mixture of the two. These types of people are known as ambiverts. That is, ambiverts display the traits of introverts in some situations, and extroverts in others.


Happy Holidays - part 2 of 4

This modern house is the perfect place for a small family with interests in cooking and throwing casual dinner parties. Gather around the spacious kitchen island or savor a delicious dinner in the glassed dining room.

Pine Lane 1 - (cc-free)
Lot Size: 30x20
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Lot traits: Natural light, Good schools, Chef’s kitchen
Location: Cookout Lookout in Newcrest
Used packs: Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat, Dine Out, Backyard Stuff, Perfect Patio, Movie Hangout, Romantic Garden, Cool Kitchen

OBS! I’d advice you to enable the bb.moveobjects cheat in build mode before placing the lot for the clutter to stay in place.

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Chill, cute, and cool. Who doesn’t love the INTP? You guys are my buddies, my nerdy friends, my sidekicks. I need you in my life.

One of the coolest things about you is how relaxed and confident you appear all. the. time. If ENTJs have no chill, INTPs have all the chill. Like, seriously. That’s amazing. I don’t even know how you do that. But I appreciate it. Like you’re the kind of person I can just lowkey hang out with all day despite the fact that we’ve never met before. And you’ll probably try to pay for my food, too.

I love that we don’t have to be constantly talking. Like you’re down with companionable silence.

You have an odd flair for drama, which is great because you can totally act (HOW?! I would never, ever suspect that of you! Wonderful surprise!)

You’re non judgmental (at least, not out loud) and honestly that’s great, it’s gonna take you far.

You’re above gossip and pettiness, which is so excellent I can’t even describe it. Please hang out with me more, I need that kind of coolness around me.

You’re hilarious when you want to be. Plus you can probably rock aviator sunglasses.

You can be playful and serious at the same time, which is rare.

The INTP might be the only sane person left after a long meeting, stressful event, or company shakedown. You don’t stress out a lot.

It’s cool to be your friend. Very relaxing to be around you. Plus you crack me up. Lots of good mojo.

anonymous asked:

Ok, you've talked about how dirk would feel about jade/john and how much he would love them (i wouldn't mind hearing more about that too tbh) But! how do you think he would feel about rose/dave (like, wow, are those really my kids? the hero dave strider is my son? everything good about them must have come from roxy no doubt) so, yeah, headcanons about dirk interacting with others, please?

You nailed a good part of it. I think Dirk and Dave are pretty well-charted by the canon, but basically I think Dirk would be inclined to look for Roxy in both Dave and Rose, which would be easy with Dave because he takes after Roxy hard anyway. So there’d be a lot of hangouts and the degree to which Dirk can satisfy Dave’s need for emotional openness probably relies on how much Dirk’s issues with the Alphas are sorted out, because Dirk uh…really really hates himself. Especially by canon endgame. Which brings us to Karkat.

I feel it somewhere in my heart that Karkat catches wind of the Alphas’ emotional turmoils through Dirk and immediately sets about fixing all of it because nu uh, fuck no, fuck that shit Karkat has dealt with ENOUGH romantic turmoil and he’s not having any of this bullshit teen drama in his ultimate reward. As a result Dirk immediately would die for Karkat on command even if he wasn’t already inclined to do so for Karkat being The One Dave Loves anyway. This is cool because Dirk and Karkat have a fucking lot in common! 

There’s the being subjugated by the Condesce, the intense self-loathing and being convinced they destroyed relationships by the sheer nature of their beings, the intense and vicious arguments with versions of themselves…there’s a lot to bond over. It’s cute. I want more of that. All of this has the added bonus of making Dave basically the happiest fucker alive in the multiverse on top of Karkat and Dirk just being…really good influences on each other. Karkat can help Dirk out with relationships! Having the approval of physically hypercompetent Dirk could do a lot to reduce whatever angst about his own battle skill Karkat has left! There’s so much there ;_: I love them. 

Where things get a lot MORE interesting is with Rose, almost entirely because seeing Roxy in her is…

going to be a lot harder. 

On top of that, Rose is curious and inquisitive, like Dirk is. And she’s particularly interested in Dirk’s oddities. Traits she could really question and dig into:

Rose hasn’t really lost her interest in psychotherapy, I think–but Dave has definitely chilled out a lot and stopped trying so hard after he started dating Karkat.
Like Terezi, Rose enjoys the hell out of a dude trying to be cool who has something to hide. Which makes Dirk “perfectly stoic, taciturn to the max about everything” Strider pretty much the perfect fucking target.

So early on there’s definitely a lot of Rose teasing Dirk and doing her psychoanalysis thing at him, which could make for some absolutely stunning dialogue. Probably a lot of calling him “Dad” or “Father”, too, god I love Rose Lalonde. And Dirk like, he sees himself in Rose a lot and that might make him more defensive and critical of her than most…but I think it’s more likely that what he sees of Roxy in her and what he knows from Rose’s history (she was effectively the closest thing he had to a Mother figure, too–it’s just not a legacy he chose to lay claim to) would force him to reckon with the fact that someone can have a lot of Dirk-like traits and still be fundamentally…you know. Good. 

I think over the long haul Dirk and Dave would end up feeling like twin brothers to each other, balancing out the weird dad-son feels into something wholly unique. Same goes for Dirk and Rose, but Dirk would uniquely value Rose’s insight and he’d probably be likeliest to go to Rose for advice or counsel out of anybody…especially if they ever get to know each other well enough to figure out they share a proclivity for self-loathing and assuming outsize responsibility without relying on their friends. 

Jake can make Dirk FEEL good about himself, but Rose could probably put into words exactly why he is objectively good, and Dirk would appreciate that. Rose, meanwhile, would appreciate someone who can keep her grounded in herself and her own strengths and flaws when she gets too wrapped in her own head to talk to people…even if I also think Dirk doing so would piss her off. 

They’d be good for each other basically. And Dirk would get ripped on hard enough to actually break his stoic facade, which I think is a marvel we all wish to see. 

Asperger's with no diagnosis: some life help suggestions

If you don’t think you can get a diagnosis, and if no one is willing to consider, I have some advice from a 20 year old who knows the ropes on many Asperger’s problems. (I have ASD and have been diagnosed since 6).

Firstly, if you’re considering autism is likely because you feel you don’t fit in, seek out some professional advice online and talk about what makes you feel that way. Many conditions present with similar symptoms and it’s best to be pretty sure before you start treating a paper cut with stitches.

On to the good stuff:

A lot of autistic behaviours and traits are normal behaviours or traits but out of proportion. Therefore, most of them can be made to sound like ‘normal people problems’ which might help you deal with them.

Some suggestions of what to tell people:

Touch aversion: tags and certain fabrics (or whatever irritates you) cause you to get itchy. Describe it as a physical reaction, such as saying you have sensitive skin.

Sensory overload: loud rooms give you headaches. Headaches make things sound louder which make for worse headaches. (Bright lights are a culprit to making this worse that took me years to notice. Beware fluorescent lights.) Ask to listen to quiet music, or be excused regularly, to cut down on the amount of noise you have to hear.

Food issues: XYZ foods make you feel ill. (This is true in part.) Avoiding onions/cabbage/vinegar is a matter of avoiding stomach ache. I would suggest just outright saying that you don’t like some foods and won’t eat them, if you think the people who you eat with will respect that. After all, better to honestly say ‘onion makes me want to puke’ then to pretend you love something someone has prepared for you, which you hate. If you want to eat those foods (onion is one of my favourite meal additions but I physically gag if I chew a half cooked piece) explore new ways of eating it. Make it a minimal part of a meal, like grinding it to oblivion if texture is the issue or using a barely present amount if flavour, and just keep eating it that way, progressively exposing yourself to more as you get used to it. I promise you it’s worth it. (Mind you, I never bothered with cabbage, celery or soft cooked vegetables, I really just don’t like them or care for them.) 

Eye contact: look between their eyes, at the bridge of their nose, or look at their glasses. You can’t really tell. If you’re talking about something, say, at school, write things as you explain it, so that you have a reason to not make eye contact so much, and so they won’t be looking at you as much.

Social skills: recite a new person’s name over and over in your head, while taking mental notes about them. Their car, the shape of their ears, the sound of their voice. You don’t need to memorise those details but it’s one of the best ways to memorise new people if you struggle with that (as a social butterfly I still struggle with new names. I’ll forget unless I think about it again a few times within the next day or so). Also be upfront about being bad with names, and ask if you don’t remember, because asking twice in a row is way less embarrassing then trying to catch their name two months later. Trust me. Also, being upfront but considerate is something most of my autistic friends are liked for.

Lastly, find stims that are soothing but also don’t attract much attention. Leg bouncing is one that many people do, but is sometimes pointed out (by rude people, or if it’s noisy). I play with the tip of my tongue against my teeth often. Fidget rings are good too, or any textured ring that can be rotated around your finger without much resistance. If you notice a new stim which might have consequences, like chewing on your cheeks (causes callouses), try to replace it with a safe one quickly, because bad habits die hard, especially stims. Small, cool objects, like a pebble, or jewellery, or a usb, can be soothing to rotate in your fingers, and is not seen as unusual most of the time.

Hope that helps!  Edit as you see fit.


This seems helpful, thanks for submitting !!

- Solar

Is it just me or is there two teams fighting over the scene with Diana and Akko in ep14 to know if Diana is a bitch who finally get put in her place or if Akko is a blind moron who only knows how to hurt Diana ? Because I think it’s a bit more complicated than that.

I don’t hate any of these characters, on the contrary. Akko has a lot of flaws, but she’s a good and determined girl, this last trait being one I admire deeply, while Diana seems to be a complex character who always tries to solve conflicts and works to be the best in every domain. With that being said…

Diana may be right on a lot of things a lot of the time, but it doesn’t mean that she is always right. In this ep, her intervention had only one purpose : putting an end to the fairies’ strike. And to reach this goal, what did she do ? She explained, with good arguments I have to admit, that the fairies’ strike was only a bother and that they had to put an end to it and get back to work just like every other day before this one. I’m sure she thought it was the logical and reasonable thing to do and that’s why she was proud enough at the end of her speech to smile even though the fairies didn’t even respond yet. But Diana missed a really important point in her argumentation : why the fairies started a strike in the first place. She didn’t address their problem, she didn’t try to find a solution for them to have access to more magical energy, even though it is the only thing keeping them alive. As Akko said later, the fairies restrain themselves, they kept quiet for a long time because the witches need the magical energy too to perform their spells. And when they finally ask for something, no one other than Headmistress Holbrooke and Akko listen to them and try to find a way to give them what they want. Diana, just like the professors, doesn’t care about the fairies feelings, she tells them that they are bothering everyone and that the school may close because of them so the fairies would feel guilty and give up on their demands. She doesn’t usually really look down on people, but on this matter, she clearly lacked empathy.

But that doesn’t mean that Akko was right to insult her and tell her that she doesn’t know what hard work is. A lot of people already explained in many ways, on multiple occasions and better than I could dream of doing myself that Diana, as the heiress of an important family, had to live up to her family name and therefore worked like crazy, staying up late at night, not even caring about her own comfort, doing her best to be someone whom everyone can rely on, even the professors, and they sure take advantage of that. Having seen Diana’s room in ep12, Akko should know that, but let’s not forget that it is Akko we’re talking about : Diana’s way of dismissing the fairies’ requests quite certainly angered her to the point where she just lashed out at Diana about everything she felt like an injustice or a lack of consideration on Diana’s part : Diana’s noble witch family and money that allowed herto get a better education and a better room in the school dorms, the way Diana speaks and acts that someone as Akko who always says what she has on her mind just can’t understand and, I guess, Diana’s talent for magic because Akko can’t tell the difference between talent and a lifetime of hard work to become the best. Akko insulted Diana without understanding or maybe just without caring about the counterparts : the pressure on Diana’s shoulders every day, every second of her life, the need to always be perfect, be outstanding in every domain, every spell, every movement, the isolation, the need to hide her feelings, even to her own friends…

Akko fails to understand or acknowledge any of that, even though she was in Diana’s shoes for quite some time and told Professor Ursula that Diana was amazing. Maybe it’s just the anger speaking, Akko’s irritation at Diana’s success when even her hard work and wonderful performance didn’t get her any recognition, her childish personality, her hot temper… Or maybe she wanted to hurt Diana, to let the other witch experience bully and humiliation for once (since she doesn’t know that Diana was bullied by other children when she was younger).

Anyway, they were both wrong : Diana shouldn’t have dismissed the fairies requests so easily while Akko shouldn’t have insulted Diana when she doesn’t know a lot about her and a good part of what she knows should precisely make her reconsider insulting Diana like that.

I hope they will learn to communicate and respect each other in the following episodes, they will need that if they have to team up in the future.

castypha said: we get it u hate characters with autistic traits

So I found this in reference to my post comparing Eggman and Peridot’s childish tendencies so I wanted to expand on this and talk about Peridot’s autistic coded characteristics specifically. 

I have no issue whatsoever with Peridot having autistic traits! My issue is that over time this portrayal was botched due to the Crew furthering her childish tendencies, infantalizing her, and poor writing in general. The chief example usually paired with this is the deleted scene from Log Date where Peridot is taught about how to eat while sitting in a high chair, but I think a better canon example is Peridot having two comfort objects taken from her (the tape recorder and her tablet respectively). It’s kind of bad when other autistic people need those objects and the show literally tried to destroy both of Peridot’s.

It’s such a shame too because pre-Barn Mates Peridot was a wonderful character! She was smart and showed a willingness to learn about things and seeing her grow as a character was well done and intresting! She even showed a lot of autistic traits but they weren’t infantilizing her! A good example is her taking things literally or having comfort objects in the form of her recorder and tablet (at least before… y’know). Now it just feels like she’s used for bad comic relief and all the development and character she did have was either forgotten or flanderized to annoying degrees. 

Some better examples of characters with Autism would be Symetra from Overwatch and Julia from Seasame Street, both flat out stated to be autistic too boot! Likewise I’ll list a few posts here and here where I based some points here on. Hope this explains things!


been working a lot lately on growing more confident and acknowledging/appreciative of all my good traits, both internal and external. i’ve been changing for the better, and find myself feeling far more comfortable in my own skin and less concerned with other people’s opinions of me and my actions. self-love is super important, y'all. know your worth and recognize your beauty, your soul will thank you kindly for it. 💕✨ 

 photos taken from my instagram

guy-with-naruto-jacket  asked:

Just curious, how do you feel about su crits saying that Peridot is a horrible example of an autistic protag?

How do I feel about it?

Well…if the criticism is coming from another autistic person, I can’t say it holds no weight. Other autistic people are perfectly justified in their worries about Peridot’s character, where accurate representation is concerned. If it’s criticism that’s coming from someone who ISN’T autistic, though…then they don’t really have a place on saying what is and what isn’t good representation. Just like straight people can’t say what is and what isn’t good LGBT+ representation.

As for my personal opinion, I can’t necessarily say I agree with the statement that Peridot isn’t good autistic representation. I’m on the autism spectrum, and I’ve been able to completely identify with Peridot since the events of Gem Drill. After that episode was around the time when people began to dislike her, and pull back to say the crewniverse isn’t doing a good job with her character.

A lot of Peridot’s traits that can be considered symptoms of autism are still prevalent in her character today. Her performance in social situations is, for the most part, the same. She still seems pretty unaware of social cues; IE what is and what isn’t okay to say or do. Another trait I’ve noticed in myself and nearly all the autistic people I’ve met in my life is a very stubborn, or persistent attitude, which is something that can also be attributed to Peridot in her newer appearances. 

None of these traits apply to ALL autistic people, of course. Autism is much less a pattern of symptoms, but moreso a grab-bag of symptoms that vary heavily from person to person. Me, my best friend, and my little brother are all autistic, and the three of us all have very different experiences, because all of us have different symptoms.

Some traits of Peridot I can relate to in particular are her immaturity and naivety, which are traits of hers that are shown in The New Crystal Gems and Room For Ruby. Peridot’s immaturity and naivety have been core parts of her character since Season 2, and as far back as Marble Madness. To say Peridot isn’t still the same character is to admit you aren’t even paying attention to her.

For autistic people who don’t have any of the above traits, it’s fine if you can’t relate to her this way, and it’s fine if you don’t like her because she doesn’t represent you. But, if I could ask one thing, it would be to not invalidate the opinions of autistic people who can relate to Peridot’s character as it currently is, like me.

Falling to Storm

  • Jason got a lot of good traits from his father, but also many unfortunate ones as well.
  • He was abusive, he never wanted to, but he was a child of Jupiter, not Zeus so harshness, militarism, strength were all in his nature
  • He was also war torn and confused and angry and he didn’t know why which made the abuse worse. There was nothing anyone could do, once you cross that line of mental wreckage there’s no return.
  • Mainly though, Jason inherited his father’s infidelity.
  • Sure, things were fine for the first year or so, as it was in the beginning with Jupiter and Juno, but then he spiraled. While he was in New Rome something happened with a child of Apollo, no one knew,
  • No one knew about the child of Venus either or the one of Mars, or Ceres. It was always with Romans too, they were much less bound emotionally if something sexual happened. They had their bodies, used them to please themselves, but that didn’t mean marriage. With Piper always at Camp Half-Blood only meeting with Romans was the best way. 
  • It was working fine, until Piper asked Reyna to check up on him one night when he forgot to call her like they planned. He was caught and Reyna is no fool. She knew it wasn’t the first time and bound by honor and loyalty she forced herself to tell Piper. 
  • It wasn’t pretty, children of Aphrodite are notorious for becoming destructive when cheated on or broken up with. Piper was powerful, but she refused to show how strong hate was. Instead she simply left. 
  • So with her mother’s blessing she left to the sea where her mother emerged from. Percy took her to Poseidon’s palace with Annabeth as they were planning a trip that summer to go there anyways. 
  • They cut ties with Jason after Percy Iris messaged him to tell him how bad he messed up. “You’re powerful and reckless and you didn’t deserve her. Enjoy your time in New Rome, Jason, but I would think long and hard about coming back to Camp Half-Blood. If you ask for refuge we are bound to help you as a child Jupiter, but don’t expect friendship.” 
  • Percy’s fatal flaw is Personal Loyalty after all, he lives and dies by his friends.
  • Jason couldn’t handle it, he had no where to go, he was almost 18 and was suddenly on his own. Even the Romans were disgusted at him, no one showed it, but he could never make a trip to town without getting tripped at least once. 
  • One day, he got a brick left at his doorstep. Attached to it was a note You protected her years ago from one of this kind. Would you still? -V
  • That night Jason soared up to the sky he tossed and flailed and cried out to the gods and to Piper and to all the people who cut ties with him weeks ago begging forgiveness.
  • He created a storm that San Fransisco had never seen before, the tide remained calm however. There were reports of a boy in an orange t-shirt standing on the water keeping the entire bay completely still, fighting against the wind battering the shore. 
  • Jason would never know the body count of his drunken rage. In all the midst of swirling winds, blinding strikes of lightning, and sharp, gusts of wind a rod of lightning struck him.
  • No one saw the strength of the bolt or the faint outline of a face in the sky as the boy was struck. No one, but Percy, the other boy who faced Jason’s rage and the girl who stood by his side who insisted to see what was actually happening when Poseidon sent his son to the surface to protect the mortals. 
  • The same girl who had her heart broken by the boy who fell from the sky.

How was that dark!Jason for you? Please don’t kill me, I know that it’s been forever, but I have been super busy! Anyways a couple nights ago there was a lighting storm that happened in the middle of the night and then there was this huge clap of thunder. After that I started to piece this together and I had some free time so here it is for you guys!! 

cuteshinyeevee  asked:

Is the blueberry like the river person

You could say that. River was a ball of energy just like Sans and spent a lot of that energy working, just like Sans does now. They were excitable and expressive even though their face was hidden most the time. As a kid Sans would often copy them and drag them into long, dramatic, intense games of role-playing as villains and heroes. River was almost always the villain. They had a really good evil laugh. Granted so did/does Sans. He learned it from them. 

He is wearing a cape~ Just like above. It’s actually his special blanket he has had since he was a baby. Sans would take that blanket everywhere, never letting it go unless he had to and even then he kept it close. It was a comfort thing. 

Once he got old enough he started wearing it as a cape since “big boys don’t carry blankies!” His parents never made him take it off unless it needed to be washed. When he became a teenager and into adulthood he would leave it home to wrap himself in if he was cold or needed comfort. But over the many years of use it began to wear and tear. When Papyrus and Sans went to make his battle body, they decided to put the worn blanket to use. They took the most intact and best part of it and made it into the bandanna he wears everywhere now.  It extremely special to him and he’d be absolutely devastated if something were to happen to it. 

~ Sol

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DAY6 REACTION when they come home and see you getting along and cooking for him with their mother? i saw this on another blog & thought it was cute so i wanted to ask u cause i love your posts ♡♡ thanks in advance & have a great day :)

Aw, this made me smile. Thank you for loving my posts! <3


“Honestly, what could be better than this?”

He would love it so much. He probably worried before whether you and his mother would get along; He did not think that you mother would dislike you, but there was still a part of him that worried. Seeing the two of you get along would just make him so happy.


“Yes!! Cooking from the two ladies I love.”

As he watched both you and his mother cook in the kitchen, he would kind of butt in a little just to see what you two were discussing while you cooked. He would then look around to see what he would be eating later, saying how he’s ready to eat. Also, unless you cooked well, he would probably joke and thank his mom for teaching you to cook.


“Oh, you guys are getting along. Sure you don’t need me here?”

He would just linger around to see you and his mother bond just because it is a sight that he enjoys seeing. His mother would probably tell him to leave and that it was girl’s talk, but he would stick around. Only when the embarrassing stories of him starts surfacing, that he’s got to go real quick.


“Wow, Mother. You seem to like (Y/N) a lot more than me.”

Just joking, of course. But he really would be so happy to see the people he loved getting together and cooking for him. He would be so happy that he would act extra cute the whole time during mealtime. He would also praise you a lot so that his mother could know more good traits about you.


*just so content that he probably won’t say much*

He would not say anything because he did not want to interrupt your time with his mother. He would just smile to himself and watch the two of you cook, and he would most likely start to think of what it would be like if you and his mother spent more time together and cooked together to get closer.

Thank you for requesting! Make it an awesome day/night, cutie~ ♡ 

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If Jughead didn't have such a low self-esteem, I could see him being a lot more like his dad (all his dad's good traits)

Oh absolutely—-and we see that happening, TBH. It’s why he was so confident, skillful and dominant with Betty (and is something we previously saw bits of slowly evolving)….as I just said in the ask I answered before this, there’s a definite enjoyment of leadership and power, he’s just never believed in it and always internalized shit.

I see that changing a LOT in season 2 and I don’t think that’s at all a bad thing. I also think Betty’s gonna dig it, TBH.

Tiana Appreciation Week ♕ Day 5 - Favorite Personality Trait
things the Doctor smells like, special edition: things Jack smells like (#1)
  • his own, natural, 51st-century pheromones and sticky hair gel
  • there was always something sweetly alcoholic about Jack’s smell
  • like vermouth and strong gin
  • but the scent was subtle, hidden, like a lot of Jack’s good traits
  • olives and sexuality

baltictides  asked:

Hey babe I was wondering if you could give a list of mermaid traits that I could share with a crowd in Hawaii. I’m doing a workshop with about 300 people (small compared to yours I know but it’s a start!) and when some of them heard I was friends with you they all wanted your input too. You are well respected in the merfolk world! ;) I would really appreciate the help and a lot of people might learn from a good mermaid post! Love you!!

                                 Traits of Mermaid Women

~ Mermaids are water. They are receptive, nurturing, and pure.

~ Mermaids are love. They are here to love and are fully Present in the Moment.

~ Mermaids are fearless. They are not anxious about the past or future… they are purely Here and Now. If you ask an incarnated mermaid if she feels stressed, you will be met with a blank look. Mermaids do not comprehend such ideas. Stress arises from resistance and the mermaid has none.

~ Mermaids have no desire to take and cannot truly be “taken from”. Human relationships with submission, domination, or “give and take” dynamics simply do not occur within a mermaid interaction.

~ Mermaids are not an endangered species. They are timeless and infinite. However due to the way humanity has abused the environment, our oceans and water-inhabitants are in need of a complete change in human behavior.

~ The mermaid presence: Her form is nature and the mermaid does not cling to identity. She is like the sea. No attachment to present form… simply shifting and being all that it is.

~ She is sensual, yes, but from a place of pure receptivity rather than common ideas of “sexiness.”

~ Mermaids are in the flow, whether they are astral or walk in human form. Put an incarnated mermaid into the water and there is no semblance of human personality. There is only water and her playful reflection of the tides.

~ Mermaids always feel complete. They have no human needs and do not understand what neglect feels like. This can be quite frustrating for human partners who enter into a relationship with an incarnated mermaid- roles and male concepts of needing to feel useful in a relationship just fly out the window. She will never need you and if offered the opportunity to go back to her realm, she will do so without a thought for you- since she does not know what it is to “leave something behind.” There is only Now.

~ Mermaids do not bond. They are one with whoever they think upon, but in the absence of the “thought” or “person” there is no attachment whatsoever. Mermaids will be the last people to genuinely say, “I miss you.” They do not know what it is to have something good be absent from them. They already feel whole.

~ Ask any of the incarnated mermaids how they view humans… well once they get past expressing their love for everyone… and you might hear her say something like, “Humans feel half dead.” The mermaid represents a spirit that is completely alive with zero attachments. Humans are still shifting to a state of being where they embody being complete… meaning that the mermaid can feel the difference between the pure water and the one who stands in front of her with insecurities. It is an energetic observation on her part- not a judgment.

~ Mermaids know that most men and women do not love as they love… yet. A few souls have created relationships with the mermaid realm and have done quite well for themselves. Humanity is reawakening and slowly embracing new aspects of love they have forgotten about for centuries.  

~ Mermaids have no sense of time. Timelessness is their way… you might say they are like some starseeds in this manner.

~ Mermaids do not form communities. The only reason a few mermaids (from all over the world might I add… mermaids seem to be born far apart) talk online nowadays is due to the research of Bill Mistele. He studied mermaids for decades and began to slowly seek them out, interview them, and observe their auras. Mermaids already feel complete and they are joined at the core of their beings to nature- they do not need others in order to feel whole or “validated.” However, if you do put two mermaids together it is a real treat because you can observe the unique ways in which they interact and flow endlessly between each other.

~ Yes, mermaids often spend ridiculous amounts of time in water. I spend a minimum of 4 hours per day in water. On a good day that time limit can exceed 10+ hours. =) . I have always lived close to water, which works great for me! My current house is a 3 minute walk from the river. Many humans feel recharged by water as well. The spiritual experience with water seems to make the difference between mermaids and humans- but everyone can experience the infinite nurturing capacity of the magnetic fluid.

~ All mermaids are detached. All mermaids also have psychic empathy. Empathy is one of the biggest traits of the mermaids. It is not like human empathy- it never gets drained and does not need to recharge. It is a part of who the mermaid is and is not seen as a “blessing and a curse” like human forms of empathy often are. it is natural and easy.  My friend Bill Mistele has spent years studying mermaid women- astral and incarnated ones- and he can take any one of us, have us focus on any person in the world, and we can tell him what they are feeling, thinking, and intending in that moment. It makes psychic work much easier for him since we can connect so quickly.

~ The uninhibited presence of the mermaid can be hard for people to comprehend. She does not have insecurities and her love has no favoritism (although the spiritual/empathetic state of a person can determine how deep the relationship goes).

~ All mermaids use water in their healings even if they employ forms of healing such as reiki. All mermaids have psychic abilities that extend beyond healing. One mermaid can “zap” people around her and make them fall over. Another mermaid cannot be allowed near electronics. She has had over 40 phones in one year. All of them had “water damage” upon inspection even though she had not taken the devices anywhere near water. One mermaid and I can locate fishing boats anywhere in the world, make contact with them in waking or dream states, and usually persuade them to stop fishing/finning for the time being.  A whaling ship in the arctic turned around after a fellow mer and I made contact with it. A woman was on board and her higher empathy levels enabled her to hear our message. We later were able to speak with her in person due to a long chain of events. Everything ended wonderfully.

~ Mermaids never stop loving anyone. Even if a romantic relationship or friendship ends, they cannot fathom ending the “love.” It continues infinitely.  

~ Mermaids often have no sense of purpose in life other than “to love.” They usually don’t have normal careers. All of the mermaids heal the oceans in some way or another but I don’t think any of us would refer to it as a “career” since it is hard for us to think in those terms. Mermaids do not feel better about themselves due to their accomplishments, earthly possessions, or popularity. As stated before they already feel whole and do not need external validation. Any action a mermaid takes in our world is heart-based and comes from a place of pure love.

~ There are many people in this world who love the ocean. There are activists for coral reefs, dolphins, and the watery essence itself. They are amazing and are in no way inferior to mermaids- but as you can see being a mermaid is an experience that can be distinguished from just loving the ocean and being a voice for it (though those are parts of it!). It is the embodiment of the water element itself in the aura, the “personality” if it exists, and in the healing and psychic realms.

Notes for those who have chosen a relationship with a mermaid/merman:

*** The mermaid may have a far deeper connection with her fish than you will ever have with her. She and the other mermaids also share the water element in their auras and all water is “One.” This means that they share a relationship you may not understand in this life (it’s up to you). This is why some men in relationships with mermaids get frustrated. They want to be a part of what she has with her fish (mostly bettas in my case and in Kate’s case!) and with other mermaids. You might say they get a little jealous. This comes from the human need to bond. My suggestion: Begin the process of developing water in your own aura. There are a few people on this planet who are human but who do have the auras of mermaids and mermen because they have taken the time to develop those qualities in themselves. Start with this. Learn to release resistance and to be completely present in the moment without demands. ***

(Example of above note: After many decades of discovering about 20 incarnated mermaids from all over the world, Bill flew a few of them to Hawaii and took the mermaids to a restaurant along with a couple of humans (who were working on film projects with him). During the evening several people outside of the group observed that there was a ring of water flowing through all of the mermaids all around the table. When the “water ring” reached a human who sat between two mermaids, the ring skipped around them and continued to the next mer-woman.)

*** You may experience certain side effects from her mermaid aura. Chris could not drive in a car with me for well over a year without getting seasick, “high” off of the energy, or without experiencing withdrawal symptoms when I was away. Some meditations helped him a lot and he began to acclimate to my energy field. Now he can drive for 10 hours or more with me in the car. =) It still takes him a minute to get his sea legs but it is a far cry from being too “high” off of my energy to drive a car for a full 24 hours after spending only a few minutes with me. In other words a mermaid might make you feel so good that your responsibilities become nigh impossible. Her magnetism can be very intense. Take steps to be aware of this and to adjust accordingly. ***

*** What a mermaid IS is something everyone on this planet can eventually become. Mermaid love may seem like something exotic and unattainable, but it is just love that is functioning at healthy levels (that much of humanity has forgotten about). All humans can learn to love from the core of their beings and join effortlessly with others as mermaid women do naturally. This planet can transcend greed, domination, desire for control over others, jealousy, insecurity, and more. Right now incarnated mermaid women on planet earth are “one in one hundred million”: aka not that many. Being a mermaid has become trendy in our society and it is humanity seeking that part of Itself as a collective. Purchasing a mermaid tail and wearing sparkly blue makeup can be fun, but who can sit in a state of silence without thoughts invading for 20 minutes? 60 minutes? Who can love without inhibition and transform the world through their empathy and ability to nurture the dream of another? Who among us can let go of demands and simply Be? Who can release the ego and be united with nature at the core of their being? Who can see into each heart and heal what is missing? These are traits we can all learn to embody. These are messages from the mermaids. ***