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That moment in For Good you realize its one of the actresses’ last performance and their goodbyes and thanks descend to a personal level and you just know you’re gonna be a blubbering mess of tears by the end.

I’d like to imagine a world where the twitter Be/ronica stans don’t make me hate the fact that I like Be/ronica.

Heathers+Killing Stlaking is going to send me to hell

I redraw a part from this AMAZING cmv because


It helped me a lot for drawing facial expression even if I’m not totally satisified by this shitty drawing xD

·He’s the visual (ofc) and main dancer of the group.
·Usually takes off his shirt in concerts…and in fansigns… And in interviews…. He do it very often bc he knows how good looking he is. Btw he is very proud of it.
·He’s the guy who get to act at a lot of dramas roles bc the world know he’s good actor and he’s good looking it’s a bonus.
·Learn his parts at the songs and the coreographys faster then the other members bc he’s SO MUCH DEDICATED
·Usually argues with the hairstilyst bc she really want cut his ponytail. Don’t. No one understand that his ponytail is the font of his superpowers lol
·Sometimes get into alcohol and cigarettes scandals when the group are having a bad time :((
·He’s the maknae of the group and the shortest member as well. Poor him.
·The fans ALWAYS ask him to do aegyo bc he’s too cute for his own good.
·A lot of times he get scolded bc he skipped pratice to play games. But he always asks Zen to help him to catch the moves.
·He’s the cook of the group -at least he tries- well, his ramyeon is the best.
·In the concerts, when he see the fans giving him love, he cry and this is the cuttest thing ever, someone hug him
·He is the member who recieve more stuffed animals from the fans, his room is full of them,  707 lose his bed for the Yoosung bear’s collection.
·She’s the manager-nim. Everyone respect her so much bc she’s soo good in her job.
·Like a big mom she tries to keep the boys in the line. Poor Baehee
·She’s always working to keep them popular (looking for trends for example), and to get concerts and interviews for the boyz. Like 24/7.
·Everytime that the boys are performing, she feels so proud, she loves see her and the boys efforts giving amazing results.
·Bc she’s so pretty, Jaehee has her own fanclub among the fans of the boys, and recieve a lot of presents. But who says that the boys don’t get jealous?
·Even she needs keep her posture as manager, secretly she’s the biggest fan of the group and keep fangirling alone in the dark of her apartment.
·Also she’s the president of the Zen’s fanclub. But no one knows it.
·He’s the lead vocal and his beautiful voice make all the fans die. And if he do some highnote OMG CALL THE AMBULANCE.
·Even if he is the oldest member, he causes trouble too. Once he tried hide his cat in the dorm, but how Zen is his roommate, he was totally exposed.
·He’s way too much possessive with the fans and get jealous if they not give him full atention.
·How he got the money he don’t suffer like the other members in the staff hands. Usually eat expensive stuff when the others are eating Yoosung’s kitchen disasters.
·Sometimes people talk about how he are popular thanks to his family background but he doesn’t care. This boi knows he’s talented as fuck.
·He’s the leader, the rapper and the happy virus of the group. Always joking and doin’ pranks on the other members.
·This guy is the one who give Jaehee hard times more frequently. Yoosung is always his target. Jaehee needs protect this little boi everytime.
· Fansign King/Variety King. He’s the guy who every variety show asks for. He’s playful, funny and do the best imitations of his sunbaenim ever.
·Even if he’s always joking, he still is the most protective member. Always when the group have hard times he’s the first one to try find a soluction.
·When he recieved his first good payment he bought a sport car. That was he’s dream. A beautiful dream come true.
·He secretly enjoy reading fanfics, he always laugh when have some love scene with Yoosung, and to tease him, he start reading in loud voice. Someone stop 707, before he gives us more fanfic material

Notes: So, yeah I finally finished and I hope you guys enjoy it… So this is like my first headcanon and if you guys like it, I can do more, ofc I probably can’t draw everytime but yeah. (and I’m sorry,I didn’t draw Baehee bc I was running out of my time, so I promise next time I’ll do it).AH, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS WITHOUT ASK ME FIRST, AND PLEASE GIVE ME CREDITS

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What is the appeal Aamir Khan? He doesn't really have a charismatic personality nor jaw-dropping looks. Then why are his movies making so much money?

He’s a good actor, and he does a lot of research. He doesn’t just choose any movie he’s offered that might make money, he has his finger on the pulse of what people want to see. His movies are usually extremely socially relevant, and he markets them as such.

And I mean, he was a cutie when he was younger, it’s not like he’s walking around like some ogre. He’s definitely aged the best out of the three Khans (imo anyway).

[Translation] Kamisato blog 09272016 (Graduation)

Graduating from Tenimyu, and connecting.

Good evening! This is Kamisato Yuki.

Allow me to announce once again - all 48 tours of Tenimyu 3rd Season Seigaku vs Hyotei are completed.

There were live viewings in Osaka, Aichi, Miyagi, Fukuoka, and Shanghai Grand final, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude towards many people who have supported us in Hyotei performance.
Thank you so much to those who have supported us during Hyotei performances!

Next up, Rokkaku performance…
…as much as I wanted to say that
but I’m no longer there.

In the performance the day before yesterday, Seigaku 8th has graduated from Tenimyu.
No longer could I perform again with those members.

To everyone who was involved in Tenimyu, and my dear fellows,
thank you so much for supporting Seigaku 8th.

I’ve graduated. And I must move forward to the future.
I kept saying this to myself since yesterday.
But it is strange - I want to swing the racket and wear Seigaku jersey.
I’m overwhelmed with such feeling right now.

It’s something I’ve never experienced. Very mysterious indeed.
Perhaps this emotion emerged because
right now I keenly feel how dense, and how blissful it has been for the past two years.

Now I thought of it, Tenimyu stage was one of my dream when I entered this world.
When I wished every day that someday I would achieve this goal
it became a reality before I realised.

At first, I was so overjoyed that I could portray Fuji Shusuke, the genius.
However, it wasn’t that easy.

The weight of Fuji’s batons across generations, the weight of so-called Tenimyu, the weight of 3rd season
There were so many things that made me realise the truth that
it requires not just ordinary effort to shine on the stage

There were times it was so painful that I wanted to run away.
There were also times when I seemed to overcome with such weak feeling.

It’s my first stage so I don’t know anything, but instead of just words, Seigaku 8th extended their support for an inexperienced person like me.  
At that time I thought
“Ah, perhaps that’s what Seigaku is.”

Even without saying, we make every endeavour to work harder in the shadow while helping each other to aim for higher.

Troupe leader Kazuki, who never goes off his course, but cares deeply about his fellows.

Captain Zaiki, who gave strict criticisms to people around him, but even harsher to himself and never let people notice his heavy pressure.

Those two in particular had a strong presence amongst us.

And so I spent everyday searching for what exactly “Fuji Shusuke” is. And I spent two years walking along with Fuji Shusuke.

Fuji Shusuke-kun is really difficult. Difficult as in how he is not obsessed with victory, and how he doesn’t show his real self and limitless strength - yet with an overwhelming presence.

Seigaku fights in anticipation of victory, but he doesn’t about it that much. Then, how should I sing and dance during Seigaku’s songs or full cast songs? I feel like the lyrics aren’t quite linked to Fuji-kun himself. Yet I must live on the stage as Fuji Shusuke. Then how should I portray Fuji?

I feel like Fuji Shusuke gave me a lot of challenges to work on.
What is “Fuji Shusuke”? I don’t know the answer. But is that okay? I thought there was a meaning to continue exploring what Fuji Shusuke really is.

So I have decided that instead of just finding the answer, I should never stop exploring.
Perhaps there’s a day when both Fuji Shusuke and I will change. (referencing Boku wa kawaru)
I myself can’t feel that as Fuji Shusuke, but it is very fun to think a lot and find answers to questions I can’t answer.

However, Fuji thinks a lot about his fellow teammates, so there must be many times when he is noticed by his fellow teammates too. Especially when it comes to Taka-san and Tezuka.
I have also cherished this part of feeling as myself. I’m not good at talking, and I probably haven’t told anyone. But I really Seigaku 8th!

I am glad to have encountered Fuji Shusuke-kun in my life. It wasn’t just about tough times. I’ve also felt blissful things from it too. I feel lonely that I can’t portray you, because I really like you. But I have no regrets. It was a lot of fun. I was very happy to have met you, thank you so much.

Before I knew it, Tenimyu has become a part of life and I felt that having Tenimyu is a matter of course.
During Hyotei performance touring around different cities, I started to feel that this is not a matter of fact, but a happy and blissful time, and performed on different stage with a renewed understanding.
Savoring this happiness and not paying much attention to graduation, I just lived on every single performance.

And then, the grand final two days ago.
After singles 2 match with Jiro and I returned to the wing of the stage, I felt, “Ah, this is over. I can’t have matches anymore.”
It felt a bit like the burden on my shoulder was relieved. Everything was completed.
It was a relieved feeling that I have never experienced before, like, I have put everything forward.
There was still the third act so I quickly switched back.

And then
Singles 1 match, Tezuka x Atobe
Perhaps it will become the legendary match in Tenimyu that will be passed down to future generations.

In an instant, I grasped what was on Tezuka’s polo shirt. Immediately, I thought “Zaiki, is he alright?”

There was nothing we could do.
Could this continue?

In a few seconds, there were many things occurring at the same time,
but the most surprising thing was that
Zaiki was Tezuka.
“He is real.“

Despite how this action could influence and control everything,
Zaiki never released himself being from Tezuka,
and naturally I continued watching Tezuka’s match as Fuji Shusuke.

I wonder if everyone on the stage felt the same way.
How Zaiki’s dialogues are linked to Tezuka.

It was a match that I’ve never seen before.

From wanting Zaiki and Tezuka to forfeit the match,
to hoping wholeheartedly that Zaiki and Tezuka will go towards "victory.
It really moved my heart. Perhaps, Fuji-kun would as well.

Of course, it was until later that I firmly understood how it was the weight of Tenimyu that made Zaiki to continue in such situation, but also perhaps it wasn’t something he wanted to show.
After all, he was the captain.

Hiroki didn’t discard his Atobe side too, and the match became more heated.

It really felt like an amazing performance on the stage until the last minute.
It was a match I would never forget in my life.

But above all, it ended well.
It was relieving that we could end this without losing even one person.
all 12 of us have successfully graduated.

Even after wriitng this long, I wasn’t sure if I could convey this properly,
but as I wrote
the real feeling has emerged.
Please allow me to say that again.

7 members from Fudomine, 7 members from St. Rudolph, 8 members from Yamabuki, and 9 members from Hyotei,
all of you are the best rivals. Thank you so much for your occasional support.

Seigaku 8th.
Because we spent together more than a family, it would be lonely to depart from you all, but we have shared painful, fun, tough, happy times together. I’m glad that such members could work together in 3rd season. We will continue our own paths from now on, but let’s work hard! If anything happens, let’s chat and have fun in group talk.  It’s the best to have all 12 of us graduate together without losing anyone. Thank you so much, everyone.

Dear staff members.
I cannot thank enough for so many of you putting enormous time and effort into supporting this musical in places that we couldn’t see. Sometimes we received your strict criticisms, small chat, and even laughing moments. I am full of gratitude that you always come and pour love into this. Thank you so much.

Everyone who supported us.
It is because of everyone who came all the way to the theatres, that made us able to come all the way through. And it was truly wonderful that I was able to meet all of you. I’ve never seen the grand view in Dream Live with the stadium filled with blue colours. The applause and cheer during the performance. And sometimes even letters and present too. How happy it was for the past two years. Thank you so much.  

Although I can no longer wear Seigaku jersey, but I am sure that the next new Seigaku, and Fuji as well, will become the best team. Please continue to support Tenimyu 3rd season.

And for Fuji Shusuke-kun.
There’s only one word I have to say.
Thank you.

New Seigaku Fuji Shusuke actor   Sadamoto Fuuma!

Fuuma, go enjoy it (^^)

Kamisato Yuki will also fly towards the future.
I’d be really happy if you can continue to support me!

It’s really a blessing to be involved in Tenimyu once in a lifetime.
Thank you, thank you so much.

Seigaku 8th Fuji Shusuke - Kamisato Yuki.

I Am Supremely Uncomfortable with the concept of Voldemort possessing a nose.

Get to Know the God

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  • Title : The Playful One (They always give a different name when asked)
  • Domain : Fortune and Luck. They aren’t actually related to entertainment, but a lot of venues are dedicated to them as they favor actors
  • Alignment : Good?
  • Residence : They don’t have a single residence and just rest wherever they can


  • Disposition : mischievous, generous, easily distracted
  • Weaponry : arms
  • Powers : Can give fortune and misfortune, attract large amount of butterflies
  • Attire : Big butterfly doorwings, four arms, compound eyes, won’t stop glowing blue

Patronage : Gamblers, anyone who needs a bit of luck, actors and entertainers
Symbolic flora : Sweet pea
Symbolic fauna : Butterfly
Symbolic satellite : White Dwarf Star
Symbolic gemstone : Tourmaline
Symbolic consumable : Red Velvet Cake
Favored offering(s) : Theater shows, music, games, entertainment.
Favored blessing(s) : Increase in luck! Increase in excitement is their own favorite, but isn’t usually good for the person with the blessing

On Nostalgia Critic's Whitewashing Video

Oh boy, I knew this was going to be a weird video…

First thing’s first, Doug does bring up a lot of good points. A lot of roles are given white actors, regardless of what they’re suppose to represent. Maybe instead of film makers investing in technology to make tall people shorter or white people more Asian, they could hire those people.

Doug’s film industry apologists argument however sorta falls apart when you look at the context of many people’s arguments.

The first is that this problem didn’t just spring up. The Last Airbender was criticized for whitewashing because it’s source material basically made it a point to not have white people. Gods of Egypt was highly criticized was casting an all white-cast (with a token black person if I remember correctly) in a movie set in Egypt. The Lone Ranger got flack for casting Johnny Depp as Tonto, and Pan did as well for casting Tiger Lilly with a white girl. Oh, and 47 Ronin with Keanu Reeves. There’s probably more, I’m only operating on what I remember personally, but my point is, Dr. Strange and Ghost in the Shell are not the starting points for this discussion and Doug knows this.

Also, don’t think it’s a coincidence that a lot of movies being made, where race isn’t critical to the characters, casts white people. That’s why when the source material for an adaptation has a person of color is casted with a white actor, Hollywood’s racism is more evident.

We also have to consider who are the people mainly having a grievance with this. Is it Baby Boomers who’ve just decided that enough is enough? Or is it millennials, 90′s kids, people who are now old enough and have the platform to finally tell the world why this bothers them or can rally around arguments that reflect their feelings? I’m Native American. I can probably count the number of Native American characters that have been in movies in the last 10 years on one hand. I probably don’t need any hands to count how many Native American actors actually played them.

Then next problem is that Doug basically tries to dismiss the argument by going “consider how many things you’ve let slide before.” As if that has anything to do with the discussion right now. His main argument is using cartoons, like Disney movies…and I’m like “what?” His argument is that people didn’t complain that Aladdin was played by a white guy? As if kids back could just look up the actor? His other argument was anime and I just wanted to cry. What kind of arguments are these? Then South Park? A show that has like 3 voice actors and actually used Garrison’s sex-change as joke about how transgender women weren’t really women? Okay, so maybe American voice acting also has a similar problem, but guess what? We’re not talking about animation or voice acting. We’re talking about having some more representation on the movie screen. And you know what? As far as I know Disney has gotten better. Not perfect, a lot of their movies are still about white people, but when they aren’t, Mulan’s cast was largely Asian. The Princes and the Frog casted their Black characters with Black actors and White characters with White actors. Hiro from Big Hero 6 is half-Japanese and they casted a half-Japanese actor. Even Pocohantas cast Native Americans as Native Americans. So thank you Nostalgia Critic, I can now put Aladdin a few pegs down on my list of favorite Disney movies because it has a mostly white-washed cast whereas, it doesn’t seem like too many other Disney movies have that problem. But I digress because this has less to do with everyone having to be played by an actor who perfectly matches them, and just having some fucking representation because while there may occasionally is the Nick Fury situation, most of the time, it’s never a white character being played by a Native American actor or a Japanese character being played by a Black actor, it’s a person of color being played a white actor.

My last point is when he brings up that the Japanese don’t have a problem with Mokoto Kusanagi being played by a white women. Who cares? Japanese people don’t have to face the same race problems in their own country that non-white Americans have to. It’s not their movie industry, it’s not like any of them are going to Hollywood to try and be the next American star, and honestly, a Japanese person living in Japan gets plenty of Japanese representation in their own media. To top that all off, we’re not talking about the Japanese movie industry. We’re talking about Hollywood. We’re talking about the American film industry’s problem with white washing and the people complaining are, generally, Americans. Imagine if a headline rolled “95% of Japanese people torn between supporting Donald Trump or Hiliary Clinton.” Does that matter? Would you ever go “Well, the Japanese don’t seem to have a problem with our gun control laws, so why should I?”

Overall, this video was very meh. Doug presents a very white guy perspective on the issue, which I mean, he is a white guy so I can’t fault him for not instantly having the same perspective as someone like me, who has to deal with “Native American character now played by white person” on a regular basis.

But I can fault him for not thinking very hard on this position, for not looking at it from the perspective of who might actually have a problem with this…or probably even asking someone why they have problem with this white washing. Also, not thinking his argument through very hard because seriously…”you let it slide when you were kids…so…just remember that.” I don’t even know what he was arguing. And I get that he was ultimately on the side of stopping all this white washing, but his middle ground approach seems like it’s trying to dismiss the core arguments of why people are upset with this in the first place.

My stance is everyone should get loud and angrier. Gods of Egype flopped, Gods and Kings (that was another movie that sparked a lot of controversy) flopped, let’s try and get Ghost in the Shell and Dr. Strange to flop too. And make it clear that their casting choice was the reason no one went to see the movie. Because it’s when people are quiet, that things stay the same.

I’ve seen quite a few semi threatening/anxiety inducing posts about this so i’m just here to reassure you guys that:

it is ok to still like movies that Johnny Depp is in

it is ok to still laugh at the silly Jack Sparrow scenes 

it is ok to still appreciate Johhny Depp’s acting ability

you’re not a bad person for liking a Johnny Depp movie

Johnny Depp has starred in a lot of popular films (POTC, Edward Scissorhands, the original 21 Jump Street, basically every Tim Burton film ever) and it’s perfectly ok to still enjoy them and appreciate the art he has made.

However, it is not ok to:

trivialize Amber Heard’s abuse

say things like “well, I’m a big fan of Johnny so it can’t be true”

whine about how “this will ruin his career”

say terrible things like “she’s lying,” “she’s doing it for the attention,” or “she deserved it.”

I actually saw one post where someone said they were “team Johnny” like jfc I wanted to fling myself onto a cactus after that

anyway, above all else, it is not ok to say biphobic things and make this about Amber Heard’s sexuality, when really it is about domestic abuse


MC: Which Drama Did You Enjoy Filming The Most?

Park Hae Jin: “It Could Be Unexpected, But It’s ‘Cheese In The Trap’. I Had Fun. The Environment Was Good. There Were A Lot Of Other Actors My Age, So It Was A Very Energetic Filming Set.”