lots of glass

Do you ever just…. think about Victor and Yuuri holding each other, in complete silence, simply listening to each other’s heartbeat.


Jumps on this Megane!Prompto train—-because I really love him in glasses as well! Albeit thicker frames are always gonna have a place in my heart, I’m gonna take a gander and say he looks good in just about anything as well lol 

Fun doodles to pass the time!


I know, I am crazy XD I noticed that recently a lot of glasses have piled up. But I needed them, and I know that you need them too. So, go crazy. ♥

All of them have a shitload of colors, and come in clear and sun lens versions, some specific glasses have other types aswell. The older files (until EXOV) are all seperate, but the newer glasses have all swatches in one package.



all the boys // panic! at the disco


#TheSquint for @shipnation

i had a spare moment so i tried to figure out what my lone wanderer’s parents looked like