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i tend to use a lot of mint, garlic, rosemary, and basil when i'm cooking or making teas. i believe mint is connected to fortune and solving money problems, but what exactly can the others be used for? i see so many different answers all over the place :'(

There are no wrong answers for correspondences! One person will have different correspondences for the same herb that another will, so its finding what works best for you! For example, when I give out correspondences when people ask about an herb, they are my own personal correspondences. Results may vary with others. Anyway…

  • Basil is protective, and ok at driving off some malicious spirits, but it is also good in love and money spells as well. Also good in employment spells too.
  • Garlic is good for purification, healing, love (familial specifically) and guarding against negativity.
  • Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs & I actually suck on a leaf when I garden. Idk, I have always done it? Don’t know where I picked that up. Anyway, its good for love, healing, purification/removing negativity, can help prevent nightmares, memory, & a bunch of other things but I don’t have my book with me! ;) 
  • Mint while we are on the subject IS good for fortune and money issues, as well as communication, healing, energy work, is good in drawing people into a business, and protection.

Good luck, hopefully that helps a bit!

Perfect Pizza Toppings

While having lunch with the gorgon Embers J. Lapilli at her pizzeria, Pyroclastic, we got to talking about the wide variety of clientele that come in through the door — or through the floor, depending on the time of day. Pyroclastic has a subterranean entrance to better serve light-sensitive undead customers.

Vampires: “No garlic, lots of sauce. Extra cheese, as many kinds as we have. Top with unwashed mushrooms! Many apparently enjoy the earthy taste. Occasionally they request coffee grounds, too.”

Mermaids: “Sausage and bell peppers. We make a special dough with sea water for ‘em and they say it makes ‘em feel right at home.”

Earth elementals: “We call it ‘mud pie!’ Bits of gravel sprinkled into a thin mud sauce served on a crust of sod. Dandelions or milkweed are common requests, though some ‘em prefer thistles.”

Dragons: “Oh yeah! Surprising I know, but we get a lot of ‘em. Some shape shift down in size and eat at a table, but the young ‘uns, who haven’t mastered that spell? Well, we have a knoll out in the back behind the shop. They lay ‘round up there. Whatever their size, we ask ‘em for some notice as they tend to eat about a dozen pizzas at a time — each!”

Water Nymphs: “Dragonflies and sea slime. Lotssah sea slime.”

Robots Who Have Become Sentient and Wish to be Social: “They always try to flirt with our pizza oven and I have to shoo them away. We fix ‘em up with some circuit boards and cheese-covered bolts. No one goes hungry at Pyroclastic.”

Hi lovelies, I just wanted to let you know for all you kitchen witchlings on a budget, green onions/scallions are almost completely self propagating. If you buy one bundle of them from the market, keep them together and put them upright in a glass of water for a few days so their roots can grow a bit and plant them in some fresh dirt and you can cut them almost down to the white part and in a few days you’ll have a whole new set of shoots. Onions are great for protection, purification and healing.

You can do this with a lot of plants actually- garlic, bok choy, carrots, basil, celery, romaine lettuce, and cilantro just to name a few.

(I’ve read that you can just keep them in water without planting in dirt, but I would be worried about the stems rotting and eventually they wouldn’t taste as good because they aren’t getting the same nutrients as they would from dirt. Though I’m not sure on that.)

Random things I associate the signs as

Aries: overeating and then complaining about it, diverse fashion, sweaty palms, having lots of computer tabs open, heavy footed(not a silent walker)

Taurus: being annoying to cheer someone up(teasing?), has an amazing smile, a cluttered room but they say it’s “organized chaos” has like 10000 billion pairs of shoes

Gemini: outdated hair style, plays too many Facebook games, miss-matched socks, likes a lot of garlic, ALWAYS ON THEIR PHONE

Cancer: has too much clothes, old books, touching items with different textures, singing/performing in their car with blaring music, fresh roses

Leo: TALKING LOUDLY, unusually tall or short, bright eyes, cigarettes, boy band posters on the walls, scars with stories

Virgo: running their feet through a pile of leaves, something scribbled on their hand so they remember but they washed their hands recently so it’s kinda smudged, never knocks on the door-just walks right in, half-eaten icing in the fridge

Libra: secret okatu, went through “the scene phase”, being a smartass to everyone, has 3 dozen notes open on their phone, fashionista at heart.

Scorpio: POP PUNK, like the goddess of makeup powers because they are always looking amazing, scoring the last goal in a match, on fleek nails&eye brows,debating

Sagittarius: having a debate in their head if they should do chores or not for at least 15 minutes, gag gifs, eraser shavings everywhere, saying how hungry they are(“I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!”) but only eating a little portion

Capricorn: hoarding clothes and memorabilia, sitting at a desk with their legs crossed and shaking their foot(but in the process making the table shake), beating video games in a week, going to the gym

Aquarius: has a lot of items of their favorite color, screams/yells when they see something they like/don’t like, has a pile of broken headphones, addiction to incense, making memes that will never be popular

Pisces: fruity soda, impulse shopping, lots of jewelry, their storage on their phone is full of photos and videos, thinks all humor is funny

HELLOOOOOOOOOOooooooo I tried ??? to make noodle soup??? so we’re going to see how that turned out. Mostly it’s just vegetable stock, chili flakes, bok choy, broccoli, carrot, and a lot of hope. (And noodles + garlic and onion, obviously.) I also bought some sweet & sour silken tofu which I’ve chucked in there but who knows how things are going to go tbh, it smells okay. SO THOSE ARE MY ADVENTURES IN THE KITCHEN FOR TODAY. 

I need to do my uni work before the end of this week (so, er - very soon) and also probably take a bath because that’s what I want to do, but I am definitely in my drafts for now while I eat and a bit later tonight. Like this for priority so I’ll reply to you first! Things will be either queued or posted, we’ll see how I feel. Love you guys! 


My Halloween costume for 2016! A plague doctor!!,,third year in a row.. but it keeps getting better and better. I added a shoulder strap for the belt and added lots of vials, garlic, and bottles on it. My staff now has the official seal of plague doctorness. I also got a little friend on my shoulder, too. I made a plague poster, it’s my credentials, legit doctor. I’m also going to carry around a leather book and flowers, but I’ll buy more flowers later because what good is it to have dead flowers for live patients.

Seunggwan's Freestyle

very rough translation:

I have to wait until the beat starts
Yo, Seunggwan!
Yo, I’m unhandsome rapstar
Yo, the kids ignore me while I rap alone
Yo, I’ll keep rapping
You– vocal– always–
You’ll always be at the bottom, on the ground
Yo! Yo! Yo!
Try following this beat, can you even do that?
[Joshua: OOoooohHHHH]
I have a lot of garlic kimbap
No matter how much you rap
You’ll be no fun
???? [Joshua: YoooOOOOOooo]
Hoshi?? Yo, by any chance…oh…
By any chance… *mental breakdown*
You can’t stop me
Because we’re talking about kimbap today
Yo, your part is next
Try it

A lovely lady’s post inspired me to make my own version of penne soup 🌱🌱 with a lot of broccoli, garlic, carrots, peas, mushroom & spinach 😻 some people hear that I’m allergic to gluten and dairy protein and I’m even vegan in top of that, they can’t understand how I don’t starve. My diet is everything but not limited. I never ate as many fruits and veggies as now ans I’ve never been this healthy, fit and strong before. #GoVegan

Daily dose of Joly

belongtohufflepuff and ragnar-rock are feeling a bit down so I thought i would give them a bit of Joly goodness :

  • Joly has ready-homemade chicken soups in the freezer in case he or anyone gets sick. It has a lot of spices and garlic and tumeric because they boost the metabolism and it warms you from inside. It’s a mug in a cup
  • Joly needs time to get comfortable with physical contact but once he gets there he gives the best koala hugs, Bossuet can take him from point A to point B effortlessly because he’s all wrapped around him
  • Joly hates House MD and Grey’s Anatomy but he keeps watching them religiously, it’s a guilty pleasure of his. Even though he complains about the medical inaccuracies all the time
  • Once, the Hawks’ Nest household watched Contagion and Joly didn’t go out for a week and insisted on Chetta’s presence to calm him down
  • He crammed his anatomy exam by writing down every muscle on Bossuet’s body with a sharpie pen. He nailed it
  • He has the cutest, clearest laugh of them all, Jehan compares it to teeny tiny bells or angels singing and Joly blushes up to his ears

Hearty spaghetti squash hit the spot tonight as it gets a little chilly this fall. Really simple, baked the squash for 40 minutes, while I made the sauce. It’s just a little tomato paste, lots of garlic, mushrooms and roasted peppers.

imagine the early stages of your relationship with ashton. you had just finished italian takeout, which included a lot of garlic breadsticks. but you and ashton ate all of it and were now lounging on his couch as some sitcom ran on the tv. you two were sitting thigh to thigh and ashton’s arm was lazily draped around your shoulders. he kept glancing over at you so you finally gave him your attention only to be quickly kissed on the lips. You laughed when he pulled away and whined that your breath probably smelled bad. “I don’t care” he whispers before grabbing your face with his free hand and kissing you slow and tenderly. you pulled away and shook your head in embarrassment. you didn’t want to be this candid around your new boyfriend just yet. “I think I have some mints in my purse, let me-” but ash stopped you from moving off of the couch and began kissing you again while you giggled and whined. “seriously ashton you don’t have to put up with this garlic torture!” you’d say and he’d smile and begin leaving kisses all over your face while lightly tickling your hips. “stop baby please” you’d breathe out and he would wrap his arms around your torso and kiss your lips, long and sweetly. “just let me freshen up” you’d whisper, his lips still very close to your face and your foreheads touching. ash would sigh lowly and mumble “i like you, Y/N. something like your garlic breath is not going to stop me from wanting to kiss you.” you can feel your cheeks heat up in how adored you are by him. “it’s really not pleasant” you laugh through your nose. “i’ll manage” he says, slowly laying you down onto the cushion, licking his lips, and going for yours again. 

First meal of 2016, some yummy vegan bean soup. I’ve made similar soup before, but I’m really starting to perfect the recipe. Half a bag of 15 bean mix soaked overnight with one can of diced tomatoes, one small can of tomato paste, two cans of corn and one diced white onion. I seasoned with chipotle hot sauce and lots of garlic powder and cooked in the crock pot on high for three hours. Topped with avocado it’s super tasty and filling.