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every time lexa says clarke’s name: 26/?

I was strolling around @margarittet‘s page when I got to this post and felt like I was knocked over the head. I’ve seen a lot of posts speculating what songs would have been included on the mixtape Dean made for Cas, but I don’t really remember seeing any that were based on songs actually mentioned in the show (if I missed a post, please feel free to hit me upside the head again).

So I scoured SuperWiki and found … 13 songs. Two of these weren’t actually mentioned on the show/used for episodes but were considered for episode titles (according to the site). So I don’t know if they count, but I was very surprised that everything added up to 13. The remaining Led Zeppelin references I found were to the band members, record label, and albums.

In My Time of Dying - title of 2x01
Houses of the Holy - title of 2x13
What Is and What Should Never Be - title of 2x20
No Quarter - original title of 3x16
You Shook Me - mentioned in 4x14
Nobody’s Fault but Mine - mentioned in 4x14
Ramble On - mentioned in 4x18
Travelling Riverside Blues - mentioned in 4x18
When the Levee Breaks - title of 4x21
The Song Remains the Same - title of 5x13
Immigrant Song - lyric used for title of 5x19
Gallows Pole - original title of 6x18
Stairway to Heaven - title of 9x22

I’m not much of a Led Zeppelin fan (I have three songs and avoid Stairway as much as possible), so if there’s something I missed or whatever let me know. :)

meeting dan and phil would be pretty surreal and a dream come true but also terrifying because i feel like my first thought when i see them would be “i have read so much kinky smut about you two in my lifetime”

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Is okay to RFA do something that make MC blush really hard and she is shy and cannot speak. MC want to melt because embarrassed! Also I love how you answer the problem. You talent have a lot! At time I translate to read. But worth time. I learn a lot english. Thank you!

Awww, thank you! I’m glad my hcs make you feel like learning a whole different language, basically.

So, I hope I got this right, also hope you all like this! ^^

Flustering your MC challenge


  • At the beginning of your relationship, he didn’t really like how the media would go after you as much as they go after him.
  • But time passed, you became his manager, and he learned how to appreciate sharing the spotlight with you.
  • You two were giving an interview in a popular radio show about fame, relationships and jealous.
  •  “So, you see your man having the most intimate scenes with some of the most beautiful women in the country and you fell nothing?”
  • “Nope” you say firmly, earning some chuckles from the interviewer and from your boyfriend.
  • “I mean, I have the most intimate moments with the most beautiful woman off camera, so… there’s no real reason for her to feel jealous. Right, babe?”
  • Both of them wait for some witty response, but you’re unable to give it, you’re blushing hard and chuckles nervously just so the listeners don’t think you passed out or something.
  • Zen thinks is adorable. You usually handle things like this like a pro, but he’s  glad to see that the cute girl he fell for is still around.
  • And you… are glad this is a radio show and people are not seeing your flushed face.


  • You’re always making him blush.
  • Sometimes you’re not even teasing him on purpose, you’re just trying to tell him he’s cute or that he did a good job on the kitchen, and there he is getting red and avoiding your gaze.
  • But most of time, you do on purpose, just so you can tell him he’s cute. It’s a full circle, actually.
  • And you were just waiting for the right moment when you were helping him study in the library.
  • “You’ve answered them all right, Yoosung! Such a great student! Such a good boy!” you say, moving your hand to pat his hair.
  • “So what kind of prize a good boy can get?” he asks, grabbing your hand and holding it, without taking his eyes out of the book.
  • So he didn’t see your face flaming up at his sudden boldness. “MC?” he calls since you didn’t really answer.
  • And looking at you right now is like looking at a mirror, somehow. But nah, you’re cuter. And as he tells you that, you blush even more. Well… not exactly the prize he was expecting, but still very rewarding.


  • She blushes when you compliment her, especially if it is something about her looks.
  • She doesn’t really care for teasing, though, so she’s not one to tease you a lot.But today, you’re really asking for it. You two are at the movies, and you keep leaning your head on her shoulder, trying to get some popcorn in the same moment she does too just so your hands will touch, stuff like that.
  • And you keep looking at the screen, pretending you’re not doing on purpose, oh… do you really think she’s that innocent not to notice?
  • So she leans closer to you, reaching for your ear. “Hey, MC?”
  • “Yeah?” you answer, still looking at the screen. Hum… it didn’t work! “Hey, MC?”
  • “Yes, Jaehee?” still not looking, ugh… oh, she knows what to do! “Jaehee? What happened to Baehee?”
  • “W-what?” you finally look at her, and she steals a little peck in your lips. And… it’s kinda dark in the room, she’s not sure if you’re really blushing.
  • But you’re definitely a little flustered, as you didn’t try any of your teases for the rest of the movie.
  • That, you admitted later, couldn’t really pay attention to due to your embarrassment.


  • He  doesn’t really blush, but he gets flustered at his own flirting sometimes.
  • Like, he knows he’s getting very carried away as you play along and tease him.
  • So he clears his throat and sometimes apologizes for getting ahead of himself, which is… very cute.
  •  And you’re trying to activate this cute mode flirting shamelessly with him at this business party.
  • But he keeps himself stoic, since a lot of acquaintances are here and he needs to keep it professional.
  • “I see you two are still on the honeymoon phase, huh?” his dad throws this comment passing by the two of you.
  • “Yes, I believe we’re following the conventional order, here. Wedding, honeymoon, and moving to the next step, which would be… children. Correct, MC?
  • Both men look at you as you choke on your champagne, getting immediately red. Oh… how can he say something like this in front of his father?
  • Jumin is confused, he was just answering a question, it’s not like he was trying to tease you or anything… well, at least not at that moment.
  • “Are you okay, MC?” his dad asks “Yes, I’m fine. It’s just the champagne, I…” “Ah yes, maybe you shouldn’t be drinking if you two are really planning on children.” Cue you getting even redder, and Jumin chuckling softly. You never fail to amuse him…


  • He gets flustered pretty easily.
  • Especially if you start getting very affectionate with him in front of other RFA members or worse… Vanderwood.
  • Because he will always remark how a taser gun could never keep this boy on the straight and narrow, but your kisses and pampers do.
  • And then you giggle and go back to pampering him. And Vanderwood just judges silently.
  • And though you’re cute, he knows you’re doing it on purpose, so he’ll get you for that, mark his words!
  • So here are you, him, Saeran and Vanderwood having your usual weekly dinner together.
  • “Hope you saved some room for dessert, gentlemen. “ you say “Saeyoung was in charge of the sweet treats this time.”
  • “Oh, really? What you prepared for us?” Vanderwood asks, and Saeyoung smirks, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “Well, I don’t know about you, guys, but I have my dessert right here.”
  • You widen your eyes and look at him, feeling the crimson tainting your cheeks. “S-Saeyoung!” he quickly looks at Vanderwood, and he is pretty embarrassed too. And though Saeyoung was trying to get a little of payback on you, he can’t really resist your charming flustered face.
  • Yep, thankfully he saved lots of room for dessert as he basically drags you out of the kitchen, both of you giggling. “So wait, there’s really no dessert? Ugh…” Saeran mutters and gets out of there stomping. Vanderwood is still trying to understand what’s wrong with all these people.
To B.C. I Still Love You - Chapter Nine

Sorry I’ve been a bit inactive! My friend came and stayed with me for a couple of days so I couldn’t write much, but here you guys go. :)

This was going to be a lot more angsty, but I was listening to I Won’t Give Up by Christina Grimmie and I think it’s about time these two found some happiness. <3 (AKA, this is an absolute cheese fest and I’m sorry)

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Friends to Lovers headcanons

Aight so I won’t be able to knock out a chapter today so how about some headcanons instead!!!

  • They’re the pining “He doesn’t really like me like that” sort of couple
    • Both of them think they’re slick with their crushes but it’s super obvious to everyone
  • They act like a couple even though they swear they’re not
  • There’s a bet going around the base about when they’d actually get their act together and become a couple
    • Baze wins, surprising everyone
  • Neither of them have any idea what the hell they’re doing half the time
  • Honestly though? I could see them spending a lot of time denying their feelings for one another. Neither of them think they deserve the other which is utter bullshit in everyone’s opinion
  • They don’t actually confess? At least not at first. They express their appreciation for each other through little things (getting the other food when they know they haven’t eaten, letting the other rest against their shoulder, etc.)
  • Physical contact between the two of them is gradual
    • By this I mean that they’re both simultaneously touch starved but also shy away from contact with others.
    • It starts with sitting close enough together that you can practically feel their body, to gentle pats on the shoulder, to brushing hands, to lingering hugs and then….
    • Cassian is the one that initiates the hugging, surprising the hell out of both of them. He finds Bodhi tucked away in a corner, shaking and spends hours trying to coax him out. Eventually, Bodhi comes out and Cassian just wraps him up in a hug
  • No joke though the first time Bodhi made Cassian laugh he was mesmerized (it was at that point he admits to himself that he loves him)
    • he does nothing with this information
  • There’s a mission that Bodhi does that doesn’t involve Cassian (it’s a first in a long time for both of them). It’s supposed to be a routine mission, and Bodhi’s supposed to come back in a couple of days. Only it turns into a month and Cassian is lowkey freaking out. Unable to get the voice out of his head that whispers that all of this could’ve been avoided if he’d just stayed away.
  • Bodhi comes back a month later, extremely hurt and has to be immediately taken to the medbay. Cassian paces outside the door and finally admits to himself, during those hours where he didn’t know Bodhi’s condition, that he loves the man. 
    • He whispers it to Bodhi’s unconscious form and then proceeds to limit contact with him. 
    • Cue Bodhi being upset and deciding to ignore him back
    • Everyone else suffers
  • Cassian eventually breaks when Bodhi is assigned another mission and quietly tells the other man why he started ignoring him, why seeing Bodhi unconscious on that hospital bed terrified him more than he can admit. Bodhi looks at him, takes Cassian’s hands in his own and whispers that he loves him. It takes Cassian a minute to reply but he breathes it out like a quiet prayer. 
  • They stand there grinning at each other like fools for a solid minute.

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Toukas condition.. Kaneki's eye bag.. he seems so exhausted.. does he got enough sleep? Oh my I'm so worried with this dorky couple.. their rooms seems so raw and dirty there's no place for a preggo girlfriend to sleep at that place.. this chapter just so depressing.. leave yoriko alone! enough sensei.. What do you think the next is?

I’m kind of concerned for Kaneki’s health, too. He’s been working so hard as of late, but since he’s such a cinnamon roll, he is more concerned about others than himself. I doubt he has gotten much sleep as a lot has been put on his shoulders ever since he became the One-Eyed King. I’m sure Touka is aware of this, and it’s one of the reasons why she doesn’t want to tell him. She feels as if the news will have Kaneki stressed out even more than he already is. 

And yes, the current location those two and the rest of Goat are currently at is no place for a pregnant woman to be. However, it’s also the safest. Out there, they’re all wanted criminals, especially Kaneki. I’m sure Touka is aware that if anyone outside of Goat were to find out that she was pregnant with Kaneki’s child, then her life would be in even more danger than it is now. I’m sure that if Touka were to tell the group, they’d do everything in their power to ensure that she has the proper requirements. I’m not sure what she plans to do, though… I’m still betting that the first one to find out will be Nishiki, if not Kaneki.

About Yoriko… Yeah, I expected as much coming from Mutsuki, as this plan was derived from him. I’m anticipating a rescue mission, but at the same time, Kaneki isn’t willing to heed to Mutsuki’s demands, which puts Yoriko in a bad position right now. I hope she makes it out alive! Someone needs to save her, anyone… (Honestly, I really think it would be awesome if Scarecrow (Hide) came out of the blue and decided to save Yoriko, much like how he saved Amon. But this is just me wanting the best friends of Touka and Kaneki to meet.)

my favorite tumblr feelings
  • when you send someone a nice ask and you get to see how happy it made them feel
  • when you get online and see that someone had a really good day, or had something wonderful happen to them
  • when a user that you respect a lot follows you back
  • when you see people supporting other people who are having a rough time
  • when you see posts that stand up for the rights and happiness of others
  • when you see two users becoming best friends right in front of your eyes, and you get to see all the cute stuff that they tag each other in
  • when you get online and get to talk with one of your favorite mutuals and you cherish it so much because they’re in a drastically different time zone than you
  • when you get to talk to someone online about an interest of yours that isn’t particularly common 
  • when your favorite users get recognition for their awesome art, writings, photos, etc
  • when someone sends you an ask saying that they were thinking about you
  • when you generally just know that you’re never truly alone, and you realize that there are freaking amazing people in this world

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It's so strange to see you reblogging all those fanfic writers posts because, as a fanfic reader I feel totally different. For instance, I feel like I'm harassing the writer by commenting on EVERY chapter. I feel like they would want to take a break from my swooning and reading that you actually don't want to is so strange!

I can’t speak for every writer, of course - but myself? Well, let me paraphrase from Jane Austen. “A fond author, while the most rapacious of creatures, is likewise the most credulous; her demands are exorbitant, but she will swallow any thing.” I know that I’m good at what I do, but it’s also the only thing in my life where I genuinely feel that way. So I sort of need a lot of reassurance.

The other thing is that most of what I write brings me no revenue. I haven’t actually made any money from my writing since I left Indie Games Magazine about two years ago. So reviews (and to a lesser extent, kudos) are my only remuneration. And there are projects that I have actually abandoned because of lack of feedback, because I felt like I was shouting into the void and getting nothing in return. My best works are the ones where I received plenty of feedback along the way, which kept me interested in my own project. Because as much as we might tell each other “write for yourself, not for anyone else!” - the truth is that I just… can’t. There has to be someone out there with whom I connect through the words, or it feels hollow.

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I kind of feel like Julie probably noticed that all the actors are moving on and didn't want to tie them down with SKAM? I don't know, that's just my hunch..

yes, thats what i thought about too. they’ve been doing this for two years now, its only natural that some people want to ‘move on’, do some other things, and also with the hype about the show, its probably a lot for them to constantly getting recognized, people literally stalking them (which is extremely ugly) etc. so yeah, i think it probably has something to do with that and it being sold

It says a lot about the fandom’s priorities where the biggest f/f ship is judged harshly and treated like the shipping version of Hester Prynne, but the two largest ships supported by fujoshis doesn’t get the same amount of scrutiny and treatment.

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Fic title meme: Two Drunk Lemons and a Shorthorn Cow

Set in Wutai after Angeal and Genesis arrive and Genesis makes a game out of making ShinRa’s prized SOLDIER do bad things. It starts with petty vandalism…but Gen goes to far. After tricking Seph into drinking too much of a fruity liquor that has a lot more alcohol that it should, Angeal is the one holding Sephiroth’s hair as he throws up. 

Then it happens, the “Great” Sephiroth that Genesis is so jealous of admits to Angeal he’s sixteen, two years younger than he and Genesis. Angeal decides he has to protect this kid from his best friend at all costs. 

Starting with helping Seph get even with Genesis. 

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unsolicited anon opinion but I also find myself using way more commas and run on sentences when writing sex scenes and tbh I prefer to read sex scenes that way too and I think it's bc for me it feels more like sex? It's a lot of shorter actions and moments but it's all one long building physical action and run ons can capture that in a way that the full stop sentence structure can kind of disrupt? Idk if that makes sense but ur def not alone in the sex commas

SEX COMMAS!! That is my new favorite phrase, anon. xD And thank you for this validation! You’re right, longer sentences do give it a certain flow. I actually was just doing some editing and ended up making two sentences even longer, because it just seemed more ~rhythmic that way. Soooo I’ll try not to worry about it so much, haha. Thank you!

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jaune, cardin, penny, neon, coco and blake

Jaune: How far have you come in the last year?

Pretty far, last two years actually. Took me longer than most to transition into this adulthood thing.

Cardin: Favorite insult?

If you ever watch me play Overwatch I am constantly calling everyone a “cockeyed fuck” 

Penny: Do you feel guilty when you lie?

Yep, that’s why I don’t anymore lol

Coco: What’s your fashion sense like?

Whatever is comfortable. Lots of RT merch. 

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i've been thinking about my sexuality for the past year or so, and now i'm pretty confident that i'm a lesbian, but the thing that still bothers me and makes me unsure is that my first "crush" in like 7th grade was on a boy and i'm not sure if it was because of comp-het or not bc besides him i've never been attracted to a boy... anyways it makes me feel like i'm not a "real lesbian"

girl i feel this so hard!!!!! my first crush was a boy too, and i liked him for almost two years. i questioned myself a lot because of it but looking back, i was in 5th grade when i first developed a “crush” on him and around this time i felt pressured by other girls to have a crush since they all had one and talked about boys all the time, and i held onto the crush for so long because it was my way of deflecting my true feelings, like “obviously im not into girls because im in LOVE with this boy!!” but after i finally let him go i have never been attracted to a boy since.

so yeah compulsory heterosexuality is a bitch, and you were young and probably also pressured by your peers/society to be a certain way. if you truly feel like you’re a lesbian, then you’re a lesbian. petty crushes you had on boys as a middle schooler doesn’t negate that.  

EDIT: fun fact: the boy i had a crush on also turned out to be gay LMAO 


I feel GREAT right now.

A huge, HUGE source of anxiety that has plagued me for the past two and a half years has finally been resolved. I won’t go in to a lot of detail, at least not right now, but suffice it to say…this was the ONE major obstacle that could have derailed my plans for the future (it involved a prerequisite at my university and some complications about fulfilling it. If I could not I might have had to leave my masters program and major in something else).

With that out of the way…I’m starting to feel so different. Everything I did before was under this cloud of fear…that I would eventually be tripped up by this thing, and all the effort I was putting in would amount to nothing if this problem could not be resolved.

I’m probably making this sound WAY more dramatic than it actually is. Still, living with a pervasive fear for so long, and having it suddenly lifted from you…it’s not a common experience. I don’t know how to take it right now. Other than a deep, profound feeling of relief. Combined with anticipation. When I wake up tomorrow, it will be the first day since January of 2015 that I haven’t lived with this fear.

So, I’m feeling good. Expect me to be posting music I love.

Also, meeting this requirement has been a HUGE drain on my time and energy for the past few months. I can now move more freely again. Draw again. I’ve barely drawn anything in weeks…

Yeah, this feels good.

been thinking about the whole idk demiromantic/aromantic debacle and like sure its legit and valid blaaaah but like idk i think the problem with why its a debacle at all is that friendship/non-romantic relationships are kind of unknown compared to romantic relationships when you see like media and stuff i think when people make posts about wanting a platonic partner you would think “wow, maybe u mean: a friend” and i understand the frustration but! like it’s entirely possible that a lot of people dont know what an actual relaxed and healthy friendship is? imo i feel like friendships are extremely complex and there’s no guide to friendship as there would be guides to approximate romance in literally every hetero movie ever, and like its…sad? someone teach these kids how to Friendship??

just my two cents tho i dont care much in the end but it got me thinking u know

I feel so hopeless lately and it sucks. In less than 2 months I’ll be in a new environment entirely, which is something I’ve wanted desperately since I was 10 years old, living with two other lgbt people who are supportive and who I trust. And I’m still hung up on feeling like nobody in the world but my partner likes me, that no matter what I do there will always be someone better for everyone, etc etc. Little things are affecting me a lot, or my brain just goes haywire and breaks sometimes. Some days I feel like I’m in remission and some days it feels like getting hit by a truck. I feel like I don’t have a support system, I don’t know how to make friends. It’s a lot of things. There’s no point to this post, I just feel weird.

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So I'm currently a pretty new worshipper of Aphrodite, and everything's been really good. I want to start worshipping Hades, and possible Persephone, but I'm a little worried. One, I have no idea how to start, and two, I'm worried I'd get a bit jumbled up or not give them each the attention they deserve. Just wondering if you have any advice for me?

For one, you’re allowed to worship multiple Gods. You may not give all Gods the same attention. If that feels right to you, then that’s okay. A lot of pagans have one or a couple deities that they focus on more than the others, but they are still worshippers.

Second, if you’re interested in starting new worship, you may want to study up on those deities–Their stories, offerings, holidays, altars, etc. See if it fascinates you enough to build your own altar, or write a letter to either of Them, or give offerings. You decide which worship is best for you, and the Gods will be happy to have you. (∩_∩)

kink in and of itself isn’t bad.

ddlg, raceplay, slaveplay, ageplay, and other similar kinks, are bad, and people need to stop romanticizing and festishizing and sexualizing parent-child relationships, racism, slavery, minor-adult relationships, abuse, and the like. those are disgusting and you need to stop. you need to think about how bad it is, and maybe listen to some people with bad experiences - because there are a LOT of those people out there.

but, say, bdsm between two consenting adults, or any other kinks, is fine! as long as you’re both consenting and are being careful.

however: if you’re going to post about your kinks, please flag your blog as 18+. please tag it. and please don’t follow minors or blogs that say stuff like ‘kinksters don’t interact.’ if a minor follows you, i’d suggest blocking them. it’s fine to write kinky smut or talk about your kinks if you’re making sure to tag it and making sure that minors (and other people who don’t want to see it) don’t see it!