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Oh, Baby! | 01

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Sehun series | ‘Life As We Know It’ AU | Fluff (involving babies!) | Angst

Summary: You and Sehun have always maintained your mutual dislike for one another. But what happens when an unexpected incident leaves the two of you in charge of a baby, together?

A/N: I think this series is going to be a whole lot of fun to write, because ‘Life As We Know It’ is one of my favourite movies. Also, Sehun with a baby?? Yes please!

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Does anybody else ever just think about all the amazing moments we got to witness between Jon and Sansa in seasons 6 and 7?! Like so much good content it’s ridiculous. The forehead kiss, the tension filled bickering, “I’ll protect you, I promise”, the entire ‘where will we go’ scene, Jon saying the north was part of him and then leaving it with Sansa and so much more! I will forever be grateful to Kit and Sophie for having such phenomenal chemistry and the show runners for being able to (for once) write such beautiful scenes

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ride me | oneshot.

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: Smut

Author’s Note: There was far too much suggestive Jaebum on my dash this morning. This is more of a drabble than a proper oneshot but I hope you enjoy reading nonetheless. Thanks a lot! [Currently unedited because I don’t have anyone to beta for me rn]

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LoT 3x07 atomwave headcanon

so this episode was freaking amazing. i am having all the mick feels rn which i cannot even BEGIN to describe coherently! but there was something at the end of the episode that struck me as odd. you know when they’re sitting around eating lady johnson’s pecan pie? all of the team seem to be sitting around the main table in the middle - except ray. he’s sitting off to one side, at a table for two, alone.

ray, the most enthusiastic about being part of the team, is actively not sitting with the team? but then i looked closer. while most of the legends are drinking champagne, ray has a bottle of beer. and - wait. there’s another bottle of beer on his table for two. in front of the empty chair.

for a closer look:

HMMMMM. WHO ELSE ON THE WAVERIDER DRINKS BEER OH MAN THIS IS A TOUGH ONE. and who is currently brooding alone in the kitchenette?


so why would ray be sitting at a table for two with two bottles of beer? my highly atomwave-biased answer would be: he’s worried about mick, about how he’s coping with having confronted his father in vietnam, and wants to keep an eye on him, wants to try and talk to him, make sure he’s alright. bc you KNOW nate will have told ray everything that happened out there. and lets be honest, mick doesn’t look like he wants to be here, with the team, celebrating. even tho, hello, food is one of mick’s favourite things in life. he still looks like he’d rather be somewhere else. it would be just like ray to give mick one of those bright smiles and convince him to stay, just for a slice of pecan pie, and a beer.


Ever since Ragnar Lothbrook was killed, your father Floki, the boatbuilder, started taking even more care about Ragnar’s youngest son Ivar. Once Ivar started arguing a lot more with his brothers than usual, it looks like Floki is the only one who cares about him. But he couldn’t be more wrong. You had started having feelings for Ivar a long time ago, as you two were growing up together, and at some point in your life, when he helped you shoot an arrow, your hands touched, but this certain time you felt a little more than just a helping hand from a friend, but you didn’t want to ruin your friendship in case Ivar doesn’t feel the same, and so you  continue as normal, helping your father, among other things, in building a carriage so that he could have an advantage in battle. The smile on Ivar’s face warmed your heart when he saw the carriage, and you felt like you could spend the rest of eternity looking at that smile, getting lost in those eyes. Little did you know that, when you traced your fingers over the carriage, making sure everything was still in place, after Ivar tried it out, a pai of icy blues were following your every move, a small lovestruck grin tugging on Ivar’s lips, as he too didn’t want to ruin your friendship, but at the same time wanted to spend his life by your side.

(BTW forgot to put the watermark of my profile on the image, but I hope you won’t steal my work. If you see anyone has the same imagines as my blog, let me know :) )

I feel like a lot of newer muns don’t know what it takes to run an rp blog. It’s a lot more than just coming up with icons, your mains page, tags, finding a jaw-droppingly awesome theme… It’s about writing. It’s about your portrayal. It’s about your passion for your muse, not for your custom blog theme. I talk like I’ve been around more than two years, but even in these two years, I feel like I’m a veteran of the rpc. Most people can barely make 2 months, let alone two years.

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when sev is giving a comforting hug, it’s warm and inviting. it’s tight but not clingy to where you can’t breathe. it’s comfortable and SAFE. and you just feel like you belong in his arms. he’s not used to hugging but he’s surprisingly natural at it. it did take one or two awkward hugs at first-when you first befriended him. but now you constantly daydream about his hugs when he’s not around. he uses legilimency though and sees you’ve been missing his touch. tough.

I like the idea that he looks a lot bonier and uncomfortable than he actually is. And that he’s got permanently warm hands. And I think that the quality of hugs will change if people are watching or not.  He’s probably a lot more awkward whenever you’re not alone with him.

I don’t think he’d use Legillimency to look into your mind unless you asked him to, though.  Severus is ALL ABOUT consent.



Watch Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters

There are so many reasons to watch but just to cover a few without spoiling the show, our main portags are these nerds:

Ricardo, Jake, and Nathan who live in a futuristic-like city. As most teenage superhero stories go, they were just some average fellows until an accident gave them some crazy powers. From there, the rest of the story takes a sharp turn because NOTHING is a “regular hero team” from there.

These three are super unique and their powers are very well suited to their personalities. Ricardo is the single son to two successful parents who are never home, constantly moving for their jobs and has lots of issues with being trusted because he always feels like he’ll end up leaving and disappointing. Jake has a single dad (mom passed) who constantly over schedules him for EVERYTHING (we’re talking down to the minute here people). Last but certainly not least is Nathan, who feels constantly overshadowed by his six siblings and has a penchant of running away from any and all confrontation.

Then they get these powers and, for once, have a legit reason to have super suits! seriously, this show takes a lot of teen hero tropes and makes fun of them while still building a whole world. We get to see these  three grow not only as heroes but as people and friends (because Ricardo was the new kid at the beginning and wasn’t really out for friends). 

They face the most colorful host of villains while protecting their city, but at the same time it’s not that they’re just “bad guys” but PEOPLE, some of whom get redemption and help in the end of their stories. They give off a vibe of “villain of the week” every episode but, in the end, we realize that they were all interlinked to begin with.

Seriously look at these guys! And we have every type in between.

It’s a great tale with some GREAT voice acting (I’m talking OG Teen titans and Voltron here) that is hard to say in words without completely slaughtering the plot.

If you’re hankering for some old-fashioned teen hero spirit mashed with a lot of trope laughing, smashing, and stretching (oh yes the puns), then join in in watching Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters!


(Spoilers?+It’s mostly critics&complaining so please don’t read if you feel uncomfortable)

So I watched this…thing an hours ago
Since I haven’t read comics or anything I won’t complain about the storyline and the comparatively shitty graphic from tfp.(It wasn’t THAT bad but I will compare these two even if tfp is like a masterpiece of graphic out of most of the cartoons and hasbro spent a lot of money on it cause tfp is a cartoon from like, 10 years ago and combiner wars was made in nowadays but still can’t catch up to it) but seriously.
Is windblade always this mad?
I thought her first appearance in RID was a A hole(not the rest of the episodes she’s fine on them) but noooo Here’s the real A hole.
And not to mention hitting megatron to ground I mean she sure looks like she’s in thirst of fighting the shit out of people and I think its kinda out of her character?😓
And the animation was mostly hilarious? Megatron making fun of Optimus,(this was actually one of the few nice things in this anime) Starscream…combining with the other combiners and turn into some kind of cosmic hologram-giant-god thing and shoot beams with his mouth?🤔 I’m not exactly sure about what I just watched😐
But the thing I was most disappointed was the voices.
I understand they couldn’t bring op and meg’s original VA but what happend to the rest of ‘em?
The acting was so terrible it almost sounded like the English listening test I take on my school
And the casting for the fembots? No offense to the VAs but they all sound like a same person
TBH the reason I decided to watch this was to hear Mistress of flame’s voice.
I don’t know much about her but I can tell that she is an elegant, solemn character from her looks and her status, and what Hasbro gave me? A FEMALE TEENAGER VOICE!🤗(which also sounded like the actor was reading out of a fresh script and yes, I am so mad about this because I really love mistress of flame)
Come on hasbro I wasn’t expecting you to cast Cate Blanchett for mistress of flame’s voice but you should have at least cast someone who’s voice matches to the character’s image!
The same goes to Victorion, but I guess her voice wasn’t that bad compared to Mistress of flame, so I’m just gonna say that her image of voice was too similar to Windblade’s.
Think about Arcee and Airachnid from tfp
They have similar hights and similar low-tone voices but they do sound different.
Victorion is like 20 times larger than Windblade and she takes a strong protector/guardian-like position.
If they weren’t going to give Mistress of flame a deep sloemn voice then Victorion should have definitely had that kind of voice. But then again, the teenager voice.😡
I know that teenager voice I’m talking about is a standard voice of women and it fits perfectly to windblade but for Mistress of flame? I’d say no.
For Victorion? partially yes but I still think they could have think of a better, proper voice for her.
And the mech’s….aside from the poor acting, (personally)
Optimus and Megatron was okay(I’m still having a hard time taking other voices than the original VA's😂), Rodimus was really nice, porbably the best cast hasbro ever did in this anime besides windblade(for me.) Starscream was…actually I’d prefer the voice of tfp starscream’s voice but he was okay-ish, And Metroplex kinda sounded as if a giant robot jesus was speaking with his friend but I guess I’m fine with that😂

To sum up, I think hasbro was being lazy with the voice cast(especially with the fembots.)

oh my god

oooooh my god

They went through a shitty childhood together, they went through a war together, they went through a lot of shit together…

just the three of them, brothers, thick as thieves. And now it’s just the two of them, because the youngest is gone

and you can feel the pain through Arthur’s anger, and see it in his tears

and you can see it in Tommy’s eyes 

they lost the pup, they failed


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Michael Mell would be that guy who would have a friends with benefits no strings attached relationship with you but then do subtle cute almost romantic things for you because he accidentally caught feelings for you and is pining as fuck (somebody gotta write this)

Yes! Low key it started when you were both high in his basement and fucked you two liked it A LOT but not wanting to ruin your friendship you decided to just be friends with benefits. The thing is Michael the more you two go out the more realises he wants to be by your side

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Headcanon: Pride and Hotch fighting over you💙 I love you, bitch

  • Pride isn’t usually the jealous type. And he and Hotch don’t usually let something like a rivalry over someone they like get in the way
  • In fact, they both usually keep their feelings under wraps until an appropriate moment
  • But I feel like when they both learn that the other is pegging after you, that’ll light a fire under their asses to try and get your attention
  • Pride just becomes the perfect gentleman ever. Holding doors open and giving you his jacket when you’re cold and bringing you coffee and snacks. Tries his best to make you smile
  • Hotch also tries this method of courting, but he’s not as good at it as Pride is. He’ll mostly just try to pair the two of you up a lot so you’re not around Pride as much
  • And they both try to act like the Alpha Male and it’s pretty funny
  • Pride arguing that New Orleans is his city, and Hotch telling him that the BAU was invited, so they have the lead on the case
  • I can see Pride being the one who shows off a little more. Telling stories about his time in the city or kinda making a big deal of knowing some famous chefs or musicians
  • Hotch isn’t nearly that open. He’ll be the only quietly moping in the corner and trying to figure out a way to make himself a little more noticeable without looking stupid doing it
  • They’re two very different men so they’re gonna clash a lot

so just a quick update about deniz ! i’ve decided to change his fc and work a few things within his background which honestly, will allow me to do More with him and his development. since he’s been gone, he’s managed to shed a lot his old personality and now works as a privateer for spain ( me: ready for the portguese fam to get mad )

he’s moderately the same person — if anything he’s a little more open with his opinions and feelings, and is a bit more brash than he once was. as always, my IMs are open for all the plotting so if you want to do a thing or two, feel free to hit me up !

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Please tell me anything about how it would be in bed for Jeremy x reader x Connor -🥑

Connor and Jeremy fight for dominance a lot, usually Connor wins. Okay so in my little headcannon you live in New Jersey with Jeremy and meet Connor online and became super close. This then lead to you getting feeling for both boys and a relationship happens and all that (I have a whole thing planed but this is smut right now) because of the distance Skype sex is super common where Connor will give you two instructions on what to do while he jerks off over camera

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I feel like niall as a dad he wouldnt be a pushover MUCH. He likes things clean so he would be big on cleaning your room or no TV till homework is done. For niall its black and white on a lot of things. BUT, i do think he'd have a double standard and not PURPOSEFULLY because niall is all about equal everything for women. But, he's a traditionalist too. His little girl won't date till she's 40, his 10 year old son can have two girlfriends. ya know? The constant dispute "babe, thats NOT fair."

Oh yes i can see him taking his son out for a round of golf while the ladies are left home to do “whatever you girls do while da lads are gone.” You’d have to give him that knowing glare when he says things like “oh no missy ya not goin in a date until ya 25 and yer not gettin married until yer 50.” He’d just shrug when you smack him upside the head when he gives y’alls son a thumbs up for getting a girls phone number at the age of 16. “What? He’s doin his old man proud.” But i think it’s all just for fun, at the end of the day he wants his kids to be happy but he also wants his house to be in a tidy-ish manner at all times and he’d get all huffy when his kids make fun of him for it like “oh no better get a coaster under that drink before dad sees, know how he gets about water rings on his precious coffee table.” 😂💕

The Bakugou Protection & Appreciation squad 💕

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