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★ ★ I’m open for commissions!  ★ ★

College is right around the corner for me, I’m heading out this fall! I’m hoping to start being able to start saving for my transition as well. Also I hope to get enough money to travel to see my bae <3! So a lot of expenses I need to start earning for!

  • A full body sketch is 15 dollars, half is 10, and a headshot is 5. Additional characters are an extra 8 dollars. Throwing in tonal flats adds 5 dollars to the price, and full color adds 10.
  • There’s a few different styles to chose from! If you’d like to see more of my art to get a feel for it, here’s my art tag!
  • Payments are made through paypal, and I need the payment before you can get your art from me. I accept USD whoop whoop
  • I will not do porn, mech, or gore. If you have any further questions about what I do and don’t draw just email me!
  • Commissioned art is not for commercial use my friends.
  • I have three slots open at a time and a waiting list for anyone else.
  • Email and paypal is planetaryrings1@gmail.com
  • B)

I was tagged by haganenoheichou (who I like a lot and is very sweet btw) to post 3 selfies… So here you go!

The first one is me at the Renaissance Faire (yes I got away with wearing the cape) and the second two showcase my new haircut x)

Now I tag… mikasas-ackermen, josmarie27, ern-jaeger, ieralia, she–will–beloved and anyone else who might want to post selfies bc it didn’t specify how many people I had to tag xD

Obviously don’t feel obligated, only do it if you want to, and have fun!! x)


6 selfie challenge. I was tagged by strawhatjack and kennyshrooms a while back, but I didn’t feel like doing it at the time. A lot of my selfies are just really awful even though I take a lot. Here are some acceptable ones. I tag: mormonfacts, stuckinthestorm, otherecho-es, amaterastuu, toasterman247, animefordays, obama-the-hedgehog, dannysfunhouse, myleeedleuniverse, wrydis, asio-san, and shuyaa.

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[drug dealer voice] hey you kid tell me ur miraak head canons


There’s a bunch posted in my headcanon tag, but here’s some random ones:

  • Miraak’s aptitude for speech comes from being unusually good at knowing what people want to hear. And he has zero qualms about lying through his teeth to get what he wants.
  • He’s of two minds about himself: He knows that he’s not a good man by any means, but he also doesn’t believe he’s completely a villain. He really, honestly believes that the world would be better off under his control.
  • He’s also conflicted about whether he should feel bad about what he’s done. For the most part he has no guilt and just sees it as the cost of a better life, but that’s only because he’s hardcore repressing a tremendous amount of self-hatred and fear that he’s not all he claims he is. Every now and then that repression fails and he’s overcome with melancholy to the point of pretty much just shutting down until he can rebuild the emotional fortitude to put that big mental wall back up.
  • He’s surprisingly good at braiding hair. He apprenticed under many other priests before becoming one himself, including Nahkriin. (Thanks to some random fanart I saw a million years ago, I headcanon that Nahkriin was a lady priest.) She made him do everything for her, including grooming tasks like braiding her hair. Arya finds out when he absentmindedly does it for her in the middle of a dungeon crawl and thinks it’s the cutest thing ever.
  • He suffered unspeakable abuses during his time as a slave and apprentice, but that’s all repressed to hell and back too.
  • He doesn’t really make friends, but two exceptions are Neloth, who he comes to see as a wizard bro, and Serana, who is the only other person who could possibly understand what it’s like to be from a world that doesn’t exist anymore.

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Yayyy more people for talking about Namjoon!!! The more the merrier, but also more tears. The Namjoon stan empire can only grow from here. But seriously lately I've been seeing a lot of pictures of his little smirk/smile and... ugh cntd

Omo unnie, 11 hours? Where do you live? I feel bad for not knowing this (/. \) LIFE IS NOT FAIR MY DEAR IT IS A BITCH -Rapnonnie xx

Pretty soon we’ll need a tag to keep up with all the namjoon empire anons muhahaha *^^* I’m in southeast asia ~~~ 

Oh and you mean like


or this???


OH MY GOD AND HAVE you seen the recent summer vacation gifs I AM DEAD NAMJOON IN A TANK TOP LIKE



- Raye (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )

So this post is probably WAY over due but for all my new followers, cause there is a lot of you!

Originally posted by mywhisperedcolors

and welcome to my tumblr! I hope I can bring your guys dash a little splash of fun. I would like to take this time to go over somethings, I do not only post sims here, I do post other games that I enjoy playing, and I do post personal stuff as well. I feel like I have very little time to run two blogs at once, so this is just a huge roll into one blog. I do sometimes go long stints of time without playing Sims. SO! consider this your warning ^_^ also I try very hard to tag things, but sometimes I do forget, or if I’m on mobile I don’t want to take the time to tag because it is kind of a hassle. anyway! the following tags are my most commonly used ones, please be aware of this and block these tags if you don’t want to see EVERYTHING I post. Like I said I try super hard to post with tags that way you the follower has some control of what type of content you see from my posting.

Most Commonly Used Tags on This Blog:

  • non-sims
  • personal

  • reblog 

  • ttc

  • ttc30
  • nsfw
  • simsnsfw (these last too are very seldom used and are usually preceded by a warning post)

I think that is about it! actually If I think of more I will make a post haha. If you don’t know I am 32, and married, my  husband and I have been trying to conceive a child of our own for….almost 3 years now with no such luck thus far. I do post my ramblings and rants about the whole TTC process (trying to conceive) and I post here because even though I know this is a public forum sometimes I just need to send all my thoughts and fears out into the world to make myself feel better, and I can’t do that on Facebook, simply because I get to many people saying things like “Just stop trying!” “Don’t worry if you are meant to have children God will let you have them” and other random totally insensitive things that should not be said to any woman in my position haha

I am a fairly good natured person, I do have anon on, but I will turn it off the second I start getting a lot of hate, I have done so in the past, I aslo do not post most anon’s I get that are rude and mean, they get deleted and ignored promptly. So in the words of Peter Pixie from Anime Fest DON’T BE THAT GUY! XD if you have any question please feel free to stop by my ask! I will try to answer any questions you have, so don’t feel shy! I also don’t care what type of question’s they are. If you need someone to talk to about anything, or even just need to vent you may come to  me. I will try to help as best I can, and be as understanding as I can. I think that is about it for what needed to be told to all the new followers! I am so very happy to see you guys! and I hope that you enjoy your glimpse into my little neck of the woods! 

Happy Gaming!


Music tag

I was tagged by psthebirdbites-sirius omg thanks! I love your blog sooo much!

*You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people.*

1. All Star by Smash Mouth 
2. The A Team by Ed Sheeran
3. Knocking on Heavens Door by Raign 
4. This is Hardcore by Pulp
5. Lock Me Up by The Cab
6. Dead Inside by Muse
7. Mercy by One Republic
8. Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple
9. Demons by Imagine Dragons
10. Elastic Heart by Sia

Idk why I feel everyone has a thing with my music here on tumblr, I got ask a lot about my music…..

I tag toomanyshowsnotenoughtime buckywinter-barnes disgracedean sehunyoulittlebrat troylerhugsss winchesterwhisky ellacassidy134 sassening fanqueen14 lileanagenevieve (this time mi favs/last messages)

I’m waiting for my sister and cousin to go on the boat ride, so here’s this!! (shoutout to @bellamyb and arkengineers for tagging me xo)

Pick your artist/band: Big Time Rush

Using only song names from 1 artist/band, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people however many people you want. Try not to repeat a song title, it’s a lot harder than you think

Are you a male or female: Cover Girl
Describe yourself: Amazing
How do you feel: Invisible
Describe where you currently live: Stuck
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Worldwide
Your best friend is: Famous
You and your best friends are: Untouchable
Favourite time of day: A Hard Day’s Night
If your life was a tv show, what would the title be: Superstar
What life is to you: Nothing Even Matters
Your relationship: No Idea
Your fear: Confetti Falling

tagging: wolvgangbogdanow, sassymurph, officergorsky, wolfbangkala, m0ntymiller, griifinclarke, ociavia, luurps, idk who else bc im mobile but ayy do this if ya want to!!

I was tagged by wftamiibo to do the following challenge:

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to! Put your music device on shuffle and post the first 10 songs without skipping. tag 10 people after.

so here we go

  1. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
  2. Venus - Lady Gaga
  3. Titanium - David Guetta feat. Sia
  4. Beautiful Liar - Beyoncé feat. Shakira
  5. Burn - Ellie Goulding
  6. Colourless Color - La Roux
  7. Sober and Unkissed - Sia
  8. Rumour Has It - Adele
  9. Plug in Baby - Muse
  10. Born This Way - Lady Gaga

and im tagging lnvocation daddykong rippingupthedisco toxicmp3 bisexualjeonghan and thaibrator and whoever else who feels like doing this rly

izhmash tagged me to do 6 facts about my self

1. i fit about 40% of asian stereotypes :^))

2. i love vintage dolls…they looks so creepy but they’re cute idk !

3. i once wished for my mom to get fired and she got laid off the day after lmao

4. idk what you guys think of me here, but irl im pretty mean and as a result not many people like me so..????

5. i feel really guilty about a lot of stuff almost all the time but i dont do anything about it ever

6. ive had about 11 dogs and in total 23 pets

u dont have to do if u dont want to wowponies oplyse thelonesomekanyewest far-offmoon thistruckersatlas du-og-meg

i’ve been thinking a lot about “queer fashion” lately and i want to talk a bit about it and maybe have a conversation? like i’m open to changing my mind and i’d love to hear other (queer) people’s thoughts

anyway. the reason i’m not a huge fan of the whole “person does x thing, they must be queer” rhetoric: for me, a queer person who has been told i don’t look queer enough, it makes me feel like there is one right way to be queer, and i must be that way, otherwise people will think i’m straight. like it limits the options available to me. if you know what i mean? i want to be read as queer, but it’s like… why is it my fault that people see cishet as the default and assume everyone is? 

because i do feel like this ties into “cishet until proven otherwise”, and so you need the “proof” in the form of [insert queer coded look here]. like, what if we could go from “maybe this person wearing x is queer” to “anyone could be queer because you can’t see people’s orientations on the outside”. i think that would be cool?

i realise people who criticise that some clothes/looks are coded as queer can, and often do, come from a place of thinly veiled homophobia. i’m not about that. i’m not here for straight girls whining about people thinking they’re lesbians because they have short hair. i do not care about them, or “metrosexual” guys, or any of the other nonsense straight people have come up with to separate themselves from us. i care about myself and other queer people and how we navigate the world.

i also want to make clear that this is not in any way a criticism of people who find comfort in having these identifiers!! i’m aware of the history of this and i have also sought comfort in stereotypical things because i want to feel like i belong, and i’m not saying that’s a bad thing. i’m not looking to pretend that nothing has ever meant anything. what i’m looking for is a way forward where people aren’t automatically assumed as cishet unless they wear certain things. i realise that’s a lot to ask for but what can i say, i’m a dreamer.

again, i’m very open to constructive conversation with people who think differently, so long as we keep it respectful. (i’m quite scared of posting this because tumblr discourse tends to be very cocksure at all times and i’m not entirely sure about this at all, these are thoughts i’m trying out and i’m open to the possibility that i may be wrong. but please don’t yell at me. thank you.)

I’ve been disturbed to see dynamics emerge where people create the new poly norm and then hate themselves if they cannot live up to it. If they are not perfect at being non-jealous, non-threatened, and totally delighted by their partners’ exploits immediately then they have somehow failed. I have felt this way myself. Frustrated at how my intellect can embrace this approach to sex and yet my emotional reaction is sometimes enormous and undeniably negative. At times, this has become a new unachievable perfection I use to torture myself, embarrassed even to admit to friends how awful I feel when overcome by jealousy, and becoming increasingly distant from partners as I try to hide these shameful and overwhelming feelings.

This doesn’t seem like the radical and revolutionary practice I had hoped for. In fact, it feels all too familiar, like the other traumas of growing up under capitalism—alienation from myself and others, constant insecurity and distrust and fear, self-hatred and doubt and inadequacy. I do not have a resolution for this dilemma. I only have hopes, for myself and others, and lots of questions. How do I recognize the inadequacy of the romance myth while acknowledging its deep roots in my emotional life? How do I balance my intellectual understandings with my deep-seated emotional habits/expectations? It seems like the best answer to all of this is to move forward as we do in the rest of our activism, carefully and slowly, based on our clearest principles, with trust and a willingness to make mistakes. The difficulty of having open relationships should not be a reason not to try it, but it should be a reason not to create new punishing norms in our communities or in our own minds. We’ve done difficult things before. We struggle with internalized oppressions, we chose to live our lives in ways that our families often tell us are impossible, idealistic or dangerous, and we get joy from creatively resisting the limits of our culture and political system that are both external and part of our own minds.


Dean Spade  

“For Lovers and Fighters”


hey everyone!!

i came up with a fun little game

basically, for a minimum of $1 i will take a photo doing anything u want!! (obviously nothing nsfw or unsanitary)

for example:

  • putting all my hats on my head
  • holding all my pets
  • making really ugly faces
  • putting my hair in a thousand different braids
  • wearing a fake moustache
  • pretty much anything !!!!!

just donate $1 (depending on the request obviously, if youd like something super crazy or a video or something, we can discuss u feel me) to my paypal and send me a screenshot of your donation and your request!! ill post it and tag u !!!

every donation means a lot to me, so thank u very much!!


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 i think that’s it?? aaahh i’m very scatterbrained sorry if i missed you!   

Let’s Draw Discworld is live!

Welcome! This is the inaugural post for this shiny new blog about the Discworld fandom, which will hopefully inspire lots of people to make fantastic Disc-related drawings and whatnot.

It was inspired by this post made by Isnt-thatwizzard. The purpose is quite simple: every month, we’ll make a new challenge that will provide a theme. People can then use that as a starting point to make cool drawings, or paintings, or 3D renders, or photographs, or… well, pretty much anything you like, really - so long it’s related to the challenge, somehow.

Then, you post your wonderful new thing here on Tumblr, and tag it with “letsdrawdiscworld”. We’ll reblog all your lovely posts, so feel free to follow this blog, if you want to stay updated.

We’ve been discussing some possible themes for the first challenge, starting on the 1st of July, over on Isnt-thatwizzard’s Discworld chat room. Here are the options we’ve narrowed it down to, which you can vote on, if you have any preferences:

  1. Disney crossover, AKA Disc-ney
  2. Modern AU - your favorite Disc characters, in a modern-day setting
  3. Music album covers
  4. Sam & Sybil’s Wedding Album
  5. Space AU - Security officer Vimes, dwarf ship engineers, golems = robots, Chuck-Myself-Out-The-Airlock Dibbler…
  6. Steampunk witches

Make sure you send us an ask, or comment on this post when you reblog it, if you wish to vote for any of these themes, and we’ll take that into consideration when we pick the July challenge.

(GNU Sir Terry Pratchett)

dizzy-in-wonderland asked:

I'm struggling to write a story about boy and a girl who escape their society to find freedom. Everything I put seems so boring or too romantic. I want to have some romance but not a lot but that's a struggle. I put more info in the fan mail I sent.

Ah, man, I totally get your struggle right now. It sucks, but don’t worry – it’s a common problem! Here are some resources that might help you:

How to Keep Your Romantic Subplot from Overshadowing Everything Else 

How to Write a Un-Annoying Lovestruck Teen 

Romance Cliches. You might find this helpful to avoid the “boring” issue.

Writing Realistic Romantic Relationship Growth. Same.

Ways to Make Love Work in Fiction

Romance in Extreme Circumstances 

And feel free to browse the Romance tag to see if anything else helps you!

Hope you find this useful. Happy writing!

Funding Theory

So this is a small theory with a lot of potential to be bigger (so if you want to add to it or make your own please tag me!)

So I feel like a big question I have about all of As schemes is where has all the money come from!?

Well here is what we think: What if A has been getting their money filming the girls reactions to A messages and A Traps which are then being televised to rich people who are placing bets and bidding money to decide what happens next to the girls.

yeah this one is a little messed up but a fun theory to think about anyway.

Artist Appreciation

Wow! I never expected to be tagged by so many amazing people! Thank you so much; you’ve all made me feel really loved these past couple days. ❤ I don’t know if I’m going to do a list or not as I tend to prefer to send out individual messages to all the amazing creatives in this fandom. 

In the meantime, I would like to give a shoutout to all those who aren’t being tagged. To the writers and artists and graphic editors and musicians and modders and headcanon creators and meta analyzers and ANYONE who creates content for their fandoms: YOU ARE AMAZING! 

To those with no followers, to those just starting out, to those who’ve been at this for years but whose work has never really been noticed: YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

It’s intimidating to put your work out there, especially if you’ve never done it before. But whether you get zero notes or a thousand, you and your work are fantastic! If it’s a stick figure drawing because that’s all you can do–amazing! If your writing switches tenses and is riddled with spelling mistakes–amazing! If you can’t get the right hue on your edits so everything looks too red–still amazing! No matter how extravagant or simple, you should absolutely be proud of what you’ve done because you made something. Art, fiction, edits, mods, ideas: whatever is it, you made something that didn’t exist before and that is incredible and shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

So to all those who see these posts drowning tumblr but never with their name on it, to all those who try but have never quite caught on, to those who are new and nervous, to everyone out there who creates content: be proud of your work. Be proud of yourself.  ❤


This is a big surprise! 

Originally posted by asphyxiatinginvain

I never expected it would reach 1k in such short notice! Thank you everyone! You have all been great support and motivation! I shall continue to provide all the feels you (don’t) need! 

I have a lot of Gravity Feels projects planned, I’m swamped! But I’m going though them and doing bits of ‘em here and there so you guys don’t have to worry about me running out of things to post to kill please your feels. Check my Darkness Falls AU tag for the fanfictions related to my video comics!

I have another blog: welcometogravityfeelswhere I plan to organise all my work such as the Supernatural Falls AU, Over the Garden Falls AU, Darkness Falls AU and mini comic or oneshot fanfictions. Some “angsty” images will be posted/reblogged there as well. Well, anything related to my GF projects.

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