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[DRABBLE REQUEST] Ambiguous!Seokmin (G)

Prompt: You two are idol with sunshine personalities and have feelings for each other but don’t dare confess.

Requested by: @hachree
Word count: 1,306
Genre: Angst, slight fluff
Warnings: None!

A/N: Ahhhhh so I really tried to add angst into this so I hope that even though it’s not that angsty, you still like it anyway! Sorry it took so long for me to write (stupid writer’s block) but here it is! Anyway, I hope the story is up to your standard, do feel free to give us feedback!


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Your body seemed to be paralysed as the 5 foot 10 inch male walked to stand next to you. Your heart raced at an unbelievable speed as you turned to greet him, giving a small smile while he flashed a wide grin. The staff member in front of you handed you the mic and briefed you on your performance as you tried to shake off all thoughts related to the man standing next to you.

“You two will be the 20th performer today, so rehearsals will start in about 15 minutes time, do get ready.”

And you were now left alone with him.

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Sora meets Ardyn

Ardyn: “My now. It has been so long since I laid eyes on one of you lot. A long time indeed.”

Sora: “Huh! Wait, you know about the Keyblade? Who are you?

Ardyn: “Oh I have been many things my boy. But if it’s a name you so desire, you may call me Ardyn. Ardyn Izunia. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.” 

Goofy: (Whispering) ”Sora, I don’t mean to be rude, but don’t’cha think there’s something off about this fella?”

Donald“Yeah, he’s way to nice sounding.”

Ardyn“If your are worried about my motivations fear not. I have no ill will untoward you. In fact you may be of great help to me in the coming days. Until then I look forward to seeing how your presence shapes events in our little world. Oh yes, I image it will be quite spectacular…”  

ML Angst Week: Day One

Notes: My entry for Miraculous Angst Week, day one. Today’s prompt is mistakes/aftermath. I hope you enjoy!

p.s. I’m not sure about Miss Fortune’s pronunciation. Tell me if I’m wrong.

“Miss Fortune, I’m Hawk Moth,” spoke Hawk Moth with an evil grin. “Your soft heart shouldn’t have been broken like that.”

“Yes…” answered a lonely girl from inside her room.

“I grant you powers you can never imagine, in return you must bring me Chat Noir’s Miraculous. And then… you would have to hand me yours,” said Hawk Moth.

The girl seemed to hesitate for a few seconds but eventually, she gave up and muttered, “With pleasure Hawk Moth…”

Hawk Moth laughed devilishly and watched as dark smokes engulfed the girl.

Back in the girl’s room, a small, ladybug shaped creature watched in horror as her best friend transformed to an evil monster.

Adrien Agreste was very tired when he got home.

It wasn’t because of the early photoshoot he had that morning or the pop quiz Mm. Bustier had taken that day. In fact, it wasn’t related to his school at all. Almost not at least.

Adrien set his bag at his chair and flopped on his bed. Seconds later, his kwami, Plagg flew out of the bag and let out a content sigh as he stretched.

He eyed the boy on the bed and said, “Some Camembert would do me some good you know.” The only response that came from Adrien was an unhappy grunt. At that, Plagg sighed and flew over to him. He started poking his head as he said, “You’re way softy for your own good.”

“I’m no softy,” grunted Adrien.

“Yes you are. I’m not the one who’s down just because he was too oblivious to see one of his friends had a huge crush on him,” said Plagg with a roll of eyes.

Adrien opened his eyes and gazed at the kwami who was sitting on his head. “It’s not as simple as that. Marinette… she’s wonderful but-”

“Not as wonderful as Ladybug? You serious?” said Plagg nonchalantly.

“Well, yeah. I mean, no! I mean… she’s kind and caring and sweet and very talented but… I already love Ladybug. I do like Marinette just… not as much as Ladybug,” explained Adrien with closed eyes. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open as he groaned and said, “But I just can’t forget the expression on her face. The hurt, the sadness, the disappointment… she looked… looked…”

“Heartbroken?” Plagg said.

“Exactly!” exclaimed Adrien. “I just… wish things were different.” With that, he rolled to his side and closed his eyes. Plagg flew away and looked at the boy before he let out a sigh and flew to Adrien’s closet where he kept the Camembert.

Thirty minutes later, Plagg was sitting comfortably on the coach as he ate his cheese and switched between TV channels. He was simply checking each channel when suddenly he noticed the news on the news channel. He quickly went back and watched with wide eyes as the reporter talked about the new villain. After few seconds of watching it, Plagg shot up from the coach and sped toward the sleeping Adrien. Even lazy and careless couldn’t not care about this.

“Adrien, Adrien, wake up!” said Plagg as he tugged on his hair.

Adrien woke up with a groan. “What’s wrong Plagg?” he asked groggily.

“There’s an Akuma on the loose,” he answered as he kept tugging on his hair.

Upon hearing that, Adrien cracked an eye open and looked at him. “And since when do you care?”

“Since this particular Akuma could be the one and only Ladybug,” he answered with a hard glare.

That made Adrien sit up straight and look at the TV with wide eyes. Indeed, the new akumatized victim looked a lot like Ladybug. Especially with her hair style, eye color, her suit…

Oh no…’ Adrien thought with horror.

The Akuma on the TV looked at the camera with an evil smirk and spoke, “Hello pathetic people of Paris. You can scream all you want about your ex-superhero but I couldn’t care less about you pismires. The only thing I want is Chat Noir. I know you’re watching this wherever you are Chat, you’d better get in here before anything unfortunate happens. Oh, and don’t forget a little thing for me. You’ll get Adrien Agreste here for me or I’ll make sure there’s no Paris in the near future!” She laughed and looked back at the camera with so much hatred and coldness in her eyes. “Tick Tock kitty! I’m not as patient as I appear to be. You have until sunset so hurry up!”

“Ladybug…” Adrien whispered in disbelief.

“Yeah, kid. That’s her. You’d better hurry up,” said Plagg as he watched Adrien.

“But…but… how can I-”

“Chat Noir!” said a voice from Adrien’s window. His head immediately snapped in the voices direction only to find a small ladybug shaped… creature?

“A… kwami?” whispered Adrien.

“Tikki!” A black blur passed Adrien before he had the time to react. Plagg hugged the red kwami as soon as he got to her.

The red kwami giggled and hugged him back for a few seconds before she pulled away and flew to Adrien. “Adrien, I need your help right now!” she said urgently.

“Um, okay but who are you?” he asked.

“Oh, excuse me, I’m Tikki. Ladybug’s kwami,” she said with a warm smile.

“Ladybug’s kwami…” said Adrien with furrowed eyebrows. Suddenly his eyes widened in realization. “Wait… that Akuma really was Ladybug?”

“Yes Adrien, you must hurry. She’s in danger,” said Tikki with worry.

“But… how am I gonna defeat her?” asked Adrien. Tikki looked at him with determination before she started her speech…

“Well, hello there my Lady,” said Chat Noir with his usual grin.

Miss Fortune’s head snapped in his direction as soon as he spoke. She sneered at his sight and said, “Look who’s here. The lonely superhero. What are you going to do now kitty?”

Chat’s cheery expression faltered in a blink of an eye and he looked at her with worry. “Ladybug, don’t do this. You’re better than this,” he said gently.

She laughed and looked at him with coldness. “Ladybug might be a goody two shoe but I, Miss Fortune will make sure her name will be lost forever and ever. Now tell me, did you do the little favor I asked you?” she said.

This time, Chat downright glared at her and answered, “I’m afraid not Ladybug.”

“DON’T CALL ME LADYBUG! I’M MISS FORTUNE!” she screamed. “And how dare you not listen to the amazing Miss Fortune! I’ll make you pay for it.”

She growled angrily and looked at him with a furry he had never seen before. Suddenly she pounced on him and looked at him with coldness, anger and… hatred…

“Tell. Me. Where. He. IS!” she screamed in his face.

Instead of an answer, he glared back at her and said, “Tikki, now!” Miss Fortune looked at him with confusion but was taken by surprised when the little kwami flew from Chat’s hair and touched her earrings. Miss Fortune gasped and became immobile as soon as she felt the touch. A few seconds later, she fell back on the ground as she started shivering and a black butterfly flew out of her earrings.

Chat didn’t hesitate and did what Tikki had told him back in his room. “Cataclysm!” he shouted. Then, he jumped up and trapped the akuma in his hands. A few seconds later, a beautiful, white butterfly flew out of her hands. He smiled as he watched the little bug flew away but his happiness didn’t last long when he heard a whimper behind him. He quickly turned back and tried put on his goofiest smile…

…only to be met by Marinette.

His smile froze on his face and he felt something heavy dropped in his stomach. His mind was running at a very fast speed as he tried to digest the scene in front of him. Little by little, pieces fell into place and he couldn’t help but feel his body as it started tremble.

“M-Marinette…” he said under his breath but it was enough to draw her attention to him.

Marinette raised her head but her eyes went wide as she finally understood the look on his face. His unbelieving eyes…

He knew…

“C-Chat! I-I’m so sorry! I-I…” she stuttered helplessly.

“No,” he whispered.

“What?” Marinette’s head snapped up and she watched her partner as a new feeling started forming in his eyes.

“Y-you need to know,” he said slowly.

“Know wha-” Marinette’s mouth was shut as soon as she saw the blinding light. On instinct, she squeaked and squeezed her eyes shut. “Chat… no. Don’t make the mistake I did,” she said with her closed eyes.

“Marinette, open your eyes. You have to know. I can’t live with the horrible mistake I did if you don’t,” he said with a pleading voice. A few seconds later, Marinette felt bare, soft hands touch hers as the owner of them tried to peel hers off of her face. She showed no resistance and once her hands were secure in Chat’s, she slowly opened her eyes.

The first sight she saw was the soft eyes that were a beautiful shade of green. The same eyes she spent so much time fantasizing about. The same eyes that had looked at her with worry and guilt earlier in the day. The ones she had loved since that day under the umbrella…

The next thing she noticed was his face. His soft smile, the small crease in his brow, his soft and beautiful hair…

“A-Adrien?” she whimpered.

He smiled softly and answered, “Yes, it’s me Marinette. I… I’m sorry for what I did earlier. It-it wasn’t true! I-I love you!”

Marinette felt her heart stop for a few seconds before it started beating very fast but she pushed the feeling to the back of her mind and instead frowned and the boy in front of her.

“No you don’t Adrien. Don’t lie to yourself,” she said.


Marinette’s frowned deepened as she pushed her body off the ground and untangled her hands from Adrien’s. “No Adrien. Don’t you see? You love Ladybug, not Marinette. You never even allowed yourself to notice Marinette,” she said.

“That’s not true. Of course I noticed you. I liked you as Marinette,” he said with sadness.

“No, you didn’t. You just noticed me today didn’t you? If you had paid attention to me, you would have seen my crush on you. Then maybe you wouldn’t have been so shocked when I told you I liked you. I bet you just noticed the girl who sat behind you in school after you found out about my feelings, didn’t you Adrien?” she said with sadness clear in her voice.

Adrien’s mouth opened to answer her when the truth of her words finally sank in. He realized that all she said was true. He remembered when she had confesses to him and how he had thought he was just having a weird dream. Or how just after her confession he started to think about her…

He couldn’t help but lower his head with an expression of guilt and sorrow. Marinette smiled a bitter sweet smile and muttered, “That’s what I thought.” With that, she started walking away from him.

“Wait, Marin-”

“I can’t. Adrien, I… just can’t,” she said with teary eyes as she started to walk away from him. Adrien lowered his head once again and turned away from her. He couldn’t bear the sight of her like this. Disappointed in him, heartbroken…

It was just at that moment that he realized a very big part of his heart was gone with her. And she clearly didn’t want it…

What had he done?

Note: I didn’t have any time to reread this. Please tell me if I had made any mistakes. You can check the story on AO3 as well: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10654974 Hope you enjoyed this!

I Need U Girl - Taehyung (V)

Main: Kim Taehyung (V)
Genre: Drama, Romance
OST: Reset (Tiger JK ft Jinsil) ♪   

You ran down the street as fast as you could while checking your watch every five seconds. You were late again. “Damn, why did I fall asleep again?” you cried, closing your eyes tightly.
The corridors were empty, you gave a deep breath before opening the classroom’s door.
“I’m sorry, I am late.” You bowed to your teacher. “YAH, why there’s a boy sitting on my desk? That’s my desk, get up.” You said, looking at him, who hadn’t bothered to even move.

Your teacher sighed, looking at you. “He’s a new student in our school, his name is Kim Taehyung.” You nodded, with your arms crossed. “V” the boy spoke. “People call me V, I would prefer if you could do it too.” You rolled your eyes. “That’s not even a name, tsh.” You finally sat in front of him.
“Well, since you arrived late and even made a scene, you won’t mind to show the school to the new boy, right?” Your teacher asked you with a somewhat evil smile.
You looked at him with widen eyes, but sighed in defeat. “Sure, why not?”

After the class was over, you waited for Taehyung. He was wearing a leather jacket, black pants, air force, and had a lollipop on his mouth.  
“I want to go home, you don’t need to show me around, I will say to him that you did, it’s good for both of us, I don’t want to know the school and you don’t want to walk around with me. Easy right? See you.” He said, walking past you with a smirk.

“YAH.” You ran after him, grabbing him by his arm. “Sorry but I was assigned to show you around and that’s what I will do. When someone asks me to do something, I am well mannered and do it like they want.”

V laughed, rolling his eyes. “You’re a nerd, I see.”
You looked at him from head to toe with an eyebrow raised. “No, I am just well mannered, like I said. Now come.” You said, grabbing the lollipop and throwing it to the garbage.

“No food in the corridors.” You muttered with a smirk, looking at him.
Taehyung sighed and put his hands inside his pockets. “So…what’s your name?” he asked, looking around completely uninterested.
“_____” you said simply, while showing him the bar and meeting room where normally all the students spend their times during breaks.

Taehyung nodded simply not saying anything.
The next hour was basically that, just you showing him around while he was doing nothing but ignore.

You bowed to the security guard in front of the school gates and looked at Taehyung. “And that’s it. See you tomorrow.” Taehyung said, immediately turning his back at you and starting to walk away.
It was late already and it was getting dark. Normally you never leave school so late, so you are not used to go home alone when it’s already dark.
“Wait.” You yelled, running to him. “L-let’s go together.”
Taehyung looked at you with a weird expression. “Why should I walk around the city with a nerd?”
“I’m not…”
“You’re not a nerd, I know.” He finished it for you.
“Look as much as I wanted to take you home, we don’t live in the same neighborhood, I live quite far….” he said, looking ahead.
You nodded, looking down at your feet. “Where do you live?”
“Dongdaemun.” He answered.

You immediately looked up at him with your mouth slightly open. Dongdaemun is known for being a bad neighborhood, people there are rebels, they deal with drugs, violence and alcohol, too much for you to handle.
Taehyung laughed slightly, even though his laughter didn’t reach his eyes. “Yeah, everybody has that reaction when I say I live there.”
His voice sounded…sad.

You shook your head. “No, that’s not it, I mean, doesn’t mind where you live, doesn’t mind at all.” You said, biting your bottom lip.
He looked at you and when you felt his gaze upon you, you also looked up and met eyes with his hazel colored ones.
They were so mysterious and beautiful.
“H-how is it to live there?” You keep the conversation going, walking down the street with him. And without noticing, you were in front of your house and he was there with you.
“Sorry…I talk too much.” You mumbled embarrassed, biting your finger.
Taehyung laughed. It was a different laugh now, he was laughing with joy, his eyes were sparkling.
“Indeed, you talk a lot, but it was…..nice to talk to you?” He tilted his head to the side.
You rolled your eyes with a smile. “Yeah, nice.”
You changed phone numbers and said goodbye to each other. He didn’t leave without making sure that you were already safe inside of your own house.
He smiled to himself and followed all the way home.

You couldn’t help but smile when you closed the door. He really was something.
It was 2AM, you were sleeping peacefully when you felt your phone vibrating.
You rubbed your eyes and searched for your phone in the middle of the sheets. “Who is it?” You asked with a sleepy voice. You didn’t even checked the ID.
“WHAT?” you yelled, jumping with widen eyes. “Taehyung what? Sure, I’ll be there.”
You were more than awake now, you grabbed a pair of high waisted jeans and a simple white shirt matching with your white Converses, your long hair was messy and slightly curly since you fell asleep with it wet.
Your parents couldn’t even dream that you left the house so late at night, so you did everything silently.

You were terrified. Nobody was in the streets, nobody, it was like a desert. You grabbed the straps of your bag tightly, looking around to make sure that no one was following you.
You arrived at Dongdaemun. It was the very first time you were there and things were quite scary. The walls were full of graffities, the streets were dirty.
You sighed in relief when you finally found the Police Station. The automatic doors opened for you and you stepped in. The first thing you saw, was Taehyung. His back was facing you.
“Excuse me…” You mumbled looking at the policeman.

When you were face to face with Taehyung you blinked in shock. His lips were bleeding, his left cheek was bruised. He looked at you apologetically.
“Sorry mam, but he told me to call you, so I did.” The policeman said and you nodded.
“What happened?” You asked. “It was just a fight.” Taehyung mumbled, licking his lip.
“This time I will let it pass, next time I won’t.” The policeman said.
You bowed and left with Taehyung holding your body for support, since he was limping.

You sat down with him. “Why did you fight?” You asked in a whisper.
Taehyung shrugged. “My mom is living with a bastard since my dad passed away. Things were never easy but now it’s worst. When I arrived home he was slapping her. I hate coming home because of this. I was in cloud nine while I was with you even if we were just calling bad names to each other. I forgot how bad things were when I was with you. That’s why I said to the policeman that he should call you to pick me up.”

You sighed and looked away. You felt tears in your eyes and you didn’t wanted to cry in front of him. “People are afraid of this place because of people that live here but, some of us are not like that.” He mumbled.
“So your step-father did that do you?” You asked still in schock. He just nodded.
“You have to tell to the police Taehyung.” You said, looking right into his eyes.

“No, it would be worst. Give me some time, I will take my mom out of here, we will live just us, happily with no troubles.” He looked at you and slowly laced his slender fingers with yours.
You smiled sadly and placed a long kiss on his bruised cheek, tears falling down your face.
“You have me now, I won’t leave your side.” You said, after you pulled away.
Taehyung smiled and caressed your cheek, while he rested his forehead against yours.
“I need you girl.” He muttered, voice hoarse, tears also falling mercilessly.

“I need you too.” You whispered, as he placed a hand on the back of your head and pulled you closer to his chest, kissing the top of your head, holding you tightly like he never did with someone.
And right there he made a promise. “Nobody, nobody will ever touch or harm you in any way. I got your back.”