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Hey kiddos! Looks like I actually did end up making an art blog after all lol

My art is bad, but I’m still gonna post it anyways because I’m desperate for attention. A lot of my art is going to be from a dumb fem!Harry Potter AU I made, but I’ll do other stuff too! 

Here goes nothing I guess

(The concept of Hermione with Vitiligo was stolen from @tiny-gorilla and you should check out their art bc they’re awesome)


The Gals + texts I send to my sister, Part 4

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I’ll be done posting these stupid things by the end of the week, I promise


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Well yes there still a lot of dumbs who just trying to find a reason to shit on Harry. As always. For example thre still people who think that Nolan used Harry for promom... NOLAN. As if he needed it

Nope haven’t you heard it was actually jeff who forced Nolan to hire harry cause you know…. that’s the kind of things jeff does ;)

So we all know that Voldemort made a lot of dumb mistakes, particularly where Harry Potter was concerned. His obsession with the boy, and with doing things right once he had the chance to kill him, ended up costing him time and time again. Talk, talk, mock duel, monologue, threaten, show off his power… Others like Cedric didn’t get any of this special treatment, and so Cedric died.

One area where you have to give the Dark Lord some credit, however, is his Horcrux magic. That was smart. He knew how important it was to keep his soul-pieces safe, and put in the effort, hiding them away in well-defended places that only he knew about and that would be almost impossible for others to track down. More than that, he even used them as offensive tools, as well as to defend his immortality. The locket could influence its wearer. The diary would reopen the Chamber of Secrets. Nagini could go and do his bidding.

…Except no. Once again, Tom Riddle was too concerned about the grandiose nature of his horcruxes, the significance of the objects and the power of their defences. Once again, he overlooks the best and most powerful way to use horcrux magic because he is too vain for his own good.

So if Voldemort was truly diabolically smart, and wanted to make the absolute bast use of his soul fragments, this is what he should have done:

He needed to horcrux human beings who had been subjected to the Dementor’s Kiss.

He was allied with dementors during both the first and second wizarding wars, so he had the materials he needed. He just never made the connection.

We know that animals (and indeed, people) can be made into horcruxes, but that the presence of another soul in the body prevents the horcrux from taking control in all but the most minor ways. So if the person’s own soul has first been sucked from their body by a dementor, then the horcrux would be the only soul in that body, and Voldemort would have complete control.

Then, since magical power is tied to the soul rather than the body, he would be one person in two bodies. There would be two equally powerful Dark Lords running around. Repeat the process a few times until he has his desired seven-part soul, and you have seven Voldemorts, all with the power of the original, all working together for world domination.

After his first defeat in the books, it took Voldemort 10 years to recover even a tiny part of his strength. He was “less than the meanest ghost”, slowly clawing his way up the food chain until he got strong enough to be able to possess Quirrel. But if he had been cleverer, he wouldn’t have needed to.

So, when one Voldemort gets blown up by that stupid love-magic and a one-year-old child, he is still able to work through his other bodies. Another one can be called in to rescue the one that got exploded and also to kill the infant for real this time. Another is off killing Neville Longbottom, the other possible subject of the prophecy. He doesn’t have to go for one or the other first when he can be in seven places at once, doing seven different things.

And then in the second war, imagine if one Voldemort went off hunting Gregorovitch and the elder wand while another stayed home to command the death eaters. Another can oversee the ministry’s downfall, while a fourth can dedicate all of his time to hunting Harry Potter. One Voldemort had to fear Albus Dumbledore, and they duelled to a standstill in OoTP, but seven against one? Goodbye Headmaster.

This also means that the horcruxes are much easier to defend. There is no need to put up a bunch of protective enchantments around each and hide them away, never to be found. The horcrux-bodies can defend themselves using Avada Kedavra, and all the other powerful magic Voldemort can perform.

Voldemort allied with the dementors during both of his wars, so he had the materials he needed. It just never occurred to him to make use of them in this way. I think we can all agree what a good thing this is. If he had made the connection, it would be All Hail the Dark Lord.

Let’s just be grateful that he didn’t.

liz's larry fic recs

hello! so i’ve decided to make a list of 50 larry fanfictions (all on ao3) that i’ve completed and loved to share with you all.

some of the descriptions have been summarized/shortened and i included word count. please note that a lot of these have side pairings and all of them are AU’s.




put the stars in our eyes (53k)

Louis goes to bed having ordered a nineteen year-old husband.

So Darling, Just Say You’ll Stay Right by My Side (28k)

AU where Louis is the chief of police in a small sea-side town and Harry is his new deputy who’s a bit of a pacifist and a lot of wonderful.

dream our dreams of dazzling blue (13k)

Harry and Louis meet at a rollerskating rink. Louis might be a little bit in love with the boy who keeps fucking falling down.

they say home is where the heart is set in stone (5k)

Harry and Louis have no money, and Harry’s got big dreams of becoming a singer/songwriter. Louis gets pregnant and plans change.

i’ve seen your long hair come down (it turned my head inside out) (8k)

Louis thinks he’s going to be alone forever. Zayn sets him up with Harry.

it’s like i breathe you (19k)

the one where louis volunteers to teach high school kids about the ropes of business and running a company of your own, but he certainly does not plan on running into harry styles.

Cutie and the Boxer (37k)

Harry’s a flower child recluse and Louis punches people for money on the weekends. Or, the one where Harry’s asexual and Louis loves him.

Tea For Two and Two For Tea (26k)

Louis turns five centimeters tall one day at work. Harry accidentally takes him home.

baby thinking of you keeps me up all night (9k)

harry is a 19 y/o singer and louis is a 29 y/o actor with no love for teenage popstars.

never shut us down (32k)

Louis is an insecure mess and he hides behind his blog. Harry’s a boy with a personality too bright and he’s everything Louis thought he would hate. They end up falling in love.

researching volcanoes, and blowing my mind (8k)

there’s a gym and a juice bar and a surplus of dumb flirty boys being dumb and flirty.

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