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“hey rust how many boring headshots do you have of ichimatsu” 

Beholder - Original
This piece is going to be on a 20x30 print for my Uncle. He just wants my art for Christmas so I decided to draw a monster.
I would’ve done something traditional but I’m low on supplies and doing it this way is actually a bit cheaper!

I wanted the eye-stalks to look like they could stretch out unpleasantly around dark corners and I just love the idea of the teeth that are honestly too huge for the beasts mouth. Lots of drool and growling from this one.

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There was a serial killer fandom wtf?

i heard there still is one. aka lots of cishet girls who drool over serial killers like j*ffrey dahm*r and ted b*ndy and call them hot and just???????? in 2014 at least they made flower crowns for them…….and posted pictures calling them cute. it’s one thing to find them interesting but when you’re treating them like ur fave celeb that’s fucking. that is sure something very.

Michael Clifford is so fucking important okay. He cares about social issues, he loves his family, he appreciates his fans, he works so fucking hard to be the best musician he can possibly be, he gets help for mental illness when he needs it and he is brave enough to talk about it in the hopes that other people will get help too. He’s so loyal to his band. He gets so excited about such tiny little things. He hugs so tight and he loves so freely and so hard and he’s just really really fucking important. Love this little angel and protect him because the world likes nothing more than to take souls that are made of pure light and turn them black like smokers’ lungs.


Kara does not like the TV screens in Cats office. Usually she is displayed on them and it makes her flimsy excuses even more unbelievable because she and Cat are still upholding this ridiculous charade. But now she likes them even less. Because Cat is sighing in a soft and slightly… gasping way. She has had her chair turned towards the screens for over an hour now and the little sounds that she makes when a particular good shot is revealed makes Kara’s stomach boil with something nasty and sharp.

‘Oh…’ Cat sounds surprised and in awe and Kara has had enough. Without thinking she walks into Cats office and produces a polite, sunny, yet little fake ‘do you want a latte, miss Grant?’

Cat turns a little, but only enough to look at Kara with a gaze that means “does your IQ get over 20”, her body remains pointed towards the screens. ‘I don’t believe I asked for one, and neither do you have one to surprise me with, so apart from reminding me of your incompetence I don’t understand what you are doing in my office.’

Kara blushes. Busted. ‘Yes. Of course miss Grant, I will leave. I just thought perhaps you would want one. And I have finished bringing the layouts to James so I have a spare minute to get you one. If you wanted it, that is.’ She lets out a nervous laugh.

Cat only grabs a few M&M’s. ‘No. I don’t. So chop chop.’ She turns her gaze back to the screens again. Kara acknowledges her attempt at… well… something, has not worked. When she is almost out the door Cat speaks up again.

‘Oh and Kiera? Contact Rio, I want a spread on feminism and sports. The way these reporters talk about female athletes is appalling.’

Kara lets out a relieved sigh. So Cat was just doing research. She wasn’t-

‘And I just know these shoulders will motivate many.’ Cat’s eyes turn a little darker while the female swimmers get ready for the 200 meter backstroke.

Drooling. Cat is drooling over female swimmers.            

‘But miss Grant these-‘ Kara starts, but Cat interrupts her.

‘You see the lines? The elegance of the way they cut through the water, the broadness of their back’ Cat continues with a far away gaze. ‘You don’t see that often. I mean Supergirl flies but…’

But what? She can do that. Hello, it’s just that she isn’t allowed to compete, Kara wants to say. She can be as speedy. She can run, she can fly, she can swim, she can wear a bathing suit and show off her shoulders like that if Cat insists on drooling over a little skin, she can- ‘I can get wet.’

Silence. Kara understands she said something wrong. Very, very wrong. She hasn’t said anything this embarrassing since George Milton had her believing raisins were dried rabbit droppings. But this, this exceeds it all. And she said it to Cat. Oh my. She is so fired.

Cat just stares at her. Her mouth slightly open and her eyes dark. Very dark. ‘You…you…’

Shit. Whoopsy daisy crappity crap. ‘I mean Supergirl. Supergirl can get, I mean, she can swim. Very good. I know so because I saw her once. Swimming.’ Kara is blushing harder than she ever has. This is so bad.

Cat seemed to have collected herself a little. Still, she takes a swig of her glass, not caring that it is empty. She swallows thickly. ‘Well, then… Contact Supergirl that she can be in the spread too.’ Cat looks imploringly.

Kara nods like she wants her head to fall off. She has been let of the hook. ‘Of course miss Grant. I see what I can-‘

‘In bikini.’

Kara gasps again. ‘Right…’

‘After all, swimming in cape is not very comfortable.’ Her eyes roam over Kara’s shoulders, and she licks her lips. ‘That’s all.’

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I bet you'd look really nice drooling on my cock while you sit ontop of me

We should find that out ❤️ I would drool lots over an appetizing cock and I’d be eager to grind and rub on it too