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Here’s edgy YS for @anandinair 8D I totally loved his edgy version in the DLC, know what I’m sayin’.

And also thanks for the compliment. u///u *looks at Andi’s most recent pic* You’re also gifting the world lots of gorgeousness. *drools*

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Just realized i have a thing for jason carrying billy bridal style after reading your post, so maybe jason carrying a sleeping billy back home after a long day of training? Love you and your stories btw, have a gr8 day pal.


Jason stretched, groaning as he knocked out the kinks in his back. Trini clapped his shoulder affectionately. “Good workout, Jay,” she breathed.

Her mouth suctioned around her pink water bottle. A whistling sound could be heard from inside the bottle as she drank like she was dying. He grinned at her. “You too, Dede.”

She rolled her eyes, flipping him off instead of smacking him. At this point, the name was a running gag between the five of them.

So far they’d been there since about nine in the morning.  Halfway through training, they’d move out of the pit to battle it out in the sunlight while Zack, Kim and Billy continued taking turns beating each other up with Alpha’s help.

Jason checked his watch. It was just turning eight minutes past five. He pushed his sweaty hair out of his face and eyed Trini who was sprawled on the ground now, water bottle sticking out of her mouth like she was a hamster.

“Head home?”

She spat out her bottle, the last sip of water drained. “Fuck yeah,” she coughed, one arm reaching up for him. He helped her up.

“I’ll get the others,” he said.

She nodded, tired, and started off towards the car, catching her rolling bottle along the way.

The dive into the water was refreshing. Helped clear his mind from the “dodge-dodge-punch” sequence he’d been building up in his head and into his muscle memory. It still took some work for him not keep moving his arms in mimed punches though.

He hit the ground with a little groan and pattered damply to the pit. Zack was already packing up their stuff. He pointed roughly at Jason. “We’re leaving, leader-man. With or without you.”

Jason snorted. “I was actually coming to get you guys.”

“Lies and slander,” Kimberly yelled laughing. Her voice echoed further down in the cave.

Jason laughed and glanced at Zack. “You need any help?”

“Nah, I’m good,” Zack said, easy. He slung Kim’s yellow bag over his chest and grunted as his own red one banged into his back. “Your boy might need some though.”

Jason was already heading forward when Zack said that. A spike of anxious panic pounded into him but before he could ask what Zack meant, Zack was gone. Nervously, Jason hurried further into the pit, around the walls and curves until Kim and Billy were in his view.

Kimberly was fine.

Billy was…

Billy was strung out on the ground, face smushed into the dirt, limp. If it weren’t for his light breaths whistling through the air, Jason would’ve…

Well, he didn’t know what he’d do but he had the slightest feeling it wouldn’t have been good for Kimberly, who was sitting beside him, calm as could be and chatting patiently with Alpha.

“Master Jason!” Alpha chirped, strutting forward. “And how was your session with Master Trini?”

“Uh… decent,” Jason said. He pointed at Billy. “Billy?”

“Sleeping,” Kim said. She gave a heavy grunt as she shoved herself off the ground. A relaxing crack echoed in the room. She moaned and sighed. “He got winded about thirty minutes ago so we let him sleep.”

Tension eased out of Jason’s back. Stiffly he moved forward and squatted beside Billy. “Billy,” he murmured, gingerly patting his boyfriend’s face. “Time to get up.”

“Four more minutes,” Billy whined, rolling over into Kim’s leg and squeezing himself into a ball.

She patted his shoulder absentmindedly. “C’mon, Billy. You can sleep when you get home.”

“Or I could just keep sleeping where I am,” he grumbled but he flexed his body out and squinted over at Jason. “Jason, can I sleep here?”

“Nah, Billy.” Jason reached down at Billy one hand. “Your bed’s more comfortable.”

Kim snorted. “How do you know that?” she asked, voice teasingly suggestive.

Jason’s face burned. “Um, it’s- you know, a bed. It’s gonna be more comfortable than the floor.”

“And cause we do sex there,” Billy said, his voice weary and bordering on half-asleep mumbling. Kim choked on her laughter. Jason swatted Billy’s arm. “What?” He blearily looked up at Jason. “That’s what you said before.”

Her laughter siphoning off into the air, Kim fluttered her hand at them. “Meet you at the car.”

Billy sighed heavy over her retreating footsteps. “I don’t want to leave the ground, Jason.”

“Well, you’re gonna have to, Billy.”

He frowned. “I’m not moving unless you make me. I’m too damn tired and my legs feel like lead.” He coughed and eyed Jason. “You know, the lead that people always say they feel like when they’re tired because you can’t actually feel like lead because it’s not an emotion but it’s a metaphor or something and whatever it is, is how I feel.”

Jason rubbed his face. “Okay.” He stood up. “I’m gonna move you then.”


Jason stretched for a brief moment before squatting and scooping Billy into his arms, princess style. Billy yelped and swung his arms around Jason’s neck. His eyes bore, half-annoyed and bothered, at Jason’s face.



Billy sighed and tucked his face into the crook of Jason’s neck. “I’m going back to sleep.”

“That’s fine, Billy,” Jason grunted, shifting him into a more comfortable position in his arms. 

“I’ll probably drool on you.”

“You always drool on me.”

Billy’s eyes snapped open and he glowered. “That is a dirty lie, Jason Lee Scott.”

“You do!” Jason protested. The shimmer of the water reflected prettily on Billy’s face. Jason readied himself. “Not a lot though. But you do drool when you sleep, Billy. Hold your breath.”

Billy kept glaring at him even as Jason heaved them from the opening of the cove through the water. When they broke their head across the surface, Billy stayed quiet while Jason adjusted him and pressed his face back into Jason’s neck. Strong legs tightened around Jason’s waist. Billy’s body relaxed against Jason’s chest.

Rocking onto his back, Jason backstroked over to the rocks that swarmed around the water. Every so often, Billy’s sleeping face would dip into the water. A surge of internal panic kept capsizing through Jason’s core whenever it happened but he managed to shift Billy’s head to just under his chin without waking Billy up.

Digging his hands into the rock, he started to climb. It took a little longer than normal and and a lot of effort but Jason managed to climb out of the water and over the rocks without harming Billy an inch.

Still his hands burned harshly and there were flecks of dirt and rock stuck to his skin. Rubbing them on his jeans, Jason wrapped his arms around Billy’s waist and cuddled him close as he set forwards to the car.

They all took turns driving each other whenever they had training. Trini had parked her dad’s rundown Lesabre parked just outside the mines and hidden within the trees. When Jason got the edge of the road, it had been driven out to the road. They were all waiting, Zack sprawled out on the top to bake in the sun.

“Sleeping beauty requires many kisses from the handsome black paladin  to awake,” he drawled, rolling off the car.

“You put your mouth anywhere near his and you can count yourself as the next person I slap into space,” Jason threatened.

“Maybe it’s the sexy pink one that awakes the pretty blue,” Kim teased from the passenger seat.

Jason rolled his eyes and crawled into the back, keeping Billy tucked in close. Zack hopped in quickly after. The car began its slow crawl down the road, engine puttering softly and groaning.

The sun was halfway set by the time they got to Billy’s house.

“You want me to wait?” Trini asked.

Jason shook his head, hefting Billy up from where he was sagging. “I can walk.”

“Alright.” Trini sat back, hands back on the steering wheel and engine puttering weakly under her foot.

“See you, Jay!”

“Remember to kiss him from his eternal princely slumber!”

Jason waved them off and wrestled the house key from Billy’s back pocket. Slowly, the door creaked open and he half-jogged to the basement door, stumbling down the stairs and over to Billy’s bed.

Billy spilled out onto his sheets, all loose-limbed and conked out. Jason smiled. Warmth was dripping all over him like soft honey. He swept a thumb over the side of Billy’s face before leaning over and kissing the top of his head.

“Sweet dreams, Billy,” he murmured softly.


A/N: Imagine waking up to find yourself handcuffed to Dean Winchester

Your eyes flashed open as the stiffness in your shoulder radiates down your wrists that sat uncomfortably behind your back. You jerk your bounded wrist forward, pulling with it another set of hands. You touch the hands, which were surprisingly warm and slightly calloused. It was then that you felt the muscular and hardened back pressed up against yours. You turn your head, but you couldn’t make out the figure, just dark brown hair and sideburn stubble.

“Are you awake?” The deep voiced asked, lifting his head. I shook my head. “Say something.” He says.

“Y-yes. I’m awake.” I croaked. “Who are you? Where am I?”

“Are you injured?”


“Can you move your legs?”

I looked down at my legs that were stretched out in front of me. “Yes, I can move my legs. No, I’m not injured.” I answered.

“Good. Can you stand?”

“Why are you so calm?” I asked.

He laughed. “Not my first rodeo.” He answered as we got to our feet. “The calmer you are the clearer your mind.”

“Who are you?”

He exhales sharply and I felt it roll down my spine, his voice vibrating against my skin. “I’m Dean. Dean Winchester.”

“Has your calm mind figured out a way out of these cuffs, Dean, Dean Winchester?”

“Actually, I have and it’s just Dean.” He says matter-of-factly.

He flipped me over his back effortlessly before I could scream. We now stood face to face and the anger I felt dissipated as I stared at him, momentarily mesmerized by his handsomeness. I wondered if he had a lot women drooling at his feet, I caught myself staring awkwardly and blinked, breaking his intense gaze as he smiled.

“Do you know where we are just Dean?” I asked gazing around at the dimly lit room.

“No.” I bit my inner cheek. Sensing my panic. “Nothing will happen to you while I am here, so relax.” He reassures.


He lifts his hands, my hands followed. “Yeah, as in woooosaaah. Inhale, exhale.”

“Are you kidding me? We have been kidnapped and you’re telling me to Zen?” I looked at him, unbothered as he studied one particular object on the wall. “Let me guess, you’ve been kidnapped before?”

He looks down at me. “You can say that.”

I pursed my lips. “This can’t be happening.”

“Well it is, doll.”

I rolled my eyes at him and looked down at our wrists. “Well?”

“Well, what?” He asked.

I lifted my hands. “The cuffs.”

“Oh, yeah, I need you to reach inside my pants pocket.”

I gaped at him. “What? Why?”

“I have a tool inside that can free us from these cuffs.” He paused for a second as the innuendo rolled around his head, he smirked at this. He steps closer to me, his breath inches from my face. He turns slightly and I slipped my hand into his pocket. He closes his eyes briefly, “Uhhh, that is NOT it.”

“Sorry, but it’s deep in there.” I exclaimed. He opens his mouth then closed it almost immediately. “I feel it, but your, um, your manliness is in the way.” I say as I felt the thickness of his manhood. “Can you move it?”

“My manliness.” He repeats. I glanced up at him looking away quickly when I noticed his eyes were on me.

I handed him the pouch, his deft fingers working the metal objects into the handcuff keyhole, freeing us within a few seconds.

I thanked him as I rubbed my wrists and stretched my arms. “Do you always have a handcuff removal kit on hand?”

He shrugged, replacing the tools into the pocket-sized leather pouch and back into his pocket. “In my line of work you always need to be prepared.”

“And what line of work is that?” I questioned.

He opened his mouth to speak, but thought against it. Instead he walked around the dimly lit room staring at the walls that held a few obscure and ornate objects.

Do you remember anything from last night?” He asked.

You remembered it all, the shots, the mixing of alcohol, the music, him licking salt from your wrists, his hands, the kiss, the liquid you slipped in his drink, the staggering walk to his car, the figures who hid the back of the car as you drove, every bit of it is embedded into your memory. But you couldn’t tell him that you did because you were paid to lure him here. Everything had a price, and Dean Winchester’s price was ten thousand dollars that would get you out of this Godforsaken shithole. 

How easily deception came to you, it was a well-known friend, second nature just like breathing. You had your part to play and once you opened that door you would be free. I blushed turning my back to him, “yeah, bits and pieces.” I lied as I recalled his lips on different parts of my body, soft, but manly, my skin humming from the remembrance of his touch.

“Yeah, same here.” He gestures to his head. “But it’s all coming back in flashes. Do you have a cell phone?”

I nodded. “Handing him my cell phone that was nestled deep inside my jacket pocket.

He turns his back to me and I walked slowly to the mirror that rested on the opposite wall. The door unexpectedly slams open; Castiel and Sam appeared in the doorway. 

I turned abruptly to find Dean a few paces way from me. “Whom are you working for?” He asked.

“You know?” I exclaimed, taking a step back towards the mirror. 

He nods. "That you tried to drug me or that you were paid to lure me here?" 

"How?" I asked, stepping closer to the mirror as Castiel and Sam approached, boxing me in.

"Dean are you alright?” Sam asked. 

Dean nods not taking his eyes off me.

“Kidnapping 101, don’t leave your phone in the open where the person you’re supposed to kidnap sees.”

I thought back as I recalled leaving my phone on the bar faced down when I went to the bathroom. He tosses my phone to me and I saw the reply to message.

"I didn’t write this.”

“No, but I did, when you went to the bathroom.” He repeats the message he wrote verbatim. “Liquid slipped in drink, he’ll be too drunk to know what hit him. Meet at car in twenty minutes.” 

“You remember.” I state.

“All of it honey. You played your part and so did I. I’ve got so many supernatural enemies that I can’t begin to think who would want me kidnapped. I really should start keeping a little black book of enemies…“ he rattles on. “So I’m going to ask you one more time. Whom are you working for?”

The mirror shatters to the floor as I ripped it off the wall revealing the unfinished symbols. I picked up a piece of the glass and cut my finger, so that I could make the final slash to complete the spell. Sam grabs my arm and pulls me to the floor his weight pressing into me before I could press my palm into the drawing. 

“Whom are you working for?” Sam repeats, pinning my arms to my side.

“They will kill me.” I pleaded.

“We can protect you.”

Castiel approaches uttering indecipherable incantations. You tried to move, but you were immobile as if an unseen force was holding you in place. He lifts his hand and places his palm against your forehead, he looks you in your eyes and the fear you felt slowly dissipated. “This won’t hurt.” He says to you and oddly enough you believed him.

“The answers are in the symbols,” I say, pointing to the writing on the wall.

“Tell us.” Castiel threatens.

You uttered the incantations they told you to say if you were in distress, glancing at the two figures standing behind Castiel. “No, no, no. Stop her!” Dean yells.

But is was too late, unbeknownst to you the blinding light engulfed your entire being, running through your soul, taking with it your memory of your night with Dean Winchester and everything you have every known.

End note: I wrote this as an open ended story, meaning that many stories can develop from this one if I choose to go back, such as why was Dean lured here? Who was the mystery woman? Who paid her? Why she erased her own memory? What the hell is that symbol on the wall? And all those other questions that I have.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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How are the Daddy's as bed mates? Do any of them hog the covers? Snore? Talk in their sleep? Tend to flail? Suffer from nightmares? Sleep walk? Touch you with their cold feet? Cuddle something? Need to touch? Things of that nature :)

God, I love this one! You have no idea lol

Newt-He tends to move a lot in his sleep, might accidentally smack Reader in the face a few times. Might even mumble a bit, Nifflers and bloody devil tend to be the common words he utters. Reader will probably wake up to him constantly snuggled into her though.

Stephen-Suffers from nightmares, wakes up often throughout the night. Holding reader as she sleeps is a common thing to calm him, even if it still means no rest. He doesn’t move much, in fact aside from waking with night terrors, he’s rather quiet.

Marius-Knocks out pretty easily, but does get nightmares sometimes. When he does, they’re rather violent, and he thrashes around. Surprisingly, he doesn’t care too much for blankets. Uses them only when he’s actually cold. Can fall asleep in one position and stay that way all night.

Jack-Falls asleep easily enough, but when he’s had a troublesome day it takes him longer. And he’ll lay down staring straight ahead in deep thought. Uses one blanket, and it’s thin enough to regulate temp to his liking. Doesn’t move much, quiet sleeper. Likes lying on his stomach.

Eddie-He snores. A lot. Loudly. Moved around quite a bit too. Prefers to be without a blanket, and he’ll usually wake up with the blanket already on the floor, or tangled in it. Kicks a lot in his sleep. Drools. And def hogs the bed.

Balem-Quiet sleeper, has very lucid dreams though. Often wakes up thinking they’re real and throws a fit if it was something he disliked. Hogs the bed, purposely pushes Reader if she’s in his way. Gently of course…But, then he can’t help but pull her into his arms, basically if its attention he wants (much like a cat) he’ll take it. Needs a billion pillows and a really smooth and cool blanket.

“hey rust how many boring headshots do you have of ichimatsu” 

Tomatoredd Headcanons!

@doctorwily @ellsworlds Here’s a bunch for ya!

• Tomatoredd and the other rejects that escaped all live in a abandoned apartment complex, near to the town.

• Tomatoredd sometimes flinches when scared, and the Matt side will naturally cover up their face and say his catchphrase, “NOT THE FACE!” Even though the Matt side knows they’re not a stud, this is a part of his personality that he can’t let go.

• Their food preferences are mixed, making them have a relatively awful taste palette. They mostly eat causal food like meat, veggies, etc. but there are times that they eat just about everything at once. Foreign food, sweets, bitter food, etc. They’re voracious eaters too, since in the Reject Room, they were fed just prison-like slop. So when they escaped, they’ll just eat about anything really fast. Even if it tastes bad, they’ll eat it without any thought.

• They actually have a 2nd mouth. It’s hard to see but it’s there! It doesn’t do much, other than to help chew. But if Tomatoredd is angry, they’ll bare the second set.

• They’re afraid of the public at all costs. The only times they go out is at night, straying away from major hubs of public activity. They just go out to buy food and essentials at those 24/7 marts.

• They some times go to the arcade to blow off some steam. Of course they go at night, but at least there’s no lines to play any of the arcade cabinets! The Matt side always makes them blow money at the Skill Cranes. The Tord side loves to play all the shooting games, mostly House of the Dead. One time he and the Tom side managed to play a few rounds of Time Crisis, shooting at the dual screens at once. The Edd side is more into classic gaming. Tom of course is into rhythm games, but they suck at it.

• They have a obsession with plushes and collectibles, thanks to the Matt side. Even though they have HORRENDOUS hand-eye coordination, they still try the skill cranes. They usually lose, until one night the Tord side lost it since he got so tired of loosing, and punched the glass. It broke, but some shards of glass got embedded in their hand. It hurt like hell, but they did steal some of the rarer plushes and ran off.

• Without thinking, they’ll babble and moan at times, when they’re talking too much internally.

• They have relatively poor accuracy, but nonetheless, they’ll use any weapon in a emergency, including guns and harpoons. They personally prefer melee weapons, since you don’t need great accuracy to make damage.

• They have a major sweet tooth. Both them and Scribble Tom can eat bowls of candy without stopping. However, if the eat so much, they’ll get REALLY BAD stomach aches. Miraculously, Scribble Tom doesn’t get sick at all.

• Tomatoredd is REALLY flexible and is almost double jointed in every joint you can think of.

• They can turn their head 180 degrees. They found this out by accident, when one day they turned their head to hear what Torm was saying. When they saw Torm’s shocked expression, they looked down and saw their entire back. They don’t like turning their head so far now. It creeps everyone out, even the other clones.

• Tomatoredd is treated like the ‘Middle’ child. Torm is the ‘Oldest’ and nobody really pays attention to him, since he’s his own thing going on. They only pay attention to him when they do something dangerous, which is ironically most of the time. Scribble Tom is of course treated like the 'Youngest’ so everybody pays attention to him. 'Film Buff’ Tom (AKA Not-Funny-Tom, Thomas, etc.) is akin to a father figure and tries to look over everyone, but he’s always working to keep everyone happy. Realistic Matt left the other clones to go on a career of being a professional model. He visits the 'family’ from time to time.

• Tomatoredd is constantly looking over Scribble Tom, since he’s the most purest and happiest out of all the clones. They treat him like a son, not a brother.

• Them and all the other Tom reject clones have a 'Void’ eye. Nobody knows why they have it, but it’s there. The eye works like Sub-Space, so the clones can put just about anything in it. One time, Tomatoredd yanked a entire rifle (they have now idea how it got there) out of their only eye socket.

• Tomatoredd is a huge horror fan. Since the 'Originals’ all had different horror tastes, as a fusion they like every off-shoot genera. They mostly prefer slasher films. However, the ONLY horror film they couldn’t stomach down was 'The Thing’. It reminded them of defusion and how painful it is, so they’re harshly against watch or even talking about that film.

• It’s very hard for Tomatoredd to be aroused. Since the four of them get prefer different 'preferences’, it’s almost impossible for them to get into the mood.

• Tomatoredd is very sensitive. They can feel just about anything, like a soft breeze or a gentle tap. They don’t like to be touched harshly, like being tugged.

• They don’t like harsh colors or noises. The other clones are okay with this, but Tomatoredd isn’t. TV static and bright neon yellow are the ones they hate the most. It hurts their ears and eyes a lot.

• Tomatoredd drools a lot in their sleep. They’re also a restless sleeper.

• They usually have nightmares about melting and such. They usually wake up in a cold sweat, crying or pawing at themselves, trying to see if they’re all in once piece.

• They have a mixed music preference, but it’s hard for them to focus on music. They started to like chiptune and vaporwave, since it’s calming, but at the same time it has some stimulating sounds.

• After spending awhile in their outfit they were 'born’ with, they started to buy color neutral clothing. Mainly because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. The other reason is that they’re at the point they view themselves as one person, not four in one body. They started to wear blacks with some undertones of grey or white. They also got a copy of the 'Smeg Head’ shirt, to please the Edd side, and that it’s pretty comfy too.

• Tomatoredd considered getting a glass eye, but it was too awkward. The idea was if they got the eye, the could look 'normal’, but the Tom side felt like it was his fault, so they ditched the idea.

• Tomatoredd has three 'forms’ of destabilizing and they all vary:

1st Form- It’s triggered by strong emotions, like fear, rage, or sadness. It’s mostly melting of the flesh, and maybe a few extra limbs. It’s painful, but it’s the LEAST painful.

2nd Form- It’s triggered by aggression to others, but all four parts must be equally angry. Extra arms and eyes form, and even mouths from time to time if they’re really pissed. The forming of the eyes pains them the most.

3rd Form- It’s triggered by intense internal conflict, such as Tom’s and Tord’s hatred for each other. This is the most ANTAGONIZING form, since it’s close to all four parts of them splitting. Multiple limbs, facial features, and even heads can be formed just in a matter of seconds. When this stage passes, the fusion is usually distraught and is in agony. They try their hardest to make each other content to avoid this.

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I love oral stimming but i drool a lot so.. pools of drool

fuckin same?? like i constantly have so much spit in my mouth and i hate it

Seventeen as dogs

S.Coups | Golden retriever- Gentle giant and natural leader type. Once you give him attention, he’s loyal forever. This always bright and happy breed is the first to run to the door when you get home. His only con is his nonstop hyperactivity.

Jeonghan | Cavalier King Charles- Timid, anxious dog with a tender heart. Peaceful and polite, he holds a deep love for those he treasures. Since he loves so much, he tends to have a lot of separation anxiety when his owners leave.

Joshua | Finnish Spitz- This fox-like dog is a independent free thinker. Despite taking a while to warm up, around those he knows he’s a happy and friendly companion. Just don’t worry too much around him - he’s highly susceptible to the stress of others.

Jun | Maltese- A gorgeous dog bred for looks, with an easygoing and gentle temperament. He’s shy around other dogs, but warms up to his playful self in no time. Con: his frequent need for pampering and attention. Won’t let you move if he’s comfy.

Hoshi | Chow Chow - Cool and distant seeming pup, but deep down he’s as devoted as can be. He’s an independent learner, with his stubbornness spurring him to learn everything the hard way. Tries to be a leader for the other dogs, but they’re not always too keen on his wild plans.

Wonwoo | Siberian Husky - This calm and focused breed is highly attentive and always aware of his surroundings. He loves being active and seeks adventure, often rallying the other dogs to help him chase the neighborhood cats.  Gets frequent stomachaches from eating things he found on the floor.

Woozi | Shiba Inu - These charming pups are not only beautiful, but make naturally keen and fearless leaders. Though introverted, other pets tend to look up at the Shiba and faithfully follow his lead. Likes to chase butterflies, but panics when they don’t fly away since he doesn’t want to eat them.

Dk | Jack Russel - This vocal dog is always a mood maker, cheering his owner up on the worst days. His energy is unlike anyone else, and hes the first to start running in circles or destroy the furniture. He can be a bit hard to handle and pushy, but you’ll never find another dog quite as friendly. 

Mingyu | German Shepard - a watchful, intelligent dog who is highly protective towards those he’s close to. His natural courage and curiosity typically makes him the first to try out new things. He forms opinions on others fast, so your first impression really counts

The8 | English Cocker Spaniel - a quiet and reserved breed that’s somehow still the first to bark at the sight of a new person (even if he shakes a bit while doing so). The first to warm up to people and first to cry when they leave. Will probably wake you up in the middle of the night because he wants to be pet.

Seungkwan | Pug - Sweet, social butterfly that thrives off attention. Only one who doesn’t hate wearing clothes and posing for photos. Sleeps a lot, and often snores/wheezes/drools while he does so. So stubborn that his way is often a must.

Vernon | Beagle- An excitable dog that’s determined to succeed in everything he does. The gentleness of his breed makes it easy for others to get close to him, so he has a wide variety of close friends. The type to bring you a dead bird as a present at least once.

Dino | Schipperke- Agile dog with a fearless demeanor. His curiosity leads him to dig under the fence at least once a week, but he always comes back after a while. He’s a bit too overconfident in his abilities, leading him to challenge other, much bigger dogs.

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Im so thirsty for some nsfw uryu headcannons. please help my thirsty ass

I must had these Headcanons bulit up forever, because I kept going on and on.

Uryu Ishida

  • I kind of think after awhile of having sex with his lover, Ishida becomes a huge pervert. Like he will start watching more porn, to see if he can do any of the things they are doing, he might even consider buying toys everywhere one in awhile.
  • This is everyone head canon, but Uryu likes to make his lover all kinds of lingerie that will fight their body type perfectly, but his favorite ones to make are the one that are see through.
  • He loves when his lover lets him take pictures of them masturbating, or having him record them having sex.
  • When he first got head he came so fast, his tip is so sensitive and those long, slow licks is what drives him crazy. Speaking of oral, when he first gave head, he was really bad at it, there was a lot of drool and a lot of “how does that feel, but after awhile he will start to get the hang of it.
  • Uyru likes a partner who is open to anything and his crazy sex fantasy.
  • Suck on his fingers and his lover won’t be feeling those legs in the morning.
  • Loves to roleplay
  • "Ishida-sensei”
  • His favorite type of pornos are amateur.
  • He sucks at oral but he is soooo good at fingering.