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Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
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I got requests for the Pocky game, so here’s my take on what would happen.  ;) 

For those who haven’t heard of it, Pocky are these stick-shaped chocolate covered cookie things, and the Pocky game is where two people start eating a Pocky stick from each end. The person whose mouth comes off the Pocky first, or whoever gets to the middle first loses. If the participants end up kissing, it’s a tie.  ^_~


There was a request for a solo larger version of this so… here you go.

Headcanon: The first time Widowmaker and Reaper met following their both being in Talon wasn’t the first time they’d officially met. However, it didn’t mean they liked each other any more. 

Widowmaker & Reaper © Blizzard

Artwork © Branded-Rose

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JK: ??!!!??????!!

JK: …

JK: I’m sorry, but I’ll need to check your age.