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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.16

Sara regains her memories.

comfort shiiiip-

I guess I can put more ara info here too

Okayyy soo here’s the deal with Ara and his affection towards Friday boi

A year or so after they met and became friends Ara’s soul subconsciously ‘latched’ onto Friday. Likeee Ara feel in love with him without knowing it. His soul freakinggg makes him feel like he needs to be around the guy, constantlyyy. You know how I said the reason Ara isn’t dead yet is because his soul has slowed down the process of cracking and shattering completely? Welll it’s because he’s around Friday and has him, aaand because food helps with the hp situation a bit. But Ara’s soul is pretty much getting slowly healed from his entire past oooof gaining cracks when he’s around Friday okAY.

So what I am saying iss, Ara loves Friday but he has no idea himself aand his soul is subconsciously ‘attached’ to Friday and his soul

Happy one year anniversary UNDERTALE !


my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy

heyy guess what series i finally watched

- Everything is fine, I promise.

I’m so sorry for being late ;O;/, but here’s your RFSS gift @runeygoddess​!! You said u wanted dolce/frey and i just started weeping because I love them so dam much. I hope it’s alright & that you like it!!

Went to the mall today to treat myself to some gifts since I love to buy things I don’t really need. But I need to be nicer to myself so I thought I could treat myself to buying cute stuff. I bought a new stuffed animal to add my family of plushies >o

Expressions Challenge with Remington (ʘ言ʘ╬)

NAME: Chizuri Inoue
HEIGHT: 4′9″
SPECIES: Au Ra / Raen
▌ GENDER: Female 
NAMEDAY: 18th Sun of the 9th Astral Moon (September 18th)
RESIDENCE: Campsite in the Shroud
▌ ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
DRINK: Green Tea
FOOD: Pineapple Ponzecake
▌ SNACK: Dried fish or jerky.
PET: Okaeri (Birb)
▌ COLOR: Green, Red
FLOWER: Hibiscus
▌ SEXUALITY: Panronmantic, Demisexual
BODY TYPE: Dainty, Slender, Small Waist
EYE COLOR: Pink & Orange
HAIR COLOR: Cherry Pink  

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