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If you listen closely, you can hear George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” playing in the distance.

I did this earlier but I forgot to post it. It started off as a facial expression practice then turned into a comic *shrugs*

I wanted to focus on making each facial expression depict a specific feeling. 


I’d rather date an idea;
something I’ll never find.
Sure, I’ll live in the moment,
but I’m never happy here
I’m surrounded by greener looking time(x)

I’ve still got a lot of feels from Just Friends

How one man repopulated a rare butterfly species in his backyard
We can all contribute to conservation efforts — sometimes even from our own backyards.
By Zachary Crockett

via http://www.vox.com/2016/7/6/12098122/california-pipevine-swallowtail-butterfly-population 

Tim Wong (Instagram: timtasti1c) <– go follow him, he has lots of beautiful photos including butterfly photos~!


All my updated QUEENS OF MEWNI SKETCHES! Featuring, STAR BUTTERFLY NOW COLORED! @artgirllullaby@marionette-j2x@weather-art I actually did this a while back and actually thought it looked good Crystal. to be posted so….here it is! I hope you guys like some of the Sailor Moon inspired outfits😉

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Someone please talk to me about the fact that King Butterfly knows what it means for a princess to be evaluated, and that fact that Baby annoys him because she eats all of his food, and why does that sound familiar, oh yeah, because that’s exactly how Baby treated Marco.

It’s all too easy to imagine a young Moon Butterfly, nearly fifteen years old and dreading her first evaluation. She pours over her spellbook, determined to memorize everything, and frowns when Glossaryck says, “You’re not ready for that one” because Glossaryck is always so honest, even when his words cut deep.

“Has a princess ever failed her evaluation?” she asks. Her voice is steady, practiced, and proper, undaunted by disappointment or hardship.

“Yes,” Glossaryck replies. “And even if they hadn’t, who’s to say that you couldn’t be the first?”

She doesn’t blink at that, doesn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing her flinch. She will, later, many years down the line, when Chauncey falls in battle and the whole world is crumbling apart, she’ll show Glossaryck just how deeply things affect her and just how hard she can cry, but for now there’s only one person she shares those things with, and he’s well outside the palace walls.

River is quite something to see in his youth, fearsome and fearless and strong. Most would say he has hair like sunlight but it’s always reminded Moon of the stars, shining yellow and bright alongside her namesake. He’s so different from her own family, so wild and loud; he says exactly what he’s thinking and doesn’t hide it behind guile and double-meanings, false smiles and polite words. He introduces the revolutionary concept that it is alright to express one’s emotions, to shout when one is angry, or declare one’s love in the middle of a tourney, because the princess has bested many monsters and he hopes to one day be as capable as she.

Moon doesn’t admit, at first, how nervous she is or how frightened, but River can tell. River’s learned to read the way she holds her hands, or the way her mouth thins out to silently reflect what she’s feeling, and he pulls her away from the rowdy, rude Johansen clan and wraps his arms around her.

In time, they return to the palace. River likes it here about as much as Moon likes the Johansen’s; he can see it from her point of view, appreciate it in a way, because it’s a symbol of Mewman tradition, steeped in ceremony and significance. These things are as vital and natural to Moon as breathing, but to River it will never quite feel like home.

They lock themselves in the kitchen and delight in roast boar and little pastries that River cannot name but also cannot stop eating. It’s here that Baby finds them, and here that Moon’s evaluation begins; Baby asks her to pass an apple from the counter and Moon hesitates, her hands folded, her mouth thin.

Suddenly, River picks up the apple and tosses it. It flies over Baby’s shoulder and splatters against the wall, and River laughs from deep inside his gut and cries, “Do I pass? Am I a princess?”

The corners of Moon’s mouth curve ever slightly upwards, and all at once her fear is gone, because no matter how poorly she does, it won’t be as bad as that.

Now that we know Voltron is going to have at least six seasons, I have a lot more faith that certain topics and characters (ahem Lance and Hunk) will have much more developed arcs than I think a lot of people assumed when we weren’t sure if everything would wrap up in season 3 or 4. 

With Lance, it’s pretty obvious that his story is building up and he will probably crumble before he has some kind of pheonix moment (pardon my cheesy cliche). He is the perfect character to transition from what is seemingly just an arrogant, goofy kid that can’t take anything seriously to someone who pulls the whole team together and is irreplaceable. I was worried immediately after season 2, but now I see room for a large buildup of an arc that will probably be better than anything rushed in three seasons so I am optimistic. I love Lance so much (probably unhealthily so), and part of that is the character development I see in him from fics i’ve read (seriously, some of you guys write Lance so beautifully that I can’t handle it), so I can’t wait for his canon character to have that same treatment.

Same goes for my precious budding relationship that is Klance. For all the hate the ship might get, I think it has a lot of potential and part of the reason for the hate is because we haven’t seen them grow up yet and see past the “rivalry.” Give it some time. They are but just a little seedling, struggling to plant roots in the rocky soil before they can blossom (gag). Klance will be so much better and real feeling and worthy of Keith and Lance as individual characters and a team if the buildup happens naturally. Even if nothing romantic comes out of it, I think they will become good friends and space ranger partners, I mean, we’re already seeing some of that masked underneath bouts of “rival” moments two seasons in.