lots of awesomeness all around

no offence but Whiskey is such a great character right now because the canon things we know about him are:

  • he plays hockey
  • he prefers the name Whiskey to Whiskers
  • he hangs out with Awful Lax BrosTM
  • he has a signed Jack Zimmermann jersey
  • he calls Tango Tony

So all headcanons are Valid?

HoH Whiskey? Absolutely. Latinx Whiskey? You bet. Trans Whiskey? Hell yes. Like there’s so much room for potential and it’s awesome

This is it. Last post while still in the States. It’s been an amazing trip. Visiting friends and getting to know some awesome girls. Lots of laughter, a ton of amazing moments, just all around a great trip. I want to thank everyone for your wishes in regards to my trip. I appreciate every single one. I promise to tell you all about my Sway experience once I’m home. Again thanks, and I’ll “see” you all again from across the Atlantic.