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Anonymous said to buckykingofmemes: Ok but talking about salsa and swing I gotta ask if Steve’s done any dance sketches, it is in my contract as a social dance nerd

steve actually has a ton of dance sketches. he used to come with me when i wanted to go dancing and use it as life drawing practice. said it helped him get the unusual poses better. 

anyway, this sketch  is a really old one, from back before the war. that lovely lady im dancing with is my baby sister becca. becca and i used to do swing competitions together, and we were an unstoppable team, since we’d been dancing together since before she could walk. we danced with other people a lot, but when it came to competitions becca and i were pure magic. i was a pretty big guy and she was always tiny, so i could whip her through steps and lifts like lightning. and she always trusted me to catch her, since id been tossing her in the air for as long as she could remember, and never once let her drop. the two of us would invent lifts nobody else in brooklyn would dare to try. 

sometimes we roped stevie into helping, because he wasnt much bigger than becca, and we didnt have mirrors to practice with. so if we wanted to see how a move looked, we’d teach stevie becca’s lift and she’d watch and figure out what needed changing. steve had no rhythm at all, but he was usually game for the lifts. later, in the star spangled show, they tried to make use of some of those, but he still didnt have the steps down, so it never worked out.

after i got drafted, becca kept dancing. by the time she was thirty, she held the title of brooklyns longest-running swing queen, with fifteen consecutive wins. 

brotp tags masterlist

👽 hear ye hear ye!! look at me being productive for a change. alright, i see a lot of otp tags masterlists around and although they’re all awesome, brotps deserve some attention too. since i always find myself stuck on tags for them i decided to do one myself and so this was created!! so, under the cut you’ll find tag ideas for brotps (that fit otps too if you wanna) to which i will add as i think of more. i hope this helps you guys in some way and please reblog if you find useful!! 

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My Harry Potter: Harry/Voldemort or Harry/Tom Fanfiction Recs

I’ll keep updating this list as I find new favorites.

Ordered in overarching categories, and sometimes in sub-categories.

I sometimes put spoilers in those personal notes, because they’re for my own reread/recognition purposes. So if you don’t want to be spoiled about the story, skip over the crossed out lines.

These are only some of my Harry Potter fanfiction recs—the ones for the pairing Harry Potter/Voldemort or Harry Potter/Tom Marvolo Riddle. You can also check out my Harry/Draco rec list or my Harry: Other Slash list. For the links to all my other rec lists, go here.

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“Hey buddy, come here, looks like you need a friend…”


✩*⋆ ⍋*☪⋆⍋⋆*✩  ༶・・ᗰદ૨૨ʏ ᘓમ૨ıડτന੨ડ・・༶ ✩*⋆ ⍋*☪⋆⍋⋆*✩

Happy Christmas to everybody!  

I did this artwork for the Bittersamgirlclub Secret Santa 2016 ( @bittersamgirlclub). 

I am @snowfallamellecki (formely @adorablejared) secret santa/ fellow Bitter Sam Girl. One of her prompts was Sam with puppies. I can’t draw a dog not even for save my life, but looks like I actually can draw the back of the dog’s head!

I used lots of references to compose the final image reference. The sketch was made using a Bamboo tablet and Medibang software.

Sara, I hope you like this little fanart. And I wish you a great Xmas and an awesome 2017 ( and lots of love to all my BSGC friends around the world!).

no offence but Whiskey is such a great character right now because the canon things we know about him are:

  • he plays hockey
  • he prefers the name Whiskey to Whiskers
  • he hangs out with Awful Lax BrosTM
  • he has a signed Jack Zimmermann jersey
  • he calls Tango Tony

So all headcanons are Valid?

HoH Whiskey? Absolutely. Latinx Whiskey? You bet. Trans Whiskey? Hell yes. Like there’s so much room for potential and it’s awesome

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♥ + ao-de-shizukana to spread some positivity

Let’s spread some positivity!

Five things I love about @ao-de-shizukana ( Or Shannon rather )

  1. She’s the biggest nerd alive who will not hesitate to rip out your heart at a moments notice ( you can ask Cally and I that and we can tell you a lot )
  2. She is an awesome all around person
  3. Shannon is good at making you laugh until you can no longer breathe ( believe me, I know )
  4. I love her muse selection just like I love Shell’s honestly. And she handles them really well ( heycanwegetsorasesshointeractionspls? )
  5. JUST SHANNON! I love everything about Shannon, what more can I say?

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ok i am new to the dragon age fandom and i don't know where to find good blogs but i love everything you post so i thought you might know some good people to follow. could you share some good da blogs and what characters they post alot of and what their main ships are? thank you

Well, I follow A LOT of blogs nonny and it’s hard to pinpoint which ones are my favorite. I can give you a short list of the people I speak the most to and what information I can give you about their blogs.

fenharels-heart (Solavellan)

inquisitor-desya-lavellan (m!Lavellan/Dorian, m!Lavellan/Iron Bull, m!Lavellan/Samson)

benefaris (Solavellan)

katjalaroux (one of my besties- mixed blog)

calyah (Solavellan)

chenria (Dragon Age art blog mostly. Ships f!Cousland/Teagan)

symetrii (m!Trevelyan/Cassandra, f!Amell/Cullen)

rayeliann (Cullen/f!Trevelyan)

korcariwitches (awesome sauce. Loves Morrigan)

vitaebenefaria (f!Hawke/Stroud, f!Hawke/Duncan)

merwild (Dorian/m!Trevelyan)

ladyjomontilyet (Josephine and Morrigan appreciation)

ottabox (Solavellan, f!Lavellan/Krem)

resoan (Solavellan)

black-rose4 (f!Cousland/Alistair, f!Lavellan/Josephine, f!Trevelyan/Cullen)

yesmassdragoneffect (f!Surana/Anders, f!Surana/Zevran)

goddesstiera (f!Adaar/Harding, f!Adaar/Iron Bull)

wrrex (f!Tabris/Zevran)

fenharelsshadow (m!Mahariel/Zevran)

eeveevie (f!Trevelyan/Cullen)

all-truths-wait-in-all-things (f!warden/Leliana)

momochanners (f!Aeducan/Alistair, f!Cadash/Blackwall)

brennacedria (f!Cousland/Alistair, f!Hawke/Anders)

yukisamui (f!Lavellan/Iron Bull)

prettylittledarkspawn (Solavellan, Zevran/warden)

vir-tanadahl (Solavellan)

brelakor (Solavellan, Abelas/Inquisitor)

fuckyeahvarric (Varric appreciation)

fuckyeahcullen (Cullen appreciation)

obvious-apostate (f!Hawke/Anders)

cookiesdf (f!Cadash/Blackwall)

anoratheirin (Anora/happiness)

cole-the-spirit (pretty much a Cole-centric blog)

sketchingsparrow (Dragon Age art blog)

kelgrid (Dragon Age art and comics)

anotherdayforchaosfay (f!Amell/Alistair, Solavellan, f!Trevelyan/Cullen)

asolitaryrose (f!Adaar/Josephine)

tinysera (f!Cadash/Sera)

azlynfae (Solavellan)

kingalistairtheiriin (f!Cousland/Alistair)

leftforbed (lots of Dorian Pavus)

filthyknifeear (all around awesome person)

Shit! Sorry, nonny. This got really long. Honestly, these are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head, but if you search the tags (safely) you will find awesome people between the crappy ones. Plus, everyone I talk to here has been super awesome so if you see their names pop up, feel free to follow/chat with them!

Thank you for taking the time to comment and I hope this list helps!


photos from Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2014 (04/27/2014)

#TRP2014 was awesome! met lots of awesome people  and had an all around great time. :)

as seems to generally be the case at Prides, there seemed to be a huge under representation of everything but the L, the G and cross dressers, but what representation i did find made me extremely happy. above is a shot of the one non-rainbow flag that i saw (..ok, i did see a huge bear flag, but that doesn’t count) and i was lucky enough to meet and get a photo of a fellow non-binary ace! also, a couple of friends and i added to the diversity and inclusiveness of the event with our Asexual Pride sign, which we held with pride in the parade.

Thank You! :)

So 6 months ago..

I decided to create my dumb little blog after the This Might Get Weird Y'all show…

I never expected to get more than 10 followers, but today I signed in and saw that I had passed 4,000!

These past 6 months have been crazy! I went to Vidcon…

And the Boston #NoFilter show…

I even got to meet the girls!

…twice :)


I met some of my best friends <3

So I guess all I can say is

And I love you all! :)

It’s a rare day when i do one of these, actually i can’t remember the last time i did one but it’s the new year [let’s pretend shh, i’m a little late] and i just hit a milestone today 1,500 followers YAY! So why not?! 

2014 was what i call a recovery year, for the last few years i have dealt with personal demons and tumblr has helped me because it was a way to escape. Now i barely depend on it and it’s a good thing cause now i can actually scroll tumblr with a healthy mindset and obsess normally about shows. 


Multimess all around!

bellamyblakc ✴ dragoncastle28 ✴ sarahksilvermans ✴ lexiesgrey ✴ thatbluebox ✴ youheldontight ✴ swagyolofresh ✴ princesconsuela ✴ saras-scrapbook ✴ twinklashtons ✴ bisexualclarke ✴ haddiesbraverman ✴ kepnerrrd ✴ piperhalliwell ✴ adamakara ✴ marsecholls ✴ voodoodickrats ✴ lushcola ✴ elderwand ✴ rachealhannah ✴ studyroomkerfuffle ✴ kelly-kapoor ✴ itsstuckyinmyhead ✴ mindyswift ✴ lukecastellan ✴ daenerystormboern ✴ toraks ✴ burnthepages ✴ mstynicks ✴ -pixiegaga ✴ mjwatson ✴ cpt-stevenrogers ✴ kingkanekiken ✴ slugclubmember ✴ andlionheart ✴ bonibennett ✴ amysntiagos ✴ karengilan ✴ believeinprongs ✴ thatshortgirlwithglasses ✴ thatsqualitystuff ✴ snarkiplier ✴ asheathes ✴ melanieexox ✴ 

Orphan Black

alidawkinsglassesanddreads ✴ monkeykira ✴ tmasisthenewblack ✴ felixdawkins ✴ giollinalovesgirls ✴ ccosimaa ✴ detectivechilds ✴ proclone ✴ delphuck ✴ calmorrison ✴ iboughtafuckingateauthecloneclub ✴ acebethchilds ✴ 

Once Upon A Time

elisabethcollinsangelmartinellis ✴ rumplestiltskin ✴ rumbelles ✴ emmaswans ✴ meqhanory ✴ kevinmckidd ✴ colinodonorgasm ✴

Teen Wolf

sterek ✴ babyhowlinforyou ✴ cora-hale ✴ antoinetripletts ✴ alltimestilinski ✴ allisonargendohwolfed ✴ holland-roden ✴ crystalreedie ✴ cryssreed ✴ hollandrooden ✴ hollandinspired ✴ stydiaislovekommissarien ✴ komisaari ✴ kendrawcandraw ✴ darachmoon ✴ teen-wolf ✴ ciscoramons ✴ alllisonmccalls ✴ lonewolfed ✴ they-howl ✴ theteenagehorror ✴ adelaidekane ✴ adriansages ✴ softlycanthropy ✴ werefoxstiles ✴ foxkings ✴ xkxdx ✴ noctcaelums ✴ akissforabite ✴ ohhelga ✴ obriens ✴ mermaidblues ✴ peggycarteres ✴ maliahale ✴ maliatale ✴ floatedheart ✴ philcoulson ✴ dunneamys ✴ tacoposey ✴ tinderbox210 ✴ heathicorn ✴ tifferini ✴ 

Agents Of Shield (new category because as you all know i fell into it crashing. And these people are amazing, like seriously this little fandom has a lot of love)

fitzsimmmonsy ✴ msdevindanielle ✴ henstridgebabe ✴ jmma-simmons ✴ superclones ✴ verbivore8642 ✴ leopoldfitzsimmons ✴ jemmaswan ✴ jemmafizt ✴ jemmasimmvns ✴ amazingjemma ✴ margretcarter ✴ leopoldffitz ✴ ohmystrs ✴ ruthedotcom ✴ imperfectlychaotic ✴ howtodadwithphil ✴ silfp ✴ caprogervs ✴ siimmons ✴ simmonsmorse ✴ simmonsisinthebox ✴ skyeswaerd ✴ skyeswarde ✴ skyewardz ✴ koeggnig ✴ losingfitzsimmons ✴ viva-la-fitz ✴ filzsimmons ✴ littlescienceloves ✴ theclaravoyant ✴ thorias ✴  ohskye ✴ theblakesiblings ✴ agent-jemma ✴ leofitzlionheart ✴ fitzmonkeys ✴ drfitzysimmons ✴ cfergusons ✴ marysuepoots ✴ agents-of-frickle-frackle ✴ thesandwichincident ✴ thefitzsimmonsnetwork ✴ aosladies ✴

+ Blogroll for anyone that i’m 100% sure i forgot
+ It’s so much okay
+ Special mention to myraggedydoctr who helped me reach the goal!
+ Most of these blogs are multifandom but i categorized them because that’s how i organize my favorites.
+ And i have a lot.

This is it. Last post while still in the States. It’s been an amazing trip. Visiting friends and getting to know some awesome girls. Lots of laughter, a ton of amazing moments, just all around a great trip. I want to thank everyone for your wishes in regards to my trip. I appreciate every single one. I promise to tell you all about my Sway experience once I’m home. Again thanks, and I’ll “see” you all again from across the Atlantic.