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Fave place to buy school supplies (esp anything pretty or cute, and online or in the US)? Much appreciated.

❥ JetPens: I definitely buy all my writing tools here now. They have a lot of fairly affordable things, and in my experience they’ve had pretty fast shipping (I’m in the US).

❥ Morning Glory: Soooo much cute and cheap stationery. I haven’t ordered from the site itself yet (although I plan to once I run out of notebooks), but I have quite a few things from them because their products are often sold in Asian stationery shops. There are also physical stores, I believe, though I haven’t been to one myself.

❥ Daiso: I’ve gotten some cute notebooks, gel pens, erasers, and letter sets here. They have a ton of stuff in general. If there is a store by you then it’s better, since almost everything in the store is sold for $1.50 or $2.00, while I believe the online site only sells things in bulk? But it’s definitely extremely affordable. Unfortunately I don’t think there are many stores, but definitely check and see if there’s one near you!

❥ Target: I think most people know about Target, but for the sake of completeness, I’m listing it here haha. The stationery and dollar section have lots of cute stuff~ 

❥ eBay is also a great place for cute stationery too! I made a post a while ago about shops that sell Asian stationery that I buy from, so please check it out as well. :3

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Do you think Asians fetishize other Asians? Most Asian sexual fantasy blogs are run by other asians, most want that kpop-esque, submissive type of guy. And a lot of Asians guys I talked to have that preference when it comes to other Asians guys.

You can fetishize your own race as well, it’s not exclusive to white people. Fetishization is just harmful in general.

And the thing you’re describing is most definitely fetishization.

However, it is not necessarily racist or fetishization for Asians to want to date within their own race or want to avoid dating white people. It all boils down to the motive behind it, I think.

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what are your opinions on white/non Asian people adopting Asian children?

This is an okay thing to do, as long as your intentions are not to “save” them from their own people.

But I would expose them to their culture as much as possible growing up, and like, enroll them in a cultural school (Chinese school, Japanese school, etc)/take them to a community center for people of their culture or Asian people in general. I suffered a lot because I lacked this (I’m diaspora first generation Han Chinese and my parents were both raised in the USA even though Mom was born in HK when it was China).

I would also recommend raising them in an environment where they will be able to be around people like them – like not just Asian people, but Asian people of their ethnicity. So if they’re Han Chinese, find an area where a lot of Han Chinese people live.

(Do any transracial adoptee followers wanna chime in?)

-Mod J

Also, beyond the “don’t play white savior”, “don’t fetichize them”, and all the stuff about intentions- be careful about how and where you adopt! Be aware that sometimes children are called “orphans” even though they still have family alive. Be aware that child trafficking exists, that there have been adoption agencies who coerce and pay women to give up their children, that the ‘fashion’ of adopting children abroad has been said to create a ‘market’ for children of color - so to parents who want to go this route - do your research! 

Adopting Asian children isn’t in and of itself a bad thing, but it’s not hard to unintentionally play into really harmful dynamics, so being really careful about that is essential.

-Mod V

Off Course

I am
a black wo/man
with a white skin
and Nazi background
who is Asian by nature
and Russian by heart
has Australian ancestors
and American flags

I am trans
in my soul
and bi
in my pants
with a healthy issue
for or with
against heterosexuals
and homosexuals
cultures and religions
and in general
not important

my addictions
every thing
what I like
but I hate
everything else

of course
I am
like you all
full of anxiety
and shit

I have
no money
and alcohol
over eating
with anorexic
compulsive behaviors
cutting edges
I think
a lot

of course
I am not
my own ideas
and other people
whose opinion
I approve
all the others
fuck off

you can call me
or Wendy
Mister or
Misses President
if you like

as long as
you don’t talk
to me
leave me

I don’t care
and I wonder
why nobody cares
about me

who is the center of the universe
in my own little nightmare

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Like I said, wasn't trying to hate, just wanted to understand. You're propogating racism against white people. Yes, they/we do a lot of ugly shit. But when you group people together like that, you're no better than them. Just saying. Hate breeds hate. I dunno. I don't go around tagging things "black people" or "asian people" it just seems really racist. Human beings are evil and cruel. Just in general. And that's all I'll say. I will also unfollow if you think that's best.

[ Yeah let me know more about ‘propagating racism against white people’ when white people get gunned down by police officers for being white every three days k bye ]

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honey & tiger

Honey - Do you have a nickname?
- WELL AS YOU MAY KNOW, EVERYONE CALLS ME “bae” >_> That’s all the nicknames I can think of though. One of my friends calls me “Baecon” like bacon ahahaha…

Tiger - What is your bravest moment?
- Hmm, I’ve had a lot of brave moments, I guess. Mostly things like standing up for friends, or defending other people. Maybe my bravest would be when I stood up against my parents for giving me shit about school/grades/my life in general? :P Rebelling against asian parents is a very bad idea though lol

So, I firstly want to state that I’m all for coloured people empowerment and equality of races and people getting treated with respect no matter their race and I see a lot of stuff on tumblr about this which is great but lately I’ve also been seeing a lot of stuff bashing or discouriging or just in general I’ve been seeing a lot of negative things said about white people. If a white person says something offensive or rude or not right, by all means tell them off and stuff but don’t add rude comments including their race. There was this post that’s been going around recently where a white girl says something super disgusting about how asian boys should date more white girls and it was horrible. I’m glad some people awknowlegded what was wrong with that but other people knew it was wrong but also commented some things like “white girls are freaks” and there were a few other things said regarding her race which I think is being a hypocrite. You think her racism is wrong but then continue to say something rude including her race ? Her race has nothing to do with the fact that what she said was bad. Being white doesn’t justify if you’re a good person or not. If someone said something like “I’m so done with black people’s problems” everyone would flip out ( which is good cause that’s a shitty thing to say) but when there are posts about how white people’s problems are stupid or people are sick of white people’s problems barely anyone would be upset about seeing a post like that. I realize us white people aren’t typically discrimminated against and things like that, but that doesn’t make it okay for people to bash that race because a person of that race said something offensive. It actually makes me feel bad about myself seeing all these posts that are hate directed at white people. Shouldn’t we treat everyone fairly? Isn’t that what this empowerment thing is about ? But I see things where a white girl says a small insecurity or a problem she has and people will go off on her about it. If it’s not anything rude, if she’s not trying to hurt anyone else why should anyone be upset about her stating her problem. Yes, I know other people probably have it worse but if she’s not saying it in a way that makes it seem like she thinks her problem matters more than others than what’s the issue? For example if a white girl says she’s insecure about the hair on her stomach ( which is just peach fuzz) and a hispanic girl says she’s insecure about the hair on her stomach, ( which is more than peach puzz) in the same post that has been reblogged. Some people will pick on the white girl because she doesn’t have it as bad as the hispanic girl, ( not that I think having hair on your stomach is bad but I understand some people don’t want it ) but why should they do that? It’s an insecurity they both have. One has more hair then the other and that should be awknowledged but just because one has more hair doesn’t mean the one with less hair is stupid for complaining about it. If she were to make too much of a big deal out of it or not awknowledge the hispanic girl with more hair most likely has it worse, then someone could say something but they don’t need to say anything about how she’s white!!! Even if a lot of white people are rude or say racist or say stupid things it doesn’t mean we are all like that!! A lot of us are actually good people and your skin colour is not who you are so please don’t be racist or cruel to us, don’t be racist or cruel to anyone. So what I’m trying to say here is lets truly try to be kind and treat everyone equally and empower other races and get equality for other races without discrimminating anyone. Thank you.

  • Courtney

luridel tagged me in the 6 random facts about you thing so HERE WE GOES 

1. Im mildly afraid of most animals. I like them, but it makes me nervous when they jump/nip/are super energetic in general. Im especially afraid of monkeys and I worked in a lemur cage at the zoo for almost a year.

2. Im half asian but a lot of people think Im hispanic so a lot of people will just come up to me and start speaking spanish and i know spanish so i reply in spanish but it quickly becomes apparent that i am not fluent in spanish and then it’s just confusing times for everyone

3. I’m not entirely sure why but I’ve always liked tumbleweeds and pinecones since i was little and seeing one is always a great time. especially a REALLY BIG ROLLING tumbleweed

4. i rly like cooking!! my signature THINGS I MAKE are eggs benedict and ugly but delicious sushi. for some reason I felt compelled to try to make christmas breakfast one year in high school and I completely fucked it up and my dad yelled at me and i cried and that’s how my interest in cooking began yeah!! \o/ on a tangent, i talked about my massive cooking fuckup in my college entrance essays and i got accepted to uc berkeley so the moral is fuck up so you can get into good schools

5. i almost got kidnapped once in a gas station bathroom in the middle of nowhere, california

6. my favorite video on the internet Ever is that…garry’s mod?? “You’re a Wizard Harry” one it’s been around forever but I LOSE MY SHIT at that video EVERY TIME if you ever want to see me laugh until noise stops coming out and i start crying then just show me that video

alright I’m gonna go watch the harry potter video so y’all can do this and say that I tagged you if you are so inclined. peace

I’m terrified to realize that I’m more than willng to voice my opinions and views on things concerning Asian/Asian American point of views, yet I’m hesitant when it comes to say things concerning godly things.This worries be because as a missionary, or even a Christian in general, I should be always ready to talk about the One I decided to call my Lord of my life.

This is a huge wake up call that needs to be followed up with lots of reflection, and time with Him. I need to make ways to make this first priority.