lots o bees

in news that will probably excite no one but me and maybe @crackedverbosity i have just finished spending almost every free moment of my week off drafting the thirty page first chapter to a VERY FLUFFY FFXV promptis comic chocked full of chocobos (O    v  O) <3 it’s a very merry un-birthday gift to myself <3

anonymous asked:

*whispers* please tell me that knockout made the little pinkie prosthetics for human bee. >u< I just love this ship and i think it would be a really cute personal thing between them. but it's also a really cool headcanon that I would love for you to tell us more about (if there's anything to add)

Oh no no KO didn’t do those. They were all Ratchet and Perceptor’s doings, KO was still an enemy when Bee got them. But KO did become Bee’s personal fixer after what happend cause there just simply weren’t anyone else to do it. But then they started to like that time that it took with Bee’s check-ups and fixing and such. you know like

just hanging out time. Bumblebee doesn’t have to be Bumblebee and be everywhere at the same time he can just sit down and chill and KO has someone who really needs and appreciates his help ‘n work. It’s like they’re hiding from everything else for a moment and just be.

And actually KO does make Bee prosthetics! Namely, his RiD15 hands.
Bee looks like he’s wearing gloves so i thought KO designed him like full hand taking robotic gloves that have the prosthetics for pinkies. Becuse as time went by KO didn’t probably have a chance to fix Bee every single moment his fingers broke so he designed whole new appliances, fully customized them, making sure only Bee’d be able to wear em.
Unfortunately i’m not done designing or figuring out how they’d work yet but i’ll get there