lots bts


the finished lineup for my 1920′s BTS au finallY (drew lots of inspiration from Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox sendin’ lotsa lov there)

synopsis: Jin, Taehyung, and (sometimes) Jungkook are a detective unit who have been recently tailing mafia activity around Soul City. Traces lead them to the jazz club/vaudeville (or the underworld as Jin refers to it) Bangtan Sound led by the mysterious RM and his circle of performers. When Jin is put up to the task by the investigation department of going undercover as a chorus boy, he and the others get more than they could ever bargain for.
(more info/relationships under the cut!)

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yoongi’s smile

yoongi has lots of different smiles and i love every single one of them

flirty smile on stage

classic selfie smile (pls b careful on top of high places)

shy smile in front of fans

whatever this lil awkward smile was but its still cute

v v v soft smile 

excited! smile!

he’s so happy :,)

when he gets all hyperactive on stage i love

i dream for him to look @ me like this

thank u namjoon for sharing this w us,,,, a laughing man

look at the way his eyes scrunch up!!!!!

and last but not least: the best smile