lots and lots of swirls

It’s so funny… i am moving out in two weeks and i thought i had explored every inch of the forests here but no i was wrong.. new paths appearing since a few weeks ago and today again! And they were the most wonderful, beautiful, magical paths i’ve ever seen! Even when the leaves of the trees are almost all gone. Today I walked through a small zigzag path with a lot of thin trees with lots of branches everywhere and roots swirling around EVERYWHERE! With moss covering it. It took my breath away. I called it “The Swirling Forest” haha. I saw leaves falling and twirling around, hearing them fall on the ground. Then this little path ended and i came out into a very big, long path. Wow, i thought: where am i?! Its so beautiful here! Why didnt i see this before? Then after a while a crossroad appeared and i took the left path. And there were many little birds! I didn’t know where i was. I was a little lost. But i found my way back. The forest really has secrets. For anyone who’s searching for them. Very interesting adventures im having lately. Thank you forest 😊

Rewatching the diner scene and ugg I know it’s not a big deal but just watching their facial expressions it’s so good. The subtle changes in Frank’s expressions- the softening, his purposeful gaze, the humor, the grief. His attention is on her, but he’s still monitoring the perimeter, you see him glancing over to the window checking out the circling Buick.His transition from the almost desperate command to “hold onto it” to “you need to go in the back” is so fluid because he is completely in the conversation with her and also completely aware of his surroundings and the plan.The cool calm exterior and evidence of control. Frank Castle has so much depth it’s wrecking me.