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Local Dad Orders a Burger at The Coffee Spoon

(Based on the video: Local dude orders a burger at Starbucks)

Mat: Can I help the next guest please?

Mat: Ah hello sir, welcome to the Coffee Spoon, what can I get for you?

Robert, heavily distorted: Yeah, can I get a motherfuggin’ uhhhhh-hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Craig and Joseph: *giggling in the background*

Robert, still going strong: hhhhhhhhhhhh, burger?

Craig, Joseph and Brian: *breaks down laughing*

Mat: Sir, we don’t sell burgers here.

Robert, distorted: What do you mean you don’t se- *cuts off*

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *laughing in unison*

Mat: We sell, we sell paninis and breakfast sandwiches-


Mat: -and coffee.

Robert, distorted: You think I know what a panini is!? *white noise*

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *wheezing in laughter*

Robert, distorted: Just give me a burger! Extra cheese! *more white noise*

Mat: No!

Craig, Joseph and Damien: *giggling now*

Mat: We don’t have burger extra cheese! We have paninis-

Robert, distorted: You don’t understand-

Mat: No!

Robert, distorted: I need this. *white noise*

Mat: Sir!

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *still giggling*

Mat: I’m gonna have to ask you-

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *giggling so hard it overpowers Mat*

*Hugo walks in*

Robert, distorted: Why are you suppressing food from the public!? *white noise*

Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *still giggling so much that nothing can be heard*

Hugo: What in the hell did I walk in to?

Joseph: I’M CRYING-

Mat: Do you want coffee? Tea?

Craig, Brian and Damien: *cacophony of giggles*

Joseph: I’m crying…

Hugo: What happened?! Hold on, hold on…

Mat: Can I get you a caramel macchiato?

Robert, distorted: Yeah, I’ll have a burger, extra dip. *white noise*

Mat: We don’t have-

Hugo: Oh my GOD, the voice changer?! Really?!

Craig: I’ll have two number nines, a number nine large…

Joseph: I’m crying, oh my god…

Mat: Sir, this is the Coffee Spoon, not a McFridayz…

Robert, distorted: Please, they’ll take my wife if I don’t give them the burg- *cuts off, white noise*

Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *laughing again*

Mat: Sir! You’re at the wrong store!

Mat, sounding exasperated: You want a McFridayz, not the…

Damien: Why are you buying clothes at the soup store!

Robert, distorted: Hello? *white noise*

Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *burst out laughing again*

Mat: Hello??

Robert, distorted: I would like a burger. *white noise*

Mat: No!

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *a mixture of laughs and wheezes*

Hugo: Oh my goooooood…

Mat: We sell, we sell coffee, and, and confectioneries here, Jesus Christ…

Hugo: Geez…

Mat: Boss, agdaj, I need to get the Manager…

Craig: Bro, how much of that did you get?

Joseph, Brian and Damien: *quiet giggles*

Robert, now echoing: COMPOUND!

Hugo: Eugh…

Joseph: What?!

MC, Craig and Damien: *wheezing*

Mat: Sir, do you want to-Sir, do you want to speak to the Manager?

Joseph: He’s ordering from the ether…

Mat: He’s ordering a burger-

Robert, distorted again: Can I get a fucking uhhh-

Mat: No…

MC: Oh my god…

Mat: He’s ordering, he’s trying to order a burger with extra dip at the Coffee Spoon…

hey pals i wanna say something important about artists on the internet and how they handle themselves. its super rad when u meet an artist u really like and they reply to ur messages and respond real quick and are easy to talk to. but thats an ideal situation. not all artists, especially young popular artists, on the internet can keep up with that kindness. there are artists who are minors and they get so many asks a day and so many people ignoring what they have already asked and just you need to know that they dont necessarily owe you anything.

its one thing when someone is being downright nasty but, if you feel hurt that they didnt answer ur ask, or u arent friends, or they didnt have the patience for ur entire life story when they dont know you, please take a step back and realize this is just some kid on a computer.

when u follow an artists tumblr its easy to gain this easy familiarity with them as a person but, you need to remember they dont know u. you might know when they are sad cause of vent posts and their fav color cause they posted about it once but they dont know you. at all. its like walking up to a stranger on the subway and getting mad when they dont want to hear all about ur day while they are minding their own business.

this isnt a post saying its ok for artists to degrade others, im saying please have patience and understand that while they may create content for ur fandoms, online artists dont owe u anything.


I don’t think enough Christians are willing to do the hard work of loving people. It’s easy to condemn and tell people they’re going to hell but it’s hard to show people love and get to know them when they aren’t on your side.

Giving a tract or telling someone they’re a sinner is easy, turning the other cheek and washing feet is hard.

I’ve known for some time now that the Shape of Water film would NOT be an Abe Sapien spinoff/prequel, and have informed many of that since the trailer went online, but there seem to be a large number of people who have their minds made up otherwise, and I’ve had lots of people tell me I’m stupid, wrong, ignorant, etc. Please let this note from Doug Jones himself lay that to rest.

So. I don’t know what my next few weeks (or month) will look like, so if I disappear, it’s alright. We’ll manage and we’ll be fine.

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dan: stop emo shaming it’s horrible

dan: phil still has emo hair what a poor guy he must be damaged deep down 

Rare D&D Dice

d5: one side of a d6 is scratched off from where a sibling played Candyland too hard. you forget what the scratched off side is as have to use deductive reasoning each time you roll it

d19: normal d20 but without the 10. the question mark side mean the DM uses your character’s karma to decide what happens to them. good luck.

d2: a very decorative two-sided “die”. it cost you $5 to have it custom made on etsy. your players draw straws on who gets to tell you a coin is one (1) cent

d1: im the DM and im right

So much of the “discourse” surrounding history on this website is basically something akin to “This person/these people were bad/did bad things so don’t talk about them ever at all and if you do talk about them, you must agree with their actions and you’re trash.”

That’s so…..bad? And I’m not expecting this website to be an emissary of historical study but if we’re gonna use social media to have discussions, we need to address that. You don’t do anyone any favours by choosing to pull a veil over unsavoury aspects of the past. Shitty people existed. Hard times happened. There’s no use wrapping it up in cottonwool or twisting it or telling a half-truth. It is what it is. Nuanced discussions are required to learn from it and improve our present and our future which I believe is one of the reasons we should study history in the first place. To take a moral tale.

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@keith doesnt seem the romantic type: people around me keep getting surprised when they see me being super sweet and romantic about my girlfriend. Even my family was shocked when they first heard me talk fondly about her and being sappy about it because "you always sounded too cold and reclusive to it". Im also super cuddly and lovely with my close friends, but no one can tell from outside cuz i need a certain level of intimacy to let go of my sappiness in front of you. Im also hella autistic so

this is exactly how i imagine keith to be

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Did you know that the Dirk Gently's Hollistic Detective Agency series is based off of two books by Douglas Adams? I imagine he's probably credited in the show, so sorry if this seems repetitive! But they're absolutely reccommended from what 7th-grade me remembers of the first one. On par with the absurdity of the show :)

yep!  never read it, but I’d like to!

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hi, do you have blog recommendation with wanna one centric? esp wanna one/pd101 creators? since i need more blog to follow, im newbie btw

Hello and welcome asdfgdhd!!! Here are some of my favourite pd101/wanna one creators @minsbugi @ong-seungwoo @produced101 @parkjiihoons @emperorhwangs @seonnho @yoonjsung @seongwoos @daeswhis @daewi @kagndaniel @woojinnies @jeo-jang @peachyniel @minhyum @parkji-hoons @extraongdinary @dxnghyuns and I recently did a follow forever here so check that out for more quality blogs 😊❤💘

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So I’m not sure about all the drama allegedly happened before the TVLine interview with SG cast at SDCC 2017, but what I do know is that Katie McGrath has defended LGBTQ+ fans hundreds of times and for that I am so grateful. She is such a brave, sensitive and empathic person, and deserves much more than this drama if it’s actually happening.

Hang in there Kate, you got our backs, we got yours.

I’m seriously considering starting a youtube channel on Kdramas and Jdramas. Talking about what dramas I’m looking forward to, what dramas I’m not going to watch and why, short reviews on whole dramas or just specific episodes… Because most of the time, I’m too lazy to write down my opinions. I’m not a writer but I still want to voice my opinion on dramas, you know?

I always loved making videos. Actually, the first time I made some kind of content for a fandom, it was Skip Beat videos on youtube. 10 years ago!!! I haven’t created any videos in 5 years and I just have the basic skills of video making. So the (video and sound) quality would be pretty bad I guess because I don’t have the time, equipment and programs to create flashy and shiny videos that everyone is used to on youtube. But who cares as long as I’m having fun doing it, right?