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Being deeply loved by another gives you strength, while deeply loving another gives you courage.

((aka i can draw valentines fanart whenever i want. trivia: they’re both wearing wedding rings + theres 6 hearts in this picture.))

Thanks Again for Participating in the Fresh_Hell/Fatal Fools Event!

It is, unfortunately (or fortunately) over. All radical things must come to an end, my dude. For those who missed it or missed part of it, or just want to relive the nightmare fun all over again, the first official post of the event was THIS ONE. I added a ‘next’ button to each post to take you through the event, all the way through to the end. Once I get the chance, I’ll add this entire event to the Story Archive page.

I’m really glad so many folks got a kick out of it! I actually wasn’t planning on releasing the YOLO.exe comic just yet but then I thought of this silly idea and the timing was right and I just thought it was way too entertainingly dumb to not go for it XD And I’m glad I did! I didn’t get to do all that I wanted to do, but it turned out so much better than I had planned :D


I didn’t get to answer anywhere near as many as I wanted to, but I read them all and thought they were amazing, hilarious, and sweet XD Thanks for all of your great questions and support. You’re all so awesome <3

Also, running an ask blog (even for a few measly hours) is HARD WORK. OH MY GOSH. If you follow any ask blogs go tell them thank you and that you appreciate what they do. Draw them a picture or something. They deserve it.

Lastly, let me just clear up a few things about what was part of the joke and what wasn’t:

* YOLO.exe is a real side comic (still non-canon) that will be completed

* I’m not going on a mini-hiatus because of computer issues (of all things this was the thing I was most nervous joking about XD). Chapter Three isn’t ready yet and I’m still planning, but no hiatus for me right now

* Fatal_Error’s fine, he just needs to walk it off, or…something…probably?

* Dunno where Fresh is? Not here probably. Also Fresh_Hell isn’t available for questions :)

Okay I think that’s all!

Peace out, brahs <3 BD

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HCs on founders discovering a peeping tom spying on their s/o.

Hashirama: A saint even when he’s boiling with anger that someone would be spying on his s/o. He makes the peeping tom apologize to his s/o. Will literally drag them to his s/o’s feet and wait there looking very intimidating, standing over them as he waits for the apology to come out

Tobirama: Rest in fucking pieces the dude is gonna die. You don’t just spy on Tobirama’s s/o and get away with it. Like, how dare you? I mean okay, Tobirama’s not going to kill the dude even though he might want to. He just makes sure they know he would kill them. Tell them to leave and that he better not catch them doing shit like that again. Tobirama’s not going to tell his s/o about it, though they might inquire about his bad mood later on, since it bothers him for days and maybe even weeks

Madara: He drags the peeping tom away and just throws them on the ground, giving them the Uchiha glare™ that will definitely get anyone shaking in their boots. Madara contemplates hurting them, just to teach them a lesson. He’s more likely to seek ‘revenge’ in other ways though. He makes sure they’re embarrassed and shamed. Whether that be spreading the word and doing something similar to Hashi, and dragging them before his s/o and demanding an apology. Or just making sure everyone knows the dude is a pervert

being the self-indulgent shit i am, i made a diakko love child

her name’s amelia

(((feel free to drop hate messages bc that already happened to me and im pretty much immune to it now lmao lemme know what yall think)))