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Ahh, it’s finally 2017! This year I’m going to work on finding my own true art style(I keep bouncing back between different ones), anatomy, and profiles- along with shadowing. 


Ace Attorney - Harpy/Adventurer AU

- Alright, I had mentioned before that Phoenix had an egg(Trucy), right? I have this idea that in Nick’s little community of harpies, there is obviously a nursery for the soon-to-be mothers and their eggs. Perhaps this egg was just forgotten when rolling away from it’s nest and in consideration that everyone already had their chicks to watch over, they couldn’t take in another stranger’s egg. It would be removed for the other mountain animals to eat- until Phoenix offered to take it under his wing for the time being. Phoenix searched for relatives of the egg to no avail, so with a night of thinking it over, he agrees to raise the egg as his own once it hatches.

3:07pm: needed a change of scenery so I moved down to the kitchen for the afternoon; it’s a bit chilly, but it’ll do. Things are going okay — not really well but ‘okay’. Still stressed about my exams and I still don’t think I’ll do the best I could do, which is annoying, but really, I just want to pass and for these exams to be over. Revising this much material almost non-stop for 4 whole weeks, is very exhausting. Don’t try it kids.

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Name: Cat :3

Nicknames: Cat, really. Uh. Cake Monster? (when i was four my threeyr old cousin couldnt pronounce t’s and it  REALLY annoyed me so my brother picked up cake and added monster bc he is one :p)

Zodiac Sign:Leo which…sometimes fits heh

Height: 5′5″ and bitter about my very tall dad and brothers

Orientation: hnnnnnnnng. a-spec, pan?romantic i think we’re working on it, not straight hah

Ethnicity: kiwi? sunburn-on-a-cloudy-day white with no actual cultural connections whoop im a big nothing-in-particular

Favourite fruit: C H E R R I E S 

Favourite Season: Autumn! Things are pretty and not too hot and it means i can snuggle up at night with too many blankets but also not entirely freeze when i leave the blanket pile in the morning

Favourite Book: uhhh. Uhhhhh. I like Kelley Armstrong’s fantasy? And OOH I love The Old Kingdom books, yeah. and philip pullman. im..im bad at choosing man

Favourite Flower: Jasmine? or maybe baby’s breath, or parahebes or ooooh i love frangipanis theyre so pretty and the flavour water really nice. idk i lik


Favourite Scent: fresh rain, or baking, or lemongrass maybe

Favourite Animal: wolves and horses and the entirety of the feline kingdom and also foxes look i already said im bad at choosing have BIRDS I LOVE BIRDS old english game bantams are adorable and raptor-y and also i have a bourke called Percy who has a head like a box

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Hot cocoa but like with more chocolate than s necessary or healthy, fite me

Cat or dog person: CATS :3 i do love dogs but…cats all the way. Theyre The Best and i love every single one

Favourite fictional character: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. ugh. there’s too many i can’t answer this. my OC nick, who I legitimately tried to bargain with for good exam results in high school.

Dream trip: Can I just say travel everywhere? no? yes?? explore the Philippines then go ramble europe, huh huh!?


Number of followers: 215 confused penguins how even (but thank you i appreciate it!)

What do I post about: fandom, nonsense, craft, more nonsense, whatever i stumble across really  thanks for putting up with me

Do I get asks on a regular basis: not really, but really feel free to come chat anytime :3

Aesthetic: rain, snuggly shit, danger, contradictions-that-aren’t-really

Favourite band/artist: uhm. my longest lasting is probably Green Day, actually. it’s not something i listen to all the time but like…ive liked their stuff since my brother was listening to them as a kid

Fictional characters I’d date: ? mostly i want them to be happy and often happy with each other or just happy with themselves and honestly if i could climb into one of their worlds and just be that’d be grand, im not bringing them here no sir. can i go be a ranger sylvari in gw2 bc imma get a pet wyvern and also be meaningful lol wow shit i mean id date darcy from thor idk what even am i talking about this stop

Hogwarts house: hufflepuff bc im not brave and not that good at smort and utterly useless at ambition but i can toil dammit. Go badgers!

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Destined Encounter


 The first time I met you, I hated your guts.

 “Good job, sweetie!” Her praises felt like acid dripping into his ears.

 “I can’t believe we’ve won our first battle!” Her statement felt like fire scorching in his heart.

 He only stood there a few steps away, hands roughly clenched into fists and toes curled inside his shoes. The crimson bangs of his hair shielded the pure fury that had long seared in a pair of silver irises. In and out he tried to breathe properly. In and out each attempt ended in seething, uneven failure.

 “Hey, you!”

 White teeth gritted madly once her voice rang at him.

Dull nails dug deep into the skin of his palms, he finally shot his head up and glared at the disgusting excuse of a trainer.

 …Or was about to, until shock widened his eyes at the sight of an outstretched hand and a sweet smile.

 “That was a great battle!”

 It was sickening. Her enthusiasm was utterly, completely sickening.

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With the snow falling down around you, wet and sticky, you pulled your half-drenched coat around your shoulders and listened as your feet slapped against puddled pavement… It wasn’t that you didn’t like the snow - winter wonderland and all that jazz but this was damn near akin to rain and it had a way of sinking bone deep every time the partially melted flakes touched against your skin.

“You look kind of miserable…” Ray chuckled after he pulled his hood up; his eyes cutting toward the dirty slush coating the streets as a car zipped through and splashed it onto the sidewalk.

“How could you tell?” You joked, shoving your wet gloves into your coat pockets.

“Well, your resting bitch face looks pretty… resting.” He replied with that spacey grin of his, which managed to make you snort though a small laugh. “Want me to put a smile on your face.”

 At that you let out puff and glanced upward to see the city lights catching and reflecting through the falling flakes before saying, “Unless you and your suit can stop this gross weather, I’m not sure that’s possible.”

“I’ll take that bet.” And in one quick move, Ray wrapped a light grip around your forearm, his touch warming even through your wet clothes, causing a shiver to vibrate up your spine as he dropped on his knee. It took you about ten seconds after he’d fished a small, tell-tale box out of his pocket to really put it together; your gloved hands instinctively shooting toward his face to run a cold, wet touch along his jaw. “Will you marry me?”

With your head now bobbing frantically, you felt your lips pull into a bright grin and without thinking, you bent forward to kiss him senseless.

(X) (X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Ray Proposing to You*

@rutherfxckerreally cute christmassy way (if that makes sense) to the reader? And also - I check this blog a lot (especially for Harry 😍) and it always cheers me up, so thank you for doing what you do!!! 

Bayformers Jazz

My god… My first drawing/sketch + coloring from the Bay movies.
(I have drawn BB and OP as vehicles before, but not robots…)
Congrats “Jazz” you’re my first victim or prize, or something!