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the grass-lands rolled against the hills that clustered at their feet, and flowed up into many valleys still dim and dark, untouched by the light of dawn, winding their way into the heart of the green mountains.  far inward they glimpsed a tumbled mountain-mass with one tall peek; at the mouth of the vale there stood like a sentinel a lonely height. about its feet there flowed, as a thread of silver, the stream that issued from the dale; upon its brow they caught, still far away, a glint in the rising sun, a glimmer of gold.



The Steppes and prairies east of the southeast-bay of the Rhûnaer were known as the Urgathavuld, ancient homeland of the Urgath-Easterlings.

In the Sindarin tongue this region was known as Telaith Lyst (S.“Empty Plains”) was the name given to the far grasslands between the river Surubeki and the region known as Menelothriand (S. “Land of thousand flowers”) by the Gondorians.

The Urgath are a loose collection of matriarchal tribes descended from the Southern Ulgath of the Second Age.Their ancestors dwelt for centuries along the banks of the Talathrant River and were allied to the Variags before both peoples were evicted by rebellion. In their journey to Rhûn, they were transformed into a much smaller collection of tribes and were content to dwell in peace along thesoutheastern coast of the Sea and along the Surubeki River.The Urgath developed into a pastoral semi-sedentary people,and their cultural traditions have had a great deal of influenceon the Gathmarig culture which evolved in their midst. Over its history, Urgath culture has shown itself to be prone to outside influence. The shadow gained control of the tribes through religion in the Second Age and the Urgath fought on the side of Mordor at Dagorlad. Later, the Urgath wereheavily influenced by Folyavulda (Dorwinrim) traders and sided with the men of Kelepar against the servants of Kerkassk (Sauron) in the War of Clay Jars. Since the plague, however, the Urgath havebeen thoroughly dominated by Mistrand and are again counted among the subjects of the Dark Lord.

The Urgath of Mistrand evolved into the Gathmarig while their poorer more southern brothers became the Brygath. The Kings of Mistrand later made the Brygath their vassals, both tribes became the Igath, the uniting force of the Wainrider confederacy.