lotrc: family and childhood

I didn’t have a grandfather with me growing up, and my grandmother died when I was really young and I always had this void that couldn’t be filled because I felt I was missing out on so much. When I read LoTR Gandalf filled that void and I always saw him as a grandfather figure to go to when in need. He didn’t make me feel I was missing out so much because I had him.

There is only one thing I want. My father died after a battle against cancer, he has endured so much pain without complaining. The only thing I wish is that before exhaling his last breath, he heard the voice of Galadriel telling him not to worry because she would remain with him until the end. For me Galadriel is a some sort of angel, and the only thing I wish for is that he heard her voice while she was singing “Into the West” for him.