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Hi there! More OC questions :D As I saw that Miles went through quite the process of change since your first concept for him, I became curious whether Anti went through a similar process? Or did he just jump out of your head in all his full current perfection?

(psssst Miles is a girl)

oh man, Anti went through a LOT of change in the past 5 years!

he started off as an asshole antagonist(he’s a protag now), who was very very mean. But after some interactions with friends’ characters, he softened up a lot. He became the softie he is today, but he’s still rough and tough sometimes. 

Physically wise- he changed a lot. Started off white like most of my ocs at the time, changed his outfit, his ethnicity to Aztec/Arabic, longer hair, hourglass shape… and he’s still changing! Just a few days ago i decided to turn his hair brown!

w̕h̕a̴t͠ ͜an ̷ann͞òy̶ance.
( antisepticeye )
 w̕h̕a̴t͠ ͜an ̷ann͞òy̶ance.

anonymous: Hey Antiseptic! What’s it like being stuck with the loudmouth? Meaning Seán, of course.

i͏m̶a͡gin̸e ̴be͝in͞g ͠s̀t̕uck̨ ͟ẃith ͞a ̷mi̢g͡raín̷e̡ ͡and ́a̶ c͢o̵nstant ̸ringin̡g ͞in your͟ ̨ea͡r͢ś. ͜it͜ ̛n̢év͞e͏r̵ s̵h͢uts̕ i͢t ̨tr͞a͠p,̶ ́e̸ven͟ ̶w͞hen i҉t̢ ͝co̢me̕s tò ͠his stu͠p͠id ͞t̵h̸o̡u̧gh͡t́s̷-͘-̛ ̨w̵h͜at a̵ ͠f͘uc̛kin͘g̷ pa͢th̨etįc͟ h̡ost ̢.͟.. ͝bu͘t i͠ts̕ pĺe͏asi͟n̨g̛ ̨to̧ ̸hear him ͟s̢c͢r̡ea̡m̴ whe͘n i̧m͟ tea̶r̢ing̀ o͘u͟ţ ̸his͟ iǹsi͠de͏s͜ ͡in̛ th̕e end̴.


This song reminds me of Anti, soooo… 
(idk, this video is not the best)


Hints, hints! More hints! eXCITE! Drew these two together this time! I also put some green lights in there this time but I reaaaally gotta work on my shading with em! >:0

Also, I really wanna give Anti/ Jack a cool yet very shitty wardrobe in this comic! Hit me with funny ‘n’ offensive quotes y’all! This fictional character man dude bro needs ugly ass shirts! 

Also, listening to Imagine Dragons while drawing was a good idea! :D

Anyway, hope you like it! C:

Pls do not do the reposty stuff, thankers!

Alright so here’s my story!

Basically around the time when I was first watching Jack’s videos he talked a bit about going to college for hotel management. So at the time I thought that his job was being a hotel manager and YouTube was something he did occasionally, I quickly learned that wasn’t the case 😅