After breaking  the Barrier,they will take a break.
Although usually Grillby take gaster to go out, but the day’s action is usually determined by the gaster.



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30 days football challenge: Favourite Coach   - Luis Enrique

I have no doubt that I am at the best club, with the best team and the best players. I have my family here and am having a lot of fun. But there is a tougher part of this job, and I’ll have to think hard about future seasons. I have time, and the club has always supported me, and we will keep planning for the immediate future. I know that if it’s not here, it won’t be anywhere.

The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion. So whoever sights [the new moon of] the month, let him fast it; and whoever is ill or on a journey - then an equal number of other days. Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship and [wants] for you to complete the period and to glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and perhaps you will be grateful. - Surah Baqarah 185