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children of eorl - A mix for the home of the horselords, for tumbling rock and the whisper of golden grass, beating hooves and a stark wind at your back, for hearth and song and the hard, noble people of the plains.

music of the realms series

01 The Courier - Trevor Jones. 02 The Ninth Legion - Atli Örvarsson. 03 The Dalish Elves Encampment - Inon Zur. 04 I Am Merida - Patrick Doyle. 05 Mornay’s Dream - James Horner. 06 A Merry Life And A Short One - Brian Tyler. 07 Wallace Courts Murron - James Horner. 08 Winterfell - Ramin Djawadi. 09 Tenuous Winners / Returning Home - James Newton Howard. 10 Honourable Discharge - Atli Örvarsson. 11 The Gathering Storm - Jeremy Soule. 12 Main Theme -  Brian Tyler.